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Mom And Her New Office Mate

Hello this story all about my mom. She is working in the office and my dad is in military. In my home only three members. This incident started when I was in 8th standard after I become a man I felt that changes in me. When ever my dad come to see I use to watch dad used to fuck my mom hardly.

She wasn’t happy with that I thought he used to fuck her from back like a doggy style. Before he leaving he said for next two years he might not come. After he went few weeks later mom was getting ready to office. In her office there is new office employee going to join she said and went she came back from office and I asked her how was the day.

She said it was really good I got a good friend also. Few days left and she used to talk about mahesh new joinee. Like he so kind and he knew yoga and all next day once she back from office she asked me to get 50k from locker.

I gave her asked any emergency she said yeah mahesh has to pay someone. It seems so currently he doesn’t have anything as he new to this town okay. So I have to go to his home it’s in jk road .

Now I asked mom now 7 pm if we leave it will take half and hour it will take more time. She said he is in emergency that’s y I’m taking you with me. I said okay come after we read. He’d his house he welcomed us gave fruit juice they were talking about some office stuffs.

Time reached 9.30 later he told us have dinner here only. Mom is like no thanks and we said times up we are leaving. Next day mom came home said we are going to outing with mahesh uncle as he bought a new car so he is treating us in Goa.

Then I asked my mom does he asked you the money for that only. She is like no dear he spent cash on his car so his friend needed the money. We arranged everything for trip. Mahesh came near home to visit us in his car. He knocked the door mom was got surprised. How you know my home.

He smiled we welcomed him and gave juice he said if you are ready we can leave now itself. Mom said u said tomorrow right he is like we will go for dinner and then we will leave from here. Mom is like OK OK wait she got ready. She wears yellow saree and came.

He got up said you looks good and he awed my suggestion isn’t Rohan I was yeah u look awesome mom and we leat home and we reached the hotel. As soon as we got into the hotel waiter thought us f****y he welcomed said madam u and ur husband looks great. Then had our dinner mom was sitting next to him she was in blush and while going mahesh took advantage.

On that he kept his hand on her waist she is like blush more for. He got signal we got into car started leaving early morning. We reached Goa around 3 am. He has already booked the hotel so got in the villa.

I said I will sl**p in living room he said come and sl**p inside there is bed one more. Then I believed him there was one queen size and one single bed was der. I went and slept in single cot there was another. They both have to sl**p together he acted like hesitation even she had later. He said okay will adjust turned off the light and morning when I woke up moms pallu saree was felt down.

He shirt was opened in front both were hugging each other’s. Waiter called to give towels and coffee they both woke up and said sorry. Each other smiled. She walked into bathroom later after sometime he asked us take bath in swimming pool inside compound.

It was first me and mahesh got into water. Then he ask mom to get in. She said she does not know swimming. He said just come I will teach. As soon as she got in he hold her hand for some time took her little bit deep. She started telling him to stop. That time I said I’m going to play video games in the hall they both agreed.

After I came house and saw from window he hold her waist and took her hands on his shoulder. Then he told are u sacred uh. She said no he told her swim made her float in water. He was enjoying her body by holding. He rotated her and she loved it he slowly moved his hand over body waist.

Then her back butt she asked him what your doing. Silently he is like I’m teaching you swimming. She laughed at he gave one tight hug started smooching her neck and he kissed her slowly on her lips. They kissed for sometime got into the bed room.

There I was seeing my mom was getting into him showing her like do her what ever he want. He removed her blouse slowly by kissing her and the her remaining saree around her and started kissing her around her body all over.
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He removed her bra. She closed her eyes while he was removing it. He bites her breasts started sucking all around her nipples. She s shouting like ummm iffff ooouhh the moved to navel by licking body.

He came back to her lips and sucking her tongue saliva mixed both falling around there faces. He started rubbing his cock on her pussy. She moving her hand on his back and pushing towards her. He removed his underwear gave it to her. Said kiss it she slowly taking into her mouth sucked it has become a huge cock than my dad.

Then removed her petticoat and licking her pussy. She is also licking her cum he Inserted his coo k and slowly and kissing her on lips rolling over the bed started pushing it faster.

She started shouting more. He kept his hand inside her mouth said suck this also. He fucked for long time while cumming he said I’m going keep inside yours . She is like no later he doesn’t listen her he holded both hands inserted deeply. She is ohh no why did he kissed tightly on her lips said I love you so much you know.

Then slept on her. After some time they got dress and came out. Later we went to roam and came back home. While coming mahesh was simply touching her body while walking and pinching her. She was hey don’t while doing he told me I’m going to marry your mom is that okay for you he asked.

I got shock even she also. I saw both faces said moms wish. She smiled and said mahesh always like this oly silly guy. Once we reached back house they told me have dinner and sl**p we have some office works. I acknowledged and went see from window he fucked her for long time and they slept as nude.

Morning mahesh said we are going to some other place by train we got into train there was full of rush he told mom to stay close. Later she moved by Rush mahesh and me were seeing that few people enjoying her body and mahesh told I know u saw us from window.

I got shock and reply nothing. later I told sorry he is its okay see now people enjoying her. Later mahesh went near her said my friend came sunder came into rush stand next mom said hi she smiled mahesh said stay in between us. She said okay sunder slowly moving his hands mom said by mistake mahesh pushed her to sunder. She moved her body around on his chest he enjoyed for some time. Later we reached fort and saw from there we came back to my native mahesh comes every week used to fuck my mom …all they way.

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