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Movie Theater Surprise (Fiction)

Rob was 11, and was sitting in a seat just inside the theater, watching people come in. He was looking for a boy alone, about his b*****r’s age, 13. He wanted a cute one, thin and good looking, one who would sit alone. Rob had finally decided to act on what he had wanted to do for a long time. A couple of months ago, he had walked into his older b*****r’s room while he was masturbating. Rob didn’t know at the time what his b*****r was doing, but he was fascinated. He had seen his b*****r naked many times, but his penis had always been small and limp. Rob was always interested in his penis, but that day it was different. It was much longer, stood up rather than drooped, and was obviously hard. Even more interesting, he was laying there naked, rubbing it very intently, obviously for a reason. Rob stood back out of his b*****r’s sight, watching. He kept it up for about 5 minutes, then stopped, still holding it, and it spurted white stuff in little jets, while he looked tense but happy. Rob watched as it died down and his b*****r relaxed, letting the white stuff run off his belly, then Rob slipped out.

Ever since then, he had wanted to touch a another boy’s penis to see what it was like when it got hard, and play with it like his b*****r had. And he wanted to feel that white stuff that shot out. Several times after that Rob knew his b*****r was doing it. Sometimes at night he could hear the rhythmic noise of the bed through him bedroom wall, and a couple of times he had peeked in his b*****r’s door during the afternoon to see him doing it. Since his b*****r seldom closed his door, when he did so while their mother wasn’t home it was a clear tip-off. Once Rob saw him sneaking around outside, and disappear behind the garage. Rob had sneaked out the other way and peeked through the bushes to see his b*****r lying in the grass with his
shorts off, rubbing his penis like mad until it spurt all over him. He really seemed to enjoy it, and for the first time Rob fingered himself to see if it felt good, and it did.

Ever since the first time, Rob was really fascinated with what his b*****r was doing, and eventually found out about masturbation and that was what he was up to. Rob did it to himself, and found that if he kept it up, he had a crashing orgasm, and really liked it. Nothing came out of his penis, though. He longed to do it to another boy. When Billy came into the movie theater, Rob really took notice, since Billy was alone, the right age to be able to shoot the white stuff, and was very cute. Billy went about halfway down the aisle, and went far to the left, alone, in an area where he wasn’t near anyone. When it was obvious no one was going to join him, Rob got up and moved down, sitting right next to him. Billy was surprised, and a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t say anything. After the movie was going for a while, Rob reached out and gently put his hand on Billy’s leg. Billy stiffened a little, but didn’t move. Slowly, Rob moved his hand up, until it was on Billy’s hip, just inches away from his crotch. He slid his hand over until it just brushed Billy’s penis. Rob moved his hand just slightly, exerting pressure over what was obviously a hard little penis. Billy remained still, but glanced over furtively. Rob’s face revealed nothing, but his fingers tightened on Billy’s penis, making Billy squirm with surprise. No one had ever touched his penis before, except himself.

Rob rubbed it a little, then moved his hand up to the top of Billy’s zipper, and slowly pulled it down. Billy couldn’t believe it. Rob reached in and put his hand over Billy’s entire penis and balls. He then wriggled a finger into the fly, and rubbed it up and down the warm little penis, feeling the skin move over the hard interior. Billy’s mind was racing – he didn’t know what to think or do; all he knew was that this felt good and he didn’t want it to stop. Rob then reached into Billy’s pants and grabbed the waistband of his underwear and began to pull them down. Billy adjusted himself in the seat, pushing his hips forward so his underwear could slide easier, and they slowly slid down his slim hips. That left his genitals fully exposed inside his pants. Next Rob unsnapped Billy’s waistband, letting his pants just flop open. Billy looked around quickly to see if anyone could see what was going on, but no one was close enough to tell anything. He only hoped no one came and sat down nearby. Rob returned his hand to Billy’s genitals. He explored them gently, stroking the soft, damp skin, playing with his loose balls, and pulling his foreskin back and forth. He had always wanted to play with another boy’s penis, and this was a perfect one; natural and uncut. And, hard as a rock. Best of all, Billy was letting him do it without asking questions.

After a while, Rob pulled his hand out, gripped Billy’s hand, and guided it to his own crotch. Billy’s heart really jumped – he had never touched another boy before, either. Rob had already loosened his pants, and he
guided Billy’s finger under his underwear and onto his penis. Billy couldn’t believe how warm, soft, and wet it felt. Rob put his hand back onto Billy’s penis and started stroking him in earnest, like he had seen his b*****r doing to himself. He got a rhythm that made Billy more and more aroused. Billy couldn’t believe it – he had
only done this to himself a few times, and only in the privacy of his bed at night, and now this boy he had never met was jacking him off right in public, and obviously meant to take him all the way to climax! He started
to worry about what the boy would think when he came all over his hand, and whether he should stop him, but he couldn’t bring himself to do anything. It felt too good, and he was past the stage where he could control himself.

Suddenly, it happened – Billy started coming in strong spurts. It felt great, but he could feel the wetness dribble down into his crotch, and could see it all over Rob’s hand. Rob didn’t mind. He was enjoying feeling
Billy’s penis jerking in his hand, and the warm semen that suddenly erupted all over it. He could feel Billy squirming as he came, and then Billy slumped against him. He could feel Billy breathing heavily. Suddenly Rob
shuddered, too, as he came with Billy’s hand on his penis. Then Rob slumped against Billy, too, both of them now spent. It was only now that Billy thought about how he was going to clean up the mess, with his sticky semen all over him hand, his crotch, and his shirt. But Rob was prepared; he handed Billy a couple of napkins and for the first time spoke, telling him not to worry; people would just think he’d spilled his drink. Billy hoped so, because he knew there would be obvious stains on his shirt and pants. As Billy was cleaning up, Rob got up and left without saying a word.

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