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Missy Part III

Missy found that she couldn’t stop thinking about sex and not just with Alec. Every man she saw she found herself wondering about how big their cock was or how good of a fuck they would be. It was having an effect on her and not negatively. She was becoming more open, more personable, flirtier. She suddenly became aware of just how unhappy she had been for all those years and she vowed to make up for it.

Her pussy salivated as she drove home. Missy had been extremely horny all afternoon and wanted nothing more than to ride Alec’s cock to one mind shattering orgasm after another. She stopped at an intersection and upon looking at the car next to hers she saw that it was filled with 4 teenage boys and they were all trying to be nonchalant as they checked her out. A smile crept across her face and although they couldn’t see it her hand moved along her inner thigh.

When she finally arrived home she had expected to find Alec out by the pool and there he was but he wasn’t alone. Two other boys were standing near him and they were laughing and carrying on the way teenage boys do. Alec saw her in the window and made his way inside.

“Hey Missy. I hope it’s OK. Some friends stopped by.”

“Of course. Listen, you don’t have to ask. You live here too you know.” She smiled and looked past him to the other two boys. “They look kind of familiar.”

“Oh yeah, that’s Ben and Wyatt. They used to come hang out back before I went away to school.”

“Oh. OH! Are they the ones that used to talk about fucking me?” she smiled and her already over-heated pussy grew even hotter and her hand began to rub his crotch.

“MMMM you want me to get rid of them.” He moaned at her touch.

“Or how about I change into something a little more comfy and join you boys by the pool?” she felt his cock hardening as she continued to feel on it. She knew that if they looked towards the house that they wouldn’t be able to see her if she got down on her knees as the kitchen island blocked their view of her. She used that to her advantage and knelt down, pulled the teen’s cock out and began to suck up and down, coating it in spit. She wanted to get him off, to feel his load being shot into her mouth and to taste his young cream. She wanted to be filled by his magnificent cock again and be brought to orgasm over and over. “You want to watch your friends fuck me?”

“What?” he seemed shocked.

“Do you want to see your friends feeding your mother their cocks? Watch me being a slut mommy for you and your friends?” her lips glimmered in wetness as she spoke and then kissed the head of his dick. They had never really discussed it and Missy didn’t know how he would react but when she looked up at him and saw that wicked smile on his face she knew he was onboard. “MMMM that’s my boy. Now go back out there but don’t say anything.”

Missy watched from her room as the boys laughed and carried on the way that teenage boys do. She had put on the new micro bikini she had just bought and hoped that it wasn’t too blatant. It was remarkably small and therefore revealing. The bottoms split her ass and hugged tight against her pussy while the top was little more than two scraps of fabric that barely covered her erect nipples. Her hand glided down her stomach as she watched and crept along her cunt, she was already wet.

“Hey guys! Who’s thirsty?” she announced from the back door holding a tray of beers. All eyes instantly locked onto her as she strutted her way to where the boys were sitting. They watched in silence as she got closer and even Alec seemed impressed by her appearance. “Now Ben, Wyatt….not a word about this to your parents. I don’t need angry phone calls.” she teased as she passed out the bottles, making sure they all got a good eye full as she bent over to place the beers before them.

The next 20 minutes were filled with small talk but Missy could already tell that Ben was the more aggressive of the two. He didn’t break his stare at her tits the way that Wyatt did.

“Alec, sweetie, how about putting on some music?”

“Sure thing Mo….Um, Missy. I need to make a phone call anyway. Be back in a few.” He smiled at her and went to the house. Music began to blare through the outdoor speakers and Missy instantly began to dance in her seat causing her tits to softly jiggle.

“Oh I just love this song.” She giggled and stood up, moving her body seductively.

Alec watched from the house as she began to dance. His cock grew harder and harder as Missy moved about like a stripper might and then got Ben involved. He stood behind her as she blatantly ground her ass against him. His hands latched onto her hips and he gyrated in time with her in such a way that he was fucking her.

“Come on Wyatt, don’t so shy. Join us.” Missy purred but when he didn’t get up she broke away from Ben and planted her round ass firmly on Wyatt’s lap and started giving him a lap dance. Her hands grabbed his and placed them on her barely covered tits. “MMMM I see not all of you is shy, huh?” she moaned as she felt his cock harden.

“Fuck you are hot.” Ben mentioned as he sat back down as if awaiting his turn, his hand massaging his own hard-on through his shorts. Missy felt like such a slut.

“Pull my top aside Wyatt, let my tits out.” She moaned to him as she leaned back against his chest. The boy was tentative at first but did as she asked and just like that her huge tits were on full display to Ben while Wyatt had to settle for groping them while she ground against his crotch. “Oh I think someone is feeling left out.” She said and then straddled Ben’s lap. As before he was more aggressive and his hands grabbed her ass while his mouth went from one tit to the next. “How’s my ass look Wyatt?” she looked back over her shoulder, pleasantly surprised to see the teen had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking. The site of his hard-on and the fell of Ben’s still covered dick rubbing against her had her out of her mind but when she looked up to see Alec watching and jerking his own cock she lost all control.

Missy stood up despite Ben’s protests. He saw his friend was masturbating and seemed like he didn’t know what he should do at first. Instead he watched Missy sit on the table. She teasingly spread her legs and began to softly run her fingers against her bikini covered mound. Wyatt seemed to even forget that Ben was there and continued to stroke his cock while Ben nervously looked around the yard.

“MMMM what you are looking for Ben?” Missy moaned and slid a hand inside her bikini, her pussy was soaked. “You boys want to see my pussy?” she didn’t wait for an answer. Their eyes snapped open wide as Missy peeled her bottoms away from her body and they got their first look at her cunt.

“Fuck!” they said in unison.

“Ben, why don’t you pull that dick out.” Ben fumbled with his shorts but managed to get them off, Missy watched his hard dick spring free.

Alec continued to watch from the house. He saw Ben getting his cock out. Watched Missy lay out a towel in front of them and get down on her knees. His dick ached as he saw her taking his friends erections in her hands and softly working up and down each, taking time to smear their pre-cum onto her milky tits.

“MMMM you boys have lovely cocks.” She moaned as she jerked each boy off in unison. Ben was bigger but not by much and even though neither were as big as Alec she didn’t mind. She went down on Wyatt first, feeling his cock tremble and throb between her lips all the while keeping a steady pace on his friends ridged pole. She slurped up and down until she felt him getting too worked up and then switched over to Ben.

“You two want to fuck me?”

“Fuck yes!” Wyatt screamed.

“YES!” Ben bellowed.

Missy smiled and went back to sucking both cocks one at a time. She went in with a renewed vigor, getting her face sloppy with spit and pre-cum until it was dripping down her face and onto her bouncing tits.

“MMMM you boys ready to fuck?” Missy laid back on the patio and spread her legs wide. Wyatt stood up only to be restrained by Ben.

“Me first dude.”

“What? No way!”

“Boys! I don’t think you get it. I want you both to fuck me. At the same time.”

“You mean, like a threesome?” They didn’t seem to know what to do. Instead they looked at each other nervously. Missy nodded her head and rubbed her needy cunt.

“Well I do have more than one hole.” She positioned herself so that her head was on the ground and her ass was up in the air. They watched her finger reach down to tease her asshole. “Someone stick it in me! Come on you little pervs. Fuck me! Fuck me now and fuck me like a nasty fucking whore!” she almost howled in need.
Missy let out a loud moan as she felt a cock push up into her. She wasn’t sure who it was and she didn’t care. All that mattered was that her pussy was getting filled. When Ben stepped in front of her and pushed his cock in her mouth she knew it was Wyatt that was doing her pussy.

“Fuck! That’s good!” he announced as he went to town on Missy’s cunt. His hands roughly grabbed her round ass, pulling it to him as he thrust up inside her.

“Do it dude! Fuck her! Get that fucking pussy!” Ben cheered his buddy on as he started to fuck her mouth.

“Yeah! fuck me! Fuck my slutty fucking cunt! Tell me you love it! Tell me you love my whore cunt!” she cried out before Ben f***ed himself ball deep in her mouth again.

“Shut the fuck up and suck my fucking cock! Fucking MILF whore!” they were breaking out of their shells and giving her what she needed.

Alec watched as Missy was spit roasted by his friends. He never really thought about it but seeing her getting fucked was, to him, almost as hot as actually fucking her himself. His gaze caught movement off to the side and when he looked he saw what appeared to be someone in the neighbor’s house watching from a window. He thought about Jodie. He imagined her watching Missy getting fucked. Then he imagined fucking her while Missy watched.

Missy felt Wyatt’s pace changing and she knew he was getting close. She wanted him to cum but not yet. She wanted more. She wanted to be used. Thankfully Ben was more than ready to get some of her pussy.

“Come on, man. Let me get some of that fucking pussy.” He groaned, pulling his wet cock from her mouth. She held it in her hand and slapped it against her face.

“Ungh, fuck! Just wait. I’m almost there.”

“No fucking way. I’m not taking sloppy seconds.”

“Boys! As I said, I have another hole. MMMM Wyatt, why don’t you do me in the ass while Ben fucks my pussy.” Wyatt took a few more minutes but eventually pulled free of Missy’s wet hole.

“MMMM fuck I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long.” Ben offered as Missy straddled him and took his cock inside her. Her tits hanging down in his face as she rode him.

“MMMM fuck yes! Fuck me baby! Fucking do me how you always imagined.” She loved knowing these boys lusted after her. She grabbed Wyatt’s cock and put it in her mouth. “MMMM you wanna put this up my ass baby? Come on, fuck me in both holes!”

Wyatt positioned himself behind her, Ben holding her ass open for his friend to plunge his cock up into her asshole. Alec watched from the house as his friend took position behind Missy and look on her face when he pushed his cock up her ass. He pumped his huge cock watching his two friends fucking his former step-mother.

“Ohhhh fuck yesssss! Do it! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Ungh please, fucking screw my slutty fucking holes!”

“Take it! You fucking MILF whore!” Ben growled from underneath Missy, her huge tits bouncing in his face.

Wyatt was, for the most part quiet as he dug his fingers into the flesh of Missy’s round ass and slammed his young cock deep into her asshole harder and deeper. Alec watched on, cock in hand as his mother’s face contorted in a look of pure pleasure and one that he had seen countless times before. What he wasn’t aware of was that his friend had pulled free Missy’s vice like ass and he had managed to f***e it back into her pussy alongside Ben’s.

“How about that? Fucking slut. You have two cocks in your pussy now.” He growled. Both Missy and Ben were shocked at first but, at least for Missy, the feeling was euphoric.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! Do it you little shit! Fucking stretch me! Stretch my fucking cunt! Harder! Fuck me harder!” her voice barely audible of the sounds of the two teenagers plowing into her used fuckhole.

“I…..oh fuck……I need to cum.” One of them shouted.

“Don’t fucking cum on my dick, you asshole.” The other protested and just like that both boys retreated from her snatch. Missy’s pussy gaped. Her body shook in orgasm but she became aware of cock being beaten off near her face. She rolled onto her back and looked up to see Ben furiously pumping his prick until he began to explode his seed all over her face. As Ben finished up he cleaned his cock off in her hair. Missy liked that. It made her feel like a cheap hooker.

Wyatt straddled her and began to fuck her tits with the same gusto he had when he was ball deep in her ass. He looked down at her pretty face, streaked with his friends cum. The way her mouth opened so that her tongue could lick up any and all the cum it could reach sent Wyatt off. All those times he had masturbated to this very woman, all the times he blew a massive load thinking about his friends step-mother…..they all came rushing forward and he planted the head of his cock between her lips and felt her working her oral magic on the sensitive knob.

“Fucking bitch! Gonna blow!” he grunted and drove his prick deep into her throat and pumped stream after stream down her gullet.

Afterwards both boys were in a daze. Missy thought it was cute how they seemed to revert to that awkward shyness they had before she got them hard. Their eyes watched as she cleaned Ben’s cum from her lips with a finger and then sucked it clean.

“MMMM now if you boys can keep a secret maybe we can do this again but only if you keep your mouths shut.” Both nodded their heads. “I think you better get dressed and get going. If Alec sees what you did to me he will be pissed.” She laughed wickedly as they hurriedly found their clothes, dressed and scampered off.

“Wow, they really stretched you out, huh?” Alec grinned as he looked at her still gaping fuckhole.

“Naughty boy. I saw you watching. Did you like watching mommy get fucked? Seeing your friends treating your mother like a filthy slut?” her foot slid up his thigh and along his enraged cock.

“I loved it.” He held her by the ankle and let his cock glide against her foot. “The only reason they treated like a shameless fucking whore is because that’s what you are.” He smiled at her only the way he could.

“MMM and you love it, don’t you? But you know Mommy will always be your slut.” She watched his swollen, purple head oozed pre-cum onto the sole of her foot. “So are you going to put that big thing inside me or just stand there?”

“Oh you haven’t had enough yet?” he teased but had already pushed her thighs apart and was slapping the head of his prick against her gash.

“MMMMM baby boy I can never get enough of that huge fucking prick of yours.” Even their two cocks at the same time couldn’t make Missy scream the way Alec’s monster did as he plunged his way into her womb. “Oh fuck yes baby! Hurt me! Fucking wreck Mommy’s cunt you big dicked mother fucker!”

He looked up to see if there was any more movement next door but couldn’t see any so he focused all of his attention back to Missy. His cock bashed into her like a freight train. His hand roughly gripped her throat while the other slapped at her big bouncing tits. The thought of fucking Jodie did excite him but he knew that he would never be able to quite Missy.

“Fuck Mom. Not going to last long!”

“Do it baby! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy full of cum! Fuck me raw and fill my Mommy full of cum!” her legs locked around him, pulling him even deeper inside her as he exploded. Her eyes lit up at the feeling of a huge load filling her up, over flowing her and seeping from her stuffed pussy.

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