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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 2)


The next morning Mason asked, “What happened last night?”

“Oh,” Stacey said. She was standing at the counter, facing away from Mason. She didn’t turn around because she couldn’t stand to look at him as she spoke. “I guess I was just a little constipated.”

“It sounded like you were on the toilet late into the night, you sure you’re okay?”

“Sounded?” Stacey reacted.

“…” Mason said nothing.

Stacey felt a little lightheaded, she grinned to herself. “I’m sure I’m okay, it’s just a natural thing to do.” She continued to face the wall. “It’d be difficult for anyone to keep quiet if they had something like that stuck in their butt…”

“Gross, Mom.” Mason said as he left for school. Stacey breathed a sigh of relief. She had gone too far and was glad Mason didn’t pick up on it.


The next day, it was time for Kevin to show up again. “Oh, Kevin,” Stacey said, “You forgot your mask last time.”

“Nah,” he replied, “That’s Super Butt’s mask, not mine.”

“Aww, so it’s a present?” “You’re so cute, you better run here comes Super Butt!”

“Ahh,” he laughed and ran away.

Mason sighed from behind his homework at the table. He watched as they ran out of the room. “Gotchya!” he heard Kevin shout from the other side of the house. “Finally some peace and quiet,” he thought.

Kevin wrapped his arms around Stacey’s hips and hugged her butt into his chest. “Oh no, the bad guy’s got me,” she played.

“You’re in my trap now,” Kevin said, “You can’t move.”

“Oh nooo, I’m trapped,” Stacey played along. Kevin leaned his full weight into her and begun to slide down, tugging at her jeans. The jeans came down a little, and then the button broke off. To prevent Kevin from pulling them down as he sank to the floor, she went down with them, and lied on her stomach. “Oh, I’m caught in the trap!” she said jokingly.

Kevin sat up. Stacey’s pants were pulled down a little revealing the top of her beige panties. Stacey felt Kevin stick his fingers into her pants and pull them down over her ass. “Help me, I’m stuck!” she called.

Stacey’s butt was big enough to stretch her panties and then some. Kevin stared at the soft, bulging mass for a second before patting her right cheek with his palm. “Wow! It’s like a big pillow!” Kevin proclaimed, before smooshing the side of his face into it.

“Uh…” Stacey started to speak, but Kevin interrupted.

“Woah, I can smell it!”

“Noo, my butt doesn’t smell!” Stacey said, still using her playful voice.

“Yes it does,” Kevin responded before shoving his face right into the center of Stacey’s butt and taking a big whiff. Kevin quickly sat back up. “Woah, it smells really funny.”

Stacey flinched as she felt Kevin slip his fingers into the bottom of her panties. “Oh no, helllp!” She cried, a little louder this time. Her voice began to sound more urgent as Kevin’s hand moved deeper into her underwear. “Mason, help!” Kevin dug his hand down in-between Stacey’s ass cheeks. Stacey continued to lie motionless, flat on her chest, as Kevin’s fingers probed at her butthole. “Help!!” Stacey had once again become aroused when she began playing with Kevin and Kevin’s finger slid right in to her loose, wet asshole. Stacey grunted a bit, “Mh!” Her body tightened and she lifted her head up off the ground. Kevin withdrew his finger and Stacey relaxed again, but before her head had reached the ground Keven slipped all four of his fingers inside. Stacey’s body tightened and her head jerked back up. “Rrrghh…” she groaned before letting out a surprised, “Rrghfffaghh!” as Kevin easily pushed his entire fist into her butt. Her straining body fell completely relaxed as Kevin’s fist was enveloped. She lied motionless and silent as Kevin dug his hand around inside her.

Mason finally arrived behind them. “What are you doing?!” he shouted.

Ploop! There was an audible sound as Kevin quickly pulled his hand out of Stacey’s panties. “Just playing!” Kevin shouted as he ran away.

“Mom are you okay?” Mason approached his mother who was still limp on the floor.

“I’m okay, I’m just feeling a little tired,” she said. “I just need to take a quick shower. Help me get my pants back up and then carry me upstairs, would you?”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Mason asked.

“Yes, now hurry and pull my pants up,” Stacey said, her voice weak. Mason obliged and did whatever he could not to touch his mother’s body as he f***ed her tight jeans back over her ass. “Oof,” Stacey groaned as Mason dug his hands underneath her to fix her zipper and button.

“Okay.” Mason lifted Stacey up. She leaned her chest into his shoulder as he helped her upstairs.

“Take me to my bedroom,” Stacey said, still in a daze.

“I thought you said you were taking a shower.”

“…” Stacey was silent.

They reached the bedroom and Stacey crawled onto the bed. “Close the door please,” she said, “And go play with Kevin, he’s our guest.”

“You sure you’re okay?” Kevin asked again.

“Yes, I just need some alone time. Now go back downstairs.”

About an hour later, Kevin had fallen asl**p on the couch and things quieted down. That’s when Mason noticed the moaning coming from upstairs. He ran up and stopped in front of his mother’s door.

“Ohhhh… Ahh!” “…” “Ohhhh… Ahh!” He heard Stacey struggling in her room.

“Mom, are you okay?” he shouted.

“…” “Ohhhh… Ahh!” “…”

Mason swung the door open and was greeted by his mother’s naked butt. She was nude on her bed, facing away from the door. She was lying face down with her ass propped up on her knees. Her left hand was covering her vagina.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned.

“What’s wrong?” Mason yelled, frozen. He was staring right at her asshole when he noticed it began to swell.

“Ahh!” Stacey groaned as she pushed her dildo out of her butt. It came out halfway and then stopped. She reached back and began to push it back in, but then stopped and took it out. Mason watched, petrified. She stayed in her position and clenched her anus shut a few times in front of Mason. Then she slowly reached back and covered her asshole with her free hand.

“Mason, I need a little privacy right now.”

“Oh!” he yelped and then apologized as he backed out. As he walked back down the stairs he heard the moaning resume. Stacey’s moaning continued to fill the house as it got late. Mason did his best to ignore it, and went to sl**p.

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