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mon night

it started off pretty innocent, us on the couch watching some alien movie (the thing) laying together and snugglin a bit. i was behind her and every once in a while id start dry humping her ass and squeezing her tits over her shirt. nothing too crazy cuz i knew that after the movie i was set to bang her. she had on the sweatpants that make me happy, (with no panties…fucking bonus!) they’re like a mix between yoga pants and sweatpants, real soft and comfy but thin and not heavy. they hug her ass so good, and are just straight up sexy around the house wear. and just a tshirt and her yellow bra cuz the weathers nice now. i had on jeans and a t myself.

after the movie ended she got up and i stayed on the couch, i was feeling horny so i pulled my cock out and covered it with a pillow. i made her lay back down with me, and when she got back in front of me i moved the pillow and started to rub her legs and kiss her neck. i pulled her close and was kissing her neck and ear while my left arm caressed her left thigh and up to her left tit. i started to rub my cock on her sweatpants, and she moved back and grinded into me w her ass. i then grabbed her pants and pulled them down as far as i could. only a few inches but just enough for her to feel my exposed cock on her asscheeks. she moaned a little and laughed at the same time and wiggled them down even further so her whole ass was out. i put my cock right in between her cheeks and we both grinded together while i was undoing her bra and freeing those tits. she has nice B’s with some sexy nipples. (very sensitive nipples at that, which get her going but i have to be careful a lot because when i get excited i bite them, and she gets mad at me when her nips hurt for a couple days after.) anyway, i was rubbing and twisting her nipples gently while i undid my belt and opened my pants so my dick could have more freedom. she leaned her head back and we started to make out, like serious making out. tongues flying, lip sucking, moaning into each others face, fast moving tongues, slow moving tongues, it was hot. i always get super hard when we kiss like that. then she decided to stop and take her pants all the way off, so i did the same, and she took my shirt off and got right back in front of me and reached back and started stroking my cock. her hand was kinda cold and i loved that sensation, i enjoyed that for a minute as i felt over her ass. then i reached down between her legs and started playing with her wet pussy. once i touched it and started toying with it, i got a small hint of that pussy smell and i got super fucking horny. i then slid down a little and positioned myself to fuck her, and when i entered i did it fast. i found her wet pussy hole and just jammed it straight in and she went “ooooooh!” and i started fucking her deep. i was pushing her with my cock towards the arm rest and pulling her down towards me with my left arm on her shoulder. her left leg ended up on the backrest and we fucked like that for a little bit. it kinda sucked cuz i was sort of pushing her off the front of the couch, i was worried she was gonna fall and couldn’t get in a groove. so i had her flip on her stomach and then put her forearms over the armrest as i got behind her and started hitting it hard from behind. she loves when i get back there, and i love the view myself. it was then that i used her pussy juice to massage her rim. she let out a slow moan and i slowed my pace, but she took over the motions and was coming back into me and onto my cock. i asked her if she liked that, she said not to stop. i used my right hand to reach for her clit, and my left to massage her ass. she was getting louder and louder, so i gave up on her clit and stayed with playing with her ass. i spit on my middle finger and slowly pushed it inside as she was now moaning with every pump and she was coming soon. i know when its coming and this was going to be good. she always tells me too, i love when i know exactly when to kick it up and make your orgasm that much better. i was hammering her pussy hard and fingering her ass when she came all over my cock loudly. after she died down a little i slowed down and said lets go to bed. i pulled out, helped her off the couch and hurried her into the room. i pretty much threw her on the bed, and told her to get on all fours, that i wanted to get behind her again. she gave a grin and laughed again, a sexy naughty laugh. i reached for the cocoa butter and put it next to my leg as i got positioned behind her and entered her pussy. i squirted some on her ass cheeks and massaged it it her skin as i fucked her slow. she was moaning and pushing back on my cock. i put a little in her left hand and told her ‘rub my balls while i fuck u baby’. that felt so fucking good and i got so fucking hard, i wanted to cum so bad but i had to hold it. i pulled out while she was still rubbing my balls with the lotion and started tracing her asshole with my tip. i said let me in, she said oh god. i was like its ok, ill go slow, and u liked it when i was just in there. she said ok just do it. do it now. so i poked my head through and she pulled away and was like “whoahhh” and i pulled her back into me and i tried again, this time she gave a long moan when i got a few inches in. i only got a few inches in before i started fucking slow, but i knew it was gonna make me blast off so i didnt care. it was so tight and i could feel the sensation all the way down to my balls with every tiny movement. it was only a minute or two before i had to cum, and i could tell by the sounds she was making that she prob had enough of this for tonight. then i asked her to flip over cuz i wanted to fuck her tits. i straddled her and placed my cock on her chest, squirted some cocoa butter for fun(i even gave a little devilish laugh as i did) and pushed her tits together and started fucking. it felt so good, so smooth and was so sexy cuz she had her hands above her head and she was telling me to cum. then all of a sudden i came like an idiot. i shot my load and i could feel it in my stomach, it was powerful and i moaned so fucking loud. i stopped fucking her tits and just stroked it all out of my cock for a few seconds before i got back into her tits and made sure just my head was engulfed in her soft fleshy boobs as i went back and forth with small strokes. my cocoa buttered cum was all over her chest, my cock and my balls.
like i said, we just kinda went at it

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