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Mom’s answers

Almost all of these questions I got when we were having a bottle of vine and mum was little bit d***k. Some of them I get during day and weeks. Many of you had the same questions as I had. Enjoy!

Q: I’m sure you’re aware that your son is listening in to you & your hubby fucking – does this turn you on even more ? Would you like him to join you both for a horny threesome ?

A: Yeah I know that he’s listening to us and it’s a big turn on to me. At the beggining I was pretending I don’t know about him but it’s stronger than me. I love to fuck with husband, moan and scream, knowing my son is listening to us and enjoy it. Threesome? Definitely not. This is too far, and husband wouldn’t allow it. He would kill us both. If he would find out about me and son, I don’t wanna imagine what would happen.

Q: What is the most deviate thing your mum has done or wants to do. Has she ever been fucked or licked by a dog or wanked one

A: A many years ago when I was still young, I had threesome with husband and one big black cock on the holiday in Italy. We met him at some bar where after few drinks invited him to our apartment. It was one of the best sex in my life. That black guy had really huge cock which I loved. Husband doesn’t know that I cheated on him with that guy the rest of the holiday. At night I always sneaked out of our room and fucked with him almost everywhere. Even in the sea in the middle of the night.

Q: Dear Mum, what do you feel about your son being a degenerate pervert who wants to fuck you? Is it a turn on for you? Or do you hate the filthy little son of a bitch? (I am not implying by the use of that phrase that you are a bitch!)

A: It’s big turn on to me. Thanks by him I’m self-confident again. Knowing I’m still hot enough for young boy like my son is really nice. Thanks by that we have really close relationship now and I love him even more than ever.

Q: Does she want to fuck you after she’s fucked your dad? does she want to spread her cum filled pussy to you and have you clean up the mess left by father for you? does she like it that you jack off listening to and watching her fuck?

A: No, husband always did great job. After sex with him I don’t have a need for somedy else. He knows my body well and always satisfies me. Yeah I like being spied during sex, it’s turn on.

Q: Which one better lover dad or son?

A: Both, Husband has bigger tool and know how I like it, but he’s getting old and you know what happens with old men’s cock, Sometimes it’s difficult to make it hard enough for a ride. Son is young and hungry for sex 24/7. And it’s real son of his dad. He loves to satisfy and please women and does it really good.

Q: mom,do you know that your son is thinking most of the day of your pussy, and the he dreams fucking with you

A: I’m pleased! Which mom can say that she has so nice and gentle son?

I hope you enjoyed it. If you wanna know something else, let me know. I’ll do my best 🙂

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:21 pm

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