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Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 1

This is a story fictional story of mine, I hope you like and sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes enjoy.

I met this girl online she was beautiful curvy with big tits and a gorgeous ass. She had blue eyes, brown hair and a sexy smile. She seemed perfect being witty, fun, polite, outspoken and alway very confident, or was it obnoxious. We had fucked a couple times by this point and we both seem to be hitting it off. Im really starting to like this girl so I decide to introduce her to my mom. My mom was hot for her age, being a tall women with a huge ass. She had decent size boobs that weren’t quite as big as my girlfriends but still large and still had a gorgeous face for her age. She was always affectionate, straight forward and protective of me being her only son. So I was hesitant when i told her and over course she asks 100 questions interrogating me.

Later that weekend my girlfriend was coming over and as I was getting ready I couldn’t help but notice my mom was frantic trying to figure out what she was going to wear. As I finished getting ready my mom came out of her room wearing a short skirt and a low cut blouse that showed all her cleavage. I couldn’t help but think she was dressed uncommonly sexy tonight as she went to finish dinner. When Trish arrived i walked her into the kitchen. as I introduced the two they both stared silently at each other shocked for a moment awkwardly. until finally they both laughed red faced trying to stutter through formal greetings. Trish was dressed very conservative in a knee length skirt with a tight blouse that she had buttoned up that failed to hide her big natural tits. I guessed so that she wouldn’t come across slutty, though she didn’t need worry after seeing the way my mom was dressed.

“Honey you didn’t tell me that Trish was so gorgeous.” My mom smile staring a her.

“Mom don’t embarrass her.”

“No thank you, he didn’t tell me that he had suck a beautiful woman for a mom.” Trish blushed fixated on my mother.

As we ate dinner they continued to talk to each other, constantly exchanging complements with one another. I thought this a little strange but at least they were getting along and for that i was relieved. My mom poured herself another large glass of wine while they talked and as dinner finished we moved into the living room. Trish went to the washroom. my mom quickly acclaimed how much she liked Trish and how beautiful she was while fixing her top. When Trish reentered the room my mom quickly looked up and gazed. As she sat next to me on the couch i noticed she had unbuttoned her blouse and hiked up her skirt. I couldn’t help but stare trying not to get caught staring at her tits by my mom. They continued to talk as my mom brought the wine and a second glass.

“Here you go Trish.” My mom smiled pouring the wine handing the glass to Trish.

“Thank you.” Trish said then looked at me. “Are you not joining us?”

“Oh no this is for us women my boy doesn’t drink.” My mom replied.

My mom had always been naively protective of me still thinking i never tried alcohol. I was just happy at how well they were getting along. After a couple more glasses and talking later i noticed that when they would laugh Trish would lean over and touched my moms arm. To my surprise my mom glanced down looking at Trish’s cleavage as she took a sip from her glass. My mom has never been a big drinker so i knew she was buzzed as she refilled their glasses. As she took another sip, out of nowhere she smiles at Trish and says.

“Trish your breasts are so beautiful. They’re so big, and full for a young woman your age.”

I stared at my mom shock and I opened my mouth to scolded my mom but before I could.

“Thanks mrs.b sometimes i think they’re too big. But I love the attention not to mention how sensitive they get. You have a stunning pair of boobs yourself, I can see why he likes them big.” Trish replied smiling at my mom.

I was stunned by my mom expecting Trish to be uncomfortable but instead she was surprisingly calm about it. It even seemed like she was flirting if I didn’t know any better. My mom started to look uncomfortable at the thought of me being intimate. Being uncomfortable as well i took the chance to leave the room and excused myself to go upstairs. When i came back down Trish was sitting next to my mom as they giggled. As i sat down i saw that they had started another bottle of wine. hour or so we were having a good time joking around and gossiping and i could tell they were d***k. They both were laughing when Trish placed her had on my mom’s thigh. I thought it was a little weird but we were having a good time she was just being friendly. I knew my mom noticed glancing down but thought the same as me. After a couple minutes Trish began staring down at my mom’s chest, my mom noticed and laughed uncomfortably. Her laughing turned into a gasp as Trish slowly slid her hand up my mom’s skirt. As her fingers touched my moms panties, my mom let out a moan as they’re eyes locked on each other. I was frozen watching them filled with lust convinced I was dreaming. Trish giggled watching my mom’s mouth opened as she played with her clit and quickly learned into kiss her. My mom’s eyes widen in surprise but she didn’t stop as Trish glanced over at me. Trish’s hand began to move fast under my mom’s skirt and my mom instantly moaned out. Trish began kissing mom’s neck as she groped her tit pulling it out of her blouse. Mom suddenly pulled away quickly trying to regain her composure.

“Ahh… Trish honey wait… we can’t I… we have to… uhh yes!” Mom moaned as she turned shocked remembering I was there. “Son! Oh… oh god what are we? I’m so sorry uhh… uh we aren’t oh god… uh… ahh yes!” She cried out giving little struggle as Trish continued.

Mom’s cry turned into a gasp as she spotted the bulge in my pants, staring as my cock tried to rip out of my pants. Her face went red as her attention turned back to Trish as she slid her finger inside mom’s wet pussy. Mom was shivering and whimpering trying to fight her lustful urges until she grabbed Trish’s hand.

“What are… uhh we doing? We can’t… this is wrong uh… Danny’s right there.” Mom panted.

“He doesn’t seem to mind.” Trish said passionately glancing at me as she continued to work over my mom.

Trish turned back to my mom and as she stared into my mother’s eyes she started violently press my mom’s g spot. Mom moaned out as her pussy began to gush with every touch.

“Mmmm that’s it mrs.b.” Trish whispered as she latched down hard on my mom’s tit.

Mom let out a loud moan as a shivering went up her spine. She looked down at Trish shocked. I couldn’t take it, seeing my new girlfriend breastfeed from my mom was all i could take. Before i knew what i was doing, i was pulling my hard cock from my pants. I could tell mom was trying desperately to keep it together.

“Omg honey no uhh… You can’t! I’m your mother… his has gone to far uhh! Sweetheart go upstairs for a bit.” Mom moaned

I was so embarrassed I reluctantly got up watching them. Trish gave me a naughty look while fingering my mom as she sucked her tits. As I walked upstairs i heard Trish.

“Ye why dont you go upstairs for a bit while I finish off mommy. I’m gunna make you moan all night.”

“Trish!” Mom whispered embarrassed. “Your suck a naughty girl uhh!”

I sat in my room for the next 30 min listing to moan and cry out.

Oh god! Yes honey right there! Uhh im cuming!

Mmmm you taste so good.

Ok, ok I can’t ahh… It too much i just uhh… ohhh god!

Your okay im just just getting started on your cougar ass. That’s it cum again for me.

Oh god not there! Oh god im cuming! Im cuming!

Thats it baby relax that ass… Mmm let me in nice and deep.

I snuck back to the stairs to take a peek. Trish was grinding on my mom’s lap, pressing her tit to my mom’s face. I was so horny I had never seen my mom so sexual before. Usually she was rather boring and conservative but now she moaning into Trish’s tits as she sucked on them for dear life. I pulled out my cock and started jerking off right there on the stairs. Mom started talking off Trish’s clothes frantically. As she took her panties off mom sat there for a second taking my girlfriend in.

“Come here sweetheart let me taste that young cunny.”

Trish came forward and mom leaned in timidly lightly licking her clit softly. Trish shook her head as she squatted down on mom’s face. Mom widen as Trish grabbed her hands placing them on her ass cheeks as she began grinding on her face. Trish moaned out like id never heard before and began twitching as her legs shacked trying to keep herself from buckling. Her juices started running down my her face as she lapped at her drenched pussy. Trish’s eyes we glazed and with lustful smile she started pressing mom’s finger around her asshole. Trish took her hand away and i was shocked as mom’s fingers began to move on there own. She moaned out as she grinded out another orgasm smiling at my mom. She raised my mom’s finger from her ass to her mouth as she pulled her pussy from her face. Mom hesitated a second then quickly started sucking on her fingers. Mom pulled her pussy to her face again as Trish pressed mom’s wet fingers against her asshole. Once she let go mom slowly stuck her two wet fingers in Trish’s tight ass.

“Ohhh fuck ahhh!” Trish cried out orgasming.

Mom was really getting into it until Trish cried enough as her legs began shaking. Mom pulled her fingers quickly out of Trish’s tight ass making her groan. Trish began giggling as she sank her ass into my mom’s lap exhausted. Mom cradled her head to her chest and so began grinding slowly into Trish’s ass. Mom could no longer contain her lust as she put trish on her back with her legs spread. Mom mounted Trish’s wet pussy grinding herself into her.

“Wait i just uhh… I can’t… ahhh i… I just need a… Ohh im still tender ahhh… Ohhh im… Im cuming ahhh! Trish moaned

But mom was obvious grinding hard panting as she worked up to her orgasm. Trish couldn’t take anymore begging into mom’s tits for her to cum. I couldn’t take anymore and shot my load all over the floor as mom started to moan out.

“Oh my God… yes, yes!”

Mom started spasming as Trish laid on her limp huffing and puffing.

“That… was amazing.” Mom panted as she kissed Trish.

“It sure was… I’m beat. What a nice surprise tonight turned out to be.” Trish giggled wearily.

“Mmm yes it was.” Mom replied lustfully.

“I’m gunna head out, but hope we can do this again soon.” Trish said with a naughty smile as she put her clothes on.

“I can’t wait.” Mom smiled flustered watching Trish dress as she tried to find her blouse to cover herself.

I heard mom walk Trish to the door as Trish thanked her for a great night. I quickly got up and went to my room before she noticed I was watching from the stairs. I laid in bed and pretended to be asl**p as i heard my mom walking up the stairs to her room. Shocked with disbelief I laid there wondering if i had dreamt the whole thing.

Thanks for reading I hope you liked it and stay tuned for part 2.

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