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mum and me later years

well here i am now married,in my late 30s my mum still leaves near by,and now in her 60s,i think she still looks good abit more rounded and slightly saggy but to me she still a sexy woman,i visit her regularly and we are still close,well my wife went away on a business trip which left me at a loose end, so i rang my mum and said that jill(wife)was away for a few days and i asked mum if she would like to stay for a few days,to which mum jumped at the chance to leave dad defending for himself ,mum arrived with her large overnight bag,and she came in,as soon as the door was shut she dropped her bag and greeted me with a full kiss on the lips with her tongue down my throat,and said now the fun begins,i made her a cuppa and we chatted about old times,i said i still think of her in the same way,mum is dressed in a pair of casual trousers(elasticated waist band)quite a heavy blouse,but i could still see her curves,it wasnt long before i started undoing the buttons on mums blouse revealing her lacy bra underneath,she was rubbing my bulge through my jeans and came right out with it by saying have you missed fucking your mum,to which i said oh yes,she seemed more rampant than those early years,she stood in front of me in the kitchen and lowered her trousers revealing her full cut lacy knickers and holdups and then she removed her blouse compleatly,so heres my mum in my kitchen in just her underwear waiting for me to use her,well how can a son resist,i went over to her and we started kissing and touching eachother till i was just in my boxersmum is now topless and her heavy sagging tits now in full view i,caresss and suck on her nipples making them hard im now bending my mum over the kitchen table she spread her legs to make it easier for me to penetrate her,she still gets quite moist between her legs,so i didnt need any extra lube,i also noticed that she doesnt trim her pubic hair anymore so it was quite bushy,well my cock is so hard seeing mum bent over my kitchen table in just her stockings on i part her ass cheeks so i could enter her full mound so i start to fuck mum slowly over the table untill she says she wants it faster and harder so i oblge and start fucking mum harder and faster hearing her moans and dirty language made it better telling me she wants my spunk up her cuntit didnt take much longer for me to start pumping my cum deep into mums cunt,i pulled out and stood back while mum turn round and crouched down to suck my now limp cock,she started sucking and licking me clean,then she told me to lie on the floor so i did mum then lowered herself onto my face telling my to lick her cum filled cunt clean,so here iam licking my mum out on my floor the smell and taste of her cunt was devine and she pulsating as i lick her forcing my cum into my mouth from her cunt,when we finished we just lay on the floor kissing and chatting,planning what we were goig to do for the next few days .

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:47 pm

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