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There were only three women working in the store and the one I wanted to fuck most was the old one, Mrs Mac. She was short and squat with big big tits,- big and round, like melons not g****fruit, and not watermelons either – they were heavy but very round, each one about the size and shape of a basketball; she had a strong squat body, very heavily corseted (you could see the whale-bone reinforcing running down from her waist, and feel the stiffness of the heavy, old-fashioned corset whenever you managed to ‘accidentally’ bump against her. Her skirt was a quite long burgundy material of some light cloth like cotton and would sometimes ride up at the back and show a little bit of thigh when she bent over. I was just a boy working in the storeroom, weighing bags of sugar and such like, unloading the trucks when they came, and still delivering grocery orders on the push-bike when needed.
She worked out on the counter taking customers orders and would be back and forth from the front of the shop to the storeroom where I worked. I don’t know how old she was but she had grey hairs in her black hair so I guess she was pretty old. I often helped her get whatever she neeeded and would position my self so I could get a bit of a look at her tits or up her skirt — which I managed quite often. Especially at lunchtimes when she would sit with the others out the back in the sunshine – always with her legs apart because her thighs were too fat to close properly. That’s when I would see the tops of her stockings and the white long-leg pants, with the suspenders poking out. My cock would be so big and stiff it would ache – I remember once when they were all there sitting around and I was standing just in front of her and I could see right down into the bulge between her thighs and I came in my pants – right there while she was talking to me. She couldn’t see it of course, I was wearing my long white apron but I had an idea even then that she knew.
About three days after that she did something that really had me puzzled — again! She went to the cupboard where the ladies hung their things. It was just near where I worked and I saw here reach into the cupboard take something from the pocket of her coat and hide it in hand before going out to the ladies lavatory. I’d seen her do it before a number of times and couldn’t work out what it was all about. I just knew it was something to do with women, and lavatories! The funny thing was she never brought it back – she would just sort of bustle back, go straight to the wash basin and make a big do of washing hands. I couldn’t figure it out.
I did eventually though. The ladies lavatory was outside at the back of the store. I waited until everyone had gone for the day and broke in – easy. You know what I found, don’t you? A biscuit tin full of very used sanitary towels. I don’t know how many, maybe a hundred or more and the top two or three were still wet, the top one especially. It was thick with bl**d and smelled fantastic! there was pure cunt smell and pee – I couldn’t help myself. I put it between my legs and pushed it hard up against my flesh – it was still wet! I could smell it God it was strong I held it against the length of my shaft and put another one against my nose then sat back on the toilet with my legs wide apart and my shirt pulled up, closed my eyes and began slowly fucking mrs mac …the smell of her period was wonderful. I don’t know how many times I came but as I pumped my spunk into her lovely dirty rags I imagined my eager young cock was sliding into her terrible ,wonderful, slimy, sweet-scented slit — fucking her over and over …..
Of course she eventually caught…. I wonder if you want to hear more?

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