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Mr. Jones Pops my Cherry

Well, it looks like today is the day. I am finally going to become a woman. I am going to let Mr. Jones put his humongous co-k into my tiny, virgin pussy. He has had his fingers in there up to the hymen, but has saved the best for last he said. I don’t know, because it has been pretty wonderful, I have been fu-ked up my tight little asshole by the worlds biggest cock, sucked him off many times, had him eat me out, and fucked him in the ass with a 12 inch dildo that fucked both my holes at the same time. AND, he gave me $200.00, which I had never even dreamed about before. I guess I am a little whore, but I am his little whore, and will keep coming back here because he is the only one who really loves me, and makes me feel loved and like a woman.
I go upstairs, and open the unlocked door, and go straight over to where Mr. Jones is sitting naked in his chair, with his 15 inch cock standing straight up waiting for me, and tell him good morning, and bend forward and licked the pre-cum out of the piss hole and smear it all over my lips. I lick them and said ”Mmmmm good”, and he just grins at me, and hasn’t said a word yet. I then stand up and slowly take off my clothes in a burlesque striptease, throwing my little cot-on panties to him and he sniffs them and puts them in his mouth. I tell him that he is a dirty old man, and he says, yep, and this dirty old man is going to make you bleed and scream for mercy. I said, bring it on needle dick, and don’t know where that came from. He stands up and turns around and bends over and spreads his ass cheeks and says lick my ass for a while and then see if you can stick your arm all the way up there again. I eagerly start licking up and down, and playing with his huge hanging balls, and start stroking his cock the best I could. I can’t get my little fingers but halfw-y around it, because it is 8 inches around, but I get enough to get the job done. Meanwhile, I have my face pressed between his cheeks, and pull back and ask him, if he went to the bathroom this morning, and he said yes, and he didn’t wipe, he wanted to leave something for me to do. I said I thought so, because your ass hole tastes sweet. He said he had some ice cream with straw berrys last night thinking of me. I said I knew it, that was just the flavor. He said his cum was sweet to, and I said of course it is dummy, I ought to know, I swallow it all the time. He handed me the tube of good old KY jelly, and I squirted it up his butt hole, as he leaned over the back of the couch. He then told me to put some all over my hand and arm up to my shoulder, and I said WHAT? He said yes, he wanted all of me in his ass. I said, whatever. I then proceeded to stick all of my fingers at once up his a-hole,, and he said give it all to me, and I shoved my entire hand up past the wrist, and stopped. He said, what are you waiting for, ram it up there, hurt me. I didn’t want to hurt him, and didn’t think I could, being just a little k-d, so I pushed up and in until I reached my elbow, and it felt yucky in there. I said I think I found some treasure up here, and he laughed, and said that I could lick my fingers when I finished, and I said only if he did it first. He said to keep on going, and I could feel his insides moving out of the way for my fist. I pushed and pushed, until I reached my arm pit, and said, Mr. Jones, that’s all the arm I’ve got. He said it still didn’t feel full, and to pull my arm out, and go wash it off, and to wash my right foot too. I did, and when I returned he got down and lied face down on the carpet, and said to lube up my foot and leg with KY. I figured out what was going to happen, and said ok.
I sat down between his legs, close to his ass, and he told me to straighten my foo out, and stick it in his butt. I am thinking to myself, this old fart has some issues here. I complied, and when I got to the heel, it was a little harder, and he said to just kick it on up there, it didn’t hurt. I did, and it slipped past, and he said to keep my foot pointed straight, and stick it on up there.
Mr. Jones is a tall man, and has a long body, and pretty soon I had my foot up his ass all the way to the knee. I asked him if that was far enough, and said to wait a few minutes, and let him adjust to it, and I I did. He said he thought that I had abused him enough for the time being, and now it was my turn to have something large in me.I said bring it on Dad, ‘cause I wanted the 3rd hole hundred dollars.
I went and cleaned up, and he had me lie down on the couch on my back with my hips almost off the edge. He then got down on his knees and started to eat my pussy. He licked and sucked and stuck his finger in my butt hole until I had a shattering orgasm. He then stuck the good old KY up my twat and put some on his dick. He put the head against the opening between my little outer lips, and rubbed it up and down on my clitty. That felt great. He stuck the head in and pushed, and a few inches went in, and he pulled back out some, and went back in, each time he did that it hurt a little less, until he had about 6 inches in, and I started to lift my hips every time he pushed forward, and he called me his little whore. I said yes, and you are my Sugar Daddy. He put his arms under my armpits and held my shoulders, and put his mouth on mine, and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He then pulled out until the head was just in, and all of a sudden he gave a tremendous shove, and went shooting up my little gir-s love channel, until I screamed into his mouth. He held it there as I whimpered, just pulsing bigger and smaller, and asked me how I was doing? I asked him how did he think I was doing with a telephone pole in my stomach? I looked down, and there was just a little bl**d on his cock, and only about 4 inches was still outside, but it was the fattest, thickest part of his cock, 9 inches around. He squeezed some more KY on it, and started a steady in and out stroking, each time putting just a little more pressure on it, until I started cumming, and moaning, and thrusting my hips up to meet his every stroke. He lifted up my legs and put them on his shoulders, and proceeded to give it to me harder and harder, until his pubic mound was hitting my clitty with each thrust, and his huge balls were slapping my ass. I started to scream in pleasure, and my eyes rolled back in my head from the intensity of it. I felt so fucking full, and complete, like this was what I was meant for.He came, and stayed inside me, hugging me, and I started squeezing his cock with my pussy like he taught me, and soon he was hard again. I was feeling no pain by this time, and we turned me over and put me on my hands and knees, and said he could get a little further inside me this way. I figured, yeah, just what I need., more cock. He put it in all the way with the first stroke, and as he pulled it out, my insides were stuck to it, and it made a pretty ring around his monstrous cock. On one out stroke, he pulled it out, and spitting on my asshole, shoved it all the way in there. I moaned with pleasure, because of the two holes, I preferred the poop chute. I was an ass sl-t. I couldn’t get enough. He stroked me for about 15 minutes, and said he was going to come, and he pulled his funky sh-t covered love stick out and shoved it in my mouth. It didn’t taste bad, but I couldn’t get enough of it in to get rid of the smell. He pulled it out and told me to lick it clean for him, and I did. It tasted great, and pretty soon it was clean and shiny like new. He pulled me down to him and stuck his tongue in my mouth to taste his insides, and held me to his chest , and we fell asl**p like that.

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