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Mother In-law Helps Out

Shortly after I turned 32 my wife and I found out that
she was pregnant with our first c***d. We had lived on
our own for a few years, and we lived pretty far from our
parents. We had a decent sized house, since I had a good
job, but with myself working full time, and her being
tired all the time from the pregnancy, there was no way
for us to keep the house up to where it needed to be. And
she didn’t feel like cooking either, and one can only
live on so many pizzas.

We both realized that something needed to be done, but I
didn’t make enough to hire a housekeeper, especially with
a baby on the way. So, without telling me, my wife
decided how she wanted to take care of the situation. She
was going to call her mother to come and take care of for
a while.

I didn’t like the situation to begin with. For one, I
didn’t exactly HATE my mother-in-law Beverly, but I sure
didn’t care for her much-to say the least. She always had
a bitchy look about her, a bad disposition, and although
she never said it, I knew she didn’t think much of me,

I guess you really couldn’t blame her, though. She had
just turned 51, her husband didn’t take much interest in
her, and no one really cared for her. So I guess it
wasn’t all her fault. But that didn’t change the fact
that things were going to be hell around the house for a
while, probably longer than I wanted.

My wife’s a very attractive woman of 29. She’s got a
great body and is a wonderful person. Her mother wasn’t
unattractive, but she didn’t compare to her daughter. My
wife has fairly large breasts, a nice firm ass, and
beautiful blonde hair. Unfortunately, in her condition
the last thing she wanted was sex with me, and that
included oral sex. It didn’t make sense to me, because I
had always heard that a woman was MORE sexual when she
was pregnant, but not in her case.

She was 7 months along, and had lost and interest in sex
almost 5 months earlier, and I knew it would be even
longer after she had the baby, especially with her mother
around. I had always been faithful to my wife, though,
and I would never think of going behind her back about
anything, especially for sex. So I kind of figured that I
would just have to resign myself to masturbating, and
only doing that when I could sneak a little time to
myself in what I knew was going to turn into a crowded

The fateful day finally arrived, and my mother-in-law
took a cab from the airport to the house. After she
started to get settled, it seemed that she was actually
trying to be nice to me. I don’t know, maybe it was just
the fact that we were going to furnish her with a
grandc***d, but it just seemed that she was going out of
her way not to start trouble with me. And I sure wasn’t
going to ask questions; I was just going to enjoy it.

As that first evening progressed, I found myself starting
to notice Beverly more and more. She served us dinner and
I just couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of her. Her tits
looked a bit bigger than what I had remembered, and her
tight blouse seemed to accentuate them even more. I knew
this was going to kill me if it kept up much longer.

Even at the dinner table I found my cock growing hard,
and there was nothing I could do about it. It was a very
frustrating situation. But I wrote it off to just being
incredibly horny, and Bev was pretty good looking for an
old girl.

When it was time for bed, things got even worse. My wife
and her mother excused themselves at the same time to go
to bed. My wife went to our room and Beverly went to the
guest room, while I stayed up to watch television. About
15 minutes had gone by, and I could see that our bedroom
light was out.

Then Beverly came out of her room to get a glass of
water. There was a direct path from her room to the
kitchen, but for some reason she decided to go through
the living room where I was. What she had on really
started to get to me. Or should I say, “what she DIDN’T
have on.”

She was wearing a blue baby doll nightgown and blue
panties, and you could see her tits right through the
material. The lights were dimmed down, so I didn’t have a
real clear view, but even with that I knew that my wife
would die if she knew about the show her mother was
giving me.

I tried to ignore her as she walked into the kitchen, got
a glass of water, and made her way back through to her
bedroom. As she walked out of the room she turned and
gave me a little smile and caught me looking at he ass.
What in the hell was she doing?

I didn’t even think she liked me. Maybe she just wanted
to torture me, knowing that I wouldn’t be getting any sex
for a while.

I had to jack off after that; it was just too intense
being around such a good-looking flirt like that. I
pulled some Kleenex out of the box sitting next to my
easy chair and beat my meat until I blow my overdue load
into the tissue. It was a great cum fantasizing about
burring my cock in her hot juicy box. Afterwards I was
mortified when I realized that I had fantasized about
screwing my mother-in-law.

The next few days were no different. It seemed like
Beverly was showing me some part of her body every chance
she got, and my wife was so miserable that she didn’t
even notice. What I noticed was that even though my
mother-in-law was in her early 50’s, she was still an
attractive woman, in ways that I had never noticed
before. But the hard part was the little shows that she
had gotten in the habit of giving me right after my wife
went to bed and I was still up. It wasn’t until the third
night that things got to be too much.

I had gotten so used to Beverly coming through at night
that I had decided to start wearing shorts at night so
that it would be easier to release my cock and massage
the hell out of it after Beverly made her way back to her
bedroom. So on this particular night that was all I was
wearing as I sat on the couch and watched television. I
figured that if she was going to keep giving me these
little shows, then it wouldn’t matter what I was wearing.

My wife had gone to bed, and after about 15 minutes I
figured Beverly would be coming through. But instead I
heard the shower running. I was disappointed, because
surely this would mean that she wouldn’t be coming out,
she would probably just dry off, go to bed, and I would
just have to deal with the memories of the last few
nights to get myself off.

Another 10 minutes went by when I heard the shower go off
and the door open. Then I heard someone in the kitchen
running water in the sink. I knew I wouldn’t be seeing
Beverly tonight, since she hadn’t even walked through the
living room. I was about to be surprised, though…

A minute later Beverly walked in from the kitchen, but
this time she wasn’t wearing her baby doll nightie. In
fact, she was completely nude. What the hell? “What are
you…?” I started to ask.

“You don’t take a hint very well, do you?” she said. “I
noticed you looking at me at dinner my first night here,
then it occurred to me, Kate must not be giving you any
sex at all lately. I’m sure she isn’t, if you’re looking
at an old woman like me.”

“Old? Hell, you’re a lot more attractive than I imagined,
Beverly. But you’re right, our sex life has been non-

“Well, I have to hand it to you, you must be pretty loyal
to my daughter.”

“But you’re her mother!”

“Exactly, Steve, I know you wouldn’t mess around behind
Kate’s back. But I am your mother-in-law, and I am
supposed to be here to help out around here. I’m supposed
to do the things that Kate doesn’t feel like doing, and
it seems like pleasing you is another thing that she
hasn’t been up to doing. So I just figured it’s up to me
to take over for her. If you don’t mind, that is?”

Then Beverly walked over to me. The closer she got, the
hotter she looked. Her breasts, although not as big as
her daughters, were still a large c-cup, if not bigger.
Her hips curved out very nicely, and as she walked over
to turn out the light I could see that her ass was nice
and big as well. Not fat, but not slim like Kate’s by any
means. As she approached the couch she dropped to her
knees in front of me, and with a quick jerk and a little
help from me, my shorts were on the floor next to me.

Then Beverly wrapped her fingers around the base of my
cock, and in one smooth motion took my entire length down
her throat. I was already rock hard. I hadn’t had a woman
in months. The only thing that kept me from shooting off
right away was the fact I had been masturbating the last
few nights while thinking of the woman who was now
sucking my prick.

Bev worked her head up and down as she made love to my
cock with her mouth. Her mouth was so warm around my
prick, and as her mouth moved up and down her tongue ran
the length of my cock as well. Then she pulled back and
started running her tongue all over the head of my prick.
As if that wasn’t enough, she reached down with both
hands, and started massaging my balls with one hand as
she eased a finger up my asshole with the other hand.

This bitch was GOOD!

Kate never even did me like this! With her finger
wriggling around in my asshole, and her tongue working
overtime on the head, I couldn’t take anymore. I let
loose and my cock exploded all over Beverly’s face. Since
she was already doing the head with her tongue, most of
it ended up there, but a lot of it also covered her lips
and ran down her chin, dripping off and landing on my
balls. She didn’t even blink as she swallowed what was in
her mouth, and used her fingers to scoop the rest off her
face, licking her fingers off and swallowing that as

“Thank you, mom, that was really incredible! I don’t know
how to repay you for…”

“Thank you?”, she interrupted,

“You don’t think I’m going to leave you with just a
blowjob do you? Now what kind of mother-in-law would I be
if I left you like that?”

Beverly stood up and climbed up on me, straddling my cock
as she faced me while I sat in my easy chair. “I turned
the lights out so that it would at least throw Kate off
if she woke up. But at least with the television on, we
can still see each other”, she told me.

I put my hands on her waist, and she reached down between
us, taking my still swollen cock in her hands. Then she
lowered herself down. Fuck, she felt wonderful! Although
she was in her 50’s, her pussy still felt very tight and

As she started to settle into a rhythm of riding up and
down my cock, I reached up and cupped her beautiful
breasts, first taking one swollen nipple in my mouth,
then the other. Her wet, curly brown hair tickled my
shoulders as it hung down on me. She was still a little
wet from her shower, too, and her skin tasted very sweet
and clean as I suckled on her breasts.

“Steve, I liked how you called me mom, too. It’s the
first time you’ve ever called me that.”

“Well, I never really felt like you cared much for me,
but I sure do now.”

“Mmm, baby, you better believe it. I definitely feel like
you’re my son now”.

Beverly continued to ride my cock as our orgasms built
up. “Steve…son…I’m sorry, but I have to admit I
didn’t just do this for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I haven’t had a man in a very long time, myself. Frank
just hasn’t shown any interest in me in the last five
years or so, and I just couldn’t go out on him. But I
just had to do something… and I thought that it I kept
it in the f****y… well, you know what I mean.”

“I’m sure glad you decided to!” I assured her.

Our pace started to quicken, and I lifted my lips up to
meet hers. As we kissed, I could still taste my come in
her mouth, but I didn’t care. This was so special, and
right now I needed my mother-in-law so bad that anything
was fine with me.

Beverly started fucking up and down my cock hard, and I
lowered my hands down to her ass, rubbing all over her
cheeks as my prick plunged in and out of her womanhood.
Then Beverly wrapped her arms around my neck and started
to whimper. I knew she was going over the edge soon, and
I was going to join her. I wrapped my arms around her
back, and we held each other tight until finally we both
lost it.

She whispered into my ear “That’s it, honey, make mommy
come. I need your come, baby…” Then my cock shot into
her pussy hard, forcing my sperm deep into her as she
brought her entire weight down on me and impaled herself
on my prick. As I started filling her up with my second
load, her pussy started spasming around me, and she held
her breath as her pussy convulsed uncontrollably.

As we sat there, my cock still buried in her pussy, a bit
of fear swept through both of us as we realized Kate
could wake up and find us any minute. Reluctantly Beverly
lifted herself up and picked up her towel.

“I guess I’ll see you in the morning, Steve. But maybe
tomorrow night you’d better come into my room instead. It
would be a lot safer.”

My nights sitting alone in the living room ended after
that. And even after the baby came, Beverly and I kept
coming up with reasons why she should stay with us. Hmmm,
at this rate, she may never leave. I might just be stuck
pleasing two women.

What a shame that would be…


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