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mother in-law

My mother in-law has been living with my wife and I for about two years now. She is in her 60’s with short hair blondish hair large breasts and a big old butt. She’s not the hottest milf around any means.

But for some reason I’ve been fantasying about her, it could because over the years she has been living with us I’ve got a few glimpses of her naked tits when she is in the shower, or may be just thought of fucking my wife mother is a turn on.

Well a few months ago my wife left the city for the weekend to visit a friend; this left me and my mother in-law alone for 3 days. That Saturday morning I slept in till around 10am, knowing that my mother in- law goes out to a friend’s house every Saturday Moring for coffee and some conversation. I thought I had the house to myself.

So I got out of bed naked and walked to the bathroom and left the door open, (cause I thought I was alone) I turned on the shower waited a minute and got in.

As I was showering I started to stroke my cock and getting it hard after a few minutes of stroking I got out of the shower and realized I didn’t get myself any towels to dry off, so out to the hall way I went with a hard on and dripping wet from the shower.

As I turned the corner there was my Mother in –law Ann coming out of her bedroom and of course my head was somewhere else, and I didn’t see her so I pretty much ran into her knocker to the ground and myself landing on top of her.

I got up really fast apologized helped her up saying how really sorry I was not realizing I was fucken naked with a hard on.

She started to laugh asking me why I was naked; right there and then I turn beat red and my Hard on was gone. I had nothing to cover myself with other then my hands.

So there I was with my hands over my cock trying to tell Ann that I thought she wasn’t home and I was taking a shower, when I noticed her nipples pushing through her shirt and her looking at my hands covering my cock. My lord I think she was getting turned on.

She walked up closer to me touching my chest with one hand and removing my hands from cock with her other hand.

She looked at me and said “you know I haven’t had sex in 3 years”

By now she had my cock in her hand stroking it asking me how that felt. I could say a word, after a second I pushed her away saying that we couldn’t do this. She looked at me said well if we don’t I’m just going to have to tell your wife that you’ve have been spying on me when I’m taking a shower.

I have not I said, oh I know you haven’t she said, but my daughter doesn’t know that.

You’re going to make up stories just so I will fuck you I said,

She walks up to and grabs my cock and says yes, besides she says I’ve seen the way you look at my tits here’s your chance to have them.

She knelt down and start to lick the top of my head , she looked up at said ; mmmm that’s tasty.

By know I was rock hard again, she licked the top of the head few more times then dragged her tongue down the shaft to my balls and sucked on one of them. She licked up the shaft and swallowed all 7inch of my cock. Fuck did it ever feel great, she bobbed her head a few more time and removed my cock from her mouth and asked how that felt.

I said fantastic, I lifted her up to her feet removed her top and bra to expose those huge tits of hers. Man they were they big, at least twice the size of my wife’s. I grabbed one in each hand and started to suck on those 60 plus year old nipples, she moaned and pushed my head close to her chest.

I pulled away to remove her pants to get to her pussy, I laid her on the hallway floor spread her legs, I was excepting a hairy bush but this old lady had a nice trimmed snatch with only a landing strip on top. I got closer to pussy licked the slit man was she wet. She grabbed my head and pushed it towards her cunt and eat me I want to come all over you face.

I spread her pussy lips and went to town licking her clit and inside the walls of her cunt , did she every taste sweet . I must have eaten her least 5 min when her hips lifted up off the floor and without warning her cam all over my face, this lady was a squirter. I and never had anyone ever squirt pussy juice before, did it ever taste good. She rolled me over and sat on my cock and road me for what seemed like two mins before I yelled OMG I’m going to cum. She got off of me and sucked every drop of cum out of my cock.

We fucked again later night and again in the morning. I fuck my mother in law at least once a week now.

Some time we done fuck she just sucks my cock and has always swallowed my cum.

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