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Mr Tyler series part 1 : Becoming Mr Tyler’s

(This is my first story, so do be lenient. Thanks! <3) From the first day of school, I hated Mr Tyler. He was always on my case and picking on me, and seemed to take unnatural pleasure in doing so. One day, after lessons ended, he called out, "James, I need a word with you. Stay back for a while." I groaned, thinking I was in for another of his boring lectures, but stayed back nonetheless. As the other students departed, I dragged myself to his desk. Mr Tyler was in his early fifties, balding and fat. I, on the other hand, was the captain of the school's wrestling team, fit and lean. Though I was inches taller than him, he probably outweighed me by more than 100 pounds. Mr Tyler looked up at me and sneered "James, I know that most of your essays have been copied off the internet. Did you really think you could fool me?" I was dumbfounded. My essays, admittedly not all that original, had been mostly written by myself. I felt slightly indignant, and retorted that I never copied anything off the internet. Mr Tyler looked at me and stated that he 'knew' I was lying, and was going to fail all my essays. For nearly an hour, I furiously tried to tell him I was innocent, but he was not buying it. Finally, I gave in, and begged him not to take action against what I really had not done. He smiled at me and said "James, I could ruin your future. If you were smart, you would do everything I told you to" Slightly perplexed, I asked "Sir?" Mr Tyler grinned widely, and said "Come over to this side of my desk" Confused, I walked over, and immediately got the shock of a lifetime. Mr Tyler was naked from the waist down, and he was stroking his cock with his left hand. But the thing that really caught my attention was the size of his member. His ballsack was extremely hairy and sweaty, but was gigantic. His cock had to be at least 9 inches long, and 5 inches in girth. It was extremely hairy, but its swollen head was purple and the veins running from the head into the forest of hair captivated me. "Stroke it", Mr Tyler purred. I looked down at this fat, balding, hairy, greasy man, and told myself to run down to the principals office and report this incident. However, his huge cock was so captivating that my hand subconsciously started stroking it. His cock was so warm and hard that I found myself getting excited. I was starting to get aroused. Suddenly, Mr Tyler slapped my hands off his cock, and barked at me to take my clothes off. I was really horny, and so stripped of my shirt and shorts. I was slightly embarrassed, as there was a noticeable tent in my briefs. Upon seeing it, Mr Tyler laughed and cried "You little faggot-fancy you getting aroused by someone like me!". Mr Tyler slapped my ass, and then ripped my underwear off. My face got redder as his laughter became louder. "How long are you, 4 inches?". My cock was a dwarf in comparison with his, and I felt both embarrassed and, strangely, turned on. Mr Tyler stood up, and shoved me to my knees. He grabbed my head and roughly stuffed his dick into my mouth. Grinning, he started f***efully fucking my face. I felt tears spring to my eyes, as I couldn't breathe and he was fucking my throat so hard it felt raw. I could feel his huge dick penetrating into my gullet. His dick also tasted and smelled bad, and I was gagging. Despite the pain, smell, and tears, my cock was rock hard and begging for release. Mr Tyler saw me crying, and started guffawing. He also started oozing pre-cum, which he f***ed me to swallow. After what felt like eternity, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and I fell butt first onto the ground. Despite what had just happened, I felt horny and excited. He f***efully grabbed me by the arm, and kissed me roughly, pushing his tongue into my mouth. His breath was stale and smelly, but I put up no resistance. I was limp as I allowed him to ravage my mouth, and realized that I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Mr Tyler then broke the kiss and bent me over a table, and moved behind me. I thought he had gone to get something, but then I felt his huge cock head pressing against my ass. Before I could protest, he drove his huge cock up my ass. It felt as if I had been electrocuted. I was in hell, but felt excited at the same time. I yelped in pain at each thrust of his cock, but after a while, the pain decreased and pleasure increased. That didn't stop me from crying out loudly at each thrust. I started wanking furiously as I was being fucked. Both of us were so full of lust that we didn't hear footsteps coming down the hall. “What the hell is going on?” a familiar voice cried from the doorway, and the both of us froze. I looked up to see two women at the door. Mrs Edwards, my English teacher, was staring at us with a look of shock, disgust, and lust. I immediately blushed. Not that I had been caught with a man’s dick up my ass, but that Mrs Edwards was one of those who had caught me. You see, I was her favorite student, and she had high hopes for me, so it was embarrassing for her to have caught me in such a compromising person. Next to Mrs Edwards stood Emma. Upon seeing her, my heart sank. Emma was my age, and I had a crush on her. I had been hitting on her for weeks, but all my hard work was all undone. After this, I thought, she would never wanna see me again. Despite the compromising situation, however I was even more horny than ever. We stood in awkward silence for some time. Mr Tyler still had his love stick up my fudge factory and we were both sporting nervous expressions on our faces. After a while, Emma broke the silence. “Oh my god you guys! What the fuck are you doing?” She said, a slight smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. Meanwhile, her left hand subconsciously slid over her pussy and flitted over it. Mrs Edwards, although saying nothing, had a look of both lust and digust in her eyes as she stared at me. Her nipples, however, were hardened and poking out, which made me even hornier. Once more, there was a stunned silence, until Mr Tyler pulled his cock outta my ass. Immediately Emma broke into a grin and complimented him “Wow, Mr Tyler, your cock is huge.” Mr Tyler smiled and responded “Why don’t you come here and take a closer look at it?”. Despite his fats and hairiness, Emma, like myself, was transfixed to his cock, and stepped close to him and started slowly touching his cock. Meanwhile, I had been left aside by Mr Tyler in favor of Emma. Mrs Edwards slowly walked towards me. She was in her late thirties, but looked great for her age. Her long red hair bounced perfectly on her shoulders, and her 36D tits did some pretty good bouncing of their own too. She looked at me repulsively and without speaking pushed me into a kneeling position again . Then, she took off her panties and hitched up her skirt, revealing a red hairy slit which was sopping wet. Her red pubes made it look like her pussy was on fire. She shoved my face into her crotch, and I instinctively started licking her. She started mumbling “ Who would’ve thought.....the wrestling captain is gay.....litlle faggot...”before giving way to moans of pleasure. Meanwhile, from the corner of my eye, I could see Mr Tyler greedily sucking on the perky little tits I had fantasized of for months. Emma was so consumed in the pleasure she was openly masturbating. Soon, Mr Tyler wanted more, and got ready to fuck Emma. She got scared however, and wouldn’t let him do it as his cock was too big for her. Growling, Mr Tyler grabbed me by the hair, violently bent me over a table, and started butt fucking me again. I was prepared this time, and loved the feeling of getting fucked. Meanwhile, both females had got it on in hot lesbian action. While getting fucked, I watched as the women gave each other a hell of a pussy licking in a 69 position. After what felt like a lifetime, Mr Tyler proclaimed that he was close to cumming. He turned me around and spewed load after load of hot cum onto my face, coating my face completely. Putting up his clothes and getting all his stuff, he gave the ladies kisses, and made plans to meet them again.Then, ignoring me, he nonchalantly walked out of the classroom. I was left in the class with the two ladies, but they seemed like they were trying to get away from me. They left for Mrs Edwards car to continue their lovemaking session, and I was left alone in the class, my clothes s**ttered around me, my face still coated in hot cum, and my reputation in tatters. Exhausted, I lay naked on the floor, still horny as I had not cum yet. After getting my bearings, I quickly clothed and cleaned the cum off my face with tissues. My ass still felt red hot, and as a result, I was walking weirdly. As I prepared to leave, I noticed a tiny security camera in the corner of the class, and my heart sank. As I left the building, the security guard, Jeff, gave me an all-knowing smile and winked at me. I ran home and came in my bedroom, cumming the most I ever had. I knew then that from that point on, I was Mr Tyler’s slut and he was my master. It was the beginning of things to come.... (Author’s note: Hey guys, I hoped you loved my story. If not, tell me how i can improve, and I will try to do better. It was my 1st story, after all. I’m planning to make a second and third part, do give me ideas of storylines. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! 😀 )

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