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Moms new lover pt 2

The second chapter opens up about a month later, and things are not working out so well for Jerry. After a few setbacks with his knee, it was in no better shape than it had been and he was now addicted to pain medication. To make matters worse, his mother, guilt stricken, has completely broken off their sexual relationship.

Jerry was ready to spend another beautiful summer afternoon under the shade of the pergola on the back patio of his f****y home. It was a very comfortable and peaceful space to spend time with a tablet, a book, or nothing more than your thoughts and a nice joint. This particular day Jerry was going with the latter and as he sat down and puffed away, his thoughts began to drift back to those magical times spent with his mother. They almost seemed surreal now, like they happened in a dream. The only thing that confirmed his sanity was the fact that the very centerpiece of those memories was just a few feet down the hall and around the corner and whenever he saw her, the memories all came back along with a fair amount of sexual tension. Of course he tried his best not to even think about any of it, as his thoughts would inevitably lead back to the moment where his mom sat him down and explained that it was all a big mistake and that it could never happen again.

He wasn’t angry with his mom at all. Disappointed, sad, regretful maybe that he didn’t handle things differently, but he was not mad or resentful towards his mother at all. He understood completely where she was coming from. The fact is, it was wrong and there was some guilt that even Jerry felt, although when he was in the middle of a jerk session with his mother at the forefront of his mind, there was no guilt to be found.

Suddenly Jerry was brought back to reality as he heard the sound of someone in the living room just a few feet away from where he was sitting. He quickly put out the joint and started to feel a little hot under the collar as his mother opened the sliding glass door. Trying to jump the gun and distract her with some conversation, he chimed in, “Hey mom, what’s going on, what are you up to?”

“Oh nothing much, just got back from church and I was just thinking about what to do for dinner. What about you, got any plans?”

“Nothing much, I was going to head over to Travis’s later on and hang out, maybe go play some pool or something.”

“Oh, ok honey. So you won’t be here for dinner then?”

“No probably not mom, I need to go get cleaned up pretty soon actually.”

“Ok, just drive safe and be careful.”

“You got it mom. See ya.”

As she left and closed the door behind her, Jerry breathed a sigh of relief as she did not seem to notice the weed smell that was surely lingering in the air. He was going out later that night but not with Travis. Travis was Jerry’s best friend since little league and they did spend a lot of time together but tonight he would be going to see Josh, the local weed man. He wasn’t going for weed though, Josh had texted him earlier that he had gotten his hands on some fentanyl, an extremely powerful opioid, Jerry’s new d**g of choice.

As Julie walked back into the kitchen, she thought about what kinds of things her son was up to. She had known that he smoked weed for a while now, that was no big surprise. She had done the same when she was his age and as long as he kept his grades up, she didn’t see any reason to hassle him about it. What concerned her though was that lately, Jerry had been acting differently. She couldn’t put her finger on it but her mother’s intuition told her that something was off with him. She had heard stories on the radio about prescription d**g abuse and she knew that Jerry was on some fairly addictive pain medication. She decided to have a look around the house after he left for the evening and the first place she decided to look was the medicine cabinet in Jerry’s bathroom. There was the bottle of hydrocodone, but it was completely empty even though the month wasn’t even half over. “Maybe he just put the pills in a different container” she thought as she went into his room to have a look see. She looked in all the obvious places, under the bed, the sock drawer, the nightstand. She sat on his bed looking around and noticed a small wooden box on his dresser that she remembered he had handcrafted in shop class a few years earlier. She went to the box, picked it up and opened it and sure enough, there was a bag of weed, a glass pipe, a small ziplock bag with a dozen or so pills and a couple of jump drives. The weed she expected and the jump drives she didn’t give much initial thought to, but the sight of those pills made her heart sink. Upon further inspection, they had letters and numbers engraved into them but they didn’t seem to make any sense. Then she turned her attention to the jump drives and began to think that perhaps there was some information on them that would shed some more light onto what he was up to.

She brought the box along with its contents into the office and sat down at her desk to plug the drives into her computer. One looked a little older and more well used than the other one so she tried it first. Of course the thought crossed her mind that they contained porn but she was more concerned with finding out more about the pills. After all, she knew more about him sexually than most mothers would ever know about their sons so she didn’t think there would be anything there that would shock her too badly. Sure enough, as she looked through the folders on the drive, it was full of pornography. Mostly pretty tame stuff but there were some folders entitled “older”, “feet”, “pantyhose”, and the like. She looked through a few of them, not really surprised as she had a pretty good idea about what her son found attractive. She ejected the first drive and went to the second, newer looking one. It had but a few folders, one names “pics”, one “vids”, another “my vids” and one that simply said “caps”. The last one piqued her interest. “Could it be short for capsules?” she thought, and went to open that one first. What she saw however was more thumbnails of pictures. The first one she clicked on made her jaw drop. It was a picture of a somewhat attractive older woman bent over with her panties showing looking over her shoulder with the words written right below her face, “Come get mommy’s ass”.

Julie had never seen such a display of unashamed depravity. Her mind was racing. Was she responsible for causing these urges? Was he the one who was writing the words? Was he thinking about her when he was doing it? Upon looking at a few more images, she was pretty certain he wasn’t writing them himself, at least not all of them as they had different writing styles and different fonts. Who was writing them though? Was this a thing? Where there lots of boys who had these feelings? She backed out of that folder, now knowing full well that “caps” stood for captions, and she went to the folder titled “vids”. Here she found one video after another featuring older women engaging in various sexual acts with younger men with the woman playing the role of mommy. She was starting to get the theme here only the “pics” folder was pretty benign until she began to notice that most of the women bore some resemblance to her in one form or another. By the time she got to the “my vids” folder she had begun to get a little excited by the graphic nature of the sights and sounds, coupled with the reality that this was her own sons private stash that he no doubt has masturbated to. There were but three videos in the folder. The first one was a video of her son masturbating for about four minutes. She only realized this after the video was up and she looked down to see how much time had passed. The second one was a continuation of the first, with a cumshot at the end. She had seen this up close and personal before but she thought his load seemed a bit small compared to what she remembered. By now her pussy was fully wet and she had subconsciously began grinding her legs together and squirming on her chair. The last video was the most surprising of the bunch. It was a close up shot of her sons cock slowly gliding in and out of a pussy. It was surprising because Jerry had never had any girlfriends that she knew about. It never showed the girls face but it did appear to be an older woman. It did flash up at the end and show Jerry’s face, although she already knew it was him just by his cock.

She put the jump drives back into the box as she tried to come to grips with what she had just seen. On the one had she was worried about how serious his pill habit was but on the other had she was worried about the obvious urges he was having towards her. She couldn’t help but blame herself for causing them as she had practically seduced him all those weeks ago. Then it dawned on her, why not look at the dates on the files and see when they were created? She hurriedly put the newer drive back in, this time looking at the dates and was relieved in a way to find that most of them, not all, but most had been created before their first encounter. This meant that she was at least not solely responsible. It did however mean that her son harbors a deep seeded infatuation with her, which if used correctly, could give her a huge amount of power over him. Not that she wanted to dominate or control him, but it could be just the leverage needed to steer him in a different direction from where he was currently headed, which she feared was the life of a full blown d**g addict. Thoughts swirled around her head as to what exactly she would do and how she would go about it. She didn’t really want to go as far as she went the last time but she figured there were things she could do that wouldn’t be crossing the line too terribly bad. Even though she was a good upstanding Christian woman and no one that knew her would ever think otherwise, her little fling with her son was not her first experience with i****t. Growing up on a small dairy farm in Indiana, her bothers and s****rs were the only k**s her age for miles.

It started innocently enough, her and her b*****r playing house, talking about sex, not knowing much of anything about it other than what it was called and that it took place between a boy and a girl. Just a couple of k**s experimenting really. It wasn’t until later when she told her mother that she wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend with her b*****r that she was informed that it would be i****t and that it was wrong. It stopped then without anyone ever knowing but ever since then, the thought of i****t has always gotten her bl**d flowing. Who knows what brought about her son’s interest in her, maybe it was hereditary but in any event, she continued to plan her next move with her son. Just as she was coming up with a couple of ideas, she was interrupted by the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway.

Unfortunately, it was her husband Ray. She hoped he would be d***k enough that he would quickly pass out and not interfere with any of her plans. Ray was one of those people who had no even keel whatsoever. He was either up or down, there was no in between. In just a couple of moments, she could tell right away that he was up. He burst through the front door, arms stretched wide, grinning from ear to ear, proclaiming “Daddy’s home! hahaha” as he reached back to his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. “Order us a pizza. Where’s my scotch?”

At about the same time, Jerry was pulling up to the house. He was eager to try the Fentanyl but he wanted to drive home first as he didn’t know how strong the shit really was. He popped one in his mouth and washed it down with some orange gatorade that was sitting in the passenger seat. “Shit, dad’s home. Might as well take another” he thought as he popped another followed again by the gatorade. He went around the side of the house to the back entrance to avoid any possible conflict with the old man. As he entered the house, he heard the booming voice of his dad from the other room.

“I want an extra large pepperoni lovers and a couple orders of that garlic bread. I know you like that shit, right hun?”

As he entered the kitchen, Julie suddenly remembered that she had left Jerrys stash box and all its contents right on the kitchen table. It was too late to stop the hellfire that was about to be unleashed.

“What the? The fuck is all this? Marijuana? Pills? Is this yours Julie? WHAT THE FUCK?”

She tried to go into damage control even though she knew it was useless.

“No, its alright honey I can explain”

It didn’t take long for Ray to recognize the box was the same one that Jerry had made in shop class.

“Is this Jerry’s? Are you fucking k**ding me? Our son is a fuckin pill popping dope head? Oh my fucking God. How long have you known about this? Jesus, were you ever going to tell me?”

“I just found out myself Ray, I swear. I’m going to take care of it, he needs help.”

“The fuck he does, he needs an ass whooping is what he needs. Where the fuck is he?”

“He’s not here. Don’t get upset, I told you I’m going to take care of it.”

Jerry, now in his room, was hanging on every word and had already realized that his stash box was missing and that he was truly fucked. He was kicking himself for keeping his entire stash in such an obvious place, but mostly he was already trying to figure out how he was going to talk his way out of this. Just then he heard a crash. It was the unmistakable sound of his wooden box being smashed into thousands of tiny little pieces. More yelling, more crashing, this time sounded more like breaking glass. Then he began to hear his mother. She was clearly in distress, crying and speaking in a tone that he had never heard her use before. In an instant, he stopped thinking about how he was going to salvage his own dignity and his only concern became the well being of his mother. He burst out his bedroom door and down the hall to the kitchen. There up against the wall was him mother, visibly distraught, surrounded by broken glass, and there on the other side of the room was his father, glaring right at him with fire in his eyes.

“You little mother fucker”

“Mom, are you ok?”

“She’s fine. Where the fuck do you get off smoking weed in my house, popping pills all day and God knows what else? Do you have any idea what kind of shit you’re in right now?”

“Shut the fuck up dad, I’ll knock your ass out like I did last time.”

The whole scene was eerily familiar, only this time Jerry was the one who was inebriated while his father was more or less sober.

I’d like to see you try you little fuck. I bet you’re high as a kite right now aren’t you? Look at him, his eyes are the size of pinholes.”

Jerry, who was now clearly feeling the effects of the Fentanyl and realizing that he probably shouldn’t have taken that second pill, but still mistakingly under the impression that he was maintaining, took a couple steps toward the old man but as he brought his arm back to load up a punch, his body did not cooperate like it should have. His father took a couple steps as well, grabbed Jerry by his shirt collar and violently slammed him up against the wall, smashing a shelf and s**ttering all its contents across the floor. Dazed but not out, Jerry again drew his fist back for a counter attack but that was the last thing he remembered before waking up on the floor with his nose bl**died.

Dad was gone. Apparently mom had to threaten to call the cops to get him to leave. While he was getting his wits about him, mom was preparing a washcloth to clear the bl**d from his face. Jerry, in a moment of brevity said, “Well this is deja vu all over again.”

“Ha, only this time you were on the receiving end, dear.”

“Yeah, no k**ding.”

“It will be ok baby. We have a lot to talk about though.”

“Yeah I know. Hey mom, did you ever get a chance to order that pizza?”

She couldn’t help but laugh a bit at how nonchalant her son was given what had just happened. “You really are high, aren’t you?”

“A little mom. Hey, at least I can’t feel any pain in my face.”

“Yeah, that’s what we have to talk about Jerry. I know you’re father is an asshole, but he’s right. You can’t go on like this.”

“Mom, I know this all looks really bad, but I have everything under control. I can handle my high, unlike some people.”

“Jerry, I’m your mother, I know you better than anyone, so trust me when I say, you have not been the same person these last few months. I mean look at what just happened here. 6 months ago you knocked your father out cold and now you can barely make your way across the room.”

Jerry tried to defend himself further but he knew he was fighting a losing battle. “Yeah but I usually never get this messed up, I didn’t know how strong that stuff was.”

“Jerry, it’s not just tonight. And there’s something else…” Julie reached into her pocket and pulled out the two flash drives, placing them on the table.

Jerry’s nerves stood straight up on edge. She obviously not only had the flash drives in her possession but knew what was on them. He couldn’t speak, he just stared at the drives while his face flushed dark red.

“It’s ok Jerry, I don’t want you to worry about it too much. Frankly, I’m a lot more worried about the pills than I am any of the other stuff. I mean, we’ve talked about what happened between us and I know that you understand….” She glanced behind her to make sure no one was within earshot even though they were alone and leaned in towards him to whisper, “I admit, it was very… Intense, but the thought of getting pregnant by my own son is just too much Jerry.” Even though she meant it, she felt a little twitch in her pussy as she said that. “However, given the nature of our situation, and going by some of the things I saw on those jump drives, I think I have an idea for how I can help you get off these pills.” Jerry just sat back in silence, clearly a little overwhelmed by the situation. He looked up at her with curiosity, hoping that what she was saying really meant what he hoped it did. She looked down at the drives as she said softly, “I will help you indulge some of these fantasies, SOME. But if we do this, you have to promise me that you will let me be in control of everything. Whatever I say goes. And the first thing that I say is that you can not have any more pills”

Jerry was almost in disbelief. Was he so high that he was imagining this entire conversation? He looked towards his mother as his mind shifted to a sexual nature. She sat in the chair in front of him, legs crossed at the heels, her dress riding just above the knee, her slightly thick, pale white legs on display along with her pretty little feet with red painted toes in flip flops. He slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out the bottle of fentanyl, handing it to her. No words needed to be spoken, the look on Jerry’s face said the rest. He was still so high, the tune to the Grateful Dead song box of rain was playing is his head with his mother before him, never looking as beautiful as she did right then with an almost orange glow about her, reaching out to touch his leg.

“I know you love mommy very much.”

“You know I do mom”

“And I know how much you love your mommy’s feet.” she said as she kicked her flip flops off and placed her feet on Jerry’s chair right between his legs. Jerry gasped, nodding his head yes. Feeling her feet press against his inner thighs caused his cock to visibly harden in his pants. He looked into her eyes and caught her staring at his bulge before looking up at him. They looked at each other for a moment, then Jerry began to unbuckle his pants and haul out his stiff cock. She made no effort to leave, just sat there looking back and forth between his eyes and his cock. Jerry looked down and saw his hard cock right in front of his mom’s cute feet, right on display in front of him. “Go ahead and stroke your cock baby, I want you to cum all over your mothers feet.”

Jerry didn’t need to be told twice. He immediately started to crank down on his dick. “Really mom, you want me to cum all over your feet?”

“Yes baby, cum all over my little toes,” she said as she wiggled her toes all around.

“Oh my God mom, your toes are so fuckin cute.” He stopped stroking for a moment and rubbed the head of his cock all over her toes and the tops of her feet. “They’re so soft too, uhhhhh I’m gonna unload soon mom.”

“Go ahead sugar, you just unload all that cum all over your mothers toes.”

“Here it comes, ugh, ohhhhh.” Three of four big loads of cum landed up the tops of her feet and all over her toes. It was a truly magnificent sight to Jerry’s eyes.

“That’s good baby. Now go on to your room and get ready for bed while I clean up, ok?

“Ok mom.”

“And no more pills. If if find out you’ve taken a single pill, this is all over and I’ll leave you to deal with your father, understand?

“Yeah mom, got it,” he said as he left the room dumbfounded after what just happened.

Julie spent the better part of the night painstakingly cleaning up the broken glass, debris, and various bodily fluids from the kitchen. She had everything squared away, save for a few missing pieces of dinnerware before she headed off to bed. She laid in bed tossing and turning, her head spinning round the evenings events. She couldn’t get the image of her son’s cock spewing its load out of her mind. The way he gripped that big veiny shaft, the big mushroom head swelling up even bigger right before he came, the feel of his warm cum as it splashed up against her skin…. She looked at the clock, 3:15 am. Realizing that there was no way she was going to get a decent night’s sl**p at this point, she got up to have a second look at her son’s flash drives. Confronted with one graphic depiction of mother son sex after another, she began to notice that a common theme was an emphasis on the forbidden nature of the acts. That and plenty of dialogue on the part of the mother. As she continued to peruse the folders, she also noticed that a lot of the women had very fancy pedicures with toe rings and various jewelry adorning their feet. She got a little jealous as she had never owned anything of the sort and decided that she would buy herself some after her hair appointment in the morning.

Jerry awoke the next morning with a hangover and a splitting headache. He ran his hand across the back of his neck and felt the sore spot from where his old man had shoved him up against the kitchen shelf. “Fucking asshole” he muttered to himself. He was eager to see what the day had in store for him as he walked through the house to the kitchen only to find that his mom was not there. He had a rehab session to go to anyway so he made himself a smoothie, fed the dog some water, and headed out. He tried to focus on his rehab but it was tough. For one thing he was growing tired of Dan his physical ther****t, a spoiled college hipster who would soon be making 75k a year to massage people’s shoulders, and second, he could not get his mind off of his mother and what he would do with her next. He couldn’t remember everything she said word for word but one thing was certain, the door was once again wide open for him. He made it home as fast as he could and when he got home, found his mother sitting quietly on the couch.

“Oh hi honey, is that you?” she said

“Hi mom, look at you, nice haircut. I like it.” It was cut short as many middle aged women tend to have but very cute and stylish.

“You think so? Thank you baby. Hey I got you something, it’s in your room. Why don’t you go check it out?”

“Really? Ok.” Jerry said a little surprised as he walked down into his room and looked around. He didn’t notice anything at first but then he saw, on his dresser, a fancy wooden cigar box. “Oh mom, you really shouldn’t have, I don’t deserve this.” he said as he brought it back to where she was sitting.

“Well I know how much time you put into making your old one and I feel really bad that your father broke it last night.”

“Gee mom, this is really nice of you but I mean, I don’t really need another one since I don’t have anything to stash anymore.”

“Why don’t you open it up honey?”

He looked up at her with raised eyebrows and saw a wry smile across her face. He looked down at the box and opened it up to find his bag of weed, his glass pipe, and a pack of what must have been 8 or 10 condoms.

“Wow mom”

“Look, I already knew you smoked weed anyway and you are going to need something to help ween you off of those bad pills.”

“Thats great mom, but what’s with the condoms?”

“Well, we can’t have you getting your mother pregnant can we?”

Jerry looked at her sitting there with one foot dangling in the air with a couple of toe rings on. It immediately caught his attention because he had never once known her to wear any.

“No, I guess not.”

“Why don’t you come over here and sit down Jerry. Do you like my new rings?” she said placing her foot in his lap while wiggling her toes. “And you know another thing Jerry, as long as you wear one of these condoms, it’s not really i****t. I know we’ve already gone too far but still, a young man should never, ever, take his big hard penis out in front of his own mother and do naughty things with it.” As she said this she began undoing Jerry’s pants and pulling his now erect cock out and lightly gripped it with her soft hands. He looked down to see his mother’s beautifully manicured hands, each nail flawlessly shaped and painted dark red, wrapped around his stiff cock.

“I know we shouldn’t mom, but I want to so bad.”

“Mmm, look how hard you get for mommy.”

“I know mom, I only get this hard for you.”

She stared at his cock for a minute, mesmerized, then leaned in and slurped at the head with just her tongue and her lips. His cock throbbed and pulsed out some pre cum which formed a tiny string connecting her lips with the tip of his cock.

“Fuck, mom.”

She repeated that a few times, as if she was slurping on a delicious popsicle. Each time Jerry’s cock throbbed and he tried to buck a little more of his cock into her mouth.

She looked up at him. “Bad boy. Give me that condom.”

She opened it up and carefully placed it on the head before rolling it down the sides. At that moment Jerry took the initiative and spun his mother around so she was laying on the couch, skirt hiked up, legs splayed open with only her thin white cotton panties protecting her pussy from his hard throbbing cock. He reached down and simply pulled the panties to the side, exposing her pussy to his eyes once again. Mother and son locked eyes as he slowly touched her wet opening with the head of his cock and plunged it in just an inch. The feeling was so delectable he had to make it last. He fucked his cock in and out just a couple of inches until his mom’s pussy had accommodated him.

“Oh God mom, I’ve wanted to get back in here ever since the last time I left.”

“We shouldn’t be doing this baby, even with the condom on you shouldn’t be fucking your own mother with your big strong cock. Ohh! It’s going all the way in now baby, look.”

They both looked down and watched his shaft glide effortlessly in and out of her motherly pussy, her panties still to the side now soaked in her juices.

“My cock fits perfectly inside your pussy mom.”

“I know baby. Just let mommy’s pussy slide up and down on your cock.”

“So good.”

“Don’t hold back hunny, hurt mommy. Hurt mommy’s pussy!

“Oh fuck!”

Jerry started fucking her hard now, slamming his cock into her pussy to the hilt. Each time his engorged head throbbed against her cervix she let out a yelp.

“Ohhh, you’re gonna make mommy cum baby, don’t stop bayyyybeeeee!

“Fuck mom, I can feel your pussy cumming on my cock! Ah, I’m gonna cum too”

“Pull it out baby, I don’t want you to cum in that condom. Just shoot it on mommy’s pussy. Do it baby, shoot that cum all over your mom’s pussy.”

“Ahh, ahhhhhhhh yes!”

“Oh, look at that. Such a bad boy to shoot cum all over your poor mother’s pussy.”

“If I was really bad I would tell you to pull your panties back over it and leave my cum there for the rest of the day.”

“You are a bad boy! Maybe I might do that.” as she carefully pulled the gusset of her panties back across her pussy and put her legs back together. “You better get cleaned up young man your father could be home any minute.”


The next couple of days were pretty uneventful. Mom had to work and in the evenings the old man was home, leaving them no alone time. Jerry was trying to keep himself together and distracted from the detoxification process that his body was going through. At least he still had his weed, thanks to mom. He was really touched by the cigar box that she had gotten for him. He didn’t really care about the broken box, it was just a grade in shop class that ended up having a dual purpose. The fact that she went out of her way to get that for him meant a lot though and he figured that it was only right to return the favor and get her something special as well. He thought about getting her flowers or something like that but he wanted to get her something a little more personal. He remembered the toe rings that she had just gotten and decided to get her an anklet to go with them. He was positive that she didn’t have one or he would have noticed her wearing it at some point. He would pick her out a nice little silver one with a heart on it. He spent a few bucks, probably more than he should have but he wanted it to be special. He had it nicely gift wrapped and planned on giving it to her as soon as he woke up the next day. It was Friday, her day off, so he knew they would have some time together.

He awoke the next day a little earlier than usual, got himself dressed and went to go present his gift. He walked out into the living room to find her at the computer. He didn’t get a chance to see what she was looking at before she closed the window as she turned to him and said, “What are you doing up so early sl**py head, it’s not even noon yet.”

“Ha ha, very funny. I actually got up to give you this.” he said handing her the present.

“What’s this Jerry? You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Well you got me that nice cigar box the other day and I just figured I should return the favor so… Go ahead, open it.”

“Oh,” she said as she tore away the wrapping paper and opened the box. “Oh, Jerry, its beautiful, you really shouldn’t have spent so much money.”

“Don’t worry about it mom, you deserve it. I figured it would match the new toe rings you got.”

“It will baby, its so pretty, I can’t wait to put it on. I tell you what though, I have my yoga class if a few minutes, would you want to come with me?”

“Aww… I don’t think so mom I can’t do yoga.”

“Oh come on Jer, it’s not that long and it’ll be good for your knee. You can stretch it out and get the bl**d flowing.”

“That’s alright mom, I’ll just take a walk or something until you get back.”

“Ok how about this- I’ll let you watch me get dressed and you can put my new anklet on for me.”

“Alright, you talked me into it.”

They both got up and went to her bedroom where Jerry sat down on the bed in anticipation as if he was sitting down to watch a movie. She quietly disrobed down to her white cotton briefs and matching sports bra. He loved the way she looked in them, he used to sneak peaks at her in her underwear every chance he got. Then she pulled out a pair of black lululemon yoga pants. She sat down on the bed next to him to place her feet into the legs and stood up to pull them on. She could barely stuff her ass into them as the fabric stretched over every delectable curve from her waist on down. Her ass was a thing of beauty in those tight pants. He didn’t even notice her putting on a yellow tank top because he was still fixated on her ass. She sat down again to put on her little white no show socks and then placed a foot in his lap.

“Well aren’t you gonna put it on?” she said.

“Oh, yeah. Here you go mom.” he said fastening the anklet around her bare ankle.

“Look at that! it’s so cute honey thank you.”

“You’re welcome mom, I think it’s kind of sexy.”

She stood up and went for the door, “Alright lets do some yoga.”

Jerry came up behind her, grabbed her hips and ground his cock into her soft ass. “Do we have to?”

“Yes we do Jerry. Remember what I said, you have to do as I say. Now go get in my car.”

“Alright fine. Let’s yoga it up.”

They got into her ’11 volkswagon beatle and sped off down the block.

“You know I suck at yoga mom, I can’t do any of those poses.”

“It’s ok, just get behind me and do whatever I do. You’ll be fine.”

“Alright. Don’t be embarrassed if I fart or something.”

They pulled into the parking lot and while they were heading inside, ran into a few of Julie’s yoga buddies.

“Hey Julie, who’s that young stud you got there with you?”

“Don’t get excited, this is my son Jerry.”

“Oh, we’ve heard so much about you Jerry, your mom is always bragging about you, talking about how good you are at baseball. She never mentioned how handsome you are though.”

Jerry blushed and turned his head away shyly.

“I know my son is handsome, but none of you girls are good enough for him so just forget it.” she said only half jokingly.

They went into the studio and Jerry was immediately glad that his mother had convinced him to come along. There was nothing but legs, ass, and titties from one end of the room to the other. Everyone began to take their positions and Jerry took his in the back row, right behind his mom. As they started to go through the progression of stretches, he tried his best but it was all he could do to keep his dick from getting hard. So many yoga pants, so many fine looking bodies. His moms’ was one of the best though. Even though she was older than most of the other girls and her body was a little chubbier, in Jerrys eyes she was the one that he wanted to bend over and fuck. Especially when they got to the downward facing dog pose. He struggled to control his erection as he looked on at his moms bent over ass just inches in front of his face, knowing that he would be fucking her like that in 45 minutes. He couldn’t wait for the class to be over. As soon as they got inside the house Jerry grabbed his mothers sweet ass with both hands and gave it a nice smack.

“Not so fast young man. I know you’ve been staring at my body all day but I have to go and take a shower. You just wait.”

Yeah right, he thought. He ran to his room to grab a condom and ran back to catch her just inside the bathroom. He grabbed her by the hips and yanked her yoga pants down along with her panties to expose her beautiful bare white ass.

“Oh” she yelped, “Jerry, what are you doing, I’m your mother!”

She knew just how to push his buttons. Her words said no but her actions said yes. She made no move to get away or pull up her pants, instead bent forward slightly and grabbed hold of the sink.

“Mom you’ve been teasing me with your ass all day and now I’m gonna take it.”

She looked over her shoulder and said softly, “You gonna get mommy’s ass?”

He placed the condom covered head of his cock up against her opening and pushed it in, grabbing both her cheeks and spreading them wide as he did. “Oh my God mom, watching you do yoga was torture. I want your ass more than I’ve wanted anything in my whole life!” He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit, and eased it just inside her opening.

“Oh, Jerry! is that your penis?”

He slid his cock in and out slowly, savoring every inch of her sloppy wet pussy. “Yeah. You feel so good mom.”

“Are you inside mommy?”

“Yeah mom, can I put it inside for a while?”

“Ok baby. You can put it inside momma.”

He ran his hands all over her big wide ass, it was perfect. Not a single blemish.

“Mom, you have the softest ass.”

“Thank you baby, I’m glad you like mommy’s ass.”

Her pussy felt a little different from this angle. As he intensified his thrusts he felt his cock bumping up against a little nub inside her pussy. The feeling of bottoming out in his sweet mother’s pussy was sending him over the edge.

He kneaded her cheeks in his hands, slapping his body up against hers causing a ripple to go across her flesh with each thrust. “I’m not gonna last long like this mom.”

“You’re such a bad boy, putting your big hard cock inside your own mother’s pussy.”

“I know mom, I know I’m bad. And you’re such a good mom, I love you so much!

“I love you too baby. Am I a good mom?”

“You’re so good, the best!”

“Mmmm, give it to momma.”

“Oh mom! Ohhhhh!” He gripped her hips tight as he tensed up and unloaded his balls into the condom. “Holy shit mom.” he said trying to catch his breath.

“Good boy. Now let mommy get cleaned up.”

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