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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 3)


The following afternoon, Stacey sat down on the couch next to Mason and turned off the TV.

“We need to talk,” she said, gingerly.

“Okay,” Mason responded.

“It’s about last night,” Stacey smiled warmly. “We ought to be open with each other you know. What you saw me doing last night is perfectly normal. Even mothers need to masturbate, especially when they don’t have anyone to look after their needs.” Stacey’s voice was just above a whisper, “The thing that you saw in my butt was my dildo. It’s because… putting things in my butt has a feeling of ‘wrongness’ to it, so whenever I get the urge to do something ‘wrong’ I masturbate my anus. Okay?” She stared at Mason. “Anal masturbation feels very good to your mother, and it causes her to make a lot of strange noises. So whenever you hear me making those sounds, you don’t have to worry about me being sick or in pain, it only means I am masturbating my butt. Understand?” Mason nodded. “…I’m just glad I don’t have to hide it from you anymore,” Stacey said. “No more lying I promise.”

“But don’t you think you are doing it too much?” Mason asked, timidly. “You are in your room for hours at a time.”

“Sometimes Mama just needs to masturbate that long to be satisfied. But if you ask me nicely, I could try to limit myself to two hours a day.”

“Isn’t that all you need?” Mason asked.

“Hmm,” Stacey laughed, “I’ll try it for you.” “Now, do you understand everything?” she asked.

“Well…” Mason mumbled.

“Well, what?” Stacey asked.

“Why do you always have to do it when Kevin is around?” Mason looked up.

“Hmm? Do I?”

“Yes,” Mason asserted, “And yesterday you did it after…”

“After what?” Stacey asked, bluntly.

“He was touching you!” Mason blurted, “In your underwear!”

“Oh, Mason,” Stacey sighed, “He doesn’t know what he’s doing.” “He was just, innocently playing. And I can’t control when I need to masturbate.” “It was a coincidence, okay?” Stacey insisted.

“Okay…” Mason replied.

“Now,” Stacey stood up, “I’m going to go up to my room and use my two hours for the day.” “If I’m not back by then, come and get me and I’ll make us a nice dinner.”

“Ah, okay,” Mason looked away.

Two hours later, it was time for Mason to head towards the moans. When he got to Stacey’s room, the door was wide open and he could see that she was squirming around on her bed underneath a sheet. She was facing away from the door, and lying on her stomach. Mason saw her thrusting vigorously into her mattress. “Hoh, hoh, hoh, hoh,” her moaning matched her humping.

“It’s been two hours,” Mason called.

“Hoh! Hoh! Hoh! Hoh!” her thrusts grew stronger. Mason watched as she slammed her hips into the springy mattress, bounced back up, and then thrusted down again. The sheet clung to her butt revealing its shape while it obscured the rest of her violently flopping body. Mason could hear her bedsprings squeak with each thrust.

Mason walked up beside the bed, “It’s been two hours.”

“Hoh! Hoh! Hoh!” “Wait, right, there, I’m almost, done,” she said in-between thrusts with her face in her pillow. Mason stood by her as her hips bounced wildly on and off the bed.

“Mh, mh, mh.” “Oh, it feels good.” “Oh! It feels good.”

“Uh oh, here it comes,” she said, her voice straining. “It’s gonna be a big one!”

“Ooh, hooh, hooh, hoomph, coming…” her voice was strained and deep. She was silent, but kept slamming her hips down as she came. Wumph, wumph, wumph, wumph… Then she mashed her genital into the bed and started grinding. She arched her back and brought her head off the pillow. She cut her eyes over to Mason. “Hahh… Hoh, huhhng,” she strained. She convulsed and thrusted one more time. “Gah, Oohh, hoohhoohooh,” she shuddered. “So good…” She panted a few times, then put her head back on the pillow, facing Mason.

“Whew, that felt gooood.” She expressed to him.

Her face grew serious, “Sorry Mason, but I can’t stop yet. My body still isn’t satisfied.” “I guess I can’t just quit cold turkey.” “Is that okay?”

“Yeah, it’s okay,” Mason replied, quietly.

Stacey propped herself up on her shoulders and pulled the sheet down to hide her cleavage. “Actually, I have a better idea,” she said. “This is a perfect opportunity for me to teach you more about women and sexuality.” “Let me show you my dildo,” she said, stifling the arousal in her voice. She brought the dildo out from under the sheet. “See? Nothing special.” She turned it around in the air and showed Mason. “Now I’ll put it back.” She reached back into the sheet. She stared at Mason. “Okay, I’m pushing it back into my butt now.” “I’m aroused and wet enough everywhere that it will go right in.” “This is important to remember, okay?”

“Okay,” Mason said, stunned.

“Oof, okay, now my butt has completely swallowed my dildo and I can clench it shut and everything. Mama’s butt can handle much bigger, so when I’m done I can just easily push it back out.” “What you just saw earlier was one way that I like to masturbate.” “I hold my dildo inside my butt like it is now, and I thrust my vagina into the bed.” “I close my eyes and pretend that I’m on top of someone because it excited me.” Stacey glanced over and noticed Mason’s erection. “Sometimes it excites me a bit too much and I go a little wild, like you just saw.”

Stacey’s whole body was shivering. “But your mother really loves to masturbate like this.” Stacey turned away and faced her butt towards Mason. She propped up on her knees and displayed it through the sheet. Mason watched her dildo poke up into the sheet as she pushed it out. Before it came all the way out she stuck her arm out of the sheet. From outside the sheet, she gripped the dildo that was inside the sheet, and slowly pressed it back into her ass. “Ohhf…” she groaned. Then she shuddered and slowly pushed it back out. “Ahhh…”

“Ohhf…” “Ahhh…” “Ohhf…”

“Are you watching Mason? Watch me push it back out,” Stacey said hurriedly. “Ahhgh,” she moaned. “Oh god, Mason I’m so worked up.” She started working the dildo like a plunger, pulling it all the way out and then pushing it in to the hilt. “This way Mason, I can pretend like there is someone behind me pushing their penis into my butt- Ohh, Ohhgggghg.”

“Ohhohhohhohhohhoghgh.” She was going as fast as she could. Plop, plop, plop, plop. The dildo made a noise as it went in and out.

“Ughhh, Mason! It’s not enough!” Stacey was losing control. “I can’t come anymore, Ohhgh!” “It’s too small!” Plop, plop, plop. “I need something bigger!” Plop. “Oh, Mason! What am I going to do? I can’t come!” “Oof, oof!” “Ohhh, I’ll never be satisfied with this, Hooogh!” “I need something bigger, Mason! I need something bigger in my butt, right now!” “Help me! Hooh, hooh!”

“Mom, what can I do?” “How can I help?”

“Ohhohhhh!!” Stacey groaned when Mason spoke. She moved the dildo faster. Plop, flop,floofloofloof. She began to buck her hips up and down and the sheet whipped off of her leg. “Aaghhh, Mason! You have to leave now, oooghh, I can’t keep holding the sheet over me!” “Oogh, ooghhh, you can’t see your naked mother! Ohhhg, you can’t see your naked, masturbating mother!” “Hohhgh, please leave Mason! Haghh, don’t come back until tomorrow!”

“Okay, okay!” Mason shouted as he ran out and slammed the door.

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