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Mother in Law’s Education

I recently posted a couple of experiences involving my mother in law. This
episode explains how our relationship blossomed.Unfortunately some of this will have to be told from the 3rd. Party.

After the last episode Joan and I copulated whenever possible and experimented with toy’s etc. To broaden her horizons. One afternoon after a
particularly heavy session we sat together when all of a sudden I saw Joan’s
next door neighbour’s daughter arriving home from school. We both knew Sally well as she had been a bridesmaid at my wedding. I have to admit having
lewd thoughts about this young lady. I recalled one day calling round to Joan’s
before the wedding and interrupting a bridesmaid fitting session and finding Sally standing in bra and pants. It was only a fleeting glance but I do remember her prominent breasts, flat stomach and pert bottom.She was only about
13 at the time but a couple of years on she had developed into a stunner.

Joan caught me looking and asked ‘Do you find Sally sexy’?

‘ How can anyone not?’ I answered.

Joan continued ‘She often calls around to see me and we often talk
about ladies things and she told me that she is still a virgin. She has asked about losing it and is very curious about how it all works.Maybe we could arrange for you to take it, I know she fancies you.

The thought thrilled me and with a little coaxing we made love again and planned Sally’s seduction.

The following week I received a call from Joan telling me to arrange to be at her house on Friday and to be prepared for a nice surprise.

Joan later related to me the following……

Sally called round one night a few day’s later and caught me with a bottle of wine.I knew she was too young to drink but the odd glass never
hurt anyone and I knew it would make her feel more adult.As we got cosy
I decided to make the first move and asked ‘Sally,I am in a dilemma, I need a confidante who can help me but I need to know that that person is totally trustworthy, are you that sort of person?’

She looked at me and nodded.

‘What I am about to tell you is quite explosive and could destroy a
number of relationships if it leaks out’. I added.

‘Are you OK with that?’

‘I will not repeat a word that you tell me.’ she promised

I began, ‘ Sally I know that you are still a virgin but when you decide to have sex you will find that you become a different person.Once you have felt an erect penis thrusting inside of you it will hopefully be something you
never want to be without.I have been without now since my husband passed away
and recently became very lonely.I know what I am about to tell you is wrong,
but I can’t help myself.’

I explained about the sex with my son in law and told her my worries.

‘Although I love the sex, I am aware of the potential damage that all this could cause. I don’t want to destroy my f****y but he is actually
blackmailing me. I want you to be a witness in case my daughter finds out
and you will be able to tell her what you overheard’

I told Sally to be at my house on Friday at 3pm. When I could give her
more details.

On Friday, Sally arrived at the right time and told her that before hr son in law arrived to hide behind the do of the dining room where she could her the conversation.Sally saw under the coffee table some adult magazines, selecting one she queried them as she perused the pages, blushing as she did.
I explained that I found them arousing and made me wet bfore my son in law arrived. The ones I left out had stories about normal, anal, oral and
group and Lesbian sex. I saw that she was engrossed and was reading avidly.
Gasping she enquired ‘Do they really do these things to each other’?
‘If it’s there it must be’
I could see her squirming on the seat as she read, knowing how she felt.

I am now able to narrate what happened as I arrived at 4 o clock……

I let myself in the back door and found Joan sitting on the sofa reading an adult magazine. She winked at me as I entered and nodded towards the
dining room.I pulled Joan to her feet and began to kiss her. She suddenly stopped me and said’ Look, this is so wrong we have to stop it. I know we both enjoy it but it could destroy both our relationships should anyone find out’
Knowing the scenario I replied’ Unless you say anything, no one will know.
Anyway I told you before, unless you carry on I will tell the wife that it was you who seduced me in the beginning and are blackmailing me into doing this’

With that I began to kiss and caress her and soon she began to moan gently
in my ear.She began to stroke my erection and said’ Oh!I love your stiff cock
let me stroke it’
With that I said ‘wait’, going to the kitchen I went to fetch her favourite ‘fucking stool’and In doing so I deliberately saw Sally peering through the gap in the door. Surprising her I pulled her into the lounge and
pushed her towards Joan ‘ look what I found peeping at us, is this something you always do’

Sally stammered N No, but I heard you blackmailing Joan, forcing her to have sex with you’
Looking sternly at her I replied’ Well, here’s some blackmail for you, if you don’t help me with Joan, I will tell your parents how you crept into this house and spied on us intending to blackmail us. Just for your information young lady this is how much Joan hates my cock.’

With that I pushed both women onto the sofa and put my erection into Joan’s face.She immediately undid my trousers and pulled my stiff cock out
and began to stroke it. I expected Sally to run at this point but she
sat mesmerised.I took Joan by the hair and f***ed my cock into her mouth, she
gagged at first but then got into a nice rhythm. Pulling away Joan smiled at
Sally and took her hand and wrapped it around my dick. Sally seemed a little lost as to what to do but Joan took her wrist and began to give her instructions.This was becoming too much and I stood both women up got Joan to face me with Sally behind, still stroking me gently as though she was frightened to let go.I told her to undo Joan’s blouse for me which she did
very deftly and I took Sally’s hands and placed them over Joan’s fabulous breasts.I then undid Joan’s bra and in doing so rubbed the back of my hands
over Sally’s erect nipples through her school shirt and training bra. Once I had Joan’s bra off I instructed Sally to kiss Joans nipples.As she did I knelt
in front of Joan, removed her skirt and pants exposing her partly shaved pussy.
I also pulled Sally to her knees so she could see me licking Joan’s sopping wet pussy. My moustache was dripping with her juices when I suddenly turned to Sally and began to kiss her smothering her lower face with Joans wetness. I thought she would pull away but she began to lick me clean. Taking the impetus
I pushed Sally into Joan’s muff and then stripped her and then myself. After a moment I lay Sally flat on the floor pushed Joans face into Sally’s fanny and had her licking away while I mounted her from the rear.The deeper I stroked
the faster she licked and soon Sally exploded in orgasm, bucking into Joan’s
face. Joan was so wet I rubbed my sopping stiffness around her forbidden hole until it was wet enough to accept me. By this time Sally had got up and was watching what I was doing. As I slipped in Joan grunted and then sighed
as I slipped the end in first so as not too hurt too much and then got her to back onto it at her own pleasure.Sally suddenly said ‘I want that, not in my pussy, I want to stay a virgin but I want that’
She suddenly wet her fingers and began to wet her back passage, Joan
responded as I pulled out, turning round, bending Sally over the sofa,
exposing her tight brown hole for my attention.Joan slipped her fingers into her own fanny, scooped out her slippery juices and smeared Sally’s bottom, lubricating it and slipping first one and two fingers in to open it up ready.
she suddenly came behind me, taking and wanking my cock as though she was the man. She positioned my stiffness at Sally’s puckered hole and then slowly thrust her hips into mine forcing my purple head into her rectum.Sally groaned
and allowed Joan to take control until I could feel Sally’s rectum contracting in pre orgasm. Joan seem ed to realise this too and suddenly whipped my cock out wanking me with her right hand while she frigged Sally to orgasm.I couldn’t
hold back and jetted my hot white juices all over Sally’s contracting bum hole.
Joan, seeing this began to frig herself and then began to lick up my jizz out of her bottom.We all collapsed, spent and spermy.I cant wait for the next time.

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