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Mother in law takes my length!

The following story is the final outcome of my previous two stories “Mother in law shock proposition 1&2”..

Having had the briefest of moments with june my mother in law, a couple of weeks ago. I finally plucked up the courage to take the risk of accepting her surprise offer of an afternoon of fun! Since our brief fumble a while ago i have done nothing but fantasise about what could potentially happen should i take her up on her offer! two weeks spent weighing up the risks and comparing that to the pleasures that could follow i finally decided that despite the risk involved i couldn’t resist my mother in law a moment longer. So, last week i sent her an email and told her that i wanted to take her up on her offer and that if we were going to do this it had to be stay purely between us and go no further, i explained that she would need to make an excuse for me to call round on my day off and to call my girlfriend and tell her she needed my help with something. That evening my girlfriends mobile rang and as expected it was june, asking her if it would be ok if i popped round later in the week and do a quick job for her, at which point my girlfriend turned to me and asked if i could pop round and do this imaginary job, which i obviously agreed to do! With our excuse now in place i had just a couple of days to go before i was to finally meet with june again. My mind kept casting back to our brief moment in the kitchen the first time things happened and what with the mind-blowing fantasy i had been having since, it was fair to say i was looking forward to my day off!

At 10am on the morning i was due to go to junes, my mobile beeped and as i picked it up i was immediately able to see it was a message from june, thinking that she had bottled out of our meeting, i opened up the message to read, expecting her to say it was all off. To my surprise though what she had actually sent was a picture of her that she had taken in her full length bedroom mirror. Stood totally naked apart from red stockings, black stilettos and massive smile, with one hand resting across her flat stomach just inches above her greying bushy mound of pubic hair. a short line accompanying the picture just simply read “All yours, ready and waiting!”.

That afternoon, safe in the knowledge my girlfriend was at work, i eagerly made my way over to junes house. I know i had spent a couple of weeks fantasising about how i would love it to be and that fantasy and reality are vary rarely the same, but the second june opened the door i knew i was in for a hot afternoon of fun! Just as in the picture she greeted me in her red stockings, black stilettos and she was now wearing a tiny red G-string, which as she led me down the hallway i watched, as it disappeared invitingly between the crack of her impossibly petite ass. Her pert little 32b breasts were out and her nipples were nicely erect as she led me by the hand to the kitchen. Turning round to face me, she cupped my face and asked if i was sure i wanted this and without hesitation i told her how much i had been thinking about her and the fantasies that i had been having and that despite the risks, i honestly couldn’t resist being with her. With a slight smile she whispered she was glad because she has spent long enough imagining the things i could be doing to her. She admitted that she kept imagining the things i had been doing to my girlfriend because she knew that we were a very sexually active couple and that recently she had started to grow envious of her daughter and now it was her turn to get what she had wanted for herself for quite a while.

Within minutes we were kissing, my hands rested gently on the small of junes back, her pert little breasts pressing gently against my chest. I could feel her nipples pressing against the material of my shirt and very soon after she began to unbutton it, with my shirt undone she slipped it off and as it fell to the floor she pulled herself tight against my chest, her erect nipples pushing back firmly against my lower chest as she did so. Turning around with june in my arms, i placed my hands under her ass and lifted her tiny figure up onto the edge of the kitchen table, standing between her legs, she pulled me back towards her and again we kissed, this time her hands fumbled with my belt. Unbuckling it and unbuttoning my trousers, she let them fall to the floor and almost immediately like some sort of cock hungry whore she groped at my flaccid cock, it was almost as if she had never seen one or even touched one before. Frantically she began to rub its length until finally she got what she was after, the unmistakable feel of my cock growing ever harder to her touch. Not wanting her to get too carried away too soon, i pulled back away a bit and pushed her backwards on the table, resting back on her palms, she leant there as i started to lick and tease her sensitive nipples, with one hand gently caressing one breast i took almost her whole breast in my mouth sucking her soft fleshy mound deep between my lips, my tongue flicking and darting over her half inch long erect nipple as i did so… My other hand had now made its way down her tight stomach and was now pulling the tiny triangular piece of lace material of her panties to one side and my fingers were now working their way through her thatch of greying pubic hair, parting their way through it until i felt the delicate moistness of her pussy lips, my fingers slowly slid their way along her slit until i felt the hood of her clit beneath my fingertips.. Gently i began to rub at her clit and slowly it began to swell up beneath my touch. The more my fingertips rubbed the heavier june began to sigh.. All the time i teased her clitoris i continued to lick and suck on her nipples, her nipples were so erect by now that even her areola’s had wrinkled up and been f***ed outwards making her nipples even more erect than before. Greedily i sucked on them until finally june let out a loud gasp as her body tensed to her first orgasm as i teased and probed her pussy and clit.

Sitting back upright, june wrapped her hand around my erect cock and with both palms resting either side of it she began to rubs its length, her fingertips occasionally rubbing over my cock head. As she leant in to kiss me she whispered that she has been thinking about me being inside of her for ages, and that now she was ready to experience what her daughter had been getting for the past 6 years. Looking over junes shoulder at the french doors my mind shot back to my fantasy of fucking her where i knew it was possible that we could be seen, her garden was over looked by many others but the thought of fucking her against the glass doors was too much to ignore, i quickly told her what i had imagined and without hesitation she got up and made her way to the large glass doors. Dragging a dining chair with her, she rested back gently against the glass, and with the chair to one side she placed her stocking clad leg up on the chair and beckoned me towards her. At that moment in time i just looked at this woman in a whole new light, all i saw now was a sexy mature woman, who despite being my mother in law was turning me on so much. Seeing her stood their with her back to the glass and her legs spread like that just had my cock pulsing in anticipation. Resting my palm against the glass beside her head i kissed her full on the lips as her hand wrapped itself around my length, slowly she began to wank me with long slow deliberate strokes, twisting her hand around its length gently as it run up and down my hard shaft. Whispering in my ear as i kissed her neck and caressed her breasts, june asked me to get on my knees and pleasure her! Kissing and nibbling my way down her slender figure, i soon found myself on my knees between her thighs, and i knelt there i watched as she slipped out of her panties and dropped them to the floor. With her stilettoed foot again resting on the chair, her hands slid down over her breasts and down onto her stomach until they were resting either side of her pussy and with a gentle clasp around the back of my head with one hand she pulled me towards her greying mound… Once my mouth was where she wanted it, she let go of my head and with her fingertips she gently pulled her pussy lips apart exposing her little pink fleshy bud of a clitoris, in an almost jealous tone she begged me to do to her, what i do to my girlfriend.. (it later turned out that because of their closeness, my girlfriend had talked about some of our more intimate moments with her mother and that was what had started june off imagining being with me, oral sex being the one thing that my girlfriend always loved me giving her!), anyway, as my mouth touched junes soft pussy lips she gasped immediately, and within seconds my warm lips had encircled her clit, my tongue caressing it in a firm but gentle way. for several minutes i just knelt there, between my mother in laws legs teasing and probing her pussy with my tongue, occasionally my hands would wander up and cup and caress her pert little ass and occasionally i let them wander down over her stocking tops, there is something i find so sexy about the tops of a woman’s stockings, just where the lace material meets flesh.. It always gets me hard! to my surprise, i had without really realising it picked up junes panties and as i cupped her ass and pulled her harder onto my mouth, i had also wrapped her panties around my cock and was now wanking my length with her lace panties…

After a few more minutes, june pulled me back up by my hair and looked me in the eye and begged me to get my cock inside of her. Taking the initiative and wanting to be more dominant myself, i turned her around and made her lean against the glass with her hands. Positioning myself behind her, i begun to ease my hard length inside of her. For a woman of mature years, her pussy felt so incredibly tight and smooth! inch by inch i eased myself inside of her until finally i was deep inside of her and my pubic hair was nestled tightly against her ass. Slowly i began to fuck her with long slow strokes, junes wetness left a white streak along the length of my cock every time i watched it slide all the way out of her tight hole. After watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy for a while i then grabbed a handful of junes shoulder length hair and with her face resting against the glass, i began to fuck her harder and just a bit rougher. At this point i could easily say we fucked for hours non stop and that we did it in every position possible but i can honestly say at that moment in time i felt so turned on by what was happening and more importantly with who it was happening with, that within 10 mins i could feel my cum rising. I knew that if i didn’t do something to delay the inevitable it would be over all too soon. At that moment i pulled out of june and again sunk to my knees, this time though i parted her ass cheeks and let my tongue swirl and probe its way around her tight hole. Her gasps of pleasure gave me all the encouragement i needed to carry on, so for a couple of minutes i alternated between licking her ass and her pussy, just long enough for my cum to subside!

Unfortunately june had other ideas!, after reaching around behind herself and pulling my face deeper into her ass and pussy, she then told me she wanted to feel my cum flooding her pussy! She motioned for me to sit on the dining chair, and once i was comfortable she she astride my lap, guiding my cock inside of her as she lowered herself down my length. With her back to me, and with my hands grasping her waist, she began to bob up and down my length. Her bounces becoming ever harder and ever deeper the longer she carried on. My hand by now had reached around her waist and with one hand rubbing her clit and the other gently squeezing her breast i soon felt my cum rising again. This time there was no holding back.. After just 20 mins of riding my cock, my body tensed and my cock pulsed, pulling june tight against me and stopping her from moving my cock pulsed as it flooded her pussy with my warm cum. I couldn’t help myself and found my self biting her back gently as the intensity of my orgasm burnt its way through the length of my shaft, leaning to one side i was able to take junes hard nipple between my lips as my orgasm sub-sided, both of us just sitting there satisfied and with the wet warmth of my cum trickling down my thighs.

After chatting for a while, i made my way home feeling satisfied, Will we take the risk again, who knows! but after finally experiencing what i had spent long enough fantasising about i am glad i took the risk because now i will never see june the same way again…

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