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Mom Loves Not Her Daughters

IT SEEMED LIKE the ideal time. Amy was at school and mom had gone to shop
about an hour before. I had waited purposely to make sure she hadn’t
forgotten something so she would return right away.
I’d been thinking about it for a long time. I mean, I’d looked at mom
and s*s’s stuff before. But that was only in the bathroom where they
sometimes hung things around or in the dirty clothes or even in the washing
machine if I had to load and unload it.
I went to s*s’s room first. It was really pretty disappointing. I
mean, she had panties and one spare little training bra but that was about
all. She’d made mom get her a pair of little pantyhose last winter for a
special party she went to, but that was it. Mostly her stuff was about like
mine except smaller. Tee-shirts. Panties that almost looked like my
underwear except they didn’t have a hole in the front. Socks that were sort
of cuter than mine, littler you know, with pink and blue stuff around the
tops and stuff.
But anyway there really wasn’t much interesting in her stuff.
So pretty quick I moved on into mom’s room. When I opened one drawer I
was almost overwhelmed with the smell. It was clear full of bottles filled
with perfume and makeup stuff. Must have been about thirty little
funny-shaped bottles of fingernail polish in all colors from pearly-white
to pink to orangy-red to bright red to even green. I couldn’t remember
seeing her wear that.
The drawer next to it was filled with packages of pantyhose and a
batch of other stuff. Socks for sneakers. Little girl socks like
Amy’s. And then, in back, a couple of thin lacy things that I couldn’t
figure out for a minute until I saw the holder things hanging from the belt
part that I knew were for fastening up nylons. They had to be garter
belts. There must have been six or eight of them. White, black, pink, all
colors, and from real wide to almost nothing but a thin belt width.
In the back of the drawer, I saw a pile of what I could only think
were very special nylons. Some were so sheer I could see my hand through
them as if they weren’t there. Some were white or black with lace inset at
the tops. Some had a hard black line down the back and one even had a lacy
pattern throughout its length. I couldn’t remember seeing them on mom. Odd,
I thought.
The drawer beside that was full to overflowing with panties in all
colors and styles at one side and bras in a similar profusion in the
other. None weighed enough, I thought, to keep them from floating away in a
good breeze. All were sheer or lacy or both and all seemed to be nothing
more than small straps holding small triangles of material. Only three or
four more substantial panties and an equal number of bras had enough
substance to be worn under casual sports clothes or when working around the
yard or something.
A drawer below held a number of lacy constructions that looked
something like a bra and panties together with a sort of middle. But, if it
was possible, these seemed to be less substantial than the bras and panties
in the other drawer. I held one up and moaned at the thought of seeing it
on someone.
The other drawers held sweatshirts, that I was used to seeing mom wear
— teeshirts, shorts, Levis, and a few nightgowns that seemed real
insubstantial like the other things I’d seen. Except for the solid,
shapeless ones I was used to seeing mom wear, I didn’t remember seeing any
of them. Maybe she’d worn them when dad was alive. I couldn’t remember.
Hoping my probing wouldn’t be noticed, I shut the last drawer and
walked to her closet. Here, the skirts and shirt-like blouses she wore
mostly were right in front. Beside that there were the suits and dresses
she wore less frequently but that I had seen on her. Behind that were
several very filmy blouses I’d never seen. Holding them up, I could see the
shapes of objects behind each one. Now I knew I hadn’t seen them before.
And with them were a half dozen skirts fastened to hangers by their
waistband and so short that, when I held one up in front of myself, I could
see it would go from about my waist to the middle of my thighs. Since my
mom is a little taller than me and almost entirely in the legs, I was very
sure I hadn’t seen these skirts on her.
My curiosity was peaked. I wondered why she owned all these pretty
things and never wore them anywhere. I shrugged, knowing I couldn’t fathom
the reason now.
Beside these were several full nightgown outfits. I didn’t know what
they called them exactly but knew they had a french name. The nightgowns
hanging on the hangers were very lacy and sheer, some with little panties
that matched the material. Then, over the hanger, hung either real filmy or
thicker material sort of like robes except, with a few exceptions, I could
see they would hide nothing at all.
On the other end of the closet, I found a dozen party dresses. Two I’d
seen before when she went to Christmas parties or special occasions. The
rest I knew I’d never seen. Three black dresses almost actively did battle
for the sexiest as I held them out to look at.
Two were very short and hung by relatively thin strips of material for
the shoulders. One was actually cut down clear to the waist in front and
back both. The other was low in the front, though nowhere close to that
low, but made it academic by being almost as see-through as the panties and
bras. With these, that I thought were the sexiest, were a short white
dress, a long black dress that was cut all the way to the waist on the
side, a pink little-girl party dress with no shoulder straps at all, and
several pantsuit things that were all one piece to deep cut tops or low cut
with fluffy sleeves or something that made them look very sexy.
Under the dresses, on the floor, I saw a wild array of shoes. I
quickly recognized her sneakers, thongs, and about six or so pairs of what
I thought were called pumps in various colors. The heels on all these were
about two inches tall or so and all looked well worn. Nearly worn out
Over on the side with the sexy skirts and nightgowns, there were all
sorts of high heels with feathers or clear plastic across the toes or
higher heels than she normally wore. And with the party dresses there were
silver and gold colored high heels and shiny patent leather ones — one red
pair with really high heels and gold caps on the sharp, tiny heels.
Then I saw the shoes I thought were the sexiest of all. They were
black leather, what there was of them, and a series of thin straps that
went across the toes and up the sides and around the ankle to buckle with
little buckles.
Then I had an idea. First I held my mom’s sneakers up to the bottom of
my own shoe while I stood on one leg and saw that they were the same size
as mine. Grabbing the sexy pair of shoes, I sat down on the edge of her bed
and pulled off my sneakers. Looking up at the door, my heart fluttered with
excitement and fear. I peeled off my socks and quickly put the shoes on, my
fingers shaking so badly I had a terrible time getting the tiny buckles to
Then looking down at them, I stood up and walked a few steps. After
catching the heel on the material of the carpet once and almost tripping, I
found that if I sort of walked on my tiptoes, I didn’t have any
trouble. When I stood still, I could stand upright, purposefully resting my
heels on the shoes as well as the toes. My balance was precarious but I was
still pretty comfortable. I could feel the strain in my calves though.
As I stood there looking down at the shoes on my feet, I realized that
I was really hard. I could see my dick pressing against my pants. All these
beautiful clothes were driving me crazy. In a flash, I decided what to do
about it.
Walking fairly comfortably now, I walked to the bathroom and opened
the hamper. As I thought I might, I found a pair of those sexy, thin
panties of my mother’s right on top. I grabbed them and then pulled off a
healthy amount of toilet paper from the roll. Smiling and still shaking
with fear and anticipation now, I went back to her room.
First I hung the two really sexy short dresses on the top of her
closet door. Pulling my pants and shorts down to my knees, I wrapped the
panties around and over my hard cock. The bl**d surged in my ears as I
began pumping on the inflated tool with the thin material rubbing it.
I thought about the drawer of stockings and garter belts. Then the
drawer of bras and panties. And the nightgowns. Then I thought of the thin
blouses and short skirts. And the filmy nightgowns with their inadequate
robes. And finally I thought about the party dresses, finally focussing on
the two hanging before me.
I pumped harder, knowing that I was going to come any second. My eyes
closed, imagining those clothes on my mother or any woman. My panting
breaths came roaring to my ears but not distracting me in the least. The
fingers of my other hand loosened and I sort of felt the toilet paper
falling from my hand but it made no impression. I grunted as my rod spewed
into the thin material of the panties and the bl**d roared still louder in
my ears and spangles filled my view of the inside of my eyelids.
“What are you doing in here, Dix? Why didn’t you answer me when I
called …”
I turned toward the doorway behind me and saw my mother looking
directly at me after having kicked her shoes off and dropped the belt to
her dress on the bed. She must have done this before she saw me because she
stood now like a statue, staring at my bare bottom.
When she spoke, my heart stopped. In the second that followed, I
thought of dropping to the floor. I thought about running. I though in
passing about jumping out the window. But mostly, I thought about not being
here at all. I could feel my come, where it had soaked through the thin
panties already, rolling down my hand and arm, getting ready to drip onto
the new rug. I thought about reaching for the toilet paper I had dropped to
prevent the accident.
“Mom!” I choked out.
“What in the world?” she said as she walked around the end of the
bed. “What are you doing?”
I could die, I thought. This is awful. Catastrophe!
I still stood there with the come dripping from my hand, holding the
panties tightly, my dick softening quickly and retreating from my hold on
“My dresses …” she said as she saw them. “What …?”
“Hey, mom?” the voice said from the hallway outside the
doorway. “Could I borrow some socks until we get the laundry done?”
I cringed. Amy. And now she was in the room as well.
“Hey, Dix!” she said brightly before gathering in the scene and the
look on her mother’s face. “What are you doing here?”
She kept coming toward me and I was frozen solid in place.
“Mom?” She looked at her mother then and the stricken look on her
“Ah, Amy,” she said, unfreezing first. “I’ll be with you in a
minute. Ah …” She paused trying to think of something to say.
“Oh, God!” Dix moaned to himself as Amy kept coming.
“What are you doing in here, Dix? Looking at mom’s clothes?” It
sounded as if this were perfectly natural to her. Her 12-year-old
directness astonished Dix sometimes. “How come your pants are down? And
…” she was looking down at my feet. “Mom! He’s wearing your shoes, too!”
“Amy,” my mother said more sternly. “Please leave. I need to talk to
your b*****r.”
“No way! I wouldn’t leave for the world!” she almost screamed.
“Amy!” she said with authority.
“Come on, mom. He’s wearing your shoes. And he’s even got your
panties. I’ll bet he was going to put them on! Wow!”
I couldn’t be more humiliated than now. Quickly I bent and grabbed the
toilet paper from the floor with the intention of cleaning up. Then I
thought better of it and just held the paper while I pulled my pants up,
trapping it inside with the wetness and the soaked panties. I could feel
the cum squeezing out of the saturated material into my underwear and down
my leg.
“Bathroom,” I mumbled as I scuffled toward the door.
“We’ll wait here for your explanation,” my mother said. I cringed but
continued to the bathroom.
As soon as I closed the door, I overcame the inclination to cry like a
baby. After all, I was f******n. I sat down on the stool and pulled my
pants down to clean up the mess. That took several minutes of intensive
work. I was wet everywhere.
I quickly washed the mess out of the panties and started to hang them
on the edge of the tub before deciding I didn’t want them to be too
obvious. Trying to squeeze them out as much as possible, I put them back in
the hamper. Then I sat back down on the john and unbuckled the shoes and
took them off my feet.
God, I felt terrible. And I was scared to death. What was mom going to
do? Oh, God. Worse. Was Amy going to tell every girl in her school about
it? I’ll bet, I thought.
I’d never felt so totally down. Devastated. I had nowhere to go. I was
Resigned, I checked to see that my pants were relatively dry and
fastened. Then I picked up the shoes in one hand and opened the door. I
would have liked to have just gone to my room to read a book or … or
anything else but what I knew I had to do.
As I crossed my mother’s room to the closet, where I replaced the
shoes, I saw but didn’t really look at my mother and s****r. My s****r was
sitting sort of like a crab, leaning back on her hands, her legs spread and
feet flat on the bed. My mother had her legs crossed and even her arms
crossed over her chest, the frown deep in her face.
“Dixon,” she said before I could escape. I knew I was in for it. I
just didn’t know how bad it was going to be. I set my teeth knowing it was
going to be as bad as it could be. For one thing, my s****r looked way too
happy with the whole situation and she never looked this pleased unless I
was in trouble and she wasn’t.
I turned and, with my head down till my chin touched my chest, stood
in front of her obediently. I could only hope she’d take some pity on me.
“I’m not so naive that I don’t know what you were doing,” she
began. “Maybe I need to know why. Why, Dix?” she asked softly.
I could only shrug in my early teen manner. I knew she hated the
defensive, almost belligerent look I had on my face. In other
circumstances, she certainly hadn’t liked it.
“This is important, Dix. You need to answer me. Why?”
“I don’t know, mom,” I answered. It was almost as bad an answer as the
“No. I think you know,” she pressed.
“I … I don’t know. I just … you know.” It was so hard for me to
answer precisely. Things were too mixed up in my mind.
“He’s a fag, mom,” Amy said with a smirk, enjoying my uncomfortable
position. I could only frown at her.
My mom looked at her as if to chastise her but then returned her
attention to me.
“Well? Is that true?”
“Mom!” I moaned. “Of course not.”
“Without a father — I guess it’s possible. Maybe even probable. Are
you gay, Dix?” I realized she was serious.
I shook my head vigorously. “No, mom. Really.”
“I’ll bet he is,” Amy smirked.
“That’s enough, Amy,” my mother said without taking her eyes off me. I
could feel them on me even though I couldn’t meet her gaze.
“No,” she said after a long pause. “I don’t think you’re gay.” She
paused for a long time while I felt her staring at me. “No, I think you’re
a normal teenage boy with normal drives and needs. But the shoes … and
the panties. They bother me. Why those, Dix?”
I thought madly. “Ah, I guess cause they’re so sexy. You know?”
“You thought they’d be sexy on a girl you know?”
“Well, yeah,” I stammered. I hadn’t been thinking about them on a girl
for some reason. I knew it.
“But you weren’t thinking about them on a girl,” she said
perceptively, as if she’d been listening in on my thoughts. It was a little
eerie. “You were thinking about what they felt like on you, weren’t you?”
Yes, I realized. That was exactly what I’d been feeling.
“See, I told you he was a fag,” my s****r said.
“I’m not,” I threw at her. “I’m not,” I said more quietly for myself
and my mother.
“I know, honey.” She uncrossed her nervously held arms and sat more
easily on the edge of the bed. Her scowl softened to her caring look.
“I’m …” I was having trouble saying it. “I’m sorry, mom.”
“Well,” she said. “It’s done now. And maybe for the better. After all,
I know something about you now that I didn’t know before.”
“I think he should be punished really bad,” my sweet s****r said with
that same sneer. “I think he should have to stand in a corner for a
week. Or maybe wash all the dishes until he’s 20 or something.”
“Enough, Amy,” my mother said with an edge that should have warned the
girl but didn’t seem to get through her p*****n edge.
“Or maybe just lock him in his room for a month or . . .”
“I said, enough, Amy. Now speaking of washing dishes …” she said
looking at the girl for the first time since I’d returned.
“Oh, mom. I didn’t do anything,” she whined. “Why do I always have to
do the dumb dishes? Why can’t the fag do them for a change?”
“Amy!” she said, exasperated. “Go do the dishes now!” She finally
understood the tone of her mother’s voice.
“Yes, ma’am. I’m going.” She got up and walked across the room to the
door. “But what are you going to do to Dix?”
“Never mind, Amy. Now go!”
I could hear her mumbling as she walked down the hallway to the
kitchen. Then I felt my mother’s look on my face again. The silence
extended to excruciating lengths before she broke it again.
“Do you like the feel of my panties?”
“The lace and stuff?” I asked, blushing but knowing that’s what she
meant before I’d said it. “Yeah. Sure. I guess.”
She smiled at me strangely. “I like that, too,” she confessed. “That’s
why I bought them and why I’ve kept them all these years.” She seemed to
turn a little introspective for a second. “Your dad liked them, too.”
I watched her, thinking about her and my dad — the man in the
pictures they had around. I wondered what they were like together. I
thought of her dressed in a garter belt, sexy nylons, those lacy panties
and bra. I thought of the look on my dad’s face as I looked at her. She
only sat smiling to herself.
Then she looked back at me again and her face changed again.
“And the shoes?”
I shrugged again. “They’re … sexy. You know. They excited me.” She
only nodded.
Looking at the back of her hands on her knees, she only thought for a
long time. I couldn’t stand the tension any more and broke it himself.
“Why don’t you wear any of those things anymore?” She looked at me
with real sadness in her eyes.
“You looked at everything? I’ve got no secrets?”
I nodded but could tell the crisis was past. I couldn’t keep the smile
off my face.
“What did you feel, Dix? Did you like the feel of touching the panties
and wearing the shoes?”
“Yeah. Yeah, mom. I did.”
“I’ll tell you what,” she said then. She took a deep breath. “Would
you like to see me wear some of those things?”
My eyes brightened. “Yeah! Really!”
She nodded, looking me in the eyes. “I’ll put something on then. But I
want something in return.” I only looked at her. Wondering what she wanted.
“I want to see you in something as well.”
I couldn’t believe the excitement I felt.
“Really?” I moaned. “You mean …”
“Yeah, I want to see you in something of mine.”
“But … mom?”
“Does wanting to do that make me a fag?”
“I’ve read about this, Dix. No, it doesn’t make you a fag. It’s
something entirely different. It’s called cross dressing and unless you
take it too far, it’s nothing like homosexuality.”
“I really want to, mom.”
“Okay. Then let’s do it.” She stood up and turned toward her
dresser. “Do you want to choose or do you want me to?”
“Ah. I don’t know. Maybe I could choose some stuff for you and, if you
want to, you choose something for me. Okay?”
“Deal.” She smiled and took the other step to her dresser. First she
pulled open one drawer, pulling material out, then to another and a
third. “Hmmm. Let’s see,” she mumbled happily to herself as she went
through the silky material. She dropped a pile on the bed as she passed it
and went to the closet. Grinning, she looked over her shoulder at me and
took something out of the left side of her closet.
“Okay,” she finally declared as she sat down on the edge of the bed
next to the clothes she’d chosen.
Grinning and feeling the wild excitement in my stomach, I walked to
the dresser then and opened the panty drawer. I swirled the thin material
around with my hand until I felt and saw the perfect looking pair of
panties and then repeated the actions with the bras. Closing the drawer, I
moved on to the stockings.
I pulled out a pair of black, sheer stockings and a lacy black garter
belt. Dropping them on the bed next to my mother, I went to the closet and
quickly picked out one of the dresses I’d been looking at before. Before I
turned, I picked up the same pair of high heels I’d been wearing.
When I sat down on the bed next to my mom, she stood, turned, and
picked up the pile of underthings, the shoes, and the dress.
“I’ll change in the bathroom. You do it here and take your time.” I
noticed that she kind of wagged her bottom as she turned and walked from
the room. She was smiling and I liked that a lot.
As I looked down at the pile of clothing, I heard the shower turn on
and, before I could move, the door opened again and she walked quickly to
the cedar chest under her bedroom window. Digging around for a moment, she
came out with something in her hand. She set them on the bed on the other
side of me and, grinning again, returned to the steamy bathroom.
Only as the door closed did I look down to see the strange lumps of
plastic material. Picking one piece up, I saw that it was some kind of
false breast in a sort of teardrop shape. It was odd. I couldn’t tell what
it was filled with but the kind of plastic bag that held it was very soft,
almost velvety. It could have been water inside but it seemed thicker, like
jello or something. And the front of it was as good a representation of a
woman’s nipple as I had ever seen in Playboy or Penthouse. It was exact, in
fact, of a hardened woman’s nipple about the size of one section of my
largest finger. It even felt like a nipple when I touched it. Or at least
it felt like I thought a nipple would feel. I’d never touched one.
The whole thing was exactly the color of skin except for a kind of
bumpy circle around the nipple that was darker.
Carefully setting it back on the bed, I stripped off my teeshirt
before picking it back up. Turning it all ways against my naked chest, I
found that the elongated portion of it fit best along my side and upward
toward my armpit. That made the soft material drop toward the center of my
chest and under the false breast but taper upward both at the top and
Quickly shuffling through the thin material next to me on the bed, I
found a white lace bra and put it around myself and over my shoulders
before fastening it in the front. Though thin and very light, it somehow
pulled the flesh of my chest together until I almost had a cleavage.
Carefully, I put the plastic material of one of the breast forms in
one cup of the bra and saw the hardened looking nipple peeking through the
thin material but filling out the bra cup completely. The second form made
the bra tight around my chest and was something of a challenge to get into
place. Shifting them outward on the skin of my chest, I found that the
forms pressed my own muscle and fat toward the center of my chest and
really did form a fairly deep, feminine cleavage of it. The cups of the bra
completely covered the breast forms but were very revealing anyway.
After everything was in place, I bounced them in the palm of my hands
and noticed the way the softly filled forms moved like real flesh and even
bounced a little when I lifted and released them. It was astounding how
realistic they looked from my perspective. And how exciting they felt.
They seemed to move with me as I took my pants and then shorts off my
legs as I sat there still.
Searching for a moment, I found the panties my mother had
chosen. Being careful not to tear the thin material, I slid them up my legs
and low onto my waist. They were just solid enough that they seemed to hold
my hard penis to me and large enough in front to do it fairly
effectively. I could see, of course, that only a little more excitement,
reflected in that member, would make the panties’ efforts fruitless.
It took a moment of study to figure out the garter belt but soon I had
it around my waist and fastened before turning the fasteners to the back.
I’d seen my mother begin the process of putting on pantyhose and
nylons before so I had the method of starting the process with the sheer,
black nylons I put my hands around. I put my foot into it and lifted the
surrounding top up my calf, over my knee, and onto my thigh. It took a
moment longer to figure out the fastener that hung from the garter belt and
to connect it through the nylon material over the top of my thigh. I
started to fix the back fastener but saw that I’d have to stand to do
that. Instead, I put the other nylon on and fastened the front of it. Then
I stood and fastened the nylons behind my thighs on both legs.
When I sat again, I felt the garters stretch across my bottom and the
garter belt tighten around my waist.
When I slid the moderately high heels onto my feet, I was surprised
how easily they went on over the nylon material. I enjoyed the feel of the
way my ankles were bent as the shoes sat level on the floor.
I still sat on the edge of the bed as I put first one and then the
other leg into the black skirt before lifting my bottom enough to pull it
up over the panties. It felt strange that the skirt wasn’t even a little
bit like pants. The more I got it into place around my waist, the less it
covered my legs and the more exposed I felt.
I couldn’t help but notice the thin lightness of the material.
Before I moved again, I decided I had to put the shirt on. As I put
first one and then the other hand through the sleeves, pushing past the
tight cuffs, I couldn’t help but notice the way I could see my arms through
the material. As I looked down at himself, buttoning the blouse with some
difficulty down my front, I could see my skin and the lacy bra through it.
I was about to stand and tuck the tail of the blouse into the skirt as
the bathroom door opened and my mother came through the door and into the
“Mom! You look wonderful!” I said honestly. She was magnificent
actually. Her long legs were almost unencumbered by the short skirt of the
dress and the skin of her full chest was totally exposed in the deep plunge
of the top. She dropped the bra I had chosen on the side of the bed as she
sat down next to me.
“That didn’t work with this dress,” she said. I could see why. “How
are you doing?”
She ran her hand down the front of the blouse as if smoothing it
across my chest and I smelled her perfume that she must have just
applied. It almost made me dizzy it smelled so nice.
“Here,” she said. “There’s only one way to get everything in place
right. Stand up.” I did and she helped me fasten the button at my waist and
then zipped the short zipper. She adjusted the skirt until the zipper was
in the middle of my back and a little bow was centered on my stomach.
“Now you tuck in a little,” she said, fussing as I tried to tuck the
tail of the blouse into the skirt like I would have a teeshirt in my
pants. “But it doesn’t do it right. Pull up the skirt. Yeah, and pull the
blouse down all around until it’s tight like it’s supposed to be. That’s
I pulled it down all around and then pulled the skirt back down over
my hips even though it seemed to want to stay up in spite of my
efforts. Finally it seemed to be in place.
“Those panties look cute on you,” she said with a grin. I blushed and
nodded. Changing the subject, she continued. “Now for the finishing
She led me to the steamy bathroom by one hand and looked in her
medicine drawer until she found something. I could only watch as she
uncapped something that looked like a crayon and very carefully pressed it
against my eyebrows, drawing toward the sides several times. Then she
opened a blue bottle-like thing with a funny brush inside it and had me
look up at the ceiling as she brushed at my lashes in the same way. I at
least recognized the lipstick before she traced the shape of my lips with
“If this works out like I think, we’ll have to use some fingernail
polish the next time.”
I didn’t understand even a little.
“Last thing,” she said and again held my hand as she led me to the
other room. Re-opening the heavy chest, she searched around for a minute,
allowing me to fully explore the look of her naked back and the short skirt
that pulled up in the back as she leaned over. “Here,” she declared
finally, turning.
She held a very long, blond wig on one hand as she ran her fingers
through it with the other. She went to the dresser and got a hairbrush,
brushing through the long hair several times until it seemed to grow fuller
and wilder with the static electricity. Setting the hairbrush down again,
she lifted the wig onto my head, seating it carefully and tucking the wisps
of my own hair under the cap. Turning again to the hairbrush, she brushed
it some more around my ears and even down onto my back.
She smiled at me as she stepped back a little. “Yes,” she
signed. “Take a look. Here in the full length mirror on the back of the
She guided me to the door, closing it, and, as it shut, I stared at my
image in it. My mouth fell open as I stared, unable to recognize himself in
that image.
Instead, it was a beautiful young woman — older than my 14 years but
very definitely a woman.
“How are you doing with the heels, honey,” she asked.
“Ah, fine,” I answered without taking my eyes off the woman in the
mirror. “Fine.”
“Really,” she stated. “You can walk all right with them?”
“Yeah. Yeah, sure. The other ones, the ones you’re wearing,” I
noticed, “were a little harder. But these are easy. Comfortable.”
“Good,” she said with a grin reflected in the mirror. “So,
beautiful. What would you think of a night out on the town?” She had
slipped her arm into mine as I still stood staring.
“Out? Mom, but …”
“You’ll be fine. I know.” I could only look at her, slack jawed.
“Come on.”
* * *
I sat in the car as my mother went back into the house, probably to
tell Amy that we were going out. I was trying to quiet my skittering
stomach and fluttering fingers as I sat examining the way the skirt pulled
up my thighs and the feelings of the air that had such free access under
In moments, my mom jumped into the driver’s seat, tossing her purse on
the seat between us, and started the car. Her mood was so bright and
excited, I couldn’t help but fall into it. She seemed to bubble.
As we drove down the street, I began to have the doubts I should have
had a long time before.
“Yeah, sweetie.”
“Where are we going? I mean, you know I’m really not a girl. Right?”
“Of course I know that, honey. But there’s no one else in the world
who would believe me if I told them the truth.”
“If I were to take you anywhere and tell them you were my son — a boy
— they would only laugh at me. You look so far from a boy …”
“But mom, is this right? I mean, should I be out like this? Dressed
like this in the first place?”
Slowly, she pulled over to the side of the road and stopped, putting
the car in park.
“I’m sorry, honey. I should have thought.” She looked deep into my
eyes. “When I saw you this afternoon — my shoes and panties — I just
thought somehow that you would like this — really like this a lot. Was I
I thought about it for a minute, looking down at my long fingers at
the hem of the short skirt, the very feminine legs coming out from below
that hem.
“No. I like it all right, mom. It’s just that … I don’t know. I’m
“Frightened? Really? About what? Let me help.”
“Well, I’m a boy. But I’m dressed up like a girl. And if somebody
found out …”
“I understand. Don’t worry. Where I plan to take you, no one will take
any notice and if they do they’ll be delighted.”
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll see. It’s only a short way.”
I sat quietly as she drove on, noticing now the way her short skirt
rode high onto her thighs as she shifted the car and braked for the
streetlights. In only a few minutes, she pulled into the parking lot of
what looked like a neighborhood bar and parked.
“Ready?” she asked with a big smile.
“Ready for what, mom?”
“I guess I really didn’t give you much chance to change my decision
but here we are, now. Too late to turn back.”
“You mean we’re going in there?” I said in shock. “Mom! I’m dressed
like a girl!”
“Of course you are,” she said. “A very lovely girl, as a matter of
“You mean you got me dressed up this way to go out here?”
“Exactly. Actually, if you weren’t dressed the way you are, you
wouldn’t be at all welcome here.” She grinned now with her continued
secret. “We’ll talk some more inside. Now come on.”
She opened her door and, before I had decided whether I was going
along or not, opened my door and motioned me out. Realizing the limitations
of the tight, short skirt as I turned, I felt my legs turning to jello
again. I was so frightened, I could hardly stand. The heels, though low,
only made it worse.
My mom took my arm as I stood beside her, shut the door and led me
toward the bar. Gad, I thought. I’d never even been in a bar, let alone in
a bar in girl’s clothes. Before I’d resolved the problem in my own mind, my
mother had opened the door and pushed me into the bar.
She never released my arm as she led me between the tables to a small
table for two at one side of a small dance floor. I looked around the room
as she settled herself next to me. There were lots of tables in the room,
all black slate like the one we sat at. The chairs were soft pink and
purple leather with the rug reflecting the purple and the indirectly
lighted walls reflecting the pink. Each table had a rose or carnation in a
thin vase as well as an ashtray and a narrow menu that seemed to be filled
with sweet ice cream drinks.
“Madge. How nice to see you,” a waitress in a short purple skirt said
from beside my mother. I saw that her blouse matched the pink of the room
with long blonde hair streaming over her shoulders.
“Hi, Betsy,” my mom said to the girl who leaned forward and kissed her
on the lips. I’d expected her to kiss my mom’s cheeks in the continental
style or something but it surprised me when she aimed specifically for her
lips and my mother didn’t turn her head at all but accepted the kiss.
“We’ve missed you, sweetie. It’s been, what, two or three years hasn’t
it?” the waitress asked.
“Three. Yes.” She smiled broadly.
“Is this your daughter?”
My mother stumbled for a minute before answering. “Ah. Yes.” She
looked at me. “Betsy. This is my … daughter. Dixie.”
“Dixie. Nice to meet you. Now what can I get for you?” The woman
seemed to accept that I was mom’s daughter. Mom picked up the menu quickly
“I haven’t looked. Do you still have that wonderful orange sherbet
“Sure. One of our most popular. Couldn’t get rid of that. Two?”
I only shrugged. The waitress walked away from the table then. Mom got
out some money and put it on the table before turning back to me.
“You used to come here?”
“Yes, sweetie. It’s been a long time.” She seemed to think for a long
time. Then she turned to Dix, looking serious. “It was your father’s and my
favorite place before …”
“You mean you came here with dad?”
The waitress brought the drinks a few minutes later and I tasted
mine. It was delicious but I could taste liquor in it.
“Mom? This is alcohol, isn’t it?” She smiled at me and nodded.
“This is a big night for you, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, I guess so. All sorts of first times.” She laughed and, seeing
that, I laughed as well. I was starting to relax.
A jukebox in the corner responded to a woman’s choices then and I
watched as she turned to a nearby table and took another woman’s hand. I
knew my eyes were getting big as I watched the two women move together for
the close, slow dance. I watched another woman stand then and a man get up
from the same table. Then I looked more closely.
The man had very long hair, I saw, slicked back with a part. But his
clothing was strange – – pants but they didn’t look like men’s pants. And
the shirt looked wrong somehow. Then I saw the low heeled shoes and knew
that this was another woman. When another couple stood and went into each
others’ arms, I knew what I was seeing. They were both women as well.
Then I looked around the room more closely. One table had three women
at it, dressed in business suits and short skirts. Several had two women
sitting close together. Then I really understood.
Two women, both with long hair and sleeveless blouses, at one of the
tables turned to each other and kissed solidly. A kiss that showed little
of friendship and much of love. I’d only seen a kiss like this in the
movies, and that was between the hero and heroine.
“Mom?” I said looking at her then and seeing that she was staring back
into my eyes with a grin. “These ladies . . . They’re all gay, aren’t
“Yes, honey. Only us girls allowed.”
“But you said …”
“I said your dad and I used to come here.”
“Yeah. But …”
“You know how interested you were in my clothes this afternoon?”
“Ah huh.”
“So was your dad. He couldn’t have been happier when I caught him
doing the same thing you were doing. And when I was as happy about seeing
him that way as I was to see you.”
“You mean you caught him beating off, like I was?” She blushed and
looked around her a little before answering, as if to ensure no one was
“When I caught him, he was dressed almost like you are now. I almost
didn’t recognize him. And talk about embarrassed! I thought he was going to
die before I hugged him and told him how happy I was about it.”
“Does that mean you’re gay, too, mom?”
“Sort of. What the people who put names on this sort of thing call it
is bisexual. I like men but I like women, too. And the biggest turn-on for
me is a guy in woman’s clothing. Like you now. That really excites me. That
gives me everything I desire.”
“You mean it turns you on to be with me like this?”
“Yes, sweetie. It sure does.” Confused, I sat back in my pink chair,
carefully keeping my nylon covered legs crossed, and sipped at the creamy
rich drink. “Does that make you uncomfortable?”
I thought about it for a minute before answering. “No. I guess not. I
just, I don’t know.”
She put her hand on my knee softly, sensually. “That’s all right,
baby. I’ll help you to understand, if you want. Or, if you want, this can
be the only time we do this ever and I’ll never mention it again.”
I suddenly realized that wasn’t what I wanted at all and before I
could stop myself I blurted out. “No, mom. That’s not it. I like this.”
Never moving her hand from my knee, she smiled broadly. I couldn’t help but
smile back.
“Madge? Is that you?” the woman walking past our table said loudly. I
watched my mother stand up and put her arms around the woman. “Oh, honey!
It’s been so long!”
“Yes. Years. How are you, Lois?” I could see the shine of happiness in
my mother’s eyes. They hugged tightly, allowing me to look at the other
woman over my almost empty glass.
Her black leather dress was so short, I was sure I could see between
her long legs. Black hair cascaded across her bare shoulders and down the
considerable slope of her chest to a large diamond necklace that rested
above the cleavage. Her very high heels made her much taller than my
“I’m fine, sweetheart. Better tonight than I’ve been in years.” I
could see the sparkle in my mother’s eyes at the statement and knew I was
the reason. “Let me introduce you to my daughter, Dixie.”
They both turned to me, their arms still around each other’s
back. “Dix, I’d like you to meet a very good, old friend of mine, Lois
Beck. We’ve known each other since college.”
“Dixie. Nice to meet you. I’m glad you could get your mother out for a
“Me, too,” I said softly. “Nice to meet you, too, ma’am.”
She looked at my mother again. “Like Bobbi, Madge?” My mom smiled
“A lot like Bobbi, Lois.”
“Really. I’ll swear I never would have known. You’re a very beautiful
young … lady, Dixie.” I noticed the pause. She knew. I blushed at being
found out and wondered what would happen now. “Oh, don’t worry,” she said
as she let go of my mother and sat down at the table with us. I couldn’t
help but see the black swatch of thin material between the woman’s legs as
she sat and before she had successfully crossed her legs tightly.
“This is Dix’s first time out,” my mother said.
“Ah. I see,” the woman said with a broad smile. “Then you still have a
world to explore.” I could only nod and continue to blush painfully.
For the next few minutes, I watched as the two women talked and sipped
at a second drink that Lois had ordered for them. It was fascinating to
watch the two of them interact. I’d hardly ever seen my mother with friends
though I had seen her go out a few times and knew she had friends.
“Do you dance, Dixie?” Lois asked me. I realized I hadn’t been
listening to their conversation for studying this beautiful woman.
“Yes. Dance. You do know how?”
“Ah, yeah. I guess so. I mean, at school and stuff.”
“Would you dance with me?”
“Dance with you? Ah, yeah. I guess so.” Lois stood up and held her
hand out toward me. As I rose, blushing even more now, I realized where I
was again. What was I doing? I thought. “Maybe I shouldn’t. I mean …”
“Oh, nonsense,” she said. “I’ll lead and you just follow me. Okay?”
She took my hand and led me among the women dancing and kissing each
other on the little dance floor around the jukebox. She guided my hand to
her right shoulder as she continued holding my right and putting her hand
in the middle of my back. I was surprised at how easy it was to fall into
step with her as she moved sensuously against me.
I actually felt coordinated as I danced with Lois, something I’d never
felt as I led younger girls around the school basketball court in physical
education class. For one thing, she was leading smoothly and evenly, even
in the most complex of her movements, and gave me no choice but to move in
the same way with her.
I enjoyed the way she held me to her so I could feel the way her
breasts pressed into the front of the blouse I wore and the pillows of
silicone below its surface. And I liked the way she held me tight to her
body so I could feel her every movement, the muscles beneath her skin and
clothing seeming to tell me exactly where we were headed next and how to
get there with her. I did it without a single misstep.
“You’re a very good dancer, Dixie,” she said close to my face. “You
must have practiced.”
I blushed. “No, ma’am. I mean. Not this way. I guess I’ve danced a few
times before but it sure wasn’t like this. You know?” She laughed with me.
“No, I don’t suppose it was,” she said then and pulled me closer to
her. Her face was over my shoulder slightly and my only recourse was to put
my head on her shoulder, the two of us clinging close to each other. Then I
noticed that she was actually getting her body closer still to mine. Her
leg was between mine and keeping them apart. Her soft thigh was actually
pressing into my front and I could feel himself getting hard where her
pelvis pushed against it.
Again I blushed to myself, wondering if she could feel me as
distinctly as I could feel her. She quickly answered my unspoken question
as she pushed my upper body slightly away from hers and smiled into my
“Mmmm. Just like your daddy,” she whispered. “Lovely.” Then she
returned to her earlier firm hold on me, her hand pressing into my back and
her front pressing into me from shoulder to thighs.
As if to drive me further into my blushing excitement, her head turned
toward the side of my neck and softly kissed me there. It was as if she had
touched an electric probe to my neck. For the first time since we started
dancing, I stumbled slightly as my legs weakened and my foot didn’t move as
I thought it would.
“Oh,” I heard myself say as the feeling raged up and, worse, down
through my body. It was a strange combination of embarrassment and pure
sexual excitement. I cringed away from the wild feeling.
“Mmmm. No one’s ever done that to you, have they?” she said.
“No, ma’am,” I answered excitedly. But I didn’t want to discourage
her. “But it felt really good.”
“And that’s such a little thing,” she said into my neck. “Follow me
for a moment and let me show you a couple of other things.”
I tried to concentrate then on moving with her but when she moved her
lips a little further and kissed the junction at the back of my jaw, I
missed another step. She chuckled with enjoyment as I recaptured the beat
of the music and her movements. Her lips followed the curve of my jaw
downward, forcing my head up a little to enjoy the feelings she imparted.
“Oh,” I heard from myself.
“Yes,” she said. Then she traced her way back up my jawline as I
closed my eyes until she reached my earlobe and licked it into her lips. I
didn’t know if I was moving at all as she sucked on my earlobe and then, as
if that hadn’t already ruined our dance, moved up to my ear and moaned into
it very softly.
“I like this,” she sighed so softly into the shell of my ear that no
one would have ever been able to hear her. I found, though I would have
said something back, I couldn’t get my throat to unclench for long enough
for even my breath to escape.
The hearing in that ear changed to a hard, loud throb, as she put her
tongue into it and my entire body clenched for a moment. At the end of the
moment, I wondered if I was going to come in the panties I wore before the
intense feeling passed for a second. Then she did it again and I felt my
legs weaken almost to collapsing on the middle of the dance floor. I
recovered just before I would have fallen as her tongue left my ear.
I was pleased to hear her giggle into my neck.
“God, you are a sensual little bitch, aren’t you?” No one had ever
said anything like this to me and I wondered for a split second before I
recognized the over-excited happiness in the words. I regained just a
little of my senses.
“I guess so,” I gulped on my dry mouth. “Please,” I begged. “Don’t do
that to me again, all right? That’s just …” Of course, she did it again
and I almost lost everything I had gained by the momentary respite. I found
my whole body cringing away from the intense feelings at my ear.
No one, no one, no one had ever made me feel that way before. It was
almost excruciatingly exciting. Before she could do it again, I turned to
look into her eyes with the happy, dumb look I knew I had on my face now.
“Please don’t!” I moaned. “That’s just … just too much for me.”
“Oh, I love it!” she grinned all over, her body pressing hard into
mine as she pulled me tight to her. “Then can I kiss you instead?” she
asked with an unreadable smirk only an inch from my nose that registered
strongly in her eyes.
“Yeah, that’d be better,” I said. “I can stand that!”
“Can you,” she said with the grin broadening.
She’d been holding my right hand in her left until then and softly
pulled it up around her neck. As I clasped around her neck with both hands,
her other hand went to the middle of my back, crossing with the one already
My face only a fraction of an inch from hers, I saw her look down at
my lipstick covered mouth and back into my eyes, her happiness showing in
her own.
She turned her head slightly and moved her lips to mine until they
just brushed together. I felt the wet tip of her tongue move over my lips,
top then to the side and the bottom lip. Back to the corner of my mouth and
to the center. She turned her head slightly and I found myself turning in
the opposite direction. Then her tongue probed very slightly at the center
of mine until my lips parted as if of their own accord. I really didn’t
think I’d done it.
Like a snake seeking its den, I felt her tongue moving into my
mouth. My own was numb and unable to move as hers touched it, moved around
it, and pushed under it. Then it moved around it and to the back of my
upper teeth. Then it was the lower teeth. Then my molars on one side. Then
it started up the roof of my mouth — moving, touching, exciting the
nerves. It was impossibly far back in my mouth until I was almost afraid it
would glide down my throat and strangle me.
I found myself producing a suction to help it try to go all the way
down my throat. It wriggled as I sucked on it. Then I sucked harder.
Our lips were pressed so tightly together that it was almost painful
but I needed her tongue further into me. I could taste her sweet mouth as
her tongue plunged into me and then retreated with difficulty against my
suction and then returned with slithering ease then retreated. It was a
live thing, seeking and finding and inflaming.
I was wrapped around Lois so tightly, holding her neck with both hands
as she probed my mouth, pressing so close to the rest of her body that I
almost didn’t recognize the signs. Then, unable to stop myself or her, I
felt my erratic moans around her tight mouth.
“Mmmmmm!” I moaned to her, my head furrowing into a frown of total
intensity. My exclusive interest in her tongue had allowed me to lose
contact with the rest of my body for a moment but it came back at exactly
the right time. I knew I was still pressed firmly into her moving pelvis,
my considerable hard-on pushed to her front. And I felt myself let go.
It was as if my entire body spasmed with it. My teeth closed solidly
if considerately, against her still probing tongue. My arms squeezed her
neck. My center thrust out to her.
And I came.
I could feel the come shooting out of me into the thin panties or, for
all I really knew or cared, into space. But it was hotly leaving my body.
My center pumped against her upper leg like a dog in heat. My grunts
pulsed into her mouth with my release. They continued as I began to relax
away from her tongue, my hands at the back of her neck loosening. I felt
himself falling backward.
She caught me, her hand finding the back of my head as our mouths
parted. I was at her mercy as I fought for my own breath. Then it slowly
passed as she guided my head to her shoulder and held it there.
“Oh, sweetie!” she moaned. “There’s nothing like a virgin’s first
We continued to dance, my following now almost like a straw doll held
against her, until I felt my strength return so I could again do my part.
“Very nice, Lois,” someone said at the back of my head. “Very nice
indeed.” I never saw the woman who had spoken but felt Lois’s smile against
the side of my face and the little nod she gave.
“Very nice, indeed, my sweet little bitch,” she whispered into my ear
just over the music.
I opened my eyes then and fully recovered my senses. Now I was
purposefully moving with her rather than being dragged about by her. Her
hand had released the back of my head though my arms were still around
hers. I was sure I would still fall if she took her hands out of the middle
of my back where they pressed me to her.
“That was …” I swallowed hard on my dry mouth. “That was
unbelievable, Lois. Thank you.”
“Well, little bitch who wasn’t,” she sighed. “It seems that we’ve got
a little problem that we might just have a problem explaining if we don’t
do something about it right now.”
I moved so I could see her again. Frowning in wonder at what she was
talking about.
“I think, sweet thing, that you have a little wetness on the front of
your skirt that could take some explaining if we don’t clean it up in the
next few minutes.”
“Oh!” I said as I felt the stickiness between my legs and a tickling
drip of something going down the inside of my thigh now. “Oh!” I exclaimed
again as I remembered I was wearing a short skirt that would show it all
very soon. Actually, I wondered if it might be dripping past that short
level already.
“Come on,” Lois said with the smile still in her voice. “We need to go
to the powder room.”
She turned me, still having to aim me somewhat and keeping me from
being overcome by the weakness I still felt in my legs with a steadying
hand around my waist.
In a few steps, we were in a darker hallway and Lois was pushing the
door to the bathroom open. I saw the “Ladies” on the door in the light from
the inside of the bathroom when it was open and stopped but Lois pushed and
I was inside.
“Remember how you’re dressed, my sweet,” she said with a little
laugh. I remembered. Moving now under my own steam for the first real time
since … Then, I moved to the stall and closed it behind me. I looked
around at the stool and then down at the short skirt. I quickly pulled the
hem of the skirt up until it rested above my hips and pulled down the
panties that held my softened member.
After I sat down, I looked at the damage.
The panties were soaked with the sticky come. It was running down the
inside of my thigh as well and a piece of toilet paper caught that. I
rubbed at the spot where it had wet my stockings, knowing that it would
soon dry and turn white. I’d had that happen to a pair of pants I’d gotten
it on once.
“Hand me your panties, sweetie. I’ll wash them out,” Lois said from
the other side of the door. Quickly, I stripped them off my legs and handed
them under the door. A hand took them.
I went to the bathroom as I wiped up the remaining wetness on my
stomach and firmly entrenched in my pubic hair. I cringed at the touch on
my still sensitive penis and balls. But I had to do it since it was coated
everywhere. Several handsful of sopping toilet paper were dropped between
my spread legs.
I heard the water running in the sink.
I checked the front of the skirt and, miraculously, found that it had
escaped all but a few drops on the inside. I wiped these off carefully,
hoping that where it had soaked through it wouldn’t turn white.
“Here, baby. Try these on,” Lois’s voice said from the other side of
the door. “I can do without them better than you can.”
I looked at the flesh colored panties and knew they were not my black
ones. These were no more substantial but they were not come
soaked. Actually they were wet, I saw, but limited to the crotch. Lifting
them to my nose, I could smell the feminine odor of her that I had smelled
after our dance. But, as I held her panties to my nose, it was much
stronger than before. I loved it.
Not wanting to delay her, I threaded the panties onto my legs and,
standing, pulled them up tight around me. Actually, they seemed to hold me
better than had the others. I remembered to pull down my blouse before
pulling the hem of the skirt back down around my thighs. Then I opened the
Her eyes, reflected in the mirror, were on me as I looked at her. She
smiled broadly.
“You need a little addition to your lipstick. Come here,” she said as
she turned and pulled a lipstick out of her purse. Shaping her lips as she
would have me do, she applied the lipstick for me.
Still looking at my lips, she asked, “Did you like that?” I stared
into her downcast eyes.
“More than anything, Lois. Really!” I meant it but didn’t know how to
say it any more strongly.
She smiled and met my eyes. “Good. I’m glad.”
“You said you could do something more exciting than what you were
doing to my ear.”
“Ah huh.”
“You did. A whole lot more.” I put my hands on her shoulders and
softly kissed her on the lips. “A whole lot more. Thank you.”
“You just ain’t seen nothin’ yet, sweetheart. What I’m going to do
with you … Well, this just isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.”
It excited me to know that she wanted to do more than kiss me. But
after my climax on the dance floor, I wasn’t sure I could stand more than
“It was so fantastic, Lois! What more could you do …?” I stopped as
her eyes met mine and a very evil looking smile parted her lips.
“Just wait, my baby. Just wait.” She looked into my eyes and put her
hands on the points of my shoulders. “Oh, hell! I put it on, I can take it
She pulled me close, letting my hands find her waist, and kissed me
deeply. She pushed me away and then pulled me back close to her, kissing me
even harder, if that was possible.
“God, I’ve got to stop this,” she sighed. “Let’s go see your momma.”
Turning, she led me from the bathroom. Only then did I wonder what had
happened to my panties.
We sat down at the table, side by side now with me at the wall beside
my mother and still very close to Lois.
“It’s about time!” my mother said with a broad smile as we sat
down. “I thought I might have lost you for the night.”
“It’d be just fine with me,” Lois said. I smiled at her, knowing it
was a compliment.
“Weren’t you just on your way out when you saw us?”
“Yeah, I was. But my boredom seems to have taken a backseat to
something else now.”
“Just like with Bobbi, huh?” Lois and my mother passed a strange look
at each other.
“Just like,” Lois said. Parched, I sipped at my drink that seemed to
taste even better now than it had before. It was unbelievable that only a
few minutes had passed but so much had happened. When I looked at my mom’s
watch, I saw that it was still only 8:30. An hour and a half before my
bedtime. Then I wondered if a bedtime still applied to me since, seemingly,
a lot of things had changed in the last couple of hours. I shrugged to
myself and decided that I’d take what came for the next while. I had
nothing but things to learn.
As my mother and Lois talked, I looked from one to the other. They
were long time friends and it showed in the topics of their conversation
and the looks on their faces. They were probably about the same age and, in
some ways, actually looked something alike.
Both had beautiful bodies. That I’d noticed very early on. Both were
well dressed. Sexy. Both had crossed their legs toward me where I sat
trying to keep my legs crossed as they did. I could still feel the room’s
air high on the side of my thigh. But that didn’t seem to matter too
much. Both my mother’s near thigh and Lois’s showed plainly. I could see
the top of Lois’s stocking where it peeked out from under the hem of her
leather skirt as well as the inside of one breast very near the nipple
through the low cut top.
My mom’s near thigh and crossed legs almost showed the spot between
her legs that I knew was covered by the sheer black panties I’d chosen for
her to wear. And the inside of her breast showed as clearly as Lois’s, even
occasionally allowing a small view of the darker skin around her nipple —
once even the nipple itself before she shifted a little and covered it.
I looked around then and saw that no one was taking the least interest
in us and that the position of our table allowed a pretty good view of
several other tables of women but didn’t really afford the same view to
them. It was like we were a little behind most everyone else. The other
women, who occasionally looked toward me with a smile, had to crane their
heads around almost to the rear before they made eye contact. I was
flattered they would make themselves that obvious just to look at me and
A very nice looking young woman came to the table then and asked my
mother to dance, saying that she’d noticed mom hadn’t gotten to dance when
Lois and I were. She quickly got up and went to the dance floor with the
girl. They seemed to talk as they held each other, mom leading the girl
slowly and closely. They didn’t seem to be as involved in each other,
though, as I was sure Lois and I had looked to everyone.
I was a little surprised as I felt Lois at my side, having moved her
chair a little so we were side by side. She leaned so close when she spoke
to me that I could feel her breath on my ear in little puffs. When I turned
to answer her, my face was very close to hers and she looked down at my
lips every now and then as I talked.
Mostly we talked about how pretty my mom and the younger girl looked
dancing together and how good of friends they’d been and how they’d roomed
together in college and how much Lois had liked my dad. Since this was an
entirely different perspective than I’d ever gotten on my father, I asked a
lot of questions.
It seemed that the longer we talked, the closer Lois got to me. We
watched the two women dance for several minutes, one dance moving into
another and another. Then I saw my mom kiss the girl and hold her tight as
they moved around the dance floor.
“How do my panties feel, Dixie,” Lois asked very close to my ear after
a while. I blushed at her secret knowledge.
“Fine.” I squirmed a little in the chair. “What did you do with mine?”
“Just washed them out and wrung them until they were pretty dry and
put them in my purse. They won’t get anything wet there.” I nodded. “We’ll
just trade.”
“But what are you wearing then?” I asked naively.
“Nothing, sweetie.” My eyes got very big at the revelation.
“No problem. I often don’t wear panties. You were just lucky tonight I
had something to trade.” I looked at her crossed legs and the hem of the
leather skirt that very nearly didn’t cover the conjunction of them. “Want
to see?”
“What?” I stammered.
“Do you want to see? Where my panties were?”
“You mean …?”
“Sure.” She looked around then, as did I, and saw that no one was the
least bit interested in us. Actually, the longer the evening went on, the
more involved the women at all the other tables were with each other to the
exclusion of everything else.
Uncrossing her legs and holding them tightly together, she lifted
slightly as she held onto the sides of the skirt at the hem with both
hands. As she cleared the seat, she pulled up slightly and suddenly I could
see the point where her legs joined and about an inch higher. I only stared
at the neat “Y” of her legs’ meeting and the line where her thighs were
pressed together. There was no feature I could see there but the “Y”
I was rapt as I stared at that conjunction as she relaxed her legs and
her knees slowly fell apart, the “Y” changing to a very fat legged X. As
her thighs separated, I saw the darker pink of the slit between her legs as
it, too, fell open to my view. The dim light was caught and reflected in
tiny jewels of moisture embedded at the lower end of the cleft there.
Nervously, I looked around us again and still didn’t see anyone
looking at us. My eyes were drawn back to that cleft between her slightly
spread legs.
“Wow,” I heard escape my lips. The object of my staring jigged as Lois
laughed at my exclamation. I blushed as I looked into her smiling eyes. She
wasn’t making fun of me. I could see she was just enjoying my observations
of her.
When I looked down at her opened lap again, her legs spread further
still until I could clearly see the spread, loose skin between them. Even
the lips were opening just as the lips on her face were. Glancing back and
forth, I saw her pink tongue peek out between her red lips. There was not
the least fragment of hair on her front.
Down, I saw a small pink tongue, the size of the tongue peeking
between her teeth, peeking now from between her nether lips.
Still only a little tip peeked out of her mouth but, as I watched, it
was almost like she was sticking her tongue out at me from between her
legs. Now it was the size of my little finger, now a thumb to the joint,
then it grew to the size of a tongue stuck out an inch or more. The base of
it, that I could see now, seemed to be almost as wide as it seemed high.
“Have you ever seen a clitoris, Dixie?” she asked softly. I could only
shake my head. I hadn’t seen a clitoris but I’d heard that it was just a
little swollen spot. Maybe the size of a large pea.
“I thought …” I stopped, still staring.
“That they were little tiny things. Right?” I nodded without taking my
eyes from it. “But mine’s not. When I’m with a guy, we can draw straws to
see who’ll use what on whom.” She laughed loud enough to make me pull my
eyes from her and look around to see if anyone was looking now.
“You know how they say, ‘The bigger they are the harder they fall’?
Well that’s really true here. If the crash most women feel shakes them from
end to end, mine’s an earthquake that could shake the block.”
I smiled with her. “Really good?”
“Really good,” she stated flatly. I could see the understatement.
Now I could see a little puddle of liquid on the seat of the chair
between her spread legs.
“Touch it, Dixie,” she moaned very softly. “Please touch it.” I was
frightened for a second but my hand seemed to move toward it of its own
volition. I hesitated just before my fingers connected with the sensitive
skin and her body seemed to expel a sigh of frustration. “Please.”
My fingers closed the last fragment of an inch and, through that tiny
organ, I felt the tremor that ran through her body like a shock wave. I
heard her gasp.
Letting my fingers shape around the outside of it, I tightened my
grasp until I held the soft flesh between two fingers and my thumb. I
pulled slightly and watched her center lift with it minutely. Loosening, my
fingers slid down the slippery surface to the accompaniment of her deep-
throated moan. Her center actually lifted further into my fingers until my
fingertips pushed into the flesh around the protuberance.
Again I tightened my fingers around it, this time holding it as I
pulled upward, bringing the loose skin and firm inner flesh with
it. Loosening, it slid away from my grip until I held only the pulsating
tip. Unable to resist her pleasure now, I slid back down the flesh and as
quickly reversed and slid back to the tip.
This time she slapped her hand over her mouth to stifle the moan that
wanted to escape.
“Mmmm,” she mumbled as I repeated the actions twice more. I smiled to
himself with the pure enjoyment of giving her this pleasure. Pleasure, I
reminded myself, much like that she’d given me on the dance floor a few
minutes ago. That settled it, I realized.
My fingers slid past the partially lubricated prominence and between
her legs where they laved the juices leaking out of her. As my fingers
returned to her clit with the fresh lubrication, her other hand joined the
first over her mouth and was still only partially successful as her eyes
moved around the room to see if everyone had heard.
No one had, I quickly noticed.
Now I moved on her in earnest, grinning as her eyes got larger and
larger as she held her hands tightly over her mouth. Her legs quivered as I
began stroking the flesh up and down more quickly. Then I twisted it and
watched her foot raise from the floor.
I noticed my mother and the woman french kissing deeply on the dance
floor with three or four other couples as I speeded my stroking.
Then I was stroking much faster, trying to stroke from tip to base as
I would my own penis when I masturbated. Instead of the full hand I would
use on himself, of course, I used two fingers and thumb, twisting, turning,
rubbing, rolling it. Her center became increasingly out of control and her
eyes were now tightly clenched above her clamped hands on her mouth.
Her chest was heaving with her breathing and her breasts caught my
eye. With my left hand, I reached into the low top and grabbed her equally
ample hard nipple in my fingers as I had her clit. Mostly concentrating on
pinching and releasing, rolling and releasing the nipple, I continued my
movements on her clit.
Suddenly her heels came off the floor together, her legs stretching
straight out from the seat of the chair. Then her hands left her mouth and
grasped the insides of her thighs as if to keep them spread. Her heels
touched in front of her as her knees bent, wide spread from her dripping
“Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn,” she moaned with the movements of my
fingers. “Oooooooo.”
Her entire body clenched then, her knees quaking as they held her legs
well off the floor but nearly back together, holding my hand to her clit
where I could barely move it now.
Her climax was restrained but still attracted the interested attention
of women at the two nearest tables who looked at her excitedly, at the girl
playing with her, and finally at each other. Their reaction was not the
disapproval I might have expected but was an immediate turning to their
partners to show them as well. Then, both girls began trying to lead their
own partners’ fingers between their legs. It seemed to be contagious.
Excited myself, I still couldn’t help grinning at the display.
My attention was drawn back to Lois as her legs came back together
tightly, her hands holding mine and stopping my movements. I watched the
grimace of pleasure change on her face to a shining-eyed smile as I moved
my hand back to her hip.
“I knew you were going to be as good as your daddy,” she said as I
glowed with the praise.
It took only a slight brush of her hand to return her short skirt to
its more normal position though it covered my hand before I gently stroked
downward on her thigh. In a strange shift in perspective, I suddenly saw
myself, a very nice looking young girl with her knees held tightly
together, with her hand on this beautiful woman’s thigh as she lay
stretched out until her bottom barely held onto the edge of her chair.
I enjoyed that I had done such a good job that she took several
minutes before lifting herself back into the seat of the chair fully to sit
up. When she did, her arm went around mine tightly and her head bent to
rest on my shoulder as we watched the rest of the lounge.

Chapter 2

I ONLY SAT enjoying her afterglow and, still strongly remembered, my own
from the dance floor. I didn’t really focus either my eyes or my attention
on anything else in the room for some time. Then I did!
Ten feet away from us on the dance floor, I saw my mother and the girl
she was dancing with. My mother faced me with her arms very lightly around
the shoulders of the girl. Her eyes were closed and her mouth partially
open. Her legs were apart enough that I could see her bare thighs and
beautiful knees to either side of the girl between them. I couldn’t figure
out for a moment what else I was seeing. Then I realized.
I couldn’t see either of the girl’s arms. They were between her and my
mother. Now I thought I could understand why my mother had that beatific
look on her face.
Both the girl’s hands were between my mother’s legs and I could only
guess from the look on her face what the girl was doing to her. It was very
obvious that she was enjoying it, however.
As I watched, her look changed from the soft look of enjoyment to one
almost of pain as a kind of frown creased her clenched eyes and her mouth
came the rest of the way open. Then her head was thrown back , exposing her
long neck to the girl’s kisses, and her spread fingers moved from the
girl’s shoulders to her shoulder blades, pulling her hard into her own
I could hear her climax wrack her body, both by the sounds she made
deep in her throat and the wet, smacking sounds from elsewhere. I watched
the younger girl quake with what looked like her own climax at the same
time. I wondered how my mom could maintain her balance on her high heels,
spread apart like this, as her climax peaked and slowly passed.
Now I could see the girl’s hands again on her sides, my mom taking the
strain off her ankles by moving her legs back together and holding the girl
more as I’d seen her hold Amy at home in the past. Her mouth came down to
the girl’s ear and both hugged the other lovingly for several minutes,
remembering almost as the song ended, to move again with the music.
As the song ended, they returned to the table.
It was neat, I thought. My mom was flushed, looking as if she were
blushing but the blush went down her chest far enough that it disappeared
into the low cut top on her smooth breasts. It was slightly mottled looking
on the broad expanse of chest. And as she looked at me, she blushed for
real. Then I smiled brightly at her pleasure and at the added redness of
her cheeks. Her apprehensive blush changed to an answering smile.
Then I looked at the girl. I was surprised to see that she was
probably only a little older than I am. Maybe 16 or 17, but no older. Now
the girl, also flushed slightly, blushed and smiled with embarrassment as
she met my eyes. She looked down to avoid my look.
“This is Dix. Dixie.” I leaned forward and shook the girl’s hand. I
felt the sweat of her palms. Or was that something else on her fingers.
All of us sat down around the small table, my mother ordering another
round of drinks for us. Soon I felt the girl’s eyes on me uncomfortably and
looked up at her. She looked at me as if she had a secret — perhaps what
she had done with my mother on the dance floor — before she looked down at
the table. This allowed me to really look at her for a moment.
She was very pretty in an almost little-girl kind of way. Her face was
clear and sported almost no makeup. She only wore a little eyebrow pencil,
mascara, and a light-colored lipstick. The makeup only added to her very
big, dark eyes and pouty lips. Her long light brown hair was held in a band
behind one ear that directed it all over her right shoulder something like
a ponytail but longer and freer.
The lightweight white dress she wore was just tailored enough for
evening dress rather than school clothes. The front of it was swollen
enough to show her development and the primary reason I believed her to be
in her late teens. Now I could see the marks of her hardened nipples
through the material of her dress and the bra under it.
The skirt was short and she seemed to have a little trouble managing
it, frequently pulling it downward and smoothing it over her legs though
its shortness made that a losing proposition. Her tightly crossed legs
were all that kept me from seeing between her legs under the short hem.
She wore only short, fairly thick heels on the white sandals that
buckled around her ankles. She wore no nylons though her legs were so
smooth I wouldn’t have known but for the lack of the more obvious material
on her toes. She seemed to nervously move her toes in the open toes of the
sandals constantly.
“Isn’t that right, Dixie?” my mother said, attracting my attention.
“What? I wasn’t listening.”
“This is one of the first times you’ve had alcoholic drinks. Right?”
“Yes,” I answered. I saw the girl smile as she looked up at me without
raising her head. I squirmed nervously. It was as if my mom were pointing
out my youth. And right now, I didn’t want that pointed out. I listened for
a moment to my mom and Lois’s talk to ensure I wasn’t asked another
question. But after a moment the topic moved off to their shared memories
of school.
“Would you dance with me?” the girl asked then very softly. My stomach
fluttered and I could feel the blush through my face. I only smiled weakly
and nodded. I watched as she stood up, pulling her skirt down
self-consciously. I stood up and found that I needed to check my skirt as
well, brushing the back of it down where it had been under me.
Walking on opposite sides of the table, we both got to the little
dance floor, with its other female dancers, at the same time. She put her
hand on my right shoulder and I mentally shifted from my dance with Lois,
and took her other hand in mine, leading. We moved close together and then
moved to the music, completely synchronized. I was surprised at how easy it
seemed to dance with her.
“You’re so pretty,” she said close to my ear, “that I almost feel like
I’m dressed in a sack.”
“No!” I said with real feeling. “Your dress is beautiful. Besides,
this is just a skirt and blouse.” I said the last after a little pause to
remember what it was that I was wearing.
“But you wear it so well,” she continued. “It looks very
dressy. Classy.”
“Thank you. But I like yours even better.” We danced in silence for a
minute. The music seemed to continue without breaks like at a normal
dance. You danced as long as you wanted and quit whenever you wanted to. It
wasn’t like you needed to ask for another dance or make a decision in
between songs.
I had learned to dance with my lead arm bent, softly holding the
girl’s hand, rather than sticking straight out. But now she seemed to pull
it in toward us even more until her hand was on my other shoulder. After a
few minutes, she lifted my hand and guided it down to her waist to join my
other hand then returned hers to my shoulder.
Her left arm was now around the back of my shoulder, her hand at the
back of my neck, under the long blond hair of the wig. Her fingers kept
moving on the sensitive skin of my neck. Then her other hand moved up
until it was behind my neck as well. It felt neat having her fingers touch
me like that, sending little shivers all through me, but what I really
noticed was the way this position, with her arms up high, pushed her full
breasts into mine. And she seemed to purposely move so her front rubbed
against the soft breast forms I wore.
“Mmmm,” I heard myself moan into her bare shoulder. Suddenly, I
realized she was doing this on purpose, getting me excited as she rubbed
herself against my front. And I was getting excited. Only the slightly more
solid panties Lois had given me were holding me.
I remembered! I wasn’t a pretty girl at all. I was a guy. And I was
fully prepared to prove it now as my member was fully grown inside the
lightly restraining panties. God! I was going to get caught by this little
girl! Right here on the dance floor in front of everybody!
I looked toward the table and saw my mother and Lois smiling back as
they watched us dance. I didn’t think they understood what could happen.
“I love the way it feels to dance with you,” she said then into my
“Yeah,” I said nervously, trying to keep her from rubbing against the
front of the skirt. “I like dancing with you, too.”
“No,” she said very softly almost at my ear. “I like the masquerade. I
like secretly dancing with a guy like this.”
“What?” I startled. She laughed softly.
“How could I not know?” she asked.
“Can you see?” I said, worried.
“No. But I can feel.” Now I, too, felt as she pushed her center into
my front and I could feel her body directly pressing against my hard-on.
“I … I …” I searched nervously for something to say, looking
around us to see if anyone else was looking at me.
“No, don’t explain. I understand. I think it’s really neat.” I relaxed
a little and felt her continue moving against me. “No one else could
know. You look great. I didn’t even know until we were dancing for a
“You understand?”
“Yeah. My b*****r, he’s 20 and in college now, used to do this. I mean
like you.”
“You mean it’s okay with you?”
“Yeah, sure. I think it’s neat. He even taught me how to dress and
went with me to buy clothes and stuff. It was fun. We’d go to the mall when
he was dressed. He’s the one who showed me how to do makeup right.”
We danced for a while as I thought about what she’d said.
“My mom did mine tonight. This is the first time,” I said finally.
“Really?” She pushed me away from her enough to look into my
face. “Your first time?”
“Yeah.” I blushed under her close scrutiny.
“You really do it well. I’d never have known.”
We danced quietly for a little while longer before she spoke again
into my ear.
“I don’t know why it’s a big deal,” she said. “Girls wear boy clothes
all the time. You know, like pants and teeshirts and stuff.”
“Maybe it’s the part about being not normal that makes it so
exciting,” I said. I noticed that I had calmed down now, my hard-on back to
a more normal state.
We danced some more. I enjoyed my arms around her back and hers still
rubbing the back of my neck. Now we danced too closely for her rub herself
against me much. It helped me control myself.
“Did you see your mom and me dancing?” she asked in my ear again.
“Did you think that was sexy?”
“Yeah. It looked like you got her excited like you did me.”
“More than excited,” she said with a smile that extended to her
words. We danced without talking for a while.
“Would you like me to show you what I was doing with her?” she said
“Ah, I don’t know.”
“Well, I will a little and if you want, you can stop me.”
We continued to dance but she lowered her arms between us until, with
arms bent, her hands were on the breast forms. Her hands kneaded the breast
forms but somehow, maybe imagination, they almost felt real. I could
definitely feel them moving on my own skin under them.
Then she unbent the arm away from any possible watchers, putting her
hand down to the front of my skirt. When she rubbed there, I felt it
directly. Then she turned her head somehow and I felt drawn to turn mine to
look at her. The hand that had been fondling the breast form rose then to
the spot under my hair at the back of my neck.
She pulled my mouth to hers and, when our lips met, I found hers
already open and waiting for me.
The tips of her fingers found the hem of my short skirt in front and
moved it up slightly. She broke the kiss and said, “Hold me tight to you
now.” I did, my fingers shaking where they pressed against the small of her
As our mouths closed over each other, I felt her fingers lift the
skirt higher between us until only the thin material of the panties were
between her hand and my body. She broke the kiss again.
“I wasn’t sure before …” she grinned. “I mean absolutely.” I felt
her fingers find the leghole of the panties and move between my legs. “This
is what I did to your mom.” Her eyes glistened with mischief as her fingers
moved between my legs. It was very exciting.
Her hand moved up a little and then I felt them inside the top of the
panties. Then down inside them. Then, finding me, around my hardness. She
kissed me harder as her fingers enfolded me and I released another moan
into the kiss.
Then I stopped getting any input from the world as her hand began
stroking me. I couldn’t keep myself still and knew I was pumping into her
hand. Then I felt my release and moaned even more firmly. My body settled
then and I felt her removing her hand from the panties.
She broke the kiss and returned her head to my shoulder and her mouth
to my ear.
“I forgot about this,” she said. “Let’s go to the restroom. I’ve got
to clean up. And so do you.”
I’d forgotten, too. Damn. I nodded, embarrassed again.
As I closely followed her to the restroom, I saw that she held one
hand closed as if she were holding something in it. I knew what it was.
When the restroom door closed behind us, I was amazed as she grinned
at me and held her hand out, the palm and fingers coated with my come. I
flushed then just watched as she stared into my eyes and lifted her hand to
her mouth and licked it. I could see the thick white stuff on her tongue as
she turned it into her mouth. I had to close my eyes to keep from getting
another hard- on.
“I’ve got to clean up,” I groaned, “before this stuff stains my
“Yeah. You do that and I’ll just clean up my own way.” She licked her
hand again as I turned to the stall.
Again, I sat down and pulled the panties off. Looking at the inside of
the skirt, I could see that only a tiny spot colored it and I quickly
rubbed it off. I urinated, then wiped carefully before standing and pulling
the skirt down.
When I went to the sinks, Michelle was just finishing washing her
hands. I kind of hoped she’d mostly washed it off but, looking at her,
thought she probably hadn’t. Trying not to be too blatant about it, I
rinsed out the panties and squeezed the wet material as tightly as I could.
She’d moved up to the sink beside me and watched the end of the
process. Deciding I wasn’t keeping anything from her anyway, I held up the
wet panties, seeing the come was completely washed out now. I turned to her
and she gently kissed me, her tongue moving past my lips.
Quickly I stepped back. “You can’t do that. I can’t get another
hard-on now. Without anything to hold myself in.”
She nodded then smiled. Stepping back a step, she lifted the hem of
her dress at both sides and put her fingers into the sides of her panties,
quickly pushing them down until she could step out of them. I watched every
move, feeling myself hardening again against my will.
“They aren’t much,” she said, holding the sheer white panties up for
my inspection. “But you wear them.”
I nodded and took them. They were moist in the crotch like Lois’s had
been. I leaned against the basin as I stepped into them and pulled them up
on the sides.
“Wait,” she said, looking toward the closed door. “I’ve got to see
what my panties are going to be protecting.” Then she lifted the front of
my skirt as I pulled the panties up further. Before I could cover my
partially hard member, she grabbed it. “Yes. My panties are going to have
fun anyway.” Then she helped me settle the still harder member into the
low-cut panties that barely could contain me.
“Now it’s my turn,” I said as I pulled the skirt back into place. “I
get to see what your panties used to be protecting.”
I moved her part way across the room to the cot-like couch behind the
door. Then I reached for the hem of her dress and, looking in her eyes to
make sure she approved, lifted it. As I held it at her waist, I looked.
Her legs came together but the meeting was covered by a well manicured
brush of dark hair, the color of her head hair exactly. I pushed her
backward slightly to sit on the couch. My fingers sought the junction of
her legs and, as they found the hair, she moved her leg up onto the edge of
the couch to her side. It opened her to my inspection completely.
Without thinking, I knelt on the floor in front of the couch and my
mouth dropped into the hair between her legs. I tasted the wetness that
coated the inside of her thighs and kissed the cleft. I sought and finally
found the much tinier bud of womanhood that hid in the folds of skin. When
I closed my mouth over it, her hands came to my hair, almost dislodging the
wig, as her body bucked and surged with her climax.
I moved back a few inches and looked at her pleasure-filled face
before I noticed the wetness now spilling from her. I had to taste her.
My mouth dove for the moistness, my tongue for the hole it came
from. As it entered, her body quivered and bounced again with another
climax. She did that very easily, I thought, as I continued to clean her to
the extent of my tongue and she climaxed again.
“Oh, stop, stop, stop,” she moaned, pushing me away. “You’ve got to
stop.” After another smaller quake, I did.
After she’d rested for a few minutes without pulling her skirt down,
she finally stood up again. Her eyes shown as brightly as her dazzling
smile. Hugging each other with one arm, we left the restroom and re-entered
the dark lounge.
When we got to the table, my mother stood up and said it was time to
leave. I was unhappy but knew there would be another time. When Lois stood
up and put her arm around Michelle, I looked at them with a little
“Madge, you and Dixie have got to come to our house and see us soon,”
she said. I hated that they were living together, if that was the
arrangement. Now I wondered if Michelle had been a street girl or what the
story was. I listened to my mother say that we would try to come see them
or have them to our house soon.
I couldn’t stand it and finally ended up leading the way for our exit
from the lounge. I was glad when we reached the parking lot where I still
led to the car. My mom unlocked the door for me and rounded to the driver’s
side. She started the car and the car’s heater, since the air was chilly.
Though I was upset, I couldn’t help but notice the feeling of the
car’s heater blowing warm air under the short skirt and across my legs. It
gave me goosebumps. I crossed my arms across my chest, under the breast
forms, and sulked.
“I take it you’re not happy,” my mother said with an irritating
“Yeah,” I mumbled.
“You liked the evening, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, sure. Of course. I really liked it,” I expanded.
“Then why?”
I was quiet for a long time. Then I decided my mom didn’t deserve
it. I wasn’t even a little mad at her.
“It’s just that I liked Michelle,” I said.
She smiled. “I like her, too.”
I sulked again a little at the thought of the young girl with my mom
earlier in the evening.
“Yeah, she showed me what she did with you.”
“I know. I watched you two. Did you enjoy it?”
“Yeah. Really.”
“And you liked Lois. I saw you two together both on the dance floor
and at the table. I know you did.”
“Well?” she said with puzzlement in her voice. “What’s the problem?” I
had to think about it for a moment as we moved through the dark streets
toward home.
“I guess I’m just a little jealous, is all.”
“Yeah. Michelle and Lois. You know.”
“But she wasn’t jealous of you going home with me.”
“Yeah, but you’re my mom. That’s different.”
“Different? In what way?”
“Well … You know.” I thought about Lois and Michelle with their arms
around each other on the way out as I looked back at them.
“Well, I know what? What are you talking about?” Her voice sounded
“It just isn’t the same.”
“Why in the hell not?” my mom said, astonishing me with the irritation
I heard. “Certainly Lois and her daughter have as much right to go home as
we do.”
“Daughter?” I said, finally understanding. “Michelle is Lois’s
“You didn’t know?” she said with a laugh in her voice. “Now I
understand. Oh, okay.” She laughed considerably then and, thinking now, I
ended up joining her.
“Her daughter?” I laughed. Then I thought a little further while my
mother’s laughter stopped. “Does that mean that Lois’s invitation to their
place sometime … I mean. Michelle?”
“Yeah. If we go to Lois’s, you’ll see Michelle again. I don’t think
there’s any way you could prevent it if you tried.”
With welcome understanding, we drove the last few blocks in
silence. Both of us were smiling.

Chapter 3

I FOUND THAT I was a little tipsy from the three drinks I’d had, when I got
out of the car in the garage. I staggered just a step when I stood, but my
mom, who was ready to protect against falling on the high heels, caught my
arm and kept me upright. She unlocked the door between the garage and the
kitchen as the automatic garage door rumbled shut behind us.
“Amy,” she said from the kitchen as she did when she comes home from
“Mom!” I cried. “Look!” I pointed out that I was dressed in women’s
clothes. She seemed to have forgotten that that was not exactly normal for
“Oh. Of course. I forgot. I’m sorry,” she said coming to my side. “It
just seems so natural right now.”
“Yeah,” I said with a grin to match hers. “It does to me, too.”
“Let’s go up to my room right quick so you can change. I’ll check her
room and the living room.”
I headed to the stairs and quickly went up as my mom checked the
living room. Without pausing, I went straight to my mom’s room to get rid
of the clothes I was wearing and wash off the makeup before my s****r saw
me. She’d spend the next two weeks telling everybody in school that I was
gay. Hell, I thought, she was probably already going to do that just from
what she’d seen earlier.
I went through the door into the large bedroom, pushing the door
closed behind me with relief. I leaned back against the door, glad that I’d
made it.
“Who are you!” the nervous cry came from the dark bed from a
breathless voice. It was a startled exclamation, not a question. A light
was on somewhere but still the bed was bathed in darkness.
“Amy?” I said.
“Who are you?” her voice said from the darkness more reasonably, some
of the fear drained.
“Dix,” I said calmly.
“Dix? You’re k**ding,” she said. “You’re a girl.” The light came on
beside the bed and I couldn’t believe it. There sat my little s****r in a
short slip, the top filled with something to make it very large. But worse,
I could see something sticking out between Amy’s legs.
“What are you doing, Amy?” I asked, sincerely not knowing. Apparently,
the girl realized what position she was in then and almost hopped off the
side of the bed away from me. “Amy?”
“You’re not …” I rounded the bed, turning on the light on the
dresser as I did. I could see Amy cringing behind the bed, the bottom of
something showing between her legs as she squatted there.
I took the other two steps to her and took her hand from the bed and
lifted her up. When she stood, I saw the end of what I thought was a
vibrator sticking out between her legs.
“What is that?” I said as I reached for it and found that it was hard
“Quit!” she almost screamed as I touched it. When I grabbed hold of it
and found, as I thought, that it was buried deep inside her, I laughed. I
really was delighted. I’d been afraid of her discovering me. Now I’d
discovered her. Then I reached out and felt the front of the slip and saw
that she had stuffed it with Kleenex until it stuck out from her body.
“Your friends would like to see you now,” I laughed.
“Cut it out!”
When the lights came on brightly, I was standing with one hand on the
vibrator between her little legs and the other on her Kleenex filled slip.
“What’s going on?” mom said rather loudly.
“Look, mom,” I said at almost the same time Amy said, “Mom! Thank
First mom laughed. Then, seeing that neither of us understood, she
said, “Dix. Let go of her. Right now.”
“Who?” Amy said at the same time I said, “But look!”
“I see, Dix. Now let go. It seems your little s****r has been trying
some things of mine on while we’ve been gone.” I let go and stepped back a
“Dix?” Amy said, looking closely at me in the short skirt and blouse,
the long blond hair cascading over my shoulders, the makeup on my eyes and
lips. I remembered then what I looked like. I stepped back around the foot
of the bed.
“Dix?” she said with glee, actually clapping her hands with her
pleasure. As she did, the vibrator squirted out from between her legs like
a cartoon banana from its peel on the floor. It dropped heavily onto the
rug. She could only look down at it.
I picked it up and turned it around in the light to look at it. It
seemed awfully big for my little s****r. Perhaps an inch around and about 8
or 10 inches long. But I knew where it had been because of the sheen of
wetness on it.
“You know, you turn this and it vibrates,” I said, demonstrating by
twisting the ring on the bottom of it.
“I know that,” she said, exasperated. Then she realized what she’d
said and blushed, looking quickly at our mother.
“It seems,” mom said into the silence, “that my babies have found out
a lot of interesting things tonight.”
Amy stuttered her embarrassment and I, more familiar with my mom’s
feelings after our night together, chuckled at her discomfort.
“Dix. Or, for your information, Amy, Dixie tonight,” she looked at Amy
with a challenge to contradict her or to make fun. “Dix and I had a good
time out. And while we were gone, my baby daughter was learning something
about her own sexuality. It seems,” she paused, “that we’re all pretty
sexual beings.”
She turned to the door and flicked out the light then.
“Dix? Come with me. Amy. If you’d be more comfortable dressed some
other way, do that. Then join us downstairs. Okay? Both of you?”
“Yeah, sure mom,” I said immediately.
“Sure, mom,” Amy said. She started pulling the false stuffing out of
the sexy slip she was wearing even before mom turned and headed down the
“It’s okay,” I said with a smile, unable to keep her worried in spite
of my b*****rly inclinations. “Don’t worry.”
I saw that she was almost in tears.
“Really. Don’t worry. I’ll wait downstairs.” I walked down the stairs
carefully in the heels and into the living room where my mom sat with her
arms and legs both crossed tightly.
“Oh, Dix. What have I done?” she said. There was no sign of real
unhappiness in her voice. It wasn’t as if she were going over the deep end
with worry or anything.
“Nothin’, mom. Everything’s fine.”
“Your s****r, though. I mean, she’s not old enough.”
“Sure she is, mom. She’s almost as old as I am.”
“Yeah. And that’s the other thing. I wonder,” she began and looked at
her hands, inspecting the long nails that shown with their red. “Would you
have done this tonight if I hadn’t pushed you?”
“Maybe not, mom. But it was the best time I ever had. Does that
She looked at me then. “Yeah. I guess that counts.”
“I’ve always wanted to dress this way, mom. It’s just mostly that I
didn’t know how. I would have done it just a piece at a time or
something. But this is a whole lot neater. I might not have ever been able
to do all we did tonight if it hadn’t been for you. And I wouldn’t give
tonight away for anything.”
Amy walked down the last steps and into the room. Now she looked like
a little girl in a pair of pajamas complete with little bunnies running
across it. But looking at her critically, I noticed that the chest of the
pajamas were pressed outward quite a bit — enough that the material was
tight from breast to breast without touching the intervening skin. Her
finger and toenails were painted as I didn’t remember before.
“I didn’t know where you guys went,” she said into the silence. “I
went into your bedroom,” she looked at mom, “and was just looking around.”
“Except you found my sexiest slip and my vibrator, right?” she said
with a grin. Amy knew she couldn’t explain those away. She nodded and
rested her chin on her chest. I felt sorry for her. It was how I had felt
when mom had caught me earlier.
“Look. Amy,” she said, regaining the girl’s attention. “It’s all
right. Really. You’re a pretty young lady who’s just finding that she’s
growing up. Too fast for me, apparently, but still growing up. It’s
natural. You wanted to try on something pretty and sexy and you did.”
Amy bit her tongue. “You’ve been gone for a long time,” she said
then. “I tried on a lot of stuff.”
“Okay,” mom said. “That’s okay. You can try on all my clothes. I’ll
even help you anytime you want. Okay?”
“Yes. And I think that tomorrow we’d better take a little shopping
trip and find some new clothes. Maybe for all of us,” she said, looking at
me. “I would ask one thing though, Amy.” Amy looked at her then. “Be very
careful with that vibrator. You could hurt yourself with it. Okay?”
“Sure, mom. Okay.” Now she thought for a second. “Shopping?” Mom
nodded and smiled.
“Excuse me for just a minute,” she said then and went upstairs.
Amy and I looked at each other then for quite a while.
“You’re really pretty, Dix,” she said finally. I thought she was
probably k**ding me but I didn’t care or at least I wasn’t going to show
“Yeah? You looked pretty sexy upstairs, too,” I answered. We both
realized that if we’d said something else, something cute, we would have
hurt each other’s feelings and caused the other to strike back. We enjoyed
the sharing more, suddenly.
“It’s really neat trying on mom’s stuff,” Amy said then.
“Yeah. I sorta know what you mean. I mean, I’ve just tried this,” I
picked up the material of the blouse, “and those shoes this afternoon. You
know, the ones mom is wearing now.” I saw my mom’s legs descending the
stairs again.
“Where did you go tonight?” she asked.
“Tell you about it later, okay,” I answered quickly.
“Okay, little girl,” mom said as she walked back into the
room. “You’ve obviously outgrown little bunny pj’s and I’ve outgrown this
nightgown. How about trying it on for us?”
Amy stood and took the light nightgown from her mom’s hand. Then the
matching panties from the other hand.
“Wow! Mom!” she shouted. She raced up the stairs and into her room,
the filmy white material trailing over her shoulder. “Wow!” we heard her
say a moment later. Then she was coming back down the stairs.
I gasped as I saw her.
I hadn’t noticed that she had such well-formed legs before. In this
nightgown, they were untouched by material covering. The shortie nightgown
fell in multiple billows from the long sheer sleeves and puffy shoulders
down the front to the obvious rise of her breasts and then down just to the
bottom of the french-cut panties.
When she sat down, curling one leg under her, I could see the shape of
the darker skin between her legs and, certainly, the large circles of dark
skin around her aroused nipples. She seemed about to burst with pride at
wearing the nightgown and our obvious approval of her appearance.
“Do you like it, honey?” mom asked.
“Oh, yes, mom,” she said, getting up again and going to mom. She
hugged her solidly as I looked at the exposed bottom she stuck up when
bending away from me this way. I could easily make out the deep cleft in
the swollen flesh between her legs.
“Okay. It’s getting late now. Past all our bedtimes. Come on, k**s.”
It was the first time we’d been treated even close to k**s all day and
neither of us really liked it. But we still led the way up the stairs and
into our rooms.
“Mom?” I said before my mom passed into her bedroom. “Thank you for
tonight. I really really liked it.”
She smiled. “That’s okay. Good night.”
“Thanks for the nightgown, too, mom,” Amy called from the door of her
room. “And for not being mad at me.”
“That’s okay, baby. Good night.” The door closed behind her then I
closed my door.
Going to the chair in my room to begin taking my clothes off for bed,
I passed my reflection in the dresser mirror and had to stop to look at
myself. I was still surprised. If I saw what I saw in the mirror when I was
walking down the street, I’d follow that beautiful girl anywhere she wanted
to lead.
I lifted the false breasts, pulling the material of the blouse tight
over the nipples and could clearly see them through the material. The
breasts felt real and I found myself stroking them with both hands,
twisting the nipples, bouncing the forms in my palms. It was eerily real.
I stood back a few steps and looked at my legs emerging from under the
short skirt. I turned sideways, straight on with them spread a little, then
from behind as I bent at the waist. They’re beautiful, I thought as I
I made faces in the mirror, trying to look sexy, kissing the air as if
inviting myself to more. I let the tip of my tongue peek between my
lips. I pulled the hair of the long wig over my shoulder and a part of it
across my right eye. Sexy.
I lifted the hem of the short skirt a little until I could see the
tops of the nylons held by the garters, just the tiniest bit of the panties
peeking out between. Dropping it, I pulled up one side to my waist, showing
myself the sexy panties I wore.
That brought back the memory of Michelle giving me the panties to wear
and wearing nothing herself as she lay back on the couch in the bathroom
for me to lick her. I pulled the material of the skirt tight across my
front to see the effect of the raging hard-on I now had from the memories
and the sights of myself.
Tight, I could see the bulge in the center of the skirt but letting it
go, it was okay. When I pulled down the panties onto my thighs, though, it
tented the front of the skirt and was unmistakable. Sticking it down, I
could almost get it to stay in the top of my nylon, but when I moved, it
leaped free and returned to holding up the skirt. I tried moving it to the
side and the other. I roughly pushed it between my legs and clasped my
thighs together to hold it but then I couldn’t move except by exaggeratedly
swinging each foot forward, my knees together. It looked phoney.
I pulled the panties back up and tried it between my legs again. It
was just uncomfortable now. Carefully putting it in what little pocket
there was in the panties’ front, it was the best. Turning sideways and
straight on. Even bending over and straightening was okay.
But, pulling the material tight again, I decided to stay away from
tight fitting skirts in the future. If there was a future, I thought with
some sadness. No. There had to be a future. This was too great.
I did think that if I started out without a hard-on, I could put it
between my legs and it would be okay if the panties were strong
enough. Then I could wear a tight skirt. But I’d have to stay away from
getting excited or it’d just be painful again. Well, maybe sometime.
“I think you look really sexy,” Amy said softly from behind me. I
turned quickly toward her where she stood at the closed door with one foot
pushed up against the door and her hands behind her.
“Ah …” I didn’t know what to say.
“That’s sort of what I did this evening while you were gone. Tried
stuff on and looked at how sexy I looked.” Then she frowned. “But I only
have a little tit. How’d you do that?”
“Oh,” I said, still embarrassed but relaxing a little. “They’re
… ah, mom’s. I’m really flat. I mean, like a guy, you know? But these
look and feel like the real thing.”
She pushed herself away from the door then and walked to me. As I
watched, she touched the breast forms through my blouse, lifting them and
twisting them as I had a moment before.
“Neat,” she declared.
My b*****rly mean streak jumped out. I reached for her breasts and, as
she drew in her breath and blushed, did the same things to her.
“Neat,” I said as I realized her breasts felt almost like the fake
one’s I wore, though not as big.
“Do you have a nightgown?” she asked. I shook my head. “What are you
going to sl**p in?”
“I guess I’ll get out of this and sl**p in my underwear like usual.”
She looked at me, a range of emotions and thoughts flashing across her face
before she said, “Wear your panties and bra tonight. Okay?”
“Well. Yeah, okay.”
“And maybe later, I’ll let you try on my nightgown.” She blushed all
over. Then she reached for the top button of my blouse.
* * *
Though I thought of myself as older and more knowledgeable and more
worldly and a lot of other things, now I found myself with my head on her
upper arm, her left leg between mine as I lay here on my side watching her
smooth breathing in the semi-darkness.
She hadn’t let me do more than watch as she took my blouse off then
unzipped my skirt. She pushed me backward onto my own bed before turning
off the light.
“Kick your shoes off,” she had demanded before she climbed into bed
with me. She was taking a great deal of pleasure in this, I thought at the
“You guys went out without any more than just saying you were
leaving. That was really bitchy of you. Really, I should spank you for
that. Both of you.” But she was talking really quiet, obviously so mom
wouldn’t hear us. She sounded like mom might have about a week ago.
“I’m sorry, Amy. I really didn’t think and I’m sure mom didn’t
“Worse. You left me here on my own, expecting you two to come back
about any minute and catch me doing something wrong. And look at you!” I
grinned at her. “I mean look! I’m here worrying about getting caught
looking at mom’s clothes and you’re out wearing them. And mom’s all dressed
up like for a school prom or something.”
“I really am sorry, Amy. If I’d thought you were ready –”
“Oh, bullshit,” she said plainly. “You never even gave me a thought in
“Well, maybe –”
“Maybe nothing. You were just thinking of yourselves. And you should
be ashamed.” I was actually starting to feel that way. “Now. The important
thing is, you’re here now. And you have to tell me everything that went on
tonight. Everything. Is that understood?”
I certainly didn’t think when I started that I was going to tell her
about Lois or Michelle or changing panties or even having several
orgasms. Most of all, I wasn’t going to tell her about dad. But, in about
an hour, I’d told her everything while she leaned on one elbow and looked
down at me as I lay there on my back in my bra, panties, garter belt, and
nylons; my hair a blond wig and my face painted as a most provocative
Given the rest of the evening, I guess this shouldn’t have been too
unusual. But what was unusual was that soon after I started telling her the
stories of the evening, she started caressing my cheek. When I’d come to an
embarrassing part, she’d kiss me on the cheek and hug me. When I’d tell her
about my breasts rubbing into one of my dance partners, she caressed my
breasts. When I told her about someone playing with me, she touched between
my legs. When I told her about licking Michelle, she moved my hand between
her own legs.
Obviously, the effect of this was that after a little while, I again
wet down my borrowed panties with come.
She had proceeded to tell me what a bad boy I was and, lifting her
nightgown, pushed my mouth into her budding breasts, one at a time, until
she had a climax at that. Then, after I had talked a little longer, pushed
my head down into the cleft between her legs. She told me how bad I’d been
as my tongue penetrated her and more strongly still when my lips sucked her
clit into my mouth over and over again.
After her climax had passed, she pushed me onto my back and almost
tore my panties off before she settled onto me. Then she pulled my legs up
roughly around hers until my bottom was off the bed and my thighs around
her waist, my lower legs sticking straight up in the air. With each
powerful forward thrust into me, I’m sure it was into me, she said, “Bad
girl … bad girl … bad … girl … bad … bad.”
I know it was when she stretched my arms far above my head and buried
her tongue in my mouth that my orgasm washed across me.

Chapter 4

MOM WOKE ME at ten o’clock the next morning and, before she left, told me
to dress for going out. I took myself into a shower that I didn’t want to
take and then dressed in a clean shirt and jeans. I went down to
breakfast. I couldn’t figure it out when my mother looked at me and sighed
before serving up a pile of scrambled eggs and toast. I hadn’t quite
figured it out when Amy came down and looked at me like I was some sort of
“Dix!” she said. “We’re going shopping! Come on!” I could only frown.
“Dix,” my mother said more controlled. “We’re going to buy you and Amy
some nice underwear, some shoes,” then she looked at me closer and raised
her voice a little as if that would make me understand, “and some skirts
and blouses and dresses and nightgowns. Understand?”
Now I did. “Oh,” I said. “What should I wear?”
“Start with the breast forms,” Amy said to me as if I were completely
stupid. “Then try to make everything match, okay?”
“Oh, okay,” I said, feeling foolish. I went back to my room and did as
my s****r had suggested, putting the bra filled with the breast forms on
first after I’d taken all my clothes off. Then I moved to my mother’s
room, since I had nothing appropriate in my room, and looked through the
closets. Finally, I ended up wearing a little skirt, a white blouse, and
flat shoes. The pair of tight panties held me firmly and the wig covered my
When I returned to the kitchen my s****r said, “Look at that! He
figured it out! How smart is he, anyway?”
“Amy,” my mother said. “Give him a break. After all, he didn’t think
of shopping for girl things. Right, Dix?” I could only nod. I hadn’t.
I sat quietly for as long as I could before speaking. Then I couldn’t
stand it anymore.
“Yeah, sweetie?”
“Can I do this?”
“What, baby?”
“Go shopping. I mean for women’s clothes. Can I … can I get away
with it?” She looked at me more appraisingly now.
“Yeah. Sure,” she said. It wasn’t very reassuring.
“Mom! Do you understand about this?” I almost screeched.
“What, honey?”
“If I get caught, I can write off my social life … my life at
school. This is everything to me. I mean, it can’t be ‘Well, probably.’
It’s got to be, ‘There’s no doubt!’ No doubt at all, do you understand,
“I’m sorry, baby. Of course. It’s just that you’re such a natural that
I don’t have any doubt at all. Really! You are a woman. There’s just no
doubt.” She didn’t wait for my response. “Look. Your dad had the same
worries. He had a business, after all. He just couldn’t get caught. But he
did just fine in whatever he decided to do. Really!”
“Maybe nobody was looking,” I said.
“Honey, you’ve got to understand. People really aren’t
looking. Really. They see what they expect to see. That’s all there is to
it. If you look like a girl, they’re going to think you’re a girl. Believe
me. Your dad even ran into some of his friends, people from the office,
when we were out shopping. They recognized me, of course, but they only
asked where he was. They never even thought that the beautiful woman I was
with was him. Really.”
“So, you’re saying that I can walk right through a bunch of my
friends, who are always looking at the girls in the short skirts and with
nice tits, and they aren’t even going to think for a minute that I’m not
what I seem?”
“That’s about it, sweetie. Really. But, if it makes you feel better,
we’re not going to the Townhouse Mall,” the mall near us. “We’re going to
the Palisades.”
That was 30 miles away and, I knew, none of my friends went there. But
I was still unsure.
“Don’t worry, sweetie. Okay.” She leaned down and kissed me before she
finished washing the dishes and dried her hands. “We’ll go in about 10
minutes, okay?” Then she went to her room to get on shoes and her purse.
She and Amy came back into the kitchen and prodded me to get up and
follow them to the car. A little while later, we were in the big parking
lot of the Palisades Mall in the nearby town. As we got out of the car, my
mom said, “Remember to keep your voice up. Okay?” I nodded.
The first store we walked into was “Deb’s”, a sort of trendy young
woman’s shop with all sorts of things hanging from chains attached to the
ceiling. It was like they drew their customers from people who saw the
outrageous dresses hanging from the chains but sold to those who couldn’t
be that wild.
In spite of their outrageousness, my mom chose three of the dresses
that hung from the chains and then picked out some other things as
well. She almost chased me into the dressing room to try them on and, to my
embarrassment, my s****r followed me. She kept picking at my clothes as I
took them off and then at the new ones to see if they fit or looked good.
One was a spandex kind of material at the top and almost a tutu for a
skirt, though it was more relaxed than the lacy material of a tutu and was
just a little longer. Another was very tight stretchy material that encased
my hips, waist and false breasts in red and white stripes. It had no top
above the breasts and no bottom past my hips. Amy particularly liked
it. The third was a very tight, very short black skirt with a funny little
lace frill at the hem and a lacy top that had just one button between the
breasts and purposely opened provocatively.
The other outfits, chosen off the racks instead of the chains, were
more conservative but not much. I was surprised when my mother bought them
all when Amy and I told her we liked them.
Then mom led us to a store that sold nothing but underwear and
nightgowns and, for an hour, we got everything we wanted from garter belts
and panties to sexy nightgowns. Amy kept telling me that she wouldn’t have
gotten these things without me and I couldn’t help but agree. She was
really too young. But then again, I thought, I was really too male. It
brought a smile to my lips as I thought about it.
Then we went to the shoe store.
I had been prepared for a lot of things, but not this. First, instead
of the guy shoe salesman I expected, it was a really cute about 20 year old
girl. Since the store was kind of a hip type of place, she was dressed very
up. Since the place sold both men’s and women’s shoes, I bet that she
brought in a lot of business all by herself, particularly if she dressed
frequently as she was now.
As she sat down on the little foot stool in front of Amy, I watched
her turn her cute legs to the side, toward my vantage. Her black leather
skirt was so short it rode well up on her thighs. I imagined that getting
up and down all day on the four inch spike heeled shoes must be a killer.
Then she bent over to get Amy’s shoe size and I found myself almost looking
straight down her cleavage, clearly open in the very big necked teeshirt,
almost to her stomach. The opening was enhanced by the weight of her
breasts against the inside of it and the sparkling decoration pulling down
on the outside of it.
“Now what can we show you?” the girl asked.
“I like yours,” she said but mom quickly interposed.
“I’m sure you do, baby, but I think maybe we better start with
something with a little lower heel.” The girl smiled and nodded before she
got up and walked to the back of the store through a hanging curtain. In a
moment she was back with several boxes.
“I like this one,” she said, “because it has a reasonable heel but is
still very sexy.” She’d read both mom and Amy perfectly. The shoe she
slipped onto Amy’s foot was black with a very pointed toe but showed her
cute little foot on both the inside and outside. A small extension of the
shoe that should have been there was around her heel but primarily served
to hold an ankle strap less than an inch wide.
“Oh, yes,” Amy seethed before she let the girl put on the other shoe
for her. Then she stood up on them and walked around looking down at her
feet. They were very sexy, I thought.
“Do they feel all right?” the girl said as she leaned on her closed
knees looking away from me. Her position let me look at her very
considerable cleavage in the opening of the teeshirt and the expanse of
nylon-covered thigh below her short skirt.
“Oh yes,” Amy exuded. “They feel wonderful! Mom, I like them. Would
you really buy them for me?”
“Of course,” she said with a smile. “That’s why we’re here.”
After Amy got done admiring this pair, mom led her to choosing a pair
of red shoes and a pair of white ones that Amy loved and mom felt were a
little too high. Amy won.
Giving in totally, mom decided to buy a pair just like them for
herself and I got to watch from a little further away as the beautiful girl
took mom’s size and helped her into them. When the girl turned to watch mom
check them for comfort, she turned toward me this time and I saw not only
the outside of her thighs but, as she moved, the expanse of the inside of
her thighs well under the skirt. Only a little above the skirt’s hem, I
could see, her nylons ended with a band around her thigh. There was no sign
of any panties though I also couldn’t see any detail of what did lie
between her legs.
When the girl sat before me, gently caressing my foot as she took
measurements, I could look cleanly down the entire front of her
tee-shirt. Now I could clearly see she wore no bra and, the way it hung
forward, the tee-shirt didn’t obstruct the view of her full breasts in the
least. I could even see her hardened nipples hanging from the firm flesh.
“I really like these,” she said after coming back from the back room
and sitting back in front of me as before. She took the black shoe out of
the box and slipped it over my toes. She took the narrow straps from each
side of the heel and buckled it over my instep. I straightened out my leg
to look at it and saw that it did wonderful things for my foot. Very
feminine, it showed all the best parts and hid the less pretty.
She put the other shoe on my other foot and helped me to my feet. God,
they were high! It was almost like standing on my tiptoes but I could still
put some of my weight back on my heels. They just felt really
feminine. Like nothing I’d ever worn before. I couldn’t imagine anything
that would make a man feel the way these shoes made me feel.
“Look at the way they make her calves look,” the girl said with real
admiration, I thought. “Beautiful!” I blushed with the compliment.
“Mom,” Amy said. “Do my shoes make my bottom look like that?”
“Some, Amy,” she said. In response to the question, I looked in the
mirror to see the way the shoes made my bottom protrude and my skirt tuck
up under it. It was sexy and I liked that a lot.
Mom insisted that I pick out two more pairs of shoes, both lower
heeled, and then paid for them before we left. I wore a white pair as we
walked on down the mall.
It seemed funny. Usually when we came to the mall, I got a couple of
bucks and took off for the arcade until they were ready to leave. Today
we’d spent from morning till dark shopping together. I hadn’t missed the
arcade a bit. When she offered to buy us dinner at the french restaurant at
the end of the mall, we both agree readily though, normally, I would have
rather gone to one of the fast food places in one of the hallways where
most of the k**s hung out. The better to watch girls.
Tonight, I wasn’t interested.
We had to wait for a guy in a tux to show us where to sit. After we
sat down, the guy asked if we’d like drinks. Amy quickly piped in with
Coke. Mom asked for a margarita. Trying not to look guilty, I asked for
one, too. He didn’t even bat an eye. And in a couple of minutes he was back
with them. I must look like an older girl than I do a guy, I guess.
Then Mike came to the table. Our waiter. And there was another thing
that I couldn’t have stood a couple of days ago. I would have called him a
fag then though I really didn’t think he was.
What he was instead was very friendly, a little flirtatious with all
of us, funny, and a good waiter. He made us feel like he was there just for
us even though he had some other tables.
I watched him do his work and, I noticed, whenever he could, he
watched me. He was also one of those touchy-feely guys that make my skin
crawl normally. Every time he said something to one of us, he had to touch
our hand or lean on one of our shoulders or something.
With a lot of flourishes and jokes, we finally made it through a
really good dinner and dessert.
We were just going through the door to leave when Mike came up to me.
“Hey, ah. I think you’re really a nice looking girl,” he said and I
blushed. Mom and Amy noticed that I’d stopped but they just kept going
slowly, mom watching back over her shoulder as I talked to the guy.
“What I mean is, I’d really like to take you out sometime. I mean, if
you don’t have a steady or something.” I was flabbergasted. I really didn’t
have the vaguest idea of how to answer. So I guess I probably did the
worst thing I could have.
“Yeah, well. Maybe. Sometime.”
“You don’t have a steady?”
“Huh uh,” I stumbled. He smiled all over.
“Great! Then can I call you?”
“Ah, I guess,” I said.
“Could I have your number?”
“Oh. Yeah.” And I gave it to him like a fool.
“Thanks, Dixie. Will you be home tonight?”
“Ah, I don’t know,” I stumbled some more.
“Well, maybe I’ll try. If you’re not there, I can give you a call
during the week sometime.” He turned and walked away with a big
smile. “Talk to you later.”
Flustered, I caught up with mom and Amy.
“What’d he want, honey?” mom asked and I told her. She just nodded
like that was the most normal thing possible. I think she’d started
forgetting some things. Like I’m not really her daughter, for one.
As it ended up, I didn’t have to worry about it for a while. We went
to a movie that night and school the next morning like usual. I’d forgotten
all about him by the next night.

Chapter 5

IT WAS SORT of strange how things worked out from then. I never would have
guessed how mom and Amy would just shift with me no matter what.
The next morning, of course, I dressed in my normal clothes and both
of them called me Dix and acted just like they always do with me. When I
got home from school, I went into the kitchen where mom was working and
kissed her on the cheek just like always and she greeted me just like
But I’d spent all day thinking about the weekend and what it felt like
to be a girl. And, as soon as I’d said hello, I went to my room, got out of
my jeans and tee-shirt, and put on my girl clothes — a short white skirt,
patterned tee-shirt, underwear, low heels, and the wig with just the
lightest makeup.
When I went back into the kitchen, mom looked me up and down real
quick and smiled. Then, like there was nothing odd at all, treated me just
like she had all weekend — like her daughter.
The first thing this meant was that she put me to work cleaning the
carrots and grinding them for salad. That’s what I was doing when Amy came
home, kissed mom, and then kissed me on the cheek, too. She never never did
that when I was a guy.
When I got done, I went to the dining table and started my homework
and was almost finished when mom called us for dinner.
We ate and talked and then went back to homework while mom picked up
and put the dishes in the dish washer. She always said she’d rather we’d
get good grades than do the dishes all the time.
I got finished before Amy and went into the f****y room to watch TV
with mom. I took off the shoes and curled my legs back under me like I’d
seen mom and Amy do a hundred times. It was really sort of fun making sure
my skirt was okay and stuff.
Always before, I would have probably been laying on the floor on my
stomach or on the couch with one leg on the back and one on the
seats. That, obviously, wouldn’t work with a skirt.
The phone rang then and Amy answered it in the kitchen.
“Dixie!” she yelled. “It’s for you.” For a second, I didn’t think
anything of it. Then I realized that she’d said Dixie. Before I said
anything on the phone, I asked Amy who it was.
“I don’t know. A guy. He asked for Dixie,” she said as if that were
perfectly normal.
“Dixie and not Dix? For sure?”
“Oh, yeah,” she said, realizing what she’d overlooked again. This was
dangerous. “Yeah. He asked for Dixie. For sure.”
I answered it then in my slightly higher voice and with just a “Hi” so
I could cover either way.
“Hi, Dixie. This is Mike. Remember? From the restaurant.”
“Oh, yeah. I remember,” I said. I thought about him and grinned to
“So what’s up?” he said. “I called last night but you weren’t home.”
“Yeah. We went to a movie before we came home.”
“What’d you see?” he asked. That started off the lengthy
conversation. We talked about the movie — he’d seen it, too — and about
the stars in it and the stuff we’d seen in the magazines about them. That
led into other stars and other movies. We found we pretty much liked the
same kinds of movies and the same stars.
Then we talked about music for a few minutes and then about school. I
found out he’s a senior at the high school in the neighbor town where the
mall is and that he only works weekends at the restaurant.
We really got along well and talked for a long time. Then he changed
the subject.
“What I really called for is I was hoping maybe you’d go out with me
next weekend.”
I don’t know what I was thinking but all I did was go in and ask mom
if we had anything planned for the weekend and she said no. So I got back
on the phone and told him mom didn’t have anything planned and it would
probably be okay. That’s how dislocated I was.
“Great!” he said. “I’m off Friday night this week. Could I pick you up
at about seven?”
“Sure,” I said, still not getting it.
“Okay! I’ll see you at seven Friday then. Bye bye.” He hung up and so
did I. Then I went back to the f****y room and sat down. I’d missed a whole
“Who was that, honey?” mom asked.
“Mike. The guy who waited on us at the restaurant,” I answered.
“Hmm. What did he want?”
“Oh, just mostly to talk. But he also asked me to go with him to the
movie Friday night. That’s okay, isn’t it?” I guess I still didn’t get
it. Maybe I did about then or when mom frowned just a little or
something. “Oh!” I said when I realized. “He wants to take Dixie out, huh?”
“I’d bet on it, sweetie,” she said with a little concern on her
face. “Are you ready for that?”
“Oh, mom. What have I done? I was just so into talking to him and all
“Well, you could call him back and –”
“Yipes. I don’t have his phone number or even his last name.”
She just grinned and looked at me then.
“Well. I guess you’ve got a date for Friday night then. You can’t very
well tell him you can’t go when he shows up at the door.”
I plunked down on the couch then, thinking.
I spent most of the week thinking. And worrying. And hoping maybe he’d
call before Friday. He didn’t.
* * *
By Friday, I’d spent the previous weekend and every night dressed and
acting like a girl. In fact, the hardest thing I’d done all week was talk
to one of my friends — Dix’s friends — about a homework assignment on the
phone while playing with my skirt and shifting from foot to foot on my
I dressed in the tight red and white striped dress for the date with
white pumps and sheer pantyhose. I took extra care with makeup and my
wig. Mom, though she still said she was a little worried about the date,
told me I looked wonderful and would make a big hit.
Amy helped me look through the paper to make sure which movies were on
at which mall so I didn’t agree to go to a movie where all my friends would
be. The best movie out, of course, was at the local mall that I couldn’t go
We ate dinner and I waited nervously, watching TV until the doorbell
rang at exactly seven.
I answered the door and Mike looked me up and down a bunch of times
before he even came in. It scared me to death but he only kept saying how
great I looked. Finally I got him to come in to do the thing with mom and
he shook her hand and was just like he had been at the restaurant — like
he really knew what he was doing and everything.
Mom told us to be home by eleven and we agreed.
I was so keyed up that I about jumped out of my skin when he put his
hand in the middle of my back to guide me to his car. He was wearing a
really nice looking blue sweater and white cotton pants and had his hair
combed perfectly. He held the door to the car for me and told me it was his
dad’s car but that it was pretty nice. It was a big blue car of some sort
with a bench seat and an automatic transmission.
Of course, like it was fated or something, he’d planned on taking me
to the movie at the local mall. Luckily, I talked him into one of the ones
at the mall where his restaurant is instead. I was really glad I’d thought
of it before and planned on the way out.
He talked almost continuously while we drove to the mall and put his
hand back on my bare back when we went into the mall. He bought a big
bucket of popcorn and medium sized Cokes on the way into the movie.
We only had to stand around for about five minutes until the first run
ended and then went in and sat down on the aisle near the back. What the
guys and I call the makeout seats since it always seems like the back rows
at the Friday and Saturday night movies are filled with guys and their
dates making out.
We talked and ate popcorn while the lights were on and I found that I
really liked Mike. He always has something to talk about that’s
interesting, like when we talked on the phone.
But, unlike talking on the phone, here I had to pay a lot of attention
to the way my legs were crossed and where my skirt was (it was always
pulling up too high) and all sorts of little things while we talked.
Finally the movie came on. But that was sort of a surprise too since
as soon as the lights went down, he put his arm around my shoulder and held
me up close to him. I could feel his sweater or his hand on my shoulders
all the way through the movie and, by the end, I’d really gotten used to it
being there.
“Are you hungry?” he asked as we left the movie theater.
“Not really,” I answered. “Maybe a Coke or something.”
“Okay. I’ve got to take you to a nice place where the k**s are
though. To show you off.”
I was pleased that he wanted to show me off but I wasn’t very excited
about being at one of the places where there were a lot of k**s watching
me. But I didn’t have much choice.
We ended up at a place in downtown Pineville that was the local teen
place with Cokes and fries and hamburgers and a jukebox. It wasn’t too loud
until about 10 when it seemed like everybody got there.
I was pretty surprised when I saw Michelle come in with a guy. And she
looked every bit as surprised when she saw me there, her smile broadening
with her inside knowledge and triggering a blush from me that must have
colored my face ten shades of red. She came straight from the door to me.
“Dixie!” she said with a huge smile. “How are you?”
“Fine. How are you, Michelle?”
“I’m really good,” she said sort of distracted, “but I just made it
here.” She leaned close to my ear. “Come with me to the bathroom.”
She turned back to her date and said, “Excuse us for a minute. Okay?
If it’s okay, maybe we could sit here.” He shrugged and sat down as Mike
motioned toward one of the open chairs.
Michelle hooked her arm in mine and together we went through the room
to the restrooms at the back. When we were inside, she looked under the
stalls quickly and came back beside me.
“Oh honey! You’re getting really confident, aren’t you?” I could only
smile at her. “A date! That’s fantastic!”
“It’s been pretty neat so far,” I told her.
“Does he know?”
“Huh uh.”
“I think it’s just super.” Then she ducked into one of the stalls,
apparently really having to do more than just finding out about me. I
decided to take advantage of being here anyway and went into another.
While we did that, she asked me questions about my date and about the
guy. I answered the best I could.
We were checking makeup and brushing our hair when another pair of
girls came into the room, chattering like crazy.
When we got back to the table, the guys were talking to each
other. Michelle introduced me to Bob and he shook my hand.
“We’d better go,” Mike said after we’d finished our Cokes. I didn’t
know what time it was but thought he was probably right.
He led me back to the car holding my hand and opened the door for
me. He reversed the process when we got to my house, the front light on
over the door. But instead of opening the door for me he stopped and turned
to me.
“I really enjoyed tonight,” he said. “I really like being with you and
that’s saying quite a lot.” I could see some concern cross his face but I
couldn’t identify it. “I’d really like to take you out again, if it’s all
“Sure. I had a great time tonight,” I answered.
“Great.” He smiled and, a little self-consciously, leaned toward me
and kissed my lips softly. “I was hoping you’d let me do that. Give you a
kiss.” I could only smile.
Then he stepped a little closer to me and I felt his arms go around
me, under my arms. There was nothing I could do but put mine around his
neck. Oh, I guess I could have pushed him away but I didn’t want to.
When his lips came to mine this time, I turned my head a little to
give him the necessary access. His lips were insistent, opening slightly to
let his tongue touch mine for a minute. It felt very nice and I found
myself falling into his arms completely.
Then, still holding me softly, he moved back away a little and smiled
into my eyes from only an inch away.
“There’s something about you,” he said. “Something very special that
draws me to you. More than most girls, if you know what I mean.
“Really, I don’t …” he frowned a little and his eyes slid down away
from mine. “Well. I just really enjoyed going out with you and I hope we
can again.”
I smiled and nodded.
“Can I call you?” I nodded again. “Tonight?”
“Maybe it’d be better tomorrow.”
“Yeah. Of course. You’re probably tired, huh?” I nodded again. “If I
asked you to go out again, would you?”
“Uh huh. I’d have to check with my mom to make sure she doesn’t have
plans, but yeah.”
“Next Friday?”
“Uh huh.”
Then he was just standing there with his arms around me and mine
around his neck.
“Can I kiss you again?” I answered him by turning my head to the side
and shutting my eyes. He didn’t disappoint me. His lips were on mine
then. His tongue was between them slightly, the tip against my teeth. I
opened my mouth a little and immediately his tongue was inside it, touching
mine. It was very gentle and undemanding but it took my breath away with
the sweetness of it.
His hands held me tight to him as the kiss extended through time, both
our tongues our only interest as they played and pushed and touched each
other. Then, finally, he moved away a little.
“You kiss really great,” he said breathlessly.
“You do,” I pointed out. “I was just enjoying it.”
“I guess you have to go in now,” he said.
“Mom knows I’m home now. It’s probably okay.” He took that, as I hoped
he might, as a sign that I wasn’t ready to go in yet. He smiled before his
mouth covered mine again.
I don’t know how long we stood there kissing. But it was a long time.

Chapter 6

WHEN I WENT in, mom asked me about my date and if we had fun. I told her
all about it and about seeing Michelle at the restaurant.
“That’s a coincidence,” she said. “I talked to Lois tonight and she
invited us all over for dinner tomorrow night. Do you want to go?”
“Sure. She’s nice. Will Michelle be there?”
“I imagine. She really didn’t say but I’d assume so.” I was looking
forward to seeing her again.
* * *
Mike called at 11 the next morning to ask me out the next Friday
again. After talking to mom, I accepted and we talked for another hour
about all sorts of things.
Then we had lunch and Amy and I cleaned up the kitchen and did dishes
and talked. She wanted to know everything about my date with Mike. That
went from the movie and the restaurant to a whole series of questions she
asked about kissing. What it felt like? What I did and what he did?
Mom was vacuuming when we got done and we got out dustcloths and
dusted, and then cleaned up our rooms while mom took care of hers.
Then we all sat down and watched a TV movie until the news came on at
“We’d better get ready for dinner. We’re supposed to be there at
seven,” mom said.
“How are we supposed to dress, mom?” I asked and she said she didn’t
think they’d be very formal but suggested that this might be a place where
I could wear the frilly dress she’d bought for me. Amy decided on one of
her “adult” dresses and the highest pair of heels and a pair of stockings
she’d gotten on our shopping trip since she’d never worn them before.
I was getting pretty good at keeping my hair dry in the shower, doing
my makeup, and everything. So, when I got finished, I had time to help Amy
do light makeup and brush her hair a little different way than she normally
wore it.
We were still done before mom came into the f****y room.
“Wow!” we both said at the same time. She wasn’t really dressy dressed
up. But she really looked great. Like she’d taken extra special care in her
choice of the short white shirtcut dress and heels along with her makeup
and hair. She looked great.
“Are we ready?” she said as she looked at her watch and we agreed we
I was sort of surprised when we pulled up in front of Lois and
Michelle’s house since it was really only a few dozen blocks away from our
house. I even thought they could live in Pineville or something since she
didn’t go to my school.
They greeted us exuberantly with everybody hugging everybody else.
“This must be Amy?” Lois said, holding Amy’s hands and looking her
over. “Such a lovely lady.” Amy ate that up, of course. She was still
struggling a little with the high heels and having fun trying to manage the
short skirt.
Michelle, wearing a short black skirt and a blouse that left her
middle uncovered and really ugly swede boots with high heels, put her arms
around both Amy and I and led us into the living room.
“Mom made grasshoppers,” she said as she got us sitting down on the
couch. “Do you want one?”
“Is that alcohol?” Amy asked.
“Uh huh but it’s really good tasting. Like mint.”
“It’s okay if you want a glass, Amy,” mom said from the chair across
from us. I noticed that Lois’s blue sweater dress was so short I could see
her panties even with her legs crossed and her nipples through the top. Amy
decided to try the drink just like I knew she would.
“I understand Michelle saw you out with a guy last night, Dixie,” Lois
said. I nodded. “Did you have fun?”
I told her I had and all about the movie and snack afterwards.
“Michelle said he was a really cute guy.” I nodded again and smiled at
Michelle and told them about when we met him at the restaurant where he
I felt like the center of attention as she asked me more and more
questions about how I was doing and even more pointed things about my
dressing and if it bothered me switching back and forth to go to school and
things. Amy just giggled as she finished her grasshopper and accepted a
second one when Michelle refilled hers and mine.
Mom and Lois started talking just between them and Michelle told Amy
and me about where she’d met Bob and how nice he was and everything. Then
we started talking about music and all sorts of stuff.
When mom and Lois got up and went into the kitchen to get the dinner
ready, we just went on talking. I could see that Amy’s second grasshopper
was getting to her a little bit cause she was getting a little silly. Just
enough different from usual that it was noticable. And her eyes seemed to
sparkle more. The one’s I’d had didn’t seem to have much affect on me.
What I did notice a lot was the way Michelle sat in her chair talking
with her hands. It made her blouse gap open every now and then so I could
see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. And her skirt was all over the place as
she sat with one foot curled up under her bottom and the other leg bouncing
all over on top of it. I got all sorts of views of the outside of her thigh
all the way to her hip above the stockings she was wearing and far enough
up that I knew she wasn’t wearing panties unless the waistband was really
high on her hips.
I really loved the way she sort of squirmed around in the chair while
she talked, lifted her leg up while pointing her toes across the room in my
general direction, or stretched her lower leg down toward the
floor. Everything she did was very animated and excited seeming, even when
what she was talking about wasn’t all that interesting. Like a long talk
about how good she and her mom got along and treated each other like equals
and shared in everything. It was nice, of course, but I thought it was a
little boring anyway. Maybe it would have been different if mom didn’t
treat us the same way.
Anyway, finally Lois called us to dinner and we went to the
table. Lois sat at the head of the table with mom on one side of her and me
on the other. Michelle sat next to me and Amy across from her next to mom.
When we first got there, I thought that mom and Lois looked a little
flushed and figured that probably they’d been doing more than just dishing
up the food while they were in the kitchen. I grinned to myself as I
pictured them kissing and running their hands all over each other. Maybe
even playing with each other’s breasts or something.
We passed things just like we had good manners — something we did
sometimes at home but not usually. The food was wonderful. Some kind of
thin meat with great sauce on it, some kind of french potatoes with sour
cream and cheese, and two or three kinds of veggies. Lois got Michelle to
open a bottle of red wine to go with it, something I’d never had, and that
made it really special.
The whole time we ate, we talked, too. It wasn’t the sort of thing
that was really memorable topics. Just a lot of talk and a lot of
laughter. I did notice that mom and Lois were holding hands after we’d
eaten and just sitting and talking. I also noticed that Michelle’s hand
went down on my thigh under the table during that time.
Then Lois went out to the kitchen and got pretty little glasses of
chocolate mousse. Michelle ate with one hand and rubbed my leg at the same
time. It was really turning me on but I decided not to say anything and I
didn’t really want her to stop anyway.
After dinner, mom and Lois sat at the table and had brandy with coffee
and the rest of us went to Michelle’s room because she sort of told all of
us that she was going to show Amy and me her stereo.
When we got to her room, she said that her mom’s room and her den were
upstairs. Her room, with a connecting bathroom, was downstairs. I was
Her room looked like every girl’s dream of a bedroom. Every k**’s, I
guess, but particularly every girl’s because it was white and frilly and
pretty. But it also had a great stereo, a bunch of tapes and CD’s, and a
computer and desk where she could do her homework. It was a really big room
with more than enough room for the big double canopy bed, all tricked out
in white silky material.
She also had what she called a chaise lounge with a french accent so
she didn’t pronounce all the letters sort of like “shay long” or something
but sexier sounding. It was a neat chair thing with a back on one end and
the side so you could put your feet up and sort of lay back to read or
And she had a great makeup table with a white silky skirt around it
and a wraparound mirror so you could even see the back of your head. She
must have had 200 bottles of fingernail polish and perfume and lipsticks
and all sorts of beauty stuff.
Her closet was full of clothes and she giggled when she told us she
had a section for the stuff she had to wear to school, a section for
leisure, and the rest (probably bigger than my whole closet) for sexy
clothes. The variety of her closet was amazing with frilly blouses and
dozens of short skirts and really beautiful short dresses and low cut stuff
and everything.
“I trade a lot with my mom, too,” she said. “We’re pretty much the
same size so we can do that.” I told her that I’d worn some of mom’s
things, too, and that hers were a lot sexier than mine.
Anyway, we talked for a long time and then we got around to when we
met at the lounge.
“I really liked it when we danced,” I told her. “Even if I WAS scared
to death because I didn’t know you then.”
Mostly Amy sat and watched us like she was watching a tennis match or
something but putting something in every now and then when she could. But
that part of the conversation left her out altogether because she’d been
left home alone that night.
Finally, after quite a while, she popped up with that she felt left
out about that. And that’s when Michelle grinned at me, put on some music,
turned on just her bedside light, and got Amy to stand up to dance with
Most of Amy’s experience dancing was in PE class and just a couple of
school dances where mostly the guys stayed on one side of the gym and the
girls on the other side. Her dancing style was mostly the ones the teachers
taught like foxtrot and box dance. She and her girlfriends had practiced
some fast dances at sl**povers and just messing around. Her experience
didn’t include anything like Michelle showed her for the next hour.
First they did a kind of medium fast dance and Michelle looked as sexy
doing it as anything I’ve ever seen. She got Michelle and me to do the same
things with her, showing us all kinds of variations to different speeds of
music from really fast stuff to music we could have danced close during.
“Was that the way you were dancing with Dixie at the lounge?” Amy
asked after a long time and both of us blushed and told her no. “Show me
that kind, okay?”
I sat down to watch while Michelle put on a slow record I’d never
heard and started dancing with Amy.
At first, Amy was really up tight and doing everything but watching
her feet. But Michelle made her stop that and let her lead. I remembered
dancing with her at the lounge and felt myself flush at just the thought of
her sexy body moving against me like she was with Amy then.
She laughed and talked with Amy until she was pretty much at
ease. Then she started leading her, dancing close. She held Amy’s hand
tight to her shoulder and made it so she didn’t have any choice but to put
her head on Michelle’s shoulder. Her leg went between Amy’s and moved so it
pressed against her like when we danced at the lounge.
About the third song that way, Michelle started massaging Amy’s waist
or hip or back with one hand while she rubbed her hand with the other. Amy
was ready when Michelle put both arms around her and let Amy put both hers
around Michelle’s neck.
Then her lead hand started massaging Amy’s back and waist while the
other one went to her thigh and hip and bottom, pulling her closer and
closer into Michelle’s sensuously moving body. God it was a turn-on to
watch and, I knew, even more of a turn-on dancing with her that way.
When Amy lifted her head to say something about how nice it was,
Michelle’s lips met hers and stifled whatever the comment might have
been. That long kiss wasn’t broken before Michelle’s lead hand went between
them to find Amy’s little breast while the other hand started massaging
Amy’s bottom almost roughly.
Michelle finally broke the kiss to see what Amy’s reaction was to it,
I think, and Amy kissed her instead.
I didn’t really think Michelle needed Amy’s okay by then but it was
obvious that she’d gotten it anyway as Amy’s hands held Michelle’s head in
the kiss and rubbed her back at the same time.
They kept moving in time with the music but I knew from my experience
with Michelle that Amy wasn’t really thinking about dancing at all any
I didn’t need to see it to know when Michelle lowered the zipper on
the front of Amy’s dress and put her hand inside the opening to touch Amy’s
otherwise naked breast. I could hear her moan over the music, even with her
mouth covered by Michelle’s kiss.
It was super sexy to watch Michelle’s hand lift the back of Amy’s
tight skirt and start directly massaging her bottom with only the filmy
panties between their skin. Amy’s bottom was clenching and releasing with
each squeeze of her asscheek and, I think, maybe even showing a couple of
little orgasms.
Amy didn’t move away from her when Michelle’s hand went around her
waist under the skirt and, between them, went between her legs in the
front. The way the back of Amy’s panties moved, I knew Michelle’s hand was
in her panties and probably even inside Amy. It was certainly obvious when
Amy came with her front pumping into Michelle’s hand wildly.
The climax hadn’t passed, I don’t think, when Michelle’s hand went
around my little s****r’s waist under the skirt, pushing her panties over
the cute globe of her bottom on one side and then the other.
Always thinking, Michelle had maneuvered Amy to the edge of her bed
and, when her panties were down almost to her knees, pressed her back
against it. Amy gasped a little with surprise but let Michelle push her
back to sit on the bed as Michelle pulled her panties the rest of the way
Before that had really sunk in, I think, she put both hands in the
unzipped opening of Amy’s top and pushed it off her shoulders and down her
arms. She looked sexier than I ever thought possible as she looked up into
Michelle’s eyes with a sparkly look and licked her lips, her dress entirely
bunched around her waist. She just put her head back and held onto Michelle
as Michelle’s mouth went down to her little breast. She groaned with
pleasure, one stocking covered leg going around Michelle’s thigh, as
Michelle suckled her to another orgasm almost immediately.
Watching from my position a few feet away on the chaise lounge, I
could see everything, from Amy’s high heels and long, stocking covered legs
writhing around, to Michelle’s gorgeous bottom sticking up in the air
invitingly as she bent over her.
Taking a step back and letting Amy rest back on her elbows, Michelle’s
short skirt back rode up above her thigh high stockings and nearly gave me
the view between her legs I wished for, only a few inches away from the
back of the lounge I sat on.
Amy moaned loudly as Michelle put her mouth over Amy’s pussy. One of
Amy’s high heels lifted straight up in the air while the other heel hooked
the edge of Michelle’s bed, opening herself widely to Michelle’s mouth.
I couldn’t stand it any more as Amy began having orgasm after orgasm
and reached my hand to the conjunction of Michelle’s legs from behind. I
didn’t know what to expect — perhaps a nasty look for interrupting her, a
shift out of my reach, or a scream — but I didn’t expect her to reach back
with one hand and pull her skirt all the way to her waist before bending
her knee to spread her legs for me.
From my position so close to her, I could see the glistening fluids as
they drained down the inside of both thighs onto the elasticized tops of
her stockings. I also had a great view of the way her puckered little
asshole seemed to kiss the air as her buns clenched and the way her pussy
opened to a quarter inch black hole that would accommodate my finger
She arched her back, raising her ass, as my finger slid into the
opening and my thumb found the swollen bud of her clit. That quickly, I had
a great view of two girls climaxing.

Chapter 7

AFTER QUITE A while, I think Michelle started getting a little sore and Amy
couldn’t stand it any more. Michelle straightened up and looked back at me
with a big wet grin on her face. Amy’s juices glistened from Michelle’s
nose to chin and from dimpled cheek to dimpled cheek.
My hand was greasy with Michelle’s fluids so I followed her to the
bathroom when she went to wash up. Just inside the door, she turned and put
her arms around my neck.
“Thanks for bringing Amy, honey,” she said before she covered my mouth
with her musky smelling face. If the smell hadn’t been intoxicating, the
kiss still would have been. It was a good thing she didn’t hold it for more
than a long moment before turning to the sink and washing her face and
I couldn’t help but watch as she lifted her skirt then and sat down on
the toilet with her legs spread while I washed my face and hands before
touching up my lipstick.
“It was sweet of you to finger me while I was doing Amy,” she said,
“My pleasure. I couldn’t stand it.” She finished and I watched her
wipe herself and pull her skirt down into place.
When we went back into the bedroom, Amy was curled in a ball with a
big grin on her face, sound asl**p.
“Let’s go check on our moms,” Michelle suggested and led the way back
to the dining room where we’d left them. They weren’t there so we checked
the kitchen and, not there, the living room. Michelle smiled and looked up
at the ceiling. She sat down on the nearest chair and took off her shoes
and I thought I knew what she was going to do and took mine off, too.
Then, together, we crept up the stairs to the second floor. Silently,
we crept up to the bedroom door and she very quietly pushed it open. They
weren’t there either but the bedside light was on and I recognized their
dresses and shoes near the foot of the bed. The door to the bathroom was
cracked open slightly and Michelle went straight to it and looked in.
She smiled and motioned me over. I looked in the crack and saw the
reflection of the huge bathtub in the mirror. Lois was laying back in the
bubble bath filled tub and mom was straddling her, their mouths locked
together in a passionate kiss.
As I watched, mom broke the kiss and looked into Lois’s face.
“Come here, cunt,” Lois growled in a sexy way. I’d never heard anyone
call anyone that and really wondered if it was very nice. “Bring me your
nipple right now!”
Looking a little sheepish, mom moved up enough that her breast was
over Lois’s mouth which hungrily covered it. I liked the ecstatic look on
her face as Lois suckled her.
I moved away and Michelle looked again before we stole back across the
bedroom and down the stairs.
“I think you’re staying the night,” she said softly as she picked up
her shoes and led me to the kitchen to get three Cokes. We went back to her
room with the Cokes. “Stay here and I’ll turn out the light in the living
room.” She was back in a few seconds and the house was dark behind her. We
shut the door and sat on the chaise lounge to drink our Cokes.
Michelle sat back with one leg up on the seat, her knee right by my
side where I sat. Her short skirt dropped between her legs, almost covering
her nakedness there but offering me a good view as we talked. Amy was still
asl**p on the corner of the bed with her dress tied around her
waist. Michelle absently took off Amy’s shoes and Amy stirred but didn’t
“I’ve got a nightgown you can sl**p in tonight. It’s really cute and
I’ll bet you’ll look great in it,” she said with a grin. “Let’s go ahead
and get ready for bed and then I want to dance with you again. Okay?”
Gulping at the thought of the sensuous dance I remembered from the lounge,
I nodded.
I asked her about the way her mom had talked to mine and she just
grinned. “Sometimes mom is a little butch,” she said.
“I thought it was pretty sexy,” I told her and she grinned at me.
She got up and walked to her chest of drawers and pulled out some
frilly material, looking around a little for all the parts. She put a pink
one on the bed next to Amy before dropping a white one next to me on the
chaise lounge. I didn’t move as she quickly unbuttoned her blouse and took
it off in a second, her skirt dropping to the floor in another second.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her hard, upward pointing nipples and her
c***d-like shaven pussy as she stood in just stockings and a garter
belt. She undid the belt and pulled down both stockings at the same time
without unfastening them from the garters, sitting down next to me. The
way she pointed her toes and clenched the muscles of her calves was
beautiful. I couldn’t believe how at ease she was with her beautiful body
and with me watching her.
Looking at the fine handful of black lace, she found the proper
openings and pulled it over her head. She carefully adjusted the lace
across her breasts so the unconsequential material lifted them and pressed
them together into a tight cleavage. The high waist tightened around her
ribcage and fell in a shapeless cascade onto the front of her thighs.
“There,” she said with satisfaction. “Okay. So you watched me. Now I
get to watch you. Right?”
“Ah, yeah. Sure,” I said, realizing what she was asking
now. Nervously, I tried to find the zipper on the back of my dress but as I
did, she did it for me. I shrugged it off my shoulders and stood up to let
it fall to the floor in a pool of material. I sat down and found the
openings of the nightgown she’d provided me and slipped it over my head.
Cut the same as hers, the thin silky material performed for me the same way
it had for her. It was more like a body stocking across my upper body,
clinging tightly around my rigcage and over the lace bra my breast forms
were in tonight. Better than the bra, it pulled everything together enough
that my own chest showed a cleavage.
If I’d have had to depend on the skirt part of it to cover anything,
it would have been a total waste. Since I’d kept my panties on, it was
alright, at least. I started to take off the thigh high stockings and
Michelle stopped me.
“Take off your panties instead,” she said. I blushed. Of course, the
panties wouldn’t have come close to supporting me so I’d tied myself
up. But they did cover the strings. I followed her direction and took off
my panties, feeling very vulnerable. “And your shoes, of course.” I did
that. I did it while keeping my legs crossed as much as possible.
When I was finished, she got up and stood in front of me, holding out
her hand. Standing up with her, she led me to the stereo and put on a
CD. She turned with a smile and put her arms under mine. Without heels, we
were almost exactly the same size, looked directly into each others’ eyes,
and pressed our breasts together between us. She was just enough to the
side that I immediately felt her warm pussy through the material of the
nightgowns as it pressed into my hip.
One of her hands was splayed open in the middle of my back while the
other found my bottom over the silky material.
I had nowhere to put my hands and arms but around her neck and
shoulders, one hand at the back of her neck under her long hair and the
other on her shoulder blade.
“You shave down there, too,” she stated and I just mumbled
positively. “Every day like I have to?”
“Maybe once a week or so but for special occasions,” I answered.
“Like tonight?” I nodded against the side of her head. “Do you think
tonight is a special occasion?”
“The most special,” I said and I could actually feel her smile
throughout her body.
“You do like me, don’t you?” she said more than asked.
“Yes. Very very much. You’re the … the sexiest person I’ve ever even
met. Even heard of.”
She hugged me and I could feel every curve of her body against me. So
far, I was doing fairly well at keeping my cool because I knew that as soon
as I started getting really hard, it was going to be uncomfortable. But it
was increasingly difficult, even with the instant reminder of the collars
and the position of everything that self-limited how excited I could
get. If I started getting turned on, it hurt and that stopped the turn
on. But it was getting so the pain wasn’t enough to overcome my mental
involvement with Michelle. That’s why, I guess, it felt a lot like she was
reading my mind when she spoke.
“Is the way you have your male parts comfortable?” I had to shake my
head. “Why don’t you do whatever and be comfortable?”
“If I did, it would end the illusion,” I said.
“Maybe. A little.” She just danced with me and I enjoyed that a
lot. “You could wear your panties. Or, better yet, I have the panties that
go with that nightgown. I just didn’t want anything in the way if … well,
you know.”
“Okay. If you want.”
She turned away from me and I sighed as I looked at her wonderful ass
when she bent over again to get into her drawer to search around for the
panties. It only took a minute but I enjoyed the minute anyway.
“Here. Oh. Let me do it. Okay?” I just smiled and shrugged. I didn’t
know whether I could stand her doing that.
She tossed the panties on the chaise lounge and crouched down in front
of me, lifting up my nightgown. Right away, she found the little bow on the
front of my stomach and undid it. When she let go of the strings, it
stayed in place by itself, just caught a little between my ass cheeks. I
bent one knee like she had when I’d played with her, and felt the strings
come loose as my cock’s weight pulled free.
With the collars, of course, it was still soft but free now and
already much more comfortable. Even my small testicles felt better when
they weren’t up tight against me like they had to be.
“Do you keep the ring things on?” she asked and I shook my head. Like
taking a ring off your finger, I worked the outer one off easily and then
did the same with the inside one. It was always harder to do but now it was
even worse. I had to twist it and turn it as I pulled outward. She
continued to watch from a vantage point only inches away.
“There,” I said as it came free. She picked up the panties and held
them at about knee height for me to step in with one foot and then the
other. They were French cut and, when she lifted them into place, had about
a half inch wide strip of material over each hip bone. The middle was very
low and the part that went between my legs was only about an inch wide,
too, She carefully placed my penis along the widest part that followed the
material up toward my hip to the side, smoothing the panty material with
her fingers. It was unbelievable having her touch my penis that way.
I didn’t hold out much hope that it would stay in that narrow strip of
material, but it settled there for now.
“Does it look okay?” I asked.
“Sure. It’s neat. You look right and you’re more comfortable, too.”
She stood back up and put her arms around me again just as before. The
difference now being that I could feel the more extensive heat of her pussy
directly against my cock as we danced.
The feel of her naked legs as they rubbed on my stockings,
particularly the insides of my thighs, was wonderful.
“I can feel you,” she sighed. “Do I turn you on?”
“More than anything,” I gasped, trying to keep some kind of control. I
could feel her smile again. We danced for a long time before she said
anything else.
“You’re not agressive like the guys I’ve gone out with,” she noted.
“I try to stay in character. To think like a girl when I’m dressed
like one,” I said.
“You do a very good job. I guess that I’m a more agressive
girl. Anyway, I really want to be agressive with you now. Would you be
“N-no,” I stammered.
“I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do.”
“I want to do anything you do,” I said. She danced, almost without
moving our feet, for quite a while again, thinking.
“I want to treat you like a girl,” she said and I nodded against her
shoulder. “But I want you to treat me the same way. Okay? I mean, like
girls making love.” I gulped. She’d done these things at the lounge but it
was somehow even more exciting now.
“Yes,” I sighed near her ear.
She moved away from me then and climbed onto the bed, never breaking
eye contact. She moved as sinuously as a cat, posing and smiling as she
moved. She didn’t have to gesture for me to follow her onto it and beside
Rolling to her side, she welcomed me beside her by putting her hand on
my side. I lay my head on my curled arm and looked into her eyes from a few
inches away. Her eyes roamed down my body, her legs spreading and
encouraging me to put my upper leg between hers. When I did it, she lifted
her free leg until her knee was at my waist and her foot on my lower thigh
near my bottom.
She rolled toward me, her arm going around to the middle of my back
but forcing her soft breast against mine. Her fingers found the catch on
the back of my bra and deftly flipped it loose through the nightgown’s
material. I felt it loosen slightly but the relatively tight material of
the nightgown still held my breast forms in place.
Her hand went to my neck and pulled me into a long long kiss that was
making me breathless, not because of the position or closed breathing
passages but because of my unleashed excitement. I didn’t think the panties
were going to hold what she’d raised now but the position kept it in place
for the time being.
Her tongue extended deep into my mouth with searching, lapping entries
and exits. She acted hungry for me and made me vibrate with agreement. Her
hand cupped my left breast as the front of my thigh made contact with the
conjunction of her legs. I honestly wondered if it would burn my skin, it
was so hot there. She gurgled at the touch.
I had to open my eyes to regain some touch with reality and saw the
light blue veins of her closed eyelids an inch away. They fluttered like a
hummingbird’s wings but didn’t open.
She let me lick and suck on her tongue as her lips wet the area all
around my lipstick covered mouth. We drooled together and she licked my
cheek quickly and plunged back into my mouth again. She was humming like a
rapidly spinning top and humping her center into my thigh.
As if frustrated or disgusted, she suddenly broke the kiss with a moan
and pushed me away. Her eyes searched down between us before her tongue
quickly licked my lips and chin and neck and the hollow there before
hungrily biting and licking down to the puckered skin of my cleavage. Her
hand jerked the shoulder strap down my upper arm, trapping it against my
body and restricting me to touching her from armpit to hip.
She dove to my front where she’d pulled the nightgown aside so I could
suddenly feel the cool air of the room on my sweaty chest. Her tongue found
my nipple, my real nipple, and lapped at it for an agonizing moment before
her teeth found it and bit it hard enough to drag a short cry of surprise
from me.
Her leg still over mine, she twisted then, pulled up the nightgown in
front, and continued to bite and lick her way down my ribcage and my
stomach to the waistband of my panties. If I’d been able to think, I
wouldn’t have been able to conceive of a way she could curl herself up that
way. But before I could think about it or cared to she had twisted her body
further, her legs moving to the side. She was licking and biting the inside
of my thighs to the accompaniment of my yips of surprise and excitement.
Her hand slid into the back of my panties, pushing them down and
tightening them as her breasts pressed into my stomach.
“Oh! Oh! M-Mi-chelle! Oh!” I heard myself and my panties were almost
ripped down to my knees and then pushed further, to tie around my ankles.
Wild, she pushed my knees wide apart and dove between my legs. If I’d
even remembered my male equipment was there, I’d have wondered where
because her mouth was sucking all around the skin between my legs.
Part of the reason I didn’t think about it was that I opened my eyes
wide with the feeling and saw her body twisted back in an arch away from
me. I moved in a single twisting motion to her and slid both hands into her
panties so I was looking at her indented tummy between her hipbones and the
totally hairless expanse of skin there.
I wrestled with the panties for a second before they slid off her ass
cheeks and down her thighs. I didn’t pause at her knees but kept them going
to her ankles, my arms stretched above my head.
Her scent was so strong from the fractions of an inch away that it
almost overpowered me. Certainly my desire to taste her was overpowering
and I didn’t pause as her knees spread and her heels lifted to touch her
ass. Her toes flared as my mouth covered the opened expanse between her
pussy lips.
Her fingernails clawed my bottom to pull me closer to her mouth as I
began to kiss and suck and lick wildly. Her moans and cries were muffled by
her position between my legs. Her sticky fluids coated my face from my nose
to my chin as I licked broadly and sucked at loose skin, at her opened
hole, at her thighs, at her long hard clit.
I couldn’t hold her center as it began to buck against my face in wild
spasms but when I moved back a fraction of an inch to catch a breath, her
hand went to the back of my head and pushed me back into place. It
continued like that for a wonderfully long time and I knew she was coming
even if I ignored the torrent of fluids that I felt duty bound to keep up
When her body suddenly froze into a quivering ball of tightened
muscles, I both felt and heard her moan between my legs. Then it broke into
wild movement that included her hand returning to my bottom and a long
finger that found my asshole. My center pressed into her face hard as it
tried to get away from that wonderful probing finger.
I knew I was coming but I didn’t think of the mechanics of it at
all. I didn’t remember that my come was probably splashing against her
chest or neck. I didn’t know where any of those parts of my body were or
Then it passed with an added little flutter of her finger in my ass
before she pulled it free. Her legs were wrapped around my head but I
could breathe if I wanted and felt the air hitch inward borne on waves of
her feminine smell.
She spread her legs again, releasing my head, and pulled away. I knew
it had to be over now and knew I couldn’t be disappointed in the least. She
moved but I just lay in a fog of pleasurable blue afterglow. And she was
over me. I could feel her close above me.
“Open your eyes for me, my little cunt,” she moaned very very
softly. “Open your eyes and look at my come all over my face. Open you eyes
and your mouth and clean my come off my face.”
It was almost a growl, a feral demand for my attention that I couldn’t
ignore. I opened my eyes and saw her wet face, a string of come clinging to
the side of her cheek and hanging down in a quivering inch long web
end. She lowered her cheek over my mouth and I found myself hungrily
licking her face and tasting the slightly salty flavor of the come. It was
getting me more and more excited and my body was bounding below her as I
did it.
“Now I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck your pussy,” she
moaned. “I’m going to put my cock in you and make you cry your need for me
until I fill your body.”
I was still writhing with the excitement of her words and her body on
me and the smell and taste of both our come.
Then her knees were between mine, spreading them wide. She sat upright
and my eyes wouldn’t focus except to see the black of her scanty nightgown
and the white of her skin and hair above me. And she was in me. No. I must
be in her. But …
Then her knees were under my thighs, spreading my legs and I was sure
she was in me. I could feel her inside, moving. I lifted my stocking
covered legs into the air, my knees far up her sides and her hands went to
the insides of them and pressed outward and still further up.
As I looked into her smiling eyes, I could see my feet behind her
head, bouncing as she plunged herself into me. As she fucked me. She was.
Her nostrils flared and she grimaced before her mouth opened and
covered mine. I could hear my screams reflected from her head to mine where
they were trapped.

Chapter 8

AFTER WE REGAINED our senses, we went together to the bathroom. While I was
sitting on the toilet, she suggested we straighten up our nightgowns and go
check on our mothers to make sure we were staying.
Again, we snuck up the stairs. The bedroom door was still open a crack
as we’d left it. This time our mothers were in the big bed though not
asl**p. It was very hot to see them, Lois over the top of my mom with her
head buried between her spread legs and her own pussy against my mother’s
Since they were both moaning and squirming around on the bed, Michelle
and I grinned at each other and went back down the stairs to her room.
Amy woke up partially when we moved her between us up on the pillows.
“Let’s show her how it’s done, okay,” Michelle said with a big grin as
she pulled off her panties and put her hands in the back of mine to push
them down. I helped and quickly had my own panties off as well. We hadn’t
pulled the sheet up yet so it wasn’t in the way when she moved down to
Amy’s tittie and started sucking on it. She motioned and I joined her on
the other breast.
Amy was squirming and moaning in no time at all with both of us
suckling her little titties.
I didn’t know what Michelle had in mind when she turned Amy toward
her, taking over the breast I’d been sucking. I could only watch as she
lifted Amy’s top leg so it spread her legs. Then I knew because she
reached between them and put her hand around my cock and pulled gently. I
“Michelle! She’s my s****r!” I hissed.
“So? You mean you’ve never made love? You and her?”
“Well, yeah, but –”
“You just don’t want to do it when I’m around. Right?”
“No. Well, okay. I’ll do it. But I’m really not supposed to, you
“Yeah, and you’re not supposed to be in my bed and you’re not supposed
to wear girl’s clothes and a bunch of other things. Come on.” I could see
her point. What the hell!
I shrugged and moved up against Amy’s back as she guided me into my
s****r’s wet pussy. She let out a long sigh as our bodies molded tightly
together with me completely inside her now. It was neat feeling the way
she kind of vibrated with excitement as Michelle went back to sucking her
nipple. It was great having her soft hand cupped around my balls and
rubbing me the way she was doing.
I didn’t think it was going to take very long for Amy to go over the
top. Or me either, for that matter, and apparently Michelle thought the
same thing because she abandoned the nipple and slid down on the bed a
She put her hand all the way between both our legs to find my asshole
with her finger as she started licking Amy’s clit and labia. That’s when
Amy lost it and I almost couldn’t keep up with her for long enough to empty
out my balls into her.
Michelle made sure that we didn’t drip on the sheets by licking Amy’s
pussy clean and my cock at almost the same time. We didn’t even have to get
up to go to the bathroom, she did such a good job.
It took about two seconds after she pulled the sheet up over all three
of us for me to fall asl**p.

Chapter 9

I SLEPT IN the nightgown with no panties as did the two girls. Maybe I
should have put them back on before I went to sl**p because, when I woke
very early in the morning, I had a morning hard-on that was only made worse
by the feel of silky material on my body and against my side where Amy
still lay.
I hadn’t come fully awake and hadn’t done anything about covering
myself more thoroughly, when I felt some movement of the bed. I’d never
before awakened to my normal hard- on already being taken care of by
another person.
I didn’t have to look to know that Michelle had her beautiful mouth
around my cock. She didn’t move her mouth up and down its length like I’d
heard it was done. Instead, she had it very deep in her mouth and was
alternately sucking and releasing it like you would a clitoris and she’d
spread my legs very far and was holding we widely opened.
Surely that would have been enough to send me over the edge in a few
seconds but when she plunged her thumb, or maybe a couple of fingers, into
my asshole and started pumping in and out like it was a pussy, it was all
I don’t know how she possibly contained all my come. Even swallowing
as fast as she could, it had to be ten times more than she could hold. I
couldn’t even feel my body any more when I was finished.
But she wasn’t finished with me yet. I heard her whisper in a dark
sounding tone.
“You don’t get off that easy.”
And I didn’t have to open my eyes to know what was so close to my
mouth then as I felt her shins against my arms, her soft bottom against my
upper chest, and her hands seeking the back of my head to pull me up to
I was absolutely helpless to do anything but lick the fluids that seem
to come out of her in never ending streams as she squealed and rocked with
her orgasms. God, the wonderful smell and taste of her covering my mouth,
and pulsing forward and back into my nose.
As I wondered vaguely how long she could stand it, she lifted away
from my face and crawled down until her bottom was holding my dick straight
up in the air between her ass cheeks as she nuzzled the side of my face and
made little happy purring noises through her heavy breathing.
“You’re so good!” she was moaning into my neck over and over and
over. “So good!”
* * *
I know I dozed, or maybe even slept soundly, for a while before I woke
again and felt her weight against my chest in the same position I’d felt
I still had a hard-on but now it was a more normal morning hard —
filled almost to overflowing with my need for the bathroom.
I looked down across her body and slid sideways out from under her
without her even stirring. I sat down to take my piss, thinking about our
night together. I’m pretty sure I was just sitting there with a starry-eyed
look on my face when I sensed someone else in the room.
“Hurry Dix,” I heard before my eyes focused on Amy. “I’m about to
“Morning, Amy,” I said and stood up as soon as I saw her. She took my
place immediately, the fluids cascading into the toilet as she sighed with
“Oh yuck!” she said, her legs spread to watch as gobs of white foamy
material squeezed out of her after she’d emptied her bladder. “I guess
that’s a part they never tell you about in the books, huh?”
I laughed.
“Hey, that was really special last night. I still can’t believe how
neat it all was,” she grinned. “Thanks, Dix.”
Her eyes glanced down the nightgown and, I was pretty sure, to where I
hung somewhat below the hem. I didn’t look down but shifted so I thought it
might not be so obvious. I smiled back at her with a little embarrassment.
“You enjoyed it all, too, didn’t you?”
“You bet! Are you crazy?” She just shrugged and looked back down
between her legs as the goop continued to flow in a slow, viscous stream.
The thought of what we’d all done the night before was beginning to
tell on me and I could feel it getting harder. I wondered if I ought to go
in and get dressed or, at least, find a pair of panties to go with the
“Did you like what you and I did, too?”
“Of course.”
“As much as with Michelle?”
“The perfect thing was being with both of you,” I said
diplomatically. Michelle still turns me on more than anyone I’ve ever known
or even seen in the movies and stuff.
She was still slowly flowing.
“Hey, I’m bored,” she said after a minute. “Would you come here? Just
a little closer?”
“Yeah,” I took a step toward her. “What do you want?”
She grinned up at me and reached between my legs before I could react,
even though it was almost like she was aiming a fist at my nuts. That’s
something that every guy reacts to instinctively. She still caught me with
a hand on the back of my thigh and her wrist right up against my balls. She
pulled me the other step toward her.
“Maybe I won’t be bored this way,” she said as she leaned forward and
took my dick right into her mouth. I gasped and jumped a little in surprise
but she was holding tight enough that she kept me where I was. I guess I
didn’t really pull away very well, either.
God, yesterday I would have never believed that Amy would do something
like that with anybody and I sure as hell knew I wouldn’t have let her with
me. Now she wasn’t even hesitating. Instead, she produced a powerful
suction that made me take another step toward her and sigh at the same time
with the great feel of it.
Her other hand went to my bottom over the nightgown material and
pulled me even closer so she could sit up a little more, exactly in line
with my middle.
That’s when she started moving her mouth up and down the length of it
and squeezing my buns softly.
“Mmm, Amy. Be careful. I don’t …” I thought I was going to say she
didn’t know what she was in store for but I didn’t have time to warn
her. Instead, I went off in her mouth and she started moving me back and
forth to completely drain me.
When I opened my eyes to look at her, she had a little bit of come
around her lips but she’d taken the whole load and swallowed it.
“Cute,” I heard behind me and looked over my shoulder as Amy finished
cleaning me with her lips. Michelle was leaning against the edge of the
bathroom door with her arms crossed under her full breasts and a big smile
on her face.
“It tastes great,” Amy said as she licked her lips from her new
position a little away from me. I was softening rapidly as her hands left
my bottom.
“I know. Wish I’d been a couple of minutes quicker so I could have had
some, too.” Amy started to get up and, in the slightly different position,
squeezed out another large bunch of our combined come.
“Yuck. It looks like you can still have some if you want it,” she said
with a wrinkled nose.
“I sure have to go to the bathroom,” Michelle said as Amy grabbed up a
goodly amount of toilet paper and wiped the worst of it off.
“Sure. I’m sorry,” she said and got up as Michelle walked between us
to take her place.
Standing, Amy had to reach past Michelle to get some more toilet paper
as some more apparently rolled down the inside of her thigh.
“Oh, don’t waste it,” Michelle said and did exactly what Amy had done
to me, reaching between her spread legs with one hand and pulling her to
I could only watch as Michelle drained her bladder and began licking
Amy’s pussy at the same time. Amy’s eyes got big first and then seemed to
lose focus as it began to feel good. She bit her lower lip just before her
body lost coordination and her hands went to Michelle’s mussed hair to pull
her closer to her orgasm.
Less than a minute later, we were all in the big bathtub with the
shower running over us. I sat on the bottom and ate Michelle’s pussy as the
water beat at her swollen breasts, Amy pressed up against her back and
stroking them for her.
I almost drowned but it was still great.
We spent most of the next half hour, two of us washing the third and
then two drying the other until we’d all had two big climaxes.
When we went back into the bedroom, pink from the towel rubdowns, I
was at least thinking about going back to bed with them. I’m pretty sure
that’s what they were thinking, too. But we all smelled the bacon at the
same time and our stomachs competed for the loudest response.
Michelle grabbed an oversized tee-shirt and tossed some things from
her drawer toward each of us as she said, “I’m going to get there first!”
It was a challenge Amy and I couldn’t compete with as we stepped into
shorts and tee-shirts . Of course, I was last because I had to do a bra and
the breast forms that neither of the others had to bother with.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much chattering and laughter as I
heard during breakfast. Everyone was happy.
* * *
“Did you girls have fun last night?” Lois asked, looking at each of us
with a coy look. I blushed a little but I think Amy almost lost it because
my little blush didn’t hardly register and hers did, drawing Lois’s
attention. “Amy?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Did you learn lots of things?” Amy almost turned purple, she blushed
so hard. It was a lot like when I caught her with the dildo. She could
hardly open her mouth.
“Yes, ma’am,” she squeaked.
“Really. What exactly did you learn?” I was even getting embarrassed
for her now. Lois was really putting her on the spot. She choked and gasped
and thought furiously.
“A, ah, lot of stuff,” she croaked out finally.
“About what?” Lois was leaning closer and closer toward her as she
kept pushing. I saw that her smile was getting broader all the time as
well. I wished I could help Amy but I didn’t know what I could say that
wouldn’t just make it worse.
“Sex,” she mumbled so quietly into the front of her tee-shirt that I
almost couldn’t hear her from right beside her.
“Ah, sex, ma’am,” she said a little louder.
“Sex? Really?” Lois was having fun with her but it was definitely at
Amy’s expense. This was the first time I wondered if I liked her very
much. The only other time was when I thought she was taking Michelle home
and they weren’t related. “You learned about sex in my house?” she k**ded.
Dammit, Amy didn’t know her well enough to be k**ded this way. It was
cruel. Amy could only nod, her chin still buried on her chest.
“Lois. Come on,” I said finally. “Don’t tease her.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t tease,” she said, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “I
just want to know.”
She turned back to Amy.
“You learned about sex. Did you learn about sex with my daughter?” She
nodded the same way again. “You didn’t have sex with my daughter, did you?”
She nodded, never looking up. “And your … s****r?” The pause was long
enough to make a point. Amy flushed again and looked toward me quickly. I
was frowning but it wasn’t at her.
“It’s okay, Amy,” I said, patting her shoulder. She was almost to
burst into tears. “She’s just teasing you.”
I was surprised mom didn’t do something. Lois was her friend for a
long time anyway. I looked at her and, I thought, her face probably looked
just like mine. She was frowning and looking from Lois to Amy and back. She
glanced at me, locking eyes for a second, then shifted to looking down at
her own lap like Amy was.
“Madge. Could what I think happened, really have happened?” she asked
mom. Mom didn’t say anything. She did sigh loudly. “Madge, I want to know
the details of this and Amy just isn’t being very helpful. I think I need
to ask in a different way.”
“Lois, I don’t think –” mom started.
“Stand up, Madge. It appears we need a model so the questions are
completely clear.” Mom shifted in her chair uncomfortably. Lois hadn’t
been looking at her but now she turned to her. I could only see part of the
look she gave mom but I really didn’t like it. “Madge?”
Looking resolved, mom got up beside Lois and Lois sat back from the
table slightly. Her hands went to mom’s hips, moving her between herself
and the table. Mom looked humiliated as she stood there waiting. Lois
looked up at her face and smiled for the first time during the display.
Then her fingers went to the blouse mom was wearing now — it must have
been Lois’s because she’d been wearing the dress last night. Very quickly,
Lois’s fingers undid the blouse, pulled it out of the white skirt, and
spread it back over mom’s shoulders opening her bare breasts to all our
inspection and tying her arms behind her back at the same time.
Lois’s hands went to mom’s breasts and began to knead and press at
“Did you learn this?” she asked Amy. Amy mumbled “yes.” Mom blushed
and looked away from us but didn’t move.
Her fingers found mom’s already hardened nipples and started rolling
and pulling on them gently.
“This?” she asked and Amy nodded shakily. Lois smiled approvingly.
“This then?” she said as she moved her lips to mom’s nipple and mom
cringed. I could see the way her tongue moved behind her indented cheek
when she sucked and licked her. Mom’s foot came off the floor a
little. “Yes,” Amy moaned and Lois sat back upright to look at her.
“Hmm. All right then, did you do anything like this with my daughter?”
she said and lifted up mom’s white skirt. She cringed again, went pale, and
went up on tiptoe but Lois still uncovered her naked front below the
pleated hem. I didn’t know her pubic hair was shaved off before. Really
embarrassed, she practically threw her head to the side away from us and
didn’t relax a muscle from the way she’d been tensed.
She’d taken a huge sighing breath and now only breathed out slightly
and gasped it back in when Lois’s fingers went to her pussy. “Yes,” Amy
gasped out, squirming in her chair. I’m not sure if it was mom’s discomfort
or my own, but I was squirming, too.
“Then I’m sure you did this,” Lois stated as she pinched mom’s pink
nub of a clit between her finger and thumb. Amy gulped hard and only nodded
spastically. “I thought so. And this, of course.” She moved her fingers
back down to mom’s pussy, lifting her even further onto tiptoe and licked
her clit with her extended tongue. Then she looked back at Amy who was
still nodding as she stared at Lois’s fingers in our mom.
“Then tell me, did you do this?” Very deliberately, Lois moved her
fingers and, even though I couldn’t see it from where I was, put them into
mom’s asshole. I think we all gasped and Amy froze with her mouth wide
open. “You missed that?” she asked but no one answered.
I was amazed when I heard Michelle’s sighed answer. “We didn’t miss
“Hmmm,” her mother said. “And I know you couldn’t have missed this.”
Without moving her fingers out of mom’s bottom, she reached to the
cupboard next to her and pulled a bag of clothespins nearer. Amy looked to
the side at me with surprise and I passed it on to Michelle who was
blinking with surprise, too, when she looked back at me. Apparently none of
us knew what was going on but we saw quickly.
Lois held open one of the clothespins and guided it around mom’s left
nipple as all of us watched aghast. When she let it go and mom gritted her
teeth and grimaced with the pain, I started instinctively to jump to my
feet to defend her but mom’s spread open hand came out toward me and I sat
back down before I’d fully gained my feet. There wasn’t a sound in the room
but the sound of the bl**d coursing through my ears. Then mom started to
moan and I saw that her middle was moving in a sort of fucking motion on
Lois’s fingers in her ass and her thumb in her pussy. I shook with combined
rage and excitement as Lois reached for another clothespin and put it on
mom’s other nipple.
Sweat had broken out on mom’s chest and forehead now but somehow she
was supporting herself on her arms and her backside against the table
because now both her legs, her ankles bent radically and toes straining
outward, were spreading and raising from the floor in vibrating jerks.
I think we all jumped when Lois’s chair slide back with a rasping
noise as she leaned forward and put her mouth over mom’s clit again. But
this time, her cheeks hollowed tightly to the shapes of her teeth with a
narrow line down the side where it was even sucked hard between them as she
sucked. I could see her teeth working up and down to the tiniest separation
that made mom wince and jerk her legs up in pain. Then the separation
reappeared and again closed with the same reaction.
After two or three more repetitions, her free hand snaked out and
slapped at mom’s breasts. But she missed, I thought. But, with mom’s
outcry, I knew she’d hit the clothespins attached to her nipples instead.
“OH OH! OH! OHHHH!” mom cried out at the ceiling as Lois batted the
clothespins back and forth roughly.
But I could also see her huge orgasm as it racked her body, tensing
every muscle in her spread legs.
Lois, her arm muscles showing clearly, was pounding her hand into
mom’s holes and pulling her head an impossibly long way away from mom’s
body with her clit still trapped in the suctioning, biting mouth. If
anything, she hit the clothespins harder and even made direct contact with
mom’s breasts a few times.
Peripherally, I heard Michelle moan on one side of me but saw Amy’s
hand tug at her own nipple as her little body bounded. I saw and heard it
all peripherally because that’s when I realized I was filling my borrowed
shorts with come.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Lois move back away from mom’s reddened
and angry looking clit, a flushed and sadistic look on her face. Mom’s legs
came down to the floor again with a final flop that left her feet so they
wouldn’t support her. That was a response to Lois pulling her fingers out
of her. My nose wrinkled as I watched her lick and suck on her thumb and
fingers, mom’s juices already running down her chin and neck.
“Did you do that?” she said, turning fully to Amy and, indirectly, to
“N-n-n-no,” Amy stuttered out slowly while I shook my head in
disbelief. She gulped and crinkled up her eyes. “Doesn’t that hurt?” she
“The clothespins?” Lois asked. “Why gosh,” she feigned. “Madge? Did
that hurt?” We all knew it was a dumb question but I thought it was rubbing
it in a little for everybody the way she asked it.
“Yes,” mom gasped out between sobs for air.
“It hurts so good. Huh, baby?” Mom’s head went slowly up and
down. “How about this?” Lois asked before any of us could react and
suddenly jerked both clothespins off mom’s nipples without even squeezing
them open first.
I heard myself cry out just in reaction. Mom’s was much more complete
and loud. Then she started blabbering and fell back on the table with her
hands leaping to them.
For a couple of minutes, she writhed and moaned and, unbelievably,
“So which is better, my little cunt? Going on or coming off?” Lois
asked nastily.

Chapter 10

SOON AFTER THAT we left. There was something about what Lois had done to
mom that made us all quieter and our leave taking was much more subdued
than I’m sure it would have been before.
Michelle kissed Amy and I and thanked us for coming for the night and
for everything we did. Mom and Lois talked quietly and kissed before Lois
kissed Amy and I and we all went to the car.
All the way home, mom wouldn’t even look at us and seemed really
embarrassed even though we knew it hadn’t been her fault. When we got home,
Amy and I went and changed without saying much of anything to each
other. After I’d gotten into a pair of shorts and a halter top, I went down
and found mom in the kitchen looking out the window and sitting with her
hand on the handle of a full cup of coffee. It looked like she’d heated it
up and poured it for herself and then hadn’t touched it since.
I sat down at one of the kitchen chairs with her and sort of just
waited to see if she wanted to talk. She didn’t, even after Amy came in,
looked at us sitting there, and sat down, too.
Finally, when nothing happened, I got concerned.
“Mom? Are you okay?” Finally, for the first time since I’d sat down,
she moved. First she looked down at the cool cup of coffee for a minute and
then up at me. She smiled but shifted her eyes away really fast and took a
big sighing breath.
“Yes. I’m fine, honey. I’m sorry,” she said softly.
“I was just worried, mom. Are you, ah, hurt?”
“No, no,” she said, shaking her head but still not looking up at me
again. “I’m fine.”
“Then what is it?” She took another big breath and it sort of
shuddered as her lungs filled completely.
“I’m just … I’m embarrassed, sweetheart,” she said. I was still a
little confused but Amy jumped in then.
“She’s pretty mean, huh mom?” Mom smiled sort of strangely and still
wouldn’t meet Amy’s eyes.
“I guess you could look at it that way.” Finally she sat back and
looked directly into my eyes and then into Amy’s. “I owe you both an
explanation. It isn’t quite what you think.” She got up and went across the
room to dump the cold coffee and get a cup of hot before sitting back down
at the table across from us. The way she looked at us then was pretty much
like the old mom.
“Listen k**s. Do you know sometimes, when you’ve been at school all
day or something and you’ve been making all the decisions and doing what
you thought was right? And then you come home and, for a while, I tell you
what to do? Like clean your room or do the dishes or do your homework?
“Do you ever feel sort of relieved that you don’t have to make the
decisions for a while?” She looked from one of us to the other, I think
hoping that one of us would say yes. I really didn’t feel like that. It was
mostly a pain to come home and be treated like a little baby or something
but I thought I saw what she meant.
“Sure, mom,” I said. I stretched it. “It’s sort of comfortable or
“Uh huh. Okay. Well, when you get older and you’re making all the
decisions every day and worrying that what you’re doing is right or not,
then it gets even worse. There’s never any letup.” I’d never though of it
but I guessed that she probably got pretty tired of being responsible for
all of us and taking care of us all the time.
“Well, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else take over for a
while. Someone to make all the decisions and tell you what to do. Take the
responsibility away.
“Well, what it does is you feel like you can do anything that this
other person tells you to do without having to take the blame. They made
you. You understand?”
“I think so.”
“Uh huh,” Amy said.
“Well, with sex things, sometimes it’s really exciting just to be told
what to do and follow orders. Some people call it Sado-Masochism with the
person telling the other what to do called a Sadist and the other person
the Masochist.”
“I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of that. Like the count or whatever he was
that tortured people in the middle ages.”
“I think that’s where it got its name. The Marquis de Sade.”
“That’s it. He worked for a church or something, right?”
“Uh, I don’t think he did. He just used it for sport. But you’re right
that other people did. In the Inquisition. But even that was different.
“I’m getting off track. Anyway, when one person makes the sex
decisions and the other just follows orders, that is sometimes called
domination and submission. One person is dominant and the other
She looked at the back of her hands for a minute, getting her thoughts
in order, I guess.
“Well, that’s what Lois and I were doing this morning. She was dom.”
“But, does that include doing things that hurt?”
“Sometimes it makes the pleasure very very sharp when it hurts a
little. Not so it does damage to you but just when it hurts. It brings your
nerves very close to the surface.”
“What about making you do things that embarrass you, mom?” Amy said
“Well, I guess that’s sort of part of the bargain you make. If you
give over the decision making, you can’t just give over part of it. You
have to agree to do anything. And, sometimes even the embarrassment is like
the pain. It makes the experience more exciting. Do you see that?”
“Yeah, I guess,” Amy said skeptically. “I still don’t think I’d like
to have those clothespins … you know.”
“I know. None of it is for everyone but sometimes something different
is interesting.”
I could see that Amy and I agreed that it didn’t look like any fun at
“Some men think what you are doing, Dix, is the same thing. A dominant
female insists that they dress as a woman and make them do female
things. That embarrasses them the same way I was embarrassed by the
situation this morning.”
“I guess I can see that. Sort of a combination of being sexy and
embarrassed like I was at first that made it even more exciting,” I
responded, understanding better than I had before.
“Your dad started that way,” she added.
“What? I thought you said he was just like me.”
“Yes. At first and then later. But the first time I caught him
dressing in my clothes, he was just very embarrassed. And I guess I was a
little mad at him for doing it, too. Anyway, the first time, I made him
dress all the way and then had him do a bunch of cleaning and things to
show him what being a woman was really like.
“If we hadn’t made love at the end of it, it might almost have been
just punishment that would have kept him from doing it again. As it was, he
was embarrassed at being caught and at my making him do all the
cleaning. But then he decided he liked the feeling of the whole
She laughed then and her eyes lit up like they did when she talked
about him.
“He’d been dressing, with my help, for a couple of weeks when I
insisted that we go shopping, just like I did with you. I guess it was
mostly selfish. I didn’t want him wearing out my clothes. But partly it was
still extending that excitement that we both felt at the possibility of
being caught doing something that was a teensie bit bad.”
She grinned.
“He was so nervous he could hardly stand it and kept whispering to me
about how frightened he was every time something the least bit out of his
experience happened. Like looking at lingerie and getting shoes and the
first time trying on a dress in a dress shop.
“But the payoff was when we got home. He was so excited that we’d only
started necking a little on the couch when he climaxed in his new panties.
“After that and he got better at it and more comfortable, some of the
excitement wore off. But we still tried to do exciting things to recapture
“Really? You did special things just to keep him embarrassed like
“I don’t think we thought of it that way, but yes. We did.
“One time I took him to a lounge downtown and we both danced with the
guys and played around all evening. He was scared to death but pulled it
off without a hitch. No one ever knew he wasn’t just a beautiful woman who
was easily embarrassed.” She laughed.
“Taking him to the ladies’ room the first time was great.”
“I remember,” I said. “Michelle took me to the bathroom the first
“And it was exciting, wasn’t it?” I blushed just remembering. It was a
lot more than exciting. It was also the first time I’d seen a naked girl
and the first time anyone had done the things to me that she did that
night. “See?” she added with a grin at my discomfort.
“I can imagine what it’d be like to go into a boys’ bathroom,” Amy
“Nobody would really mind if they caught you in the boys’ room,” I
pointed out. “Oh, maybe at school at your age now. But nobody would call
the cops if they found out you were a girl.”
“Yeah. I suppose so,” she agreed reluctantly.
“What would you feel like if I had you take all your clothes off right
now and told you to stay in the living room no matter what –”
“Well –” she started.
“And then I called three of my friends to come over to the house?”
“Dix!!!!” She blushed all over and squirmed in the kitchen chair.
“What if I told you to put on your shortest skirt, put my dildo that
you’ve been using in you, and then had a party?” mom said and Amy’s face
went pale. “And had you serve snacks and drinks for everyone?”
“Oh, mom! You wouldn’t, would you?”
We both laughed as she continued to squirm.
“Would it be exciting?”
“Yeah! I guess so. But it would be so embarrassing if something
happened.” We just looked at her and grinned. “Okay. I see what you
mean. Both scary and sexy and exciting and really embarrassing.”
I saw that her hand was between her legs on the front of her little
shorts now like she seemed to do automatically when she got sexually turned
“You’re not wearing a bra, Amy,” mom said sort of
matter-of-factly. Amy sort of grunted and squirmed again. “The other
part. About that threshhold between pleasure and pain.”
It surprised me when mom put her hand on Amy’s chest and cupped her
breast. Amy blushed and looked down at her hand but didn’t make a move to
stop her. Her hand was still between her legs.
After squeezing it a little bit a couple of times, mom let her fingers
move up to Amy’s nipple that I could see through her tee-shirt now. It had
been growing since we’d switched the conversation to her, I’d noticed. I
decided to do the same thing, hoping that mom wouldn’t get mad because I
was ruining her demonstration or something. I thought I knew what she was
Amy gasped when I caught her other nipple but she still didn’t make a
move to stop us.
I saw mom’s finger and thumb grab hold of her nipple and did the same
thing. She was rolling it between them and pulling just a little bit as
Amy’s mouth opened a little and her tongue came out between her teeth.
I could see her fingers tighten on it and did the same thing, rolling
it harder until Amy was really squirming. But it still took me a little by
surprise when I saw her tighten her fingers even more and took Amy even
more by surprise. Her front was moving around and she was trying to keep
her little hand still but I could see the way her middle fingers were on
her clit now and rubbing with her movements on the chair.
“Ah. Ah,” Amy squeaked as mom pinched pretty hard and then moaned when
mom held on and pulled out a little more all the time. She was really
breathing funny and squirming a lot more as mom did that. Then her eyes
seemed to lose focus and she let her middle and her hand go, stroking
herself faster and more broadly. I could see she was going to come any
Then, just when I thought it was going to happen, mom pinched until
her fingers turned white with the pressure and she pulled hard.
“Oh, oh, oh! OH!!! OHHHHHH!” Amy moaned as she suddenly came. Right
away mom lightened up to just roll the nipple again and then just cupped it
in her hand as Amy started coming down from it.
“Mmmm. Oh, that …” Her tongue stuck in her dry mouth. “Oh. That felt
“I didn’t do it as long as Lois did with the clothespins this morning,
but that’s what it felt like. Do you see now?”
“Oh yes,” she moaned, stroking mom’s hand now.
I could smell her feminine smells and see the big wet spot on her dark
red shorts.
“Even though it hurts, it feels good, doesn’t it?”
“If that’s what you were feeling this morning, I can understand.”
“I thought you might.”

Chapter 11

AS I HAD all the time except when I was at school, I dressed every night
and slept in a nightgown. During the week, Amy and I slept in our own beds
and didn’t do anything else.
Friday, right at seven, Mike picked me up for our date. Of course, the
few hours between school and seven had been a whirlwind of showering, doing
hair and makeup, and trying to pick out just the right outfit. With Amy’s
help, I finally decided on a white tee-shirt material dress that I
particularly liked because of its really full skirt (though pretty short)
and the way it clung to my body like a second skin above the waist. It has
full sleeves and back but a slit right down the middle of the front from a
button on the throat to the top of my bra that shows off my cleavage in the
A wide white cloth belt and high white heels set it off perfect. Mom
loaned me her watch and a wide gold bracelet to go with it and I wore the
ankle bracelet over my sheer pantyhose. Dangly earrings went with mom’s
He looked really good in a loose cotton sportscoat, tee-shirt, and
pants with loafers and no socks. Sexy looking, I thought.
Mom was really sweet with him when he came in and this time didn’t
give us a curfew like before. I guess she trusted me a little more now and
I knew I wouldn’t stay out late and worry her.
He helped me into the car but got me to sit right next to him after he
started it and before he’d move.
“You really look beautiful tonight,” he gushed and I loved it, just
like anybody would that spent a lot of time trying to get that way. “Are
you ready for a party?”
“Sure. Yeah, I guess,” I said, wondering if I really was. I wondered
even more when we got to this big house in the ritzy part of town. A really
tall guy, dressed quite a bit like Mike, opened the door to us and smiled
all over when Mike introduced us.
“Paul’s my cousin on the rich side of the f****y,” Mike explained
seriously, though he made it a sort of joke. The look of the house made it
obvious he wasn’t k**ding though. “He has parties every time my aunt and
uncle leave town for a weekend.”
I could see there were already a bunch of people in the sort of f****y
room and a bunch more were coming in behind us. Mike introduced me to a
couple of dozen people from his school in about five minutes. They all
seemed like nice enough k**s and all the guys k**ded him about “Where did
you find her!” and stuff that made it sound like he was really lucky. The
girls seemed pretty friendly and everybody was paired up with somebody and
most of them had a guy’s arm around them so they didn’t seem to be jealous
or anything but, to start out, they were a little reserved. I wondered if
they were all rich bitches but I decided that I wouldn’t get bothered about
anything until I had a reason.
In the big room where the party was, there was a huge stereo and a
large screen TV with a ’30’s movie on. Frankenstein or something. Some
couples were dancing and others were sitting and either talking or watching
the movie and making comments. When Mike got me a drink, I found out that
somebody’d supplied booze cause my Coke had rum in it. I sipped it
carefully. I couldn’t afford to get d***k. Mike had a beer.
We sort of watched the movie for a while with Mike’s arm around my
shoulders. Mostly though, he talked into my ear over the increasing sound
level. Someone had turned up the music and the people watching the movie
turned it up so they could still hear. That made Mike talk more directly
into my ear or vice versa.
He was funny and, when he got to his third beer, got funnier than
ever. That’s when I decided it was in both our best interests if we danced
instead of drinking.
Since it was pretty early, there was a lot of fast music on and I
worked hard at doing something to it in high heels. It’s not easy, I found
I guess that sort of thing went on until about nine o’clock when
somebody put on a slow CD and most everybody was dancing to it. Some people
had had too much to drink by then and were doing more giggling than
dancing. Some others looked like they’d been in love for a while and were
really folded up in each other.
And that was the first time I’d danced slow with a guy. It was
interesting, to say the least.
It was quite a bit like dancing with Michelle (less sexy, of course)
and he led me with no problem. He was an excellent dancer and the only
difficulty was keeping up with him when he did something fancy.
He switched off from dancing pretty normally, to having my hand on his
shoulder and his head against mine, to having both arms around me with one
hand on the back of my bra and the other low on my waist in a slowly moving
It hadn’t been very long before he kissed me and from then on he
whispered things or hummed songs in my ear or kissed my neck. Of course, I
got turned on, hardened in the rings somewhat, softened because of the
reminder, and generally got messed up about the whole situation.
“Dixie?” he said in my ear. “Do you like me?”
“Uh huh,” I responded. “A lot.”
“I’ve never been with anyone I liked as well as you, Dixie,” he
whispered into my ear. And that’s when I realized that, at least for him,
it was getting serious. And I realized that we really had a problem.
Going out as a girl was one thing. Going out with somebody you liked
was necessary. Why go out otherwise? But getting involved was something
entirely different. He must have sensed the change.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
I knew I should tell him and I know what I should tell him. But I had
no idea what his reaction to my news would be. I knew it wouldn’t be
good. It was just how bad it would be. Yelling and screaming? Amazement?
Stunned rejection would be good. Screaming outrage would not be real great
in a room filled with a few dozen other people.
“I think we need to talk. Somewhere private. Okay?”
“Sure.” He stopped, still holding me and looking around the room for
something. He seemed to locate it and moved us across the room. I saw Paul
then, just before we got to him.
“Paul,” he said softly when we got to him. “Dixie and I need to
talk. Is there some place quiet?”
“Sure. Yeah. Go upstairs. The second door on the right is my
room. And, if there’s somebody already up there, go to the end of the
hall. My parents’ room. Okay?”
“Thanks, Paul,” he said and led me through the mash of people to the
stairway I’d noticed when we came in.
“Okay?” he asked and I nodded, biting my lip with nervousness.
His hand was in the middle of my back as he urged me upstairs and
stopped in front of Paul’s door. He listened at it like a spy, looking at
me. Then he grinned.
“Busy,” he said and put his arm around me again to move on down the
hallway. I let him guide me and listen again at the door of the room at the
end of the hall. Smiling again, he turned the knob and opened the door onto
total darkness.
“Light or no light?” he said with a grin.
“Light,” I answered, taking a deep breath. This was really going to be
hard and I dreaded it. But it just wasn’t fair for him not to know. To keep
going out with me and expecting something there was no way I could
deliver. It was a model of the frustrating situation.
He turned on the light, shut the door, and smiled.
“Locked or not locked?” he said with another grin. It held the same
question he’d been asking coyly before. Are we or aren’t we? That was the
question. And I knew the answer and it definitely wasn’t what he was
“Locked. But just so we can talk. Okay?” He smiled and nodded as he
locked the door. He turned from it with the smile and swept me into his
“We’ve got to talk, Mike. Seriously.”
“I could tell,” he said. “Okay. So I’m listening. What is it? Surely
it can’t be as …” He stopped and his jaw dropped. “You don’t have a, ah,
a boyfriend. Somebody else?”
“No. It’s not that.” He smiled again. Relieved.
“You’ve decided you really don’t like me?”
“No. Not that either.” He heaved a huge sigh of relief. “It’s a lot
harder than that.” God, this was really hard. Unbelievably hard.
“What? You don’t want to go out with me?”
“No, no,” I said too quickly. That would have been the easy way, I
realized, as it just came out. “But maybe …” I choked on it. He just
looked at me with his hands still on my sides. “Maybe you won’t want to
take me out again.”
“What?” He was getting frustrated now.
“I don’t know how to tell you.” I didn’t.
“Easy. Just blurt it right out. What could be so bad?”
“You’ll find out,” I said, sighing deeply. Worse than anything he
could think of himself. Nobody’s imagination is that vivid.
He pushed me out to arm’s length and looked at me seriously. No
k**ding now. He put his hands on my shoulders.
“Okay. I got it. It’s something that really bothers you. So all you
can do is tell me straight out before I bust. The suspense is worse than
“Maybe you won’t think so,” I said but realized I was almost teasing
him with it now and that was cruel. I took a deep breath.
“Mike, I’m not what you think I am. I’m a …” It caught in my throat
before I could get it all the way out and I could sense his tension. Ready
to explode. “Mike, I’m a … guy. A boy.”
He didn’t change his posture at all. He was frozen in place, staring
into my eyes. Then I watched his eyes trace down from my eyes, to lips, to
neck, to chest, and further down before bounding back up to my eyes. First,
he looked mystified by what I’d said. Then a grin started to spread across
his lips, slowly curling them into his big smile.
“I mean it. I really am,” I emphasized.
He chuckled and repeated the survey from top to bottom and back up
just as before but very slowly. He stopped as he looked into my eyes again.
“What’s the joke?” he said.
“No joke. It’s true. And it’s not fair to you to let you keep thinking
that I’m a girl.” He was frozen in place again. “It’s probably already gone
too far. I should have told you earlier. No. I just shouldn’t have gone out
with you in the first place.”
“You didn’t want to go out with me?” He didn’t seem to understand.
“Mike! Didn’t you hear what I said? I’m a guy. Just like you. And I
let you take me out and … and kiss me. Everything. And I didn’t tell
“You’re a guy,” he said flatly. It was a statement of fact but there
was no conviction behind the statement. He didn’t believe me.
He chuckled again and moved a step closer to me, enfolding me in his
arms as he did it and holding me tight against him.
“My name’s not Dixie. It’s Dixon. Dix. And I tried on my mom’s clothes
one time. They felt neat and she caught me doing it.” He held me close,
looking over my shoulder with his arms around me. “But instead of being
mad, she thought it was good and even encourages me.”
“You’re serious!” he said then.
“Of course I’m serious,” I said. “Why would I tell you that if it
wasn’t true?”
“But …” He stopped and pushed me back out to arm’s length
again. “You’re a boy?”
I nodded and looked right into his eyes. I was sorry it was true but
it was anyway.
“No,” he said flatly and smiled again. I nodded again and felt the
tear ready to roll down my cheek. I was so sorry and so unhappy.
“I’m sorry, Mike. I shouldn’t have ever –”
“You’re k**ding!” he exploded and I wondered if he was going to hit me
then. Beat the shit out of me for deceiving him the way I had. It was scary
but I was ready for it whatever it was.
“Mike, I’m sorry!” I almost cried and felt the tear run down my
cheek. “I’d give anything if it wasn’t true. Really! But it is anyway.”
“You’re a boy,” he stated flatly then. The anger was drained from the
statement. I nodded. He smiled differently and nodded then. “You’re a
boy. How about that?”
Now I couldn’t hold my sadness in check and more tears followed the
first one, a sob catching in my throat.
“I’m sorry,” I moaned and moved forward to hug him. “Really, really
sorry. I’m so sorry.”
He wrapped me up in his arms and held me tight as the tears flowed
freely and I sobbed against his shoulder. And, after a few minutes, I was
done with that and ready for him to take me home or whatever he decided to
“I’m sorry for making you cry,” he said then, still holding me
tight. “I … I just …”
“You’re disappointed. Mad at me. I know but …”
“No, that’s not it. Well …” He stopped before he confirmed it. “I
still can’t believe it.”
“It’s true,” I said.
“There’s only one way I’ll believe it,” he said and I looked up at his
face then, so close to me still.
“How?” I said naively.
He chuckled rather darkly. “How else?” One hand was still around my
back but the other went around to the front of my skirt and I felt him
lifting the hem and moving onto my front. He rubbed my tummy across my
pantyhose for a minute and I knew he wasn’t going to find what he was
looking for there.
Then he moved his hand down between my legs and I lifted one leg so he
could. His hand went back between my legs and then back to the front.
“I …” It was obvious that, soft, he hadn’t found anything to confirm
what I was saying. Just a soft bunch of flesh that could be anything.
“Here,” I said and pushed him away. Then I lifted up my skirt, finding
the edge of the big master bed behind my legs, and sat down as I pushed my
pantyhose down onto my thighs. That freed me from the position between my
legs but, soft, I knew he still might not be able to see anything.
He sat down on his knees in front of me and pulled my pantyhose the
rest of the way to my ankles.
Now I could see my freed penis, even though it wasn’t hard and seemed
terribly small.
“Hmm,” he said, pushing my thighs slightly apart and coming closer to
inspect. “You have an unusually large clitoris.”
I frowned to myself at his obvious lack of understanding just as he
leaned forward again and took the tip of it between his lips, licking it
between his teeth. I moaned at the feeling and let my legs fall apart as I
hadn’t before. His fingers rubbed down there on the soft spot beneath my
small testicles. A spot that I’d never felt in this way before.
“Turn over,” he said and I looked at him, wondering what could
possibly be going on now. “I want your pussy.” He moaned the words and,
totally dislocated, I turned onto my stomach, looking back at him behind
me. As I did, he again pushed outward on my thighs before disappearing from
my sight, except for his eyes and forehead.
His tongue found that same soft spot and was moving from there upward
and across my anus. His hands spread on the cheeks of my ass almost roughly
and the thumbs pulled them apart. I gasped loudly as his tongue found the
tight hole there and pressed into it. No one had ever done that to me
before and it felt amazing.
In spite of all the dressing and all the things I’d done since mom had
caught me, I’d never felt as feminine as I did with his tongue inside me
that way.
I guess, after he’d done that for a while, he’d used his saliva to
lubricate me. But the next thing I felt was his finger pressing its way
past my tight hole and into my body. As it curled and found parts of my
insides I’d never even thought about having touched, I started pumping my
middle back and forth instinctively with the movement of his finger.
“Are you ready to lose your virginity?” he asked with a big smile. I
wondered if he knew still that I wasn’t a girl. But I knew that was
I didn’t answer but felt him move his finger out of me and, in the
next second, something at once softer and harder, longer but more tender,
as it slid into my bottom.
“Oh! Oh, Mike! Oh, God, Mike!”
“Oh, yes, Dixie. God, you are such a beautiful little cunt!” He
shuddered as he pressed against my ass, fully hard inside me. He didn’t
pause but immediately move back again until he was almost to fall out of me
and then pressed immediately back inside all the way.
I loved it that he suddenly exploded into my insides and that he
wasn’t disappointed in me. But I had a moment of regret that I couldn’t
join him in it.
I felt him splash into my insides, press forward and blast another
mass into me, back off and then press forward again. He groaned with it and
But that situation lasted only a few heartbeats before he pulled out
in a motion, dropped back to the floor, and twisted me around to face him
again. His mouth was over me so quickly, it took my breath away.
I tensed as he sucked me all the way down and beyond, actually making
me wonder if he was going to pull it all the way off. Then he was moving
quickly up and down my penis and his fingers had found my anus again.
It took only a few seconds before I was lost to the world and felt
myself emptying into his mouth. That’s when I realized I still felt totally
feminine. Felt like my clit had just been sucked and licked to climax. Felt
like I’d been thoroughly fucked.
When I relaxed and felt only his lips as they moved and kissed the
inside of my thighs, I knew that he knew what I was and that he liked the
reality as much as he’d liked the fantasy.
I smiled and pulled him up until I could hug his neck tightly and kiss
him very very thoroughly.
The second time he made love to me was face to face and much more
satisfying for both of us. Even though it must have taken three times as
long as the first time.
When the people downstairs looked at us like they knew exactly what
we’d been doing upstairs for so long, we both blushed and only looked
pleased with outselves. I blushed a lot.

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