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Mom’s Kisses

Part 1

“I’d really like to give you something extra special
for your 18th birthday,” said Mom, as we stood in the
kitchen in the early evening, “but I don’t know what.”

Well, I could think of something extra special that I
would like to have my mother give me, but I wasn’t
foolish enough to say it. For years, ever since I had
begun to have the slightest inkling of what sex was, I
had had a tremendous craving for Mom’s big luscious
body. Thousands of times I had fucked her and licked
her and fondled and kissed every part of her anatomy in
my fantasies, spilling gallons of cum through ardent

Now I won’t lie to you–Mom was not the kind of woman
who would immediately cause any man’s cock to give a
jump. Her hair had begun to turn gray prematurely, and
now at 45 she was quite gray haired. Her skin, however,
was still quite smooth, and her complexion was a creamy
peach. She had big brown eyes that I loved to look
into. She was rather tall, about 5 foot 7, and she was
definitely on the plump side. She did not have
sensational tits or trim ankles or a sexily outthrust
derriere. She did certainly have adequate breasts, and
her ass was pleasingly broad, and her legs were
shapely, even if they were generously full, especially
in the thighs. She wore rather short house dresses, in
the mode of the day, and tended to be rather careless
in the way she sat. She always crossed her legs, and
her skirt would ride up, giving an exciting view of her
thighs and ass. She was well-proportioned in a large,
comfortable way, though with a bit of a belly. But to
me–ah, to me, she was the ultimate object of beauty
and desire.

“Eighteen is such a special birthday. You should have
something that you really want a lot,” Mom continued.

“Well, Mom, what I really want a lot is a big hug and
kiss from my favorite Mom.”

Mom laughed. “Oh, you can have that anytime,” she said.

“Yes, but now that I will become a man, I want a real
adult kiss. You know, not just a mommy kiss, but a
woman kiss.”

“Well, most mommies do tend to be women,” Mom said

“Yes, and my Mommy is a woman I would sure love to get
a real woman kiss from. You know what I mean.”

“Hmm. I’m not too sure about that idea.”

“Well, OK, but I thought you said you wanted to give me
something I really wanted a lot. I guess you didn’t
actually mean it.”

“Now wait a minute!” Mom protested. “Of course I meant
it. Uh–you are just joking, aren’t you–about the
kiss, I mean.”

“No, Mom, I definitely am not joking. What I would
really like most is a big honest-to-goodness adult kiss
from my beautiful mother.” Of course, that was only the
minimum sexual favor that I really wanted from my
beautiful mother, but–hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Mom sort of giggled in an embarrassed way. “Aw, come
on, honey. Stop teasing.”

“I’m not teasing, Mom, but I see that you really don’t
care enough to go that far, so just forget it. Get me
some socks and underwear or something, something that
just costs money.”

“Honey, you are really being hard on me. Really I do
want to make this birthday special.” She touched my
cheek. “Now do you honestly mean all this stuff about
an adult kiss?”

“All this stuff! Mom, I consider a real kiss from my
Mom as more than just stuff!”

She laughed again, obviously at a loss where to go from
here. We did k** around a lot, and I knew that she
still wasn’t sure whether I was serious.

“Look, Mom,” I said, taking her hand, “I’m just coming
into manhood. In another few weeks I’ll be out of high
school, and God knows where I’ll be in a couple more
years. Is it asking too much to want just one real
heartfelt kiss from the woman who has always meant more
to me than anyone else in the world?”

Mom turned serious and looked at me tenderly. “And
that’s what you really want? Honestly?”

“I couldn’t be more sincere, Mom. That’s what I want.”

Mom’s embarrassment returned. “Well, when did you want
this–uh–gift?” (My birthday was less than a week

I smiled at Mom. “Well, we could practice up a little
bit right now–just so you’ll know exactly how I want
it, you know.”

“Oho!” Mom laughed, blushing prettily. ‘I think maybe
you’re trying to get more than just one.”

“Aw, Mom, I wouldn’t pull a trick like that. It’s just
that I haven’t had any experience myself in this way,
and probably it will take you a while to get used to
the idea of kissing me in an adult way. You do want to
do it just the way I really want it, don’t you?”

Mom laughed again. She was being a really good sport
about the whole thing. I didn’t know whether anything
at all would come of this, but I was having fun talking
to her in this surprising new way. “Pretty slick,” Mom
said, “but I guess I let myself in for it.” She looked
at me for a moment and then said, “All right, big boy.
Let’s do it.”

She stepped up close to me and I wrapped my arms around
her. She put her warm, soft arms around my neck. She
lifted her face to me and closed her eyes as I brought
my lips down to meet hers. The kiss was warm and sweet,
but Mom kept her lips tightly closed and a little

“Well, how was that?” She started to step back, but I
held her close.

“It was really sweet, Mom, but I think it was still
more of a mommy kiss. I think that you could do a lot
better if you just relaxed and made it softer and
longer. Could we try another one?”

“How did I get myself into this?” Mom muttered. Then
she sort of shrugged as if to say “Oh well, what the
hell?” and raised her mouth to mine again.

This time Mom’s lips were much softer and more relaxed,
slightly parted. Her warm, soft body was pressed
tightly against mine, and my cock, which had been
rising for some time, pushed against her lower belly.
God, she must feel it! I certainly felt the swell of
her tits against my chest. This time the kiss went on
and on. Mom seemed to be determined to prove that she
was really trying and wanted to make me break the kiss
before she would. Well, I wasn’t about to break it! My
heart was pounding, and my head felt feverish with
excitement and pleasure. I had kissed a few girls, but
God! those kisses were nothing like this!

Finally Mom pulled back slowly, almost reluctantly, it
seemed to me. She was breathing hard, as was I. “Whew!
Now that had to be adult enough for you, wasn’t it?”

“Oh God, yes, Mom! One more should really do it.”

I pulled her back tight against me, though she
struggled feebly and protested laughingly, moving her
head around to keep me from consummating the kiss. “No
fair! Cheat! Cheat!” she cried, but she was laughing
gaily as she said it. Then she relaxed again, pushed
her delectable body against mine once more, and
replaced her soft arms around my neck. “Oh all right,
greedy Gus.” And she gave me another nice soft kiss.
She pulled away sooner this time, however, but it
seemed that she didn’t really want to. She was blushing
and laughing in an embarrassed way.

Later that evening I caught her alone in the kitchen,
grabbed her a bit roughly and planted another big kiss
on her mouth. She struggled a bit at first, but then
relaxed and kissed me back with soft, parted lips. She
wouldn’t prolong it as long as I wanted to, but she
looked at me tenderly and said, “Good night, lover

The next afternoon as I came in from school I
approached her more politely. “Just one more practice
kiss?” I asked.

“I’m not sure I can trust you when you say ‘just one,'”
Mom said, smiling, but she came into my arms for a nice
soft kiss that lasted a long time. The feel of her warm
arms around my neck, her tits against my chest, and her
belly against my hard cock was overwhelming.

Finally Mom pulled her head back, but kept her arms
around my neck. “These kisses are getting pretty
serious,” she said.

“Serious? I think they’re a lot of fun. Don’t you?”

Mom looked at me for a long moment, then answered,
“Yes, honey, they are a lot of fun. I haven’t been
kissed like this since my honeymoon.” Then she put her
lips back on mine.

This kiss actually turned into a series of kisses,
getting softer and wetter and more passionate as we
progressed. I think that it must have been a full five
minutes that we smooched and nuzzled in a very warm,
loving way, in a very, very adult-style indeed, really
real woman kisses. I began to be afraid that my
engorged cock was going to go off in my pants. God! How
could she not feel it so hard against her and actually
twitching and throbbing? I was in sheer heaven except
for that one fear. I don’t know what I would have done
if I had orgasmed. But then I noticed that Mom was sort
of trembling too now and almost panting.

Finally Mom pushed me very decisively back. “I think
that’s enough practice for one day,” she said. “We
don’t want to wear out our lips before your birthday
even gets here.”

“Thanks a lot, Mom. I don’t know if I can wait until
then for some more, though.”

Mom just laughed in that embarrassed way and began to
start preparations for supper. Soon the rest of the
f****y was around, and there was no more chance for
play that evening.

The next day I came in at about the same time and found
Mom working alone in the kitchen. I came up behind her
and put my arms around her waist, my hips against her
big broad ass. I began kissing her neck and cheek. She
sort of giggled and shook her head. “Here’s that wild
kisser again!” she exclaimed.
She kept working as I continued to hold her, stealing a
kiss on the cheek or neck from time to time. She didn’t
try to stop me at all. Again my telltale cock was
standing at fervent attention, now poking into her ass

Finally I started nibbling on one of her ears. “Ooh!
That tickles!” Mom cried. She turned in my arms and put
her arms around my neck. She lifted her lips willingly
to mine. ” I guess you need more practice,” she

And practice we did, very warmly, very lovingly for
several minutes. Then we heard someone else coming and
had to break apart hurriedly. I quickly sat down to
hide my erection from my s****r, who entered the room.
The rest of the evening was too busy again for any
further contact. My father, younger s****r and younger
b*****r were too much in evidence.

The next day offered no real opportunities at all
except for a quick kiss good-bye and hello. Feeling
very frustrated and horny, I hung around hoping that
somehow we would get a little time alone. At first I
thought that Mom was completely oblivious to my
desires, but once she looked at me with a sort of
amused expression and winked. I knew then that she
commiserated with me at least, and I hoped that she
felt a bit of longing herself.

The next evening the rest of the f****y all went to bed
at the regular time and Mom stayed up reading a book
that she said she wanted to finish. I always stayed up
later than anyone else, so this gave me a golden

After I was sure that the others were all settled down
for the night, I approached Mom where she was sitting
on the end of the sofa. I sat down on the arm, twisted
around to face Mom, and leaned forward to kiss her.
This time we didn’t say a word. Mom leaned her head
against the back of the sofa and let me go ahead with
the kisses. She had her eyes closed, but looking down,
I could see, down inside her blouse, the tops of her
nice soft breasts. I put my arm down around her,
brushing across one tit as I did so. Mom jumped a bit
at this, but we continued to kiss warmly.

As the necking continued, getting more and more
fervent, I wound up practically sitting on her lap. Our
mouths were opened farther and farther. Finally I
actually felt Mom’s tongue and was quick to respond.
Soon our tongues were happily playing together, and the
saliva was flowing freely. Our mouths and chins were
getting very wet. I began feeling a bit too bold at
this point, gradually working a hand closer and closer
to Mom’s tit. I thought that she was aware of what I
was doing, and maybe she was, but I made the mistake of
acting too soon, deliberately grasping a generous
handful of soft breast.

Mom immediately reacted by shoving me off, struggling
to her feet and saying that she had to get to bed. I
stammered an apology, but she ignored it and headed
upstairs, leaving me to curse my unwise impulsiveness
and wondering whether I had screwed up the whole
relationship. I didn’t sl**p very much that night.

The next day was the day before my birthday, and Mom
greeted me warmly in the morning, even giving me a
kiss. This certainly made me feel a lot better. I tried
to apologize again about the night before, but she put
her fingers on my lips and then kissed me lightly
again. I went off to school with a much lighter heart,
and even managed to stay awake through all my classes.
That night after supper, however, I was so sl**py that
I fell asl**p on the sofa, and when I woke up, everyone
else was in bed–except Mom.

Mom was sitting beside the dining room table, where she
apparently had been writing letters. Now she was turned
aside from the table and her legs were crossed, her
skirt hiked well up, and one delightful full thigh
could be seen all the way to her ass. I lay there on
the sofa gazing through the double doors at the
entrancing sight. Finally I got up and approached Mom.

She smiled at me warmly. “I’ve been waiting for you to
wake up, sl**py head.”
I knelt beside her chair and tentatively leaned forward
for a kiss. Mom responded as warmly as ever, and I
moved closer as kiss followed kiss. I was actually
leaning against the thigh that she had up across her
other leg. Now I swear that I did not deliberately push
her skirt higher, but our movements as I put my arms
around her waist had that effect. There was an awful
lot of bare leg there, very smooth and very soft. The
kisses quickly moved on to the deep variety as on the
previous night, and Mom seemed especially passionate in
the way she nibbled at my lips and licked and traded
saliva with me.

Finally we paused for breath, and she laughingly wiped
both our mouths with her handkerchief. She had made no
move to pull down her skirt, which was now at a
shockingly risque level. I guess I hadn’t learned my
lesson from the night before, because I impulsively
bent my head to kiss Mom’s bare knee. She put one hand
on the top of my head, but she made no effort to push
me away. Rather it seemed like encouragement. Thrilled
to the core, I began to kiss her thigh, gradually
moving higher. The skin was so delightfully smooth,
soft but firm. I moved my right hand down to her thigh
and continued to kiss it.

Soon my hand was well up her leg–in fact, grasping her
ass cheek. By this time my mouth was kissing and almost
licking right up to her very high hemline, and in fact
pushing that hemline even higher. I was in heaven!
Those thighs had been the source of many hours of
fantasy. I loved the way she showed them off, and I
could have stared forever at the glorious beauty. To
kiss them had seemed an incredible dream. And now…

“Honey,” Mom said softly, taking my face in both hands
and lifting it up, “tomorrow is your birthday, the big
day. I think we’d better stop for now. Somehow I’ll see
that you get that gift you want so much. But right now
it’s bedtime.”

I reluctantly let her go, just giving her another warm
kiss good night. I went to sl**p with the feel of those
soft thighs in my head, and I had the most delightful
wet dream I ever had.

At last the big day came. It was Saturday, and of
course the whole f****y was home. We never made a very
big deal about birthdays in my f****y. We had a cake
for me at lunch time, and I got a couple minor gifts.
But I was a bit depressed, because I couldn’t figure
out how I would ever get Mom alone. I needn’t have

I found out that Mom had talked Dad into taking the
f****y to a movie that afternoon. I don’t remember what
the movie was, but it was a big one that everyone
wanted to see. Actually I had already seen it, and
owing to my status as the oldest boy still at home (I
have three older b*****rs), I seldom went places with
the f****y anyway. Mom was supposed to go, however. But
at the last minute she told Dad that she didn’t really
feel very well, and she thought she had better stay
home. She urged him to go ahead, though, and to take my
b*****r and s****r. Then I saw her give Dad some extra
money (Mom usually controlled the finances) and told
him to take the k**s out for supper afterward, since
she didn’t feel up to cooking a meal.

Mom stood at the window and watched the car disappear.
Then she turned to me and gave me a kiss and said that
she would be back down in a little while. Then she went
upstairs. I didn’t know what to do. I thought that Mom
had set up the whole thing for us to be alone together,
but I wasn’t sure. Maybe she was really feeling bad. On
the other hand, maybe she was expecting me to come
upstairs and join her in her bedroom. I thought–God! I
thought all kinds of things. I thought that Mom was
actually ready to be fucked, but what if I guessed
wrong? I sure as hell didn’t want to lose what I had
gained. I got a Coke and sat down at the kitchen table,
trying to figure out what to do.

I was so wrapped up in my dilemma that I didn’t hear
her coming, but suddenly I looked up and there she was.
Mom was wearing a knee-length cotton robe of a fairly
thin fabric, the kind that used to be called (for some
reason) a duster. As she passed in front of the window,
I thought that I could see through it enough to tell
that there was no other garment underneath. Then Mom
was standing close before me as I still sat stupidly in
the kitchen chair. She bent over and kissed me
tenderly, very gently, and murmured, “Happy birthday,
my darling boy. Your gift is all ready for you.”

Still sitting, I put my arms around her just below her
hips. She stuck her tongue out and gently and
deliberately licked my lips. I responded in kind. “Mmm,
you taste good!” Mom murmured softly.

We went on kissing and tonguing. I moved my hands down
to caress Mom’s bare knees and then gradually moved
them up her bare thighs under the duster. She made no
attempt to stop my progress toward her hips. Instead
the kisses became more insistent. Finally I reached my
goal and discovered, as I had hoped, that she was
wearing no panties. I gently squeezed and caressed her
smooth ass cheeks, then gradually worked one hand
around to the front and brushed the crispy hair at her

Then she was fumbling at the front of her duster, and
in a moment it fell open completely. She took my head
and pulled it against her soft, full breasts. I nuzzled
into them, enthralled by the soft, firm smoothness.
Then she directed me to one breast and thrust a hard
nipple into my mouth.

Meanwhile my hands were working more vigorously at her
ass and pussy. She spread her legs wider, presenting
her mound freely to me. I rubbed the moist swollen lips
of her cunt, then thrust a finger tentatively inside.
Mom pushed her hips forward, forcing my finger farther
inside. I began finger fucking her, as she responded
with her belly, humping her pussy against my hand. More
and more frantically she jerked and pushed, bucking her
hips to get more and more friction on her clit. Then
she was moaning and gasping as she came beautifully,
murmuring, “Oh God, honey! Oh God! Oooohhh! Honey,
honey, honey!” Her cunt had become very wet and I felt
the vaginal muscles twitching and grasping.

After a few minutes of hard breathing, Mom finally said
in a sort of thick voice, “But I’m supposed to be
giving you the gift. Come on, honey. Take your dear old
mother up to your room and fuck her. Isn’t that the
gift you really want?”

“You bet that’s what I want! That’s the greatest gift
anyone could possibly get!” I exclaimed. We hurried up
the stairs. I lifted up the tail of Mom’s duster so
that I could watch her ass as we went, and she giggled

Part 2

In my room I wasted no time yanking that duster off
Mom’s body, even tearing it a little bit, I’m afraid.
Then Mom was just as eagerly helping me to strip off my
shirt and pants. “Wait!” she cried when I was all
undressed except for my jockey shorts. “Let me do it.”
She knelt before me and slowly pulled the shorts down,
watching as they stretched to the limit to slide over
the end of my hard cock. As my inspired rod leaped
free, Mom laughed out loud and cried, “Whee! There it
is at last! Ooohh! What a beauty! Now I can do more
than just feel it poking into me when we’re kissing.”
She laughed delightedly as she took my cock in her
hands and kissed the tip of it, nibbling a bit at the

Then she jumped onto my bed and spread her legs wide.
“Here I am, honey!” she cried gaily. “Come and get it
while it’s hot–and it sure is hot for you, honey!”

Well, I sure didn’t need any more invitation than that!
But I did stand there just a moment to let my eyes
rejoice at that fantastic sight. There was my big
beautiful Mom, her nice big tits with their dark
nipples standing up hard and long, her full legs with
those smooth white thighs spread far apart, her
swelling belly curving into her delectable mound,
covered with an abundance of dark brown hair, through
which the swollen lips of her gaping pussy were
peeping, welcoming my cock to come inside.

Then I was upon her. My mother’s eager fingers took
hold of my cock and guided it to the hairy portal of
her wet love passage. “Come on, honey,” Mom urged.
“Push that beautiful big dick into your Mommy’s hungry
pussy! Push it all the way in!”

I slowly pushed, and my cock sank down that slippery
way inch by inch until my balls were right against
Mom’s ass. Her cunt was amazingly hot inside. God, it
felt good! For a moment I just lay there savoring the
situation. I actually had my dick (as Mom always called
it) deep in my own mother’s juicy pussy. The impossible
dream of all my adolescent years had somehow
miraculously come true. “Oh God, Mom!” I whispered
hoarsely. “I love you! OH GOD, how I LOVE YOU!” I was
just overwhelmed by an enormous feeling of gratitude
and love for this dear, dear woman who was now giving
me the ultimate gift that any mother could give to her

“Ooohhh, honey, I love you too! Go ahead and show me
how much you love me! Fuck me, honey! Fuck your Mommy!”

I knew that I wouldn’t last long if I just turned
loose, but my wet dream of the night before helped me
to hold back a bit. I began to fuck Mom slowly, pulling
way out very slowly, then pushing all the way back in.
I could feel every inch of Mom’s sweet love canal as I
moved in and out of her. I put my mouth on hers, and we
kissed passionately like the lovers we had become, not
mommy kisses–and yet I never felt more like her son
than then, when I was fucking her for the first time.
This was my lover, my sweetheart, but most of all–my

Mom moved her hips in exact response to my slow
fucking, pulling back as I pulled out and lifting her
cunt to meet me as I shoved my cock in. She began to
make strange noises with her mouth, sort of a humming
and murmuring into my mouth, almost like purring. I
found myself replying to this with repeated sounds of
pleasure: “Mmmm!” It just felt so damned good to be
inside this wonderful big woman!

Gradually we began to pick up the tempo and the
f***efulness. When I pushed back in, I would do it a
little harder and sort of bore my cock in harder at the
bottom. Mom’s hips and ass reciprocated in perfect
unison. I don’t know how I held out so long. My cock
felt on fire the whole time, with a tremendous prickly
sensation. One of my hands now had a big handful of her
big firm ass, while the other was squeezing on a soft
tit. Mom had both her hands on my ass, sort of guiding
my motions.

Finally we both seemed to feel at the same time that it
was time for the stretch drive. I began to thrust into
her hard and fast, and Mom’s belly leaped up to meet
me. Suddenly she cried out in my ear, “Oh fuck me,
honey! Fuck me hard now! Give it to me, baby! Fuck!
Fuck! Oooohh–FUCK!!”

I began to ram into her furiously, slamming her ass
down into the bed, but she bounced right back up for
each new thrust, humping her ass for all she was worth.
I was really pounding it to her and she was taking
everything I had and asking for more. The bed was
really taking a beating. There was a “squish–squish”
sound as my cock pistoned into her sopping wet pussy.
My balls were slapping against her ass on each plunge.
She had her knees way up, opening herself to the
fullest for my big prick.

I felt the heat in my cock build even more, and I knew
I was going to come. “Mom,” I panted, “I’m about to

Mom sort of screamed at this and her ass just went
crazy, leaping and bucking like mad. God! I would never
have believed that her beautiful big hips could move
that fast! My cock finally just boiled over, and I
began spurting my hot juice into Mom’s hot cunt. Mom
gave a long, sustained, muffled scream into my mouth,
and suddenly she stiffened up. Her whole big body,
trembling violently, arched up off the bed, lifting us
both into the air. For long moments she hung there
shuddering, her pussy muscles churning and grasping at
my emptying cock, as we climaxed gloriously together.

Then she collapsed under me and we both lay there
exhausted, panting into each other’s open mouth. Mom
was just sprawled out wide open, her legs totally
relaxed in a wide spread, her tits spread out on her
chest, her lips very loosely open under mine. I lay
completely on top of her, just as thoroughly relaxed,
my cock, still mostly hard, buried in her overflowing
pussy. I knew that the bed had a growing pool of our
cum under Mom’s ass. From time to time a little ripple,
sort of an aftershock, would run through Mom’s pussy.

As I slowly came back to my senses, I felt the
overwhelming impact of what we had just done. Never
would life be the same again. Never would our
relationship be that sort of k**ding friendship that we
had enjoyed. No, something wonderfully new had replaced
it. My mother, my own beloved Mom, had given her body
to me, had willingly taken my penis into her vagina,
had fucked me with joyous abandon! My fantasies of such
an event had been great, but to have them come true,
true beyond my wildest imagination–ah, God, what a
stupendous miracle!

I began to stroke Mom’s big beautiful body again, and
she stirred under me. “Oh, honey!” she finally
whispered. “Oh, honey! That was absolutely the best
fuck I ever had in my whole life! Wow! Did I ever come!
Oh, honey, you made your mother feel so–so goddamned
good!” She shuddered again as she said this, and her
cunt gripped my cock again. I had never heard my mother
swear before, but I understood. This was something so
totally different from everything in her life before
that it just demanded a stronger means of expression.

“Oh, Mom, thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the
most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me! Oh,
Mom, I just can’t begin to tell you how much I love
you! I’m just overflowing with love for my wonderful,
wonderful Mom!”

Mom laughed happily beneath me, her body shaking. “I
noticed that. We both overflowed all over your bed.”
Somehow this struck both of us as just being hilarious,
since we were bubbling with happiness anyway. We
laughed uproariously together. Our laughter shook her
pussy and my cock, which began to get harder again. “Ah
well, that’s OK. We can clean it up and maybe plan for
it next time–and the next time–and the next.”

We lay and talked for a while, trying to express our
love, and wondering about how it had developed in this
way. “I knew when we kissed that first time, that you
really wanted to fuck me,” Mom said. “And when I let
those kisses continue, I knew that I wanted to fuck
you. And you know, I don’t feel guilty at all. I love
you more than anyone else in the world, more than the
other c***dren, even more than your father, and I
really wanted to show you my love in this way.”

“You know, Mom, it’s funny in a way, but I love you
much more now as a mother than ever before. Sure,
you’ve got a great body, and if you don’t mind my
saying it, you’re a tremendous piece of ass, but most
of all I think of you as the most loving mother a guy
could have.”

We were caressing and kissing as we talked, and soon we
found ourselves back in action again. This time Mom
rolled me over and got on top. God, she was a gorgeous
sight as she rose and fell on my cock! She gave me
another magnificent fuck. We got up and ate a snack,
then hurried back to bed for another quick fuck before
the f****y returned.

From that time on, Mom was my constant lover. She
created all kinds of ways for us to have time alone so
that we could fuck. We did some pretty daring things.
For example, there was a large walk-in closet under our
stairs, opening right off the dining room. A couple
times we actually went into that closet when others
were in the house, and Mom pulled up her dress while I
unzipped my pants, and I took her right there, standing
up back in the far corner.

Several times, late at night, we fucked in the
bathroom, with Mom straddling me as I sat on the stool.
Occasionally Mom would even sneak into my bed after
midnight for a quick, hot fuck. Once in a while we
would have a whole afternoon or evening alone, and then
we would spend hours naked in bed, kissing and fondling
and licking and sucking and fucking. God! Those were
happy times!

And every chance we had, when we happened to be alone
in a room, we were kissing open mouthed and my hand
would be up her dress, playing with her pussy, or down
her front, squeezing her tits, while she would be
rubbing my hard-on through my pants, or even unzipping
me and thrusting her hand inside to grab my cock if
things were fairly safe. We almost got caught many
times, but fortunately we got away with everything. I
think that my s****r began to have suspicions, but she
never said anything to either of us about it.

I went to a nearby college so that I could continue to
live at home with my beloved Mom. Afterward I got a
good job with a local firm. Eventually I met a young
woman who reminded me so much of Mom that I asked her
for a date. With Mom’s encouragement, I married this
woman, and she has been a wonderful wife, just as warm
and loving as Mom was–well, almost. Anyway I love her
dearly, and she is great in bed. Her luscious body is
ripe and full like Mom’s, just exactly the way a woman
should be, in my opinion.

But even during my courtship, Mom and I continued to be
very active and ardent lovers. Instead of a bachelor
party, I managed to have a terrific fuck session with
Mom on the night before my wedding. My wife and I had a
great time on our honeymoon, and I got plenty of sex,
but I could hardly wait to get back to Mom after our
return for another secret fucking spree. And so it went
for several years. Every few days I managed to get back
into Mom’s arms and to get my cock back into that warm
and wonderful cunt–and yet loving each fuck with my
wife as well.

Gradually we tapered off, however, and finally, when
Mom was in her 60s, we agreed mutually to end our
sexual affair. We still talked about it frequently,
though, and continued to love each other very, very
much. Mom is gone now, but she left me with some
beautiful memories. It wasn’t just Mom’s great body or
her delightful skills as a lover–I guess my wife is at
least her equal in both ways. But somehow there is a
bond between mother and son that is stronger than any
other human relationship, and when that bond is made
even stronger by the passionate sharing of each other’s
body–ah, there can be nothing better in this world.
Thanks, Mom, for making my life such a joyful one for
so many years.

The End

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