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MIssy Part I

Despite the last 18 months Missy Pryor was happy. Her divorce from her second husband was finalized, her real estate career was flourishing and she was finally able to put the last 18 months behind her.
Five years ago Missy married her second husband. Paul Bennett had worked for a large brokerage firm and most people wouldn’t have pegged him as the type of guy to be involved in any sort of shady goings on….those people were completely wrong however. Paul Bennett would eventually be convicted on a laundry list of offenses that would send him away for 20 years. Initially there was some speculation that Missy was knowingly involved in his schemes but a lengthy court trial proved her innocent of any wrong doing. She immediately filed for divorce and changed her last name. All of that was officially behind her now though and she was looking forward to moving on.

As she pulled up to her house two things ran through her mind. One being that she was glad that she had the foresight to have Paul move into her home instead of buying another as this meant it wasn’t part of his assets and therefore she was able to keep the place. The other thing that struck her was the site of Paul’s son Alec’s car in the driveway. Alec had been away at an exclusive private school back East but since his father’s arrest and conviction Missy hadn’t really spoken to him.

“Alec? Is that you?” she called out to the otherwise empty house.

“Yeah Missy. It’s me.” He sounded deflated and appeared at the stairs carrying a box. “I probably should have called. I just wanted to get some of my stuff. Hope it’s OK.”

“Of course it is. Listen just because things with your Father didn’t work out don’t think for a second that I hold any of that against you.” She hadn’t seen him in over a year and he had grown at least a foot form the last time she saw him and those years of playing football had his body chiseled.

“I appreciate that. I really do.” He set the box down and took notice that his now ex-step mother must have been hitting the gym. Alec always found her attractive before but even more so now. He tried not to stare at Missy’s large tits but he couldn’t help himself to wonder just how big there are.

“So um, what are you doing here? School doesn’t let out for another month. Did you drive all this way just to get a box of stuff?”

“Oh, no. They kind of kicked me out of school.” He looked defeated.

“What? Why? What happened?” Alec had always been an exceptional student so Missy couldn’t imagine why they would expel him.

“Well they wouldn’t come right out and say it but it was hinted to having to do with my father. I guess the Bennett name is no longer welcome there.”

“That’s just ridiculous. I’m sure we can get a lawyer and do something about it.” Her eyes discreetly scanned his toned young frame. “I bet he fucks like a bull” she thought to herself.

“No that’s OK. It’d be more trouble than it would be worth I think.” He dug his hand into his pocket and pulled out a key ring. “I should probably give you back your house keys.”

“Where will you go?”

“Looks like I’ll be staying with my Aunt.” He felt his cock react to the site of Missy’s tanned legs and just barely exposed cleavage.

“Ouch…..I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Irene s a lovely woman.” This was untrue. Irene was a raging bitch.

“It’s OK. She’s a bitch. Everyone knows it.” Alec knew that he would be jerking off to the thought of Missy as soon as he could, same as he had done countless times when he lived in her house. “Well I should get going. It’s a long drive to Aunt Irene’s. Is it OK if I get the rest of my stuff some other time?” he handed her the keys.

“Keep them. There is no way in hell that I am going to let you go live with that lunatic Irene. Go put your stuff back in your room Alec, you can live here.” The notion was sudden but seemed right.

“Really? You’d let me stay here?” he smiled in a way that made her heart flutter and her pussy dampen.

“Sure, as long as it’s OK with your Aunt. How about you call Irene and run it by her then pick that stuff up and put it away and then we’ll figure out what to do for dinner. And in the meantime I think I’m going to take a shower.” Alec pulled her tight and gave her a hug. She actually thought her knees went weak as the teen’s firm, muscular body mashed against hers.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Missy thought to herself as she closed her bedroom door behind her. Having a roommate wasn’t part of her plan, let alone the sixteen-year-old son of her incarcerated ex-husband. She told herself that her offer was based purely on compassion but she knew that deep down she felt a sexual attraction to her ex step son. “Not that he would want me anyway.” She muttered to no one while taking her clothes off and checking herself out in the mirror. She had to admit though that she liked what she saw.

At 34 years of age Missy Pryor had a body that most 20 year olds would kill for. She had put in the work to get it too. She was still curvy but by no means fat and her flat tummy was just showing the slightest hint of definition. Her rear end had always been healthy and now that her thighs were a bit more toned it accentuated the roundness. Her tits seemed bigger as well, no doubt due to the 15 pounds she lost since Alec last seen her.

She gave her 36D breasts a feel and although there was a hint of sagging it would be years before she had anything to worry about. As her hand drifted down to her pussy she let out a moan. “I wonder what Alec would think of my pussy.” She wondered. She wasn’t shaved bald like most of the girls his age. She had tried it a few times but settled on a thin closely trimmed landing strip.

She laid down on her bed and pulled her dildo from the nightstand drawer. She hadn’t had a real dick inside her for a couple years even though in her past she was what some would label as a slut. She gave the fake cock a tentative lick, then another and before long she was sucking and slurping it’s length like it were a real man. Or maybe a real teenager? She wondered about the size of Alec’s dick. Was it bigger than his Father’s. For his sake she hoped so as she plunged the fake one deep into her now sopping wet pussy and began to fuck herself with vigor. Her eyes were closed but she imagined Alec on top of her ramming in and out of her cock starved cunt.

Across the hall Alec Bennett hung up the phone elated. His Aunt was more than happy to pawn him off on Missy. He opened the box of stuff he had carried down stairs and pulled out the pair of Missy’s panties that he managed to pilfer just as she came home. The teen held them up and admired them, black lace boy-shorts with teal accents. His cock ached and twitched in his pants and couldn’t pull it out fast enough. Alec knew he was gifted in the cock department. At 10 inches in length and of an equally impressive girth most girls had the same reaction when seeing it “woah!”

He moaned and wrapped Missy’s panties around the swollen head and began to fuck them as he imagined ramming is huge cock into his step-mother’s pussy. Unbeknownst to either Missy or Alec they both orgasmed at the same time.

That next morning Missy awoke to yearning between her thighs. After having dinner together and watching television for a bit she went to bed early. At least that was what she told Alec. Truth was that she had been aroused all night and desperately needed to fuck herself to sl**p.

“Oh, you made coffee?” Missy asked as she entered the kitchen. “You are officially my hero.”

“Yeah I kind of needed it this morning.” His eyes made quick glances to Missy’s painted lips as she sipped at her coffee cup. He couldn’t help but imagine them wrapped around his cock.

“Well I have to head into work myself. What about you? What do you have planned for the day?” seeing him in just a pair of shorts, his young muscular torso on full display was quickly moistening her pussy and she knew that if she didn’t leave soon she would have to go back upstairs and change.

“If it’s OK with you I thought I might get a head start on opening up the pool. Supposed to get kind of hot today.” even though she stood before him in a rather conservative sundress he was already imagining Missy in a bikini. His cock started to swell.

“Oh wow, that would be great!” she smiled and there was something erotic about it. The way her lips curved, her lipstick shimmering. Alec had to avert his stare and hide his growing bulge. He knew that as soon as she left he would be jerking off to the thought of her.

Missy struggled throughout the day to focus on anything other than sex and the thought of Alec’s toned frame as he worked on the pool intensified the yearning between her legs. Morally she knew it wasn’t exactly right. Not only was he her ex’s son but he was also only sixteen. A very mature sixteen, but sixteen nonetheless. Despite her trepidation she loved the thought of crawling between his legs and taking his young cock between her lips, seeing the look on his face as she sucked his dick down to the base and back up. Holding it between her large tits, lubed with spit and pre-cum, moaning and talking dirty as he tit fucks her. She sat in her car waiting for her client to arrive and wondered if she had time to get herself off before he arrived.

“No such luck.” She grunted as she saw Warren Allen’s car pull in behind hers. She stepped out and greeted him.
The dampness of her pussy didn’t cease as she walked her client around the large commercial building. If the sale went through she would stand to make a heft commission but this was the 15th property she had shown him and Missy knew that he was very particular.

“Maybe I should blow him.” She thought to herself. She had never done anything like that to seal a deal. Sure she dressed to accentuate her assets but that was as far as she ever went. She was horny and he wasn’t a bad looking man by any means and maybe it would squelch the thoughts she was having about Alec.

“Well, the location isn’t exactly perfect……but I think this is the one.” He smiled. Missy felt a chill run down her spine. “Let’s put in an offer.” Again that smile. He said little more and laid out his bottom line before he left. Missy thought about what she had almost done, what she was willing to do. She knew it wasn’t about business but it was about her own personal satisfaction. She need to get laid. She needed to be fucked and she was willing to offer up her body to Warren Allen’s business needs and her own sexual ones.
Alec watched as Missy walked down the walkway to her car. His cock was already hard and seeing her round ass swaying side to side made it throb. When she turned and he got a shot of her in profile he moaned and pulled his dick free. That image of her would fuel his soon to come orgasm and ten minutes later he was again pumping his hard cock to the thought of his former step-mother. He grunted and groaned in effort as he imagined what she would look like bent over as he plowed into her. The thought of her ass rippling as he thrust his body against hers, her huge tits hanging and swinging until his hands found them and latched on. Was she a quiet fuck? A moaner? Did she like dirty talk?
As his orgasm neared he only briefly contemplated where she would want him to finish. This thought didn’t last long though as his body tensed and he launched his load.

Missy rushed home. The deal with Warren Allen went through faster than she expected and she wanted to get home in hopes of spying Alec either working on the pool or doing some other task that would equate to him being shirtless. She wouldn’t be disappointed.

“Alec? You home?” she called out.

“Out here. By the pool.” He answered and her heart raced. She peeked out the back door to find the teen in just a pair of shorts skimming the pool. His body glistening with beads of sweat.

“Wow, the pool looks great.” She fained interest in the pool while trying not to get caught staring at him.

“Thanks. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We should be able to use it by tonight. I mean….you know….if you wanted to it’ll be available.” He smiled and hung he skimmer back in it’s place.

“How do you know how to do all this.” Missy asked as she watched Alec.

“I worked for a pool service last Summer. My father told me it was good to have a job, that it instilled an appreciation for what we have. He always told me that there were no hand-outs in life and that people weren’t just going to give you what you wanted.” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I guess you can add hypocrite to his list of attributes.”

“Well you’ve done a great job so how about I go to the market and get us a couple steaks. That is if you don’t mind grilling them.” She smiled at him in a way that made his heart melt and his cock stiffen.

“I’d be happy to.”

“Be back in a bit.” She wanted to look back at him and if she did she would have seen that his cock was tenting his shorts as he spied her ass as she walked away.

Missy was anxious to be able to use the pool if for no other reason than to wear a swim suit around Alec and, more to the point, to see him in one and his sculpted body all wet and glistening. The pool also made her recall her first sexual experiences.

It was the summer before her freshman year in high school and Missy and her friends would spend just about every day down at the local pool. Like a lot of big breasted women Missy had begun to develop at an early age and by that time she was sporting a small C cup that looked absolutely huge compared to other girls her age. At first she was self-conscience about it but after a short time she began to like the attention she was getting, both from boys her age and even some older men. One in particular seemed very attentive towards Missy.

His name was Ian and he was the manager of the pool and had mistakenly pegged her as being 18 and she saw no harm in failing to correct him. He would always tell her how good she looked and in turn Missy always made it a point to seek him out. Her friends would tease her about it but the truth was that Missy felt an attraction to Ian and would lay in bed at night rubbing her virginal pussy and think about sex with him.

One day towards the middle of the Summer Missy’s mother finally allowed her to wear a two piece to the pool and it was Ian that first made mention of it. He stared at her large, young tits just barely covered and the way the bottoms clung to her mound had the man’s cock stirring. He couldn’t peel his eyes away from the young teen and judging by the way she ogled him, he figured the feeling was mutual.

It started rather innocently. A little kissing in the Manager’s Office at first. This soon gave way to him fingering her needy pussy and her giving her first hand job. The day he asked her to suck his cock Missy dove in with eagerness and due to her over zealousness her teeth sc****d across his swollen head. Ian knew she was inexperienced and taught her what he liked….what most men liked…. and soon enough Missy was giving him the some of the best head he had ever gotten.

“I….I want you inside me.” Missy howled at him one day after the pool had closed. His cock throbbing in her hand, wet with her saliva.

“MMMM you sure? I have to be honest I don’t make love. I don’t have sex. I fuck. There is a difference.” He brushed her hair from her pretty face and stared into her eyes.

“I want it. I want you to fuck me.” She moaned while rubbing her hungry little cunt.

Ian surprised her when he stood her up and bent her slightly over his desk, the view of her pert young ass and the slightest glimpse of her pussy made him moan. She felt the head of his cock sliding along her slit. She was scared but she was even more turned on.

“You sure you want this?” he lightly slapped himself against her.

“Uh huh.” She managed.

“Tell me.”

“I want it.”

“No. Tell me what you want. Tell me you want me to fuck you.” He chided.

“Ohhhhh….I want…..I want you to fuck me. Please, put your cock inside me. Pop my cherry.” She felt him pushing against her opening, then the sensation of having a cock inside her for the very first time.

“Ohhhh that’s tight. You ready for this Missy?” he throbbed inside her and when she nodded her head he thrust forth and tore through the thin barrier and didn’t stop until he was completely inside her young teen cannal.

“Oh fuck!” she gritted her teeth. He stayed still and let her stretch to accommodate him.

“Just tell me when you’re ready.” He massaged her firm young tits, kissed her neck and waited.

“Fuck me Ian! Fuck me now!” she growled as the feeling of a motionless cock inside her was worse than no cock at all. Ian moved his hands down to her waist and began to pump his dick into her formerly virgin fuck hole.

“Oh you feel sooo fucking good Missy.” He complimented her and she loved it. “So fucking tight. You like that baby? You like that cock inside you?”

“Yes! More! Please! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Watching his own dick slamming in and out of this beautiful, young teen was almost as good as the way her pussy felt and Ian knew he would cum soon. His hand grabbed Missy by the hair and the other latched onto a tit. His thrust became faster, deeper and rougher until Missy felt like little more than a rag doll.

“Fuck! Gonna…..fuck…..gonna cum!” he shoved his way in once more and held her tight. She could feel his dick spasming inside her and she herself began to orgasm and it wasn’t until that euphoric high subsided than Missy considered the notion that he finished inside her.

“Oh shit. Did you cum inside me?” she spun around to see his cock.

“Relax. I wore a condom.” He pulled it off and dropped it in the trash. “There is a long list of people that would want to kill me if I knocked you up. My wife would be first in that line.” He sat down and she sat on his lap. Missy had known that Ian was married and it didn’t bother her. She had no misconceptions about what he was to her nor she to him. He was her teacher and she the eager student.

From that first time on to the end of Summer Missy would make her way to the pool and end up in Ian’s office. He taught her what it was to fuck and she soaked up that knowledge with a virtuosity he couldn’t believe. She was a great lay, there was no two ways about that. After that Summer Missy never went back to the pool and never really saw Ian again. Her sexual attention shifted to boys nearer to her own age (as well as a few occasional older ones).
Missy couldn’t stop thinking about that Summer as she drove to the market and about that bikini. She suddenly realized that she no longer owned one. “I need a new bikini” she said to no one.
“Alec. I’m back.” she announced as she walked through the door.

“Oh, OK. I’ll be right down.” He answered, hard cock in hand. He pumped his long thick member for the third time that day….or was it the fourth. He had lost count.

“No hurry, take your time.” She responded as she climbed the stairs to her bedroom. She laid on her bed and let her hands roam along her body, one hand settling between her thighs and the other groping her tits.
She tried not to think about Alec, instead she imagined Ian. Recalling the way he would plow his cock into her teenage cunt while mauling her tits. She thought about how she would look down between her thighs just to watch his thick cock ramming into her mound. She tried to think about everything they did but the more she tried the more she thought about the teenage boy in the room across the hall. Finally, she gave into her fantasies and just imagined Alec burying himself inside her and pounding her harder and rougher than any man ever had…. especially his father.

That last thought popped into her head just as she was hitting orgasm. His cock had been the last to slide inside her, and she hated that, but she loved the idea of his son’s cock being the next one to invade her cunt. That would show him. She imagined going to visit him in prison to tell him that he was a lame fuck but his own son was making up for it by satisfying her needy pussy in ways he never could. That made her chuckle. Thirty minutes later Missy sat at the patio table sipping a beer and watching Alec tend to the grill.

“So, how do you like your meat?” he joked as he laid the steaks down on the grill.

“Young and hard” she thought to herself and smiled. “Medium, please.”

Missy awoke the next day in a great mood. After dinner the previous night she and Alec sat around and chatted and shared a few drinks. To her it felt more like a date than anything else and that was how she treated it to a certain extent. She flirted lightly and he returned the sentiment but it never progressed past that point. She did though end up working her pussy over pretty good with her toy.

At one point in the middle of the night Missy awoke to use the bathroom and when she did she noticed the light was on in Alec’s room and she thought she heard moaning. The door wasn’t completely closed and with a gentle nudge she was able to see inside. What she saw made her gasp. Alec was sitting at his desk with his back to the door and was totally unaware that he had an audience, the fact that he was wearing headphones meant that he did not hear Missy’s gasp. The screen on his laptop was alight with the images of sex and although she couldn’t actually see it she could tell by the motions of his arm that he was jerking off. She watched, hoping for some reason that he would turn to enough of an angle for her to finally see his dick but to no avail. Instead his motions grew faster, more intense until finally he grunted and began to cum. Her eyes grew wide in shock as she saw thick ropes of cum flying high enough to clear his shoulders and she heard him mumbling something. Missy quickly retreated before being detected and returned to her room. The thoughts and images of seeing that much cum shooting so hard awoke a need inside her, one that she knew wouldn’t be squelched by any sex toy.

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