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Missy Part IV

Missy awoke the next day fully feeling the effects of getting railed by three teenage dicks. Fucking Ben and Wyatt had been completely unexpected but she was glad she did it, especially the way Alec fucked her afterwards. He did her again later that night after telling her that he saw someone, probably Jodie, watching from next door. Voyeurism wasn’t something that she ever thought would entice her but then again getting fucked by her former step son never really entered her mind either. She smiled at Alec as he slept next to her, and even though she was sore her body yearned to be filled by his enormous cock again. She reached down to her hungry cunt and almost yelped at how tender she was. She slipped off to the bathroom hoping that a long hot soak would ease her soreness.

After her bath Missy made her way to the kitchen. It was still early and the rest of the neighborhood was just starting to get started with their day. She saw Jodie jogging past, returning from a morning run. She studied the young college girl as she stretched against the fence. Her short lycra running shorts clung to her showing off her firm ass and her seemingly tiny sports bra did the same with her no doubt perky little tits. Missy imagined the faces she might make if Alec pushed his huge cock into her. The sounds she would make as he fucked her the way he did Missy. Was she moaner? A screamer? A talker? Did she spit, swallow or take it on the face? Jodie looked up and saw Missy in the window and waved. Missy waved back with one hand while softly strumming her clit with the other.

Her morning runs weren’t doing much to burn off the sexual energy building up inside Jodie and seeing Missy Pryor getting fucked the previous day wasn’t helping either. Still she ran every morning even though her mind was on cock. She needed to get laid. She needed to feel a hard, thick, throbbing erection buried deep inside her neglected pussy. She tried just using her vibrator but it was a pathetic replacement. Her body craved to be pounded the same way she saw Alec and those two other boys plowing into Ms. Pryor. She wanted nothing more than to be someone’s fuck toy even for just a little while. She saw Missy in the window, smug smile on her face, her robe open and exposing nearly all of her huge tits for anyone that cared to look. She offered up her best smile and waved even though she had already decided that she was going to have Missy’s boy toy no matter what.

When Missy got home from work something seemed off from the get-go. Alec’s car was in the drive so it should be unlocked as usual. As soon as she opened the door though she knew why. The tell-tale sounds of moaning hit her ears and she quietly peeked into the living room. There on the couch she found Alec, nude with his eyes half closed. Between his legs she saw blonde hair bobbing up and down, Jodie’s pert, naked ass facing Missy.

“Damn. You are just so big.” The college girl moaned and gagged a bit as she went back down on his rod.

Missy watched for a bit, her own pussy salivating at the view before her. She considered just keeping quiet but her need was too strong.

“Ahem!” she called out, causing the blonde to quickly turn back and after seeing Missy, try to cover herself up. Alec just smiled at her. “Oh no. Don’t stop on account of me. Go ahead, keep sucking his cock.”

“It’s OK Jodie. Do it. Blow me.” Alec urged her on but she seemed apprehensive. Instead she just remained motionless with her hand wrapped around his pulsating shaft.

“Awww I think she’s shy. Is that it sweetie?” Missy stepped closer, close enough where she swore she could smell the arousal between Jodie’s thighs. “Maybe you just need a little encouragement.” Missy gently placed her hand on the girl’s head and nudged it towards his raging hard-on.

Jodie allowed herself to be guided back to Alec’s huge prick. She loved the way it throbbed and pulsated in her hand and the way it filled her mouth. Her eyes though kept drifting back to Missy who had slipped off her conservative dress and took a seat next to Alec wearing nothing but a sheer bra and panty set.

“MMMM that’s a good girl. Suck that dick baby. You like that? You like sucking my son’s cock?”

“You’re what?” Jodie spit out the dick but never let go of it. “You mean….you….and him….are?” her eyes grew wide and she seemed conflicted.

“You see the size of that cock? You think I’m going to let a thing like motherhood get in the way of having that huge thing inside me?” Missy teased and although she considered telling Jodie that they weren’t really related she ultimately decided against it. After all, Missy didn’t mind sharing Alec but she made damn sure that Jodie knew who he belonged to.

“Maybe I should just go.” Jodie asked more than stated.

“Oh I don’t really think you want to do that. Look at you. Down on your knees, your little pussy so wet I saw it glistening.” Missy opened her own thighs and rubbed her panty covered mound with one hand while mauling her huge tits through her bra with the other. “Maybe you just need a little help, after all that is a lot of dick.” Missy slid down the sofa and took position next to Jodie. The younger girl shivered as the mature woman’s hand joined hers on the throbbing erection before them.

Jodie was no stranger to kink. While at school she had partaken in the usual debauchery that seemed to accompany college life. On more than one occasion she found herself in a threesome with a couple of frat guys so as she felt Missy’s hand slide up her back and stop on the back of her head she just went it and allowed her mouth to once again wrap around the biggest cock she had ever seen.

“MMMM yeah, that’s a good girl. Suck his fat fucking cock.” Missy purred into her ear. “That good? You like that baby? You like the way she’s sucking you?” Missy’s voice all but drowned out by the sounds of Jodie sucking and slurping up and down Alec’s rod.

“So good.” Alec’s voice trembled as he watched the petite blonde taking more and more of his raging hard-on and felt, what he could only assume, Missy licking at his balls. Jodie, not to be undone, pulled the boy’s cock free of her mouth and licked down the base to join his mother at his sack. Their tongues roamed freely, randomly and then in unison until he looked down to see them kissing with his cum filled balls between them. “Oh that is so fucking hot.”

Missy had never really contemplated doing anything with Jodie but seeing Alec’s reaction to them kissing spurred her into action. She broke her kiss with Jodie and the blonde went back to sucking Alec’s cock. Meanwhile Missy moved back behind her and after removing her bra began to softly caress the college girl’s wet slit. Soft and easy at first but growing in intensity as she heard the girl moaning through a mouthful of dick.

She was tentative at first, softly kissing the outside of the girl’s wetness. Before long she was full on eating Jodie’s pussy and the girl reacted by grinding her cunt into the mature woman’s mouth until she was on the verge of orgasm.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried out as Missy lapped at her swollen clit. Unable to focus on the cock that was once in her mouth she began to shake and shiver. Her blonde hair now half covering her pretty face, Alec looked down at her getting off from his mother’s oral attention. “Cumming! Oh shit! Yes! Right there! Yes! Yes! Yes!” her body tensed up then went limp as her orgasm ran through her. Alec saw his mother emerge from under Jodie with her face shining in wetness.

“MMMM you taste delicious.” Missy moaned as she knelt face to face with Jodie.

“That was….just….” the girl didn’t finish her sentence and instead pulled Missy’s lips to hers and the two began to kiss wildly. Jodie pushed Missy down onto her back and laid on her, her small-ish tits mashed up against the older woman’s huge jugs. Missy moaned at the feel of the girl’s hand pushing into her panties and rubbing up against her cunt. She looked up at Alec and smiled while kissing his mother’s tits. “MMMM come on, stick your cock in your mommy’s mouth. I wanna see her suck it while I eat her out.”

The teenager wasted little time in getting down on the floor, kneeling, bulbous cock-head dripping in pre-cum as he fed it into Missy’s mouth. As he began to face fuck her Jodie and worked her way down between Missy’s thighs and pulled her panties aside. She tensed at the feel of the younger girl’s tongue against her cunt and wailed like a bitch in heat when Jodie sucked and gnawed at her clit, the whole while Alec pistoned his dick deeper and deeper down her throat. The stimulation from both ends was rocketing her towards orgasm.

“Oh I know that look. You going to cum Mom?” Alec taunted as he slapped his wet dick soundly against her cheek.

“Fuck yes, cum for me Ms. Pryor! I wanna eat your cream before your son fucks me.” Jodie piled on.

Her hands trembled as she groped herself, the sensation of another female licking her creamy slit, feel of Alec’s huge rod once again slipping down her throat. Missy began to hump her mound into Jodie’s face faster and faster. Growing closer and closer to a mind shattering orgasm. Then it hit her and it hit her hard.

Her body convulsed, her huge tits jiggling. Alec had pulled free of her mouth but Missy was caught in a silent scream of pleasure. Her hands found Jodie’s head and she held the younger girl in place between her thighs as her pussy gushed.

“Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Fuck!” she finally screamed as she found her voice.

Alec had watched his mother cum while biding his time. His cock needed the feel of a pussy stretched around it and Jodie’s was his target. He waited until Missy had recovered though because he wanted her to watch. He needed her to see this little blonde college slut taking his huge prick. He craved her eyes seeing him screwing Jodie, fucking her harder and deeper than she ever had been before. He waited long enough though and finally pulled Jodie from between Missy’s thighs and kissed her, tasting his mother’s cunt.

“Oh fuck!” Missy heard a scream and looked to see Alec sliding his cock into Jodie. The girl’s eyes fluttered as she was stretched to her limits. “Go slow. Oh so fucking big.” Jodie instructed and Missy knew why. It was the same as when he first entered her.

“My son’s cock feel good in your little cunt?” Missy laid next to Jodie, watching her son plow into her a little faster, a little harder.

“Yes! Yes! Oh so fucking good! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jodie clawed at the floor as her pussy was pounded.

“MMMM do it baby. Fuck her! Fuck her for Mommy. Ruin the little slut’s cunt!” Missy instructed as she looked on.

Alec’s eyes shifted from Missy to Jodie and back. She was tight, very tight and he had to control himself because he didn’t want to cum too fast. He wanted this too last.

“I want you to ride me.” He growled and pulled free of her pussy. He had sat back down on the sofa cock sticking straight up. Missy held his dick as Jodie straddled him, guiding his prick into the girl’s cunt and she rode him with her back to him.

Missy and Jodie stared at each other. Both knowing the feel of having that immense dick inside them, stretching them, filling them up. Her eyes watched as her son’s boner invaded the girl’s previously tight little pussy. She got closer and closer until she could stick out her tongue and lick his cock as it opened Jodie up, lapping at the junction of their bodies, tasting pussy and dick at the same time.

“MMMM cum Jodie. Cum all over my son’s huge cock! I want to see you cream all over it then watch him fuck me with it! Watch him fuck the pussy he came out of.”

“Ohhhh yessssss! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh my god yes! Do it Alec! Fuck! Fuck! Cumming! I’m cumming!” she screamed. Alec’s hands grabbed her waist and he jack hammered up into her until her body went limp again. Like a ragdoll he lifted her up from his dick. Jodie watched as Missy quickly took her place. Seeing her filled by her son, riding him roughly. Her big tits bouncing wildly. “MMMM your Mommy’s pussy feel good?”

“Oh so fucking good!” he bellowed as he thrust up as she slammed down. The room filled with the sound of their bodies slapping together. Her round ass meeting his thighs, her cunt swallowing his manhood whole. “Yeah, fuck me Mom! You dirty fucking whore!”

“Alec! Do it! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy! Fuck your load deep into Mommy’s cunt!” Jodie leaned in and kissed Alec, then kissed Missy, then Alec and Missy kissed. Locked in that embrace he lurched up one more time, every inch buried inside her as he began to unload. Her eyes fluttered as she felt his seed being shot into her, a look of shock on Jodie’s face as she watched. Surprised at the sheer amount of cum dripping from Missy as she slid off of her son.

“Fuck that is a lot.” Jodie seemed mesmerized.

“MMMM he always cums good for Mommy.” Missy chided as they both watched his seed dripping from her open cunt and began to hit the floor.

“No sense in letting it go to waste.” Jodie said to herself and moved between Missy’s legs and began to lick her clean.

“Oh you little slut. Just can’t get enough, huh?” Missy smiled down at the girl and pushed herself towards her mouth, grinding her fucked cunt against Jodie’s face.

Alec watched on in amazement as 20-year-old nanny next door devoured his mother’s cum filled snatch. She would look up at him, her eyes filled with lust, and smile then go back to work on the 34-year-old pussy before her. He looked at Missy sitting next to him, a wicked grin crept across her lips as she watched his reaction. Her expression changed however when Jodie spanked her hand down against Missy’s drooling slit. Alec loved the way her eyes snapped open in shock and pleasure. He leaned in as if to kiss her but instead began to suckle at her tits. Her erect nipple in his mouth, biting down hard making her squirm. He had one hand stroking his now hard again dick as the other roughly groped Missy’s other tit.

Missy felt her body pulsating in pleasure. The sensation of Jodie working on her clit and the way Alec was stimulating her tits had her on the edge of climax. Her hand reached for the teen’s raging cock and grabbed it. He throbbed in her hand and she could already feel the pre-cum flowing down from the swollen head.

Jodie looked up from between the older woman’s thighs to see Alec feasting on one of her huge tits. She moved slowly, licking and kissing up Missy’s body until she reached her breasts and began to suck on the other one while her hand continued to stimulate Missy’s pussy.

“MMMM bite it. Bite it!” Missy moaned and looked down to see Jodie’s pretty face, her lips reared back to show teeth clamped down around swollen nipple.

Jodie was unaware that Alec had left the couch until she felt his hand on her ass and his huge cock sliding along her wet slit. The head throbbed against her clit making her moan. He was gentle at first, letting his swollen head grind against her. He swung it like a club up against her quivering cunt making her almost scream out even though her mouth was full of Missy’s tit.

Alec stood behind Jodie, teasing her pussy with the head of his dick. He felt her petite body jerk each time he slapped his dick up against her and push herself back towards him. He looked up at Missy, eyes half closed but still with that wicked smile on her face that sent shockwaves through his body stopping at his balls.

“You want this?” he said to Jodie but looking at Missy.

“Oh god yes! Please! Fuck me Alec! Fuck me now! Fuck me hard! Hurt me!” she wailed as her face was mashed against Missy’s tits.

“MMMM do it baby. Fuck her! Fuck her for Mommy.” Missy encouraged.

The head of his prick positioned at the entrance to Jodie’s cunt and all he had to do was thrust. He thought about going slow, letting her get accustomed to his girth. He had already been inside her but she was incredibly tight. His hands clenched, fingers gripping her round ass. Her body tensed and braced for him to shove his way in and when he did he made certain to bury every single inch inside her all at once.

“FUUUCKKKKK!” Jodie screamed. She thought she was ready for him to be in side this way. Wanted the feel of pleasure and pain of his huge cock f***ed deep into her pussy but she wasn’t as prepared as she thought at first. Her body involuntarily moved as if to get away but his grip was too strong. His hand moved from her ass to her waist and he held her there as he pounded his thickness into her mercilessly.

Missy knew that the younger girl was getting the fucking of her life. That look on Alec’s face was the same he had when he would slam himself into Missy’s pussy. She knew that Jodie would be sore after this.

“Ungh! Fuck! Tight fucking cunt!” the teen growled as he manhandled the girl, pulling her to his cock as much as he was shoving into her.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Do it! Fuck me! Give me that dick! Wreck my fucking cunt!” Jodie felt his him drilling deeper and deeper into her, filling her in ways that she had never experienced before and the harder he fucked her the more depraved she became.

Missy looked on as the two fucked. Alec’s hand grabbed a fistful of Jodie’s hair and he yanked back hard. His other hand moved forward and after slapping her face once clenched around her throat. Her eyes fluttered and her body began to shake. She was cumming harder than she ever had but he never stopped. He didn’t even slow down as he continued to invade her from behind.

“Damn! Fuck! Tight little slut! Ungh! Gonna make me cum!” he spat as his face contorted in effort. His body loudly slapping against hers. Jodie felt his cock swell inside her. She knew he was about to explode and while she didn’t want it to stop her pussy couldn’t take any more abuse. Alec looked at Missy as if to ask where he should cum.

“Do it baby! Cum! Cum inside her! Mommy wants to see your cream dripping from the little slut’s cunt!” she furiously frigged her own pussy as she watched on. On hearing this Jodie’s eyes snapped open. She had never had anyone get off inside her before and the thought of this hung teenage boy doing it excited her.

“Yes! Cum in me! Please, cum in my fucking pussy!” she found herself begging even though to her it didn’t sound like herself. Her body craved it. It yearned to feel his cock shooting its load deep inside her.

Alec bared down, body tensed as he plowed ball deep into Jodie’s hungry womb. His balls slapping against her loudly, her juices streaming down their thighs. His hands drifted down to her tits and he latched on, lifting her up as he rooted himself in one last time and began to shoot inside her.

Jodie gasped she felt Alec unloading inside her. Their bodies convulsed almost in unison as they orgasmed together, the feel of his cum flooding her pussy making her cum again. He stayed buried in her pussy, her body gulping every last drop from his balls until he softened up and his cock pulled its way free. Missy watched his cream dripping form the girl’s slit.

“MMMM looks like he really filled you up.” She smiled as Jodie, exhausted, laid her head on Missy’s thigh.

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