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Minister’s Wife Part 3

After the episode in the woods Angela felt sorry that she had betrayed her husband and she determined that she would not have anything to do with Jonny. She would take her chances with his internet threat. Anyway, she had had no contact from Jonny since that time and it was three weeks since that fateful day. Life went on as normal.

Just then Angela’s mobile ring tome went to show she had a message. When she checked the text she found a link to a website and a message from Jonny: thought you would like to see what I can now put on the internet as well as emailing all the people I had told you last time. This is my private website and is secure only people with the password can see it. Jonny had included the password in her text so Angela logged into the site.

Angela was horrified to see a close up of her face before the video panned down to her tits. Then her strip tease complete with sound came through. Angela though horrified could not take her eyes off the screen. Her mind was in turmoil. I cannot take the chance that Jonny puts this on general availability on the web. Jonny’s text finished with the message: If you want to keep your wanton sex secret you will keep in touch with me and keep your agreement.

Angela knew she would have to keep in touch with Jonny, so she texted: Of course I will keep my word. I was wondering if you would ever get back n touch with me. All the while Angela was thinking I was hoping you wouldn’t but I thought you would. I know each time we are in touch I get deeper enmeshed with your desires.

Jonny’s text replied: I have been thinking and have decided that given your high position in our wee town, we will not do as I was originally thinking: use you like we did that weekend in stag nights. Instead your standing will be protected. We will never compromise your standing in the community as long as you are good and go with my desires. Oh thank you Jonny I will be good for you. Angela texted back.

Jonny sent a text: In order to put my new plan into action I need to examine your wardrobe. That will take about 2 hours at least. So I will need to come to your home. When can I do that? Do you have k**s? Ring me. Angela texted back Jonny I’m sorry but I cannot ring you right now. Jonny’s text was curt: Why? Angela replied: I am in a group of ministers and their wives in a conference. I cannot ring now in case I am over heard. Jonny’s text: Should I care you find a way to ring me in the next 5 minutes and there will be a penalty for this disobedience.

Angela excused herself, if he asked where she was, from the conference and asked one of the other wives to tell her husband that she had to step outside for a minute to take an urgent call. When she had found a place where she could not be overheard Angela rang Jonny’s number. Jonny answered on the fourth ring: “Angela good of you to call. I wanted to tell you what I have decided. Rather than use you for stag nights you will become an e****t for wealthy business men or women. Don’t worry you will do it an a city about 25 miles from our little town. I need to look over your wardrobe to make sure it is appropriate and if it isn’t then you will have to get appropriate clothes. From what I have seen so far you will need to be dressed from the skin out but we will see.”

“Oh Jonny I could never buy new clothes without Raymond asking why I am buying clothes. I’m not arguing, I’m just telling you how it will be. We are on a tight budget right now becuae the twins are at university in London and that is expensive.” “Angela, don’t you worry about the money. I will loan you what you need to buy appropriate clothes.” “Oh thank you Jonny. You will not regret it.” “You can be sure I won’t regrat it. By the way, I want to look over your wardrobe today.”

“I can get away from the conference. The good thing is Raymond will be tied up until late tonight so we have time to look at my wardrobe. I will make my excuses and leave now. Jonny, I will text you our address. It will tak eme ½ hour to get there. Please don’t arrive before I do. We have neighbourhood watch so if you are hanging around it will cause a stir and maybe the police will be called. I will ring you when I am at home. If you have a briefcase please bring it with you and drive straight into the drive. That way you will look like a doctor or an insurance man.”

When Angela got home she rang Jonny and his part of the conversation went: “Angela babe, this is working out really good. We have from now 11am until about 9pm. Isn’t that just great? You don’t sound so sure, are you sure it is great?” “Oh Jonny of course i’m sure.” “Ok Angela when I arrive you will take me straight upstairs to inspect your wardrobe. I want to see ever one of your knickers and bras. Then we will look at your over clothes blouses, jumpers, skirts, dresses, slacks – every stitch. Is that ok with you?” “Oh yes Jonny thats fine with me.”

Angela was waiting at the door for Jonny and let him in as quickly as possible in the hope that no one would see him. Angela led Jonny up the stairs. She was wearing a tweed skirt that stopped 2” below her knee. As she walked up the stairs her ass was swaying from side to side. Jonny couldn’t resist the opportunity to run his hands up the outside of her legs up to the waist. He then started to slide her knickers down to just below her bum. At the instant Jonny groped Angela’s bum before sliding his right hand between her legs. With each step his fingers were moved about on her pussy. Angela made no comment until Jonny said “Angela babe are you enjoying that?” “Oh yes it is lovely, been hoping you would do that to me again.” “Babe we will be doing more than that after we see all of your clothes. You will get the opportunity to entertain me. Will you like that?” “Oh yes.” “We ca make a video of it so you can look at it when you are alone and feeling randy. Wouldn’t that be good?” “I’d like that.”

By that time they had reached the bedroom and Angela opened her knicker drawer first. The knickers were all neatly folded and placed so they were colour coded – all the white together. In fact, they were all white and very sensible cotton knickers. There was nothing made of lace or see through no open fronted either. “These will not do. Not sexy in any way. You need sexy. We will get you sexy. I will take you to the city and we will choose appropriate knickers.”

They then looked at the bra drawer once again all white cotton thought some with flowers on them. The rest of Angela’s clothes were the same perfect for a minister’s wife or school teacher for wearing in her class.

Jonny told Angela “We are going to make a video now and in the video you are going to first of all undress in a sexy way. Then you will undress me push me down on the bed and ride me. I have brought KY jelly if you need lubricated. You are going to make a commentary as the show goes on. It should sound like you have wanted to fuck me for ages and you are really enjoying it. Is that ok with you” “Yes thats fine I always wanted to be a video star.”

At that point Jonny produced a teddy bear from his briefcase and placed it so it’s eyes would have a good view of the bed and in particular Angela’s body and face. Jonny started the recording and placed the Teddy in position. The video would be going straight to Jonny’s secure website.

Angela started to undress by first of all taking her jumper hem in her laft and right hand. Slowly she raised her hands so it came up over her head. Finally she took her arms out and folded it before placing it on the chair. Her white cotton bra was now on show. It looked like a D cup and Jonny guessed he was 38” She reached round and unfastened the clips holding her bra. Still with swaying hips she slowly lowered the left shoulder strap. This let her left tit slip partially in to view it looked good to Jonny but her areola was only partly showing. From what he saw Jonny guessed that she had big areolas. The right strap was also lowered in a sexy way. Now the bra fell to the floor.

Angela’s tits were on full display now. Her nipples were not hard but she did have big dark areolas. Jonny thought he would like to have a suck now. Angela must have read his mind because she said “Would you like a feel and suck? I’d love it if you would.” Jonny made no comment. He just stepped forward, took both tits in his hands, lifted them up, squeezed them. Then he lowered the right tit and while still squeezing the left one, he started playing with the right nipple. It was squeezed, rubbed, flicked the way one flicks a shove penny in the game. Each flick brought a little oh from Angela but she knew better than complain. Now Jonny was ready to suck her nipple. First the left then the right. He sucked really hard on each one while flicking the other one, changing over after a while. When He had had enough sucking and he was hard and ready to fuck he stepped back.

Angela took that as the signal to continue with the striptease. She slid the waist of her skirt round to the front so it was easier to unfasten. Next the zipper was lowered , the skirt dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. Again she folded it and placed it on the chair. As expected she was wearing white cotton knickers just like the ones in the drawer. They were down just below her bum so her hairy pussy was on show. Black bushy hair hid her pussy. Angel was still swaying sexily. She bent over slowly turning so Jonny would have a good look at her ass. When the knickers hit the floor Angela spread her legs and still bending over backed over toward Jonny. Jonny was ready to fuck so he stepped back.

Angela recognised that as a signal to tell Jonny: “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long so I’m going to undress you now.” When Jonny was totally naked Angela knelt and licked his hard cock and balls before taking it into her mouth, bobbing her head so she was getting a mouth fuck. After a few minutes she said “Jonny now i’m gonna fuck you in my marriage bed. It hasn’t been used for that for months now.” Angela laid Jonny on the bed on his back and straddled him. Taking hold of the hard cock Angela positioned it at the opening of her cunt after rubbing it up and down the gap between her labia lips.

Angela eased the cock in gently for the first so it was in about 1/2”. Then she plunged her body down in one quick motion. “Ahhhhhhhh” was Angela’s exclaimation. The cock was immersed to its’s full length. Meanwhile Jonny had her tits in his hands squeezing them and her nipples likewise. Angela started bucking like she was on a horse. After a while she was bucking faster and faster but taking the cock full length.

When Jonny came Angela got off him and took his cock in to her mouth she sucked hard before licking the full length of the shaft. Then she lay down beside Jonny and said “Babe that was just great I want to do it again. How about I make us something to eat.” “Ok but you are not to get dressed and I will come down with you.”

After they had eaten they went back upstairs and Jonny fucked Angela missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggie. All captured on video with Angela making suitable commentary.

Jonny left at 8.30 but not before he told Angela that her pubic hair had to go and she had to be smooth down there from now on. Angela tidied up so everything as normal. Everything that is except her cunt that felt it had been stretched by a donkey. Angela decided that from no on Raymond could not see her undressed her hairless pussy would cause questions and that is the last thing Angela needed. What will Jonny be expecting me to do is the thought that most occupied her waking thoughts.

Do let me know what you think. Thank you for reading.

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