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Mom’s Bed

I lived with my 36 year old mom in an apartment ever since a year ago. (I’m 15.) However, recently we ran low on money, and had to sell a lot of our stuff, including my bed. The evening after the garage sale we had, she asked me if I wanted to sl**p with her, and I agreed. Later, She went into the bathroom to get changed, and came out with a nighty on. She bent down in front of me to put her slippers on, and I saw she only had a bra on underneath. I was getting hard underneath my shorts, and hustled into the bathroom to get changed. I came out with only boxers on, my dick still semi-hard. I got under the covers of the small bed without delay. I
was on one side of the bed, and she went in on the other. She had her back to me as we fell asl**p. I didn’t fall asl**p, though. My dick was hard again,
extending out its full 7 inches. I looked under the covers at her legs, and wished I could fuck her. I fell asl**p thinking that very thing.

I awoke at about midnight, for some reason I don’t know. To my surprise, i saw my mom facing up, sl**ping, but with buttons of her nighty opened up.
My stomach turned after I saw her bra. One of the shoulder straps was loose, and the cup of the bra was also loose. I could almost see the nipple of
the breast. I moved closer, in fact a lot closer to her, staring at her upper body. But, after then, the nighty was still closed. I cautiously and slowly moved right next to her, until my face was touching her arm. Then I reached for her middle, and very slowly pulled the nighty halfway open. Then all the way open. I stared at her panties,and smooth skin. Then, I looked back up at her breast through the moonlight, and set my head right next to it. In doing so, my cock pressed against her thigh, and I almost cummed right there. But instead I extended my tongue and started touching with my tongue the material of the bra. I then pressed my dick against her thigh as I kept getting hornier and hornier. Then, still asl**p, she actually turned to me so she was lying down almost on top of me. My hand brushed against her breasts as I backed off a little.
I really didn’t want to wake her up even though I knew she slept very
Then, I decided to remove the strap from the other side of her bra.
Slowly, I did, and I took the strap down to her arm. Then, I took the
of her bra and slided it down, this time past the nipple. I touched
slightly hardened, dark colored nipple with my thumb. I squeezed very
softly her breast above the nipple. It was very soft I bent
my head down and touched her breast, and nipple, with my tongue.
Then, to
my surprise, her eyes opened up, and immediaty she sat up, her two
breasts jiggling.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a shocked voice, covering up her
breasts with the sheet.
“Let me fuck you, please,” I answered. And I immediatly wished I
You just don’t say things like that to your mom.
“Come on now. Do you really want to fuck me?”
“Yes.” Now I realized I wasn’t going to get in trouble. After all, I
knew she had her tubes tied after I was born.
“Not right away,” she said. “But maby when you are older.” And with

that, she got up, and completly undressed. My eyes were glued first to her large, pear shaped breasts and dark nipples, and then to her
It was bushy, with dark hair .After undressing, she got back in bed,
and facing me, she
went (or pretended to) go back to sl**p. I immediatly reached up to
face to face, with my dick pressing against my shorts. I let my dick
free, and pressed it in the hair of her vagina. I knew she wouldn’t
me all the way in, but instead I put the tip of my dick in her hair.
I moved up so close to
her that her breasts were pushing against my chest. I moved clear on
of her, her breasts pressed against my chest. I could feel as the
became harder as I thrusted my hips at hers, my dick playing in her
hair. She moaned, and opened her eyes. She thrusted her hips back at
and finally my dick ran across her vagina hole. It was wet, and I
thrusted my dick down in it. She moaned loudly and actually rolled
on top of me, her breasts now at full attention. She whispered in my
“I love you” and started kissing my neck. Her hips, meanwhile, were
thrusting against mine. My penis was so stiff I thought it would
It was almost burning with pleasure. I reached behind her back, and
grabbed her ass. It was something I wanted to do for a long time. I
squeezing her soft, tight ass with my hands and at the same time
it down, as I brought my hips and cock even further into her vagina.

I started moaning very loudly as my orgasm hit, and I thrusted with
all my
power into my mother, putting my cum deep inside her. Then her orgasm
hit, and she pressed her boobs and nipples into me so hard it hurt.
Her hips drove my ass into the mattress as she fucked me. She cried
out “Yes,
Yes!” as her orgasm climaxed. She finally slowed down her thrusting,
finally stopped. And it was all over that fast. I rolled off her, with
one final pinch of her nipples with my fingers. And I fell into a deep
i can never forget that night cause mom never gave me another chance.
god knows why??

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