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Mum’s Hand

A fictional story that has no connection to any person living or dead.

Hi I’m Tim also known as Timbo, Timmy, Tim and Timothy, I am 18 and this is my story.

My mother passed away when I was 6 and dad was devastated, he met a lovely lady called Beth she had 2 boys Jack and Garry, we all got on well and after a few years they moved in, it was cool having 2 b*****rs as football was the game and as we all supported different teams the rivalry was brilliant, Beth was the same age as dad and very modern, in her looks, dress sense and the way she looked at things, on the odd occasion I would get a glimpse of her getting dressed and had seen her huge tits and shaven pussy, but besides that it was like any other f****y. Jack, Garry and myself used to have wanking competitions to see who could cum first, Garry and Jack had fairly big cut cocks but I seemed to have the biggest and deffo the thickest, but it made no difference, Garry always shot his load first, but Jack and I seemed to cum about the same time, I was now 17 and coming up to my 18th birthday, Jack and Garry had decided to go on holiday for their 18th, but I opted for a party.

At this stage I had a girlfriend Sally, we had met at school and both went to the same 6th form college, I was keen into photography and had persuaded Sally to pose nude for me, taking some real revealing shots, I had taken secret shots of Beth too and had tribute her photo on a few occasions, one morning I was getting out of bed morning wood as usual, getting a tit photo of Beth out I gently rubbed my cock whilst dreaming of sucking Beth’s hard dark nipples and playing with her pussy. Beth had caught me wanking on a few occasions saying it was a nice sized cock and Sally was lucky to be able to play with it, on one occasion she walked in just as I shot a huge load and said it was a waste of good cum.

As I closed my eyes I rubbed my cock hard and fast, “oh sorry I’ll come back when you’re finished”, It was Beth staring at me tool in hand, “you’re go blind Tim” as she giggled “oh sorry Beth I should of locked the door” I went soft near on straight away and covered up, “I’m glad you didn’t nothing wrong in pleasing yourself” she now saw a picture I had taken “what’s this”? She asked picking it up she now realised it was her topless “oh I see its ermm me, was this going to be a tribute Tim”? I blushed and nodded my head she smiled “well I am honoured never had this before, do you think my boobs are nice then”? I took a hard swallow “I think you have a hot body Beth” she smiled “I think I have ugly tits” I shook my head “no way they are gorgeous”.

“Oh I see, would you like to tribute them for real Tim” I went bright red and felt so hot I thought I was going to set myself on fire, “well would you, never had that, what else do you think of when you’re pleasing yourself”? I looked down at the floor “fingering your pussy”, She smiled “mmmmmm now how did you know I loved that being done” I shook my head “but I didn’t know honest I didn’t” Beth smiled and giggled, “well would you like to Tim” I nodded my head, as Beth started to strip I now saw her huge tits and my cock went rock solid, Beth lay on the bed naked her pussy was beautiful perfect shape and her clit slightly swollen, kneeling next to her she reached up and wrapped her fingers around my shaft, “mmmmmm nice and thick” she smiled and gently rubbed it “so you better do what you think of when you’re having a pleasure time” as I leant forward and sucked her hard nipples making her moan softly, slipping my hand onto her pussy Beth opened her legs, she was wet her lips slightly open I slipped 1 finger in making her groan, “go on push another in Tim” as I did she gasped and adjusted her hips, Beth had a small orgasm.
Beth told me to stop and stood up, climbing onto the bed she now lay full length, “fuck me Tim” I nearly choked “show me what that cock can do” opening her legs I got in between them and slowly pushed my cock deep into her, Beth moaned saying it felt good and a lot bigger than it looked, “does Sally like it in her”? Beth asked Tim said they hadn’t got that far only a hand job, “she doesn’t know what she is missing” as Tim smiled and moved harder and faster, Beth moaned saying she wanted Tim to cum in her, as she wrapped her legs around him and begged for faster, Tim thrust his cock in and out and sucked Beth’s nipples, Tim groaned and cum deep inside her as Beth cum again.

Tim went soft and lay to her side, “mmmmm that was fun Tim, not had a nice big cock in many years” I asked if dad was big Beth said he was a nice size and knew just how to please her, but I was bigger and a hell of a lot thicker, Beth said she sure knew it was in her, getting off the bed, she kissed me and fondled my cock smiling she got dressed and left. Joining her downstairs a while later Beth chatted as though nothing had happened “so my young lover, what are you going to do today”? She asked, “Oh I don’t really know maybe hang around the house and help you, if that’s ok Beth”? She nodded her head and bent over to pick something up, I could see her perfect shaped ass and how her tits hung down, what a beautiful sight that was.

It was now lunchtime and Beth said she had to go to the shop, I offered and she told me what was wanted, she would do some lunch for when I got back, I shot off and back in double quick time “not even Garry or Jack want to be back that quick” Beth commented I thought but then Jack and Garry hadn’t had what I had, and had hoped for it again. We sat in the living room and chatted “so Tim what was it like for you this morning”? I looked at her “well Beth better than I had imagined I thought you would go mad about me taking topless photo’s and never thought I would do what I did, or even you doing what you did” she laughed “I’m still able to please a man, and do have that urge when I get horny, seeing you with your cock in your hand sure did turn me on”.

As she sat back Beth opened her legs slightly seeing she had no panties on, I smiled and kept looking at what was a dream picture, I couldn’t hope to see better to be honest, “so Tim what are you going to do to please a damsel with a horny feeling” I smiled and stood up Beth watched as I walked over to her standing in front of her I unzipped my trousers and pulled my limp cock out “how about you suck this and then I fuck you over the sofa” “mmmmmmm now that sounds good to me, nothing better than a nice big cock deep inside me” gently handling it Beth rubbed it slowly and then sucked it until I was rock hard, it was like a flagpole you could of broken walls with it “have you ever seen a woman play with herself Tim” I nodded my head “yer Sally but she got embarrassed when she didn’t cum” she giggled “oh I sure will do you want to see what I can do then”? I stood watching as she opened her legs and started to rub her pussy, her moaning sounded good as 2 fingers then 3 sunk into her cunt and then she finger fucked herself, as she moaned louder and louder, I could feel my cock get even harder than ever as she pulled her fingers clear and squirted a bit as her orgasm, made her arch her body.

“Well how was that”? I looked as Beth now stared at my cock “no need to say a word I can see the result” she added taking hold of the huge hard cock now staring her in the face, she leant forward and gently sucked the head, Tim groaned “now my lad I’ll show you what mummy can do” as her head moved back and forth, taking a bit extra in her mouth each time, Tim moaned saying it felt so good before he said he wanted to fuck her over the sofa, Beth didn’t argue and took his cock out of her mouth, stood up stripped naked, then knelt down over the sofa, Tim got behind her and fed his cock into her pussy, Beth moaned saying it was so big, bigger than this morning.
Tim could see how her pussy was stretched as he started to fuck her slowly, his cock coated in her juices, as he grabbed her hips softly and thrust up sliding his full length in, reaching forward he held her tits and played with her nipples, making her cum again, “oh god Tim what the fuck are you doing to me, I have never cum so much before” Beth whispered Tim massaged her chest and started to fuck her as hard as possible, Beth couldn’t stop moaning and groaning as the pleasure ripped through her body, time and time again.

As Tim banged her pussy her tight ass shook with f***e, Beth was now in complete heaven, her orgasms so strong each one was making her shake, she turned asking id Sally had ever sucked his cock until he cum, Tim said she hadn’t as Beth offered to do it for him, Tim pulled out and sat on the sofa as Beth knelt in front of his and sucked his cock like a hungry whore, sucking his balls she wanked his cock as hard as possible, her fingers not touching her other hand massaged his soft balls, Tim groaned as he watched his step mum suck his cock all the way down her throat
Placing his hand on her head she sucked and flicked his cock until he couldn’t hold back any longer, Tim said he was Cumming as Beth sunk her mouth down his full length, Tim groaned and let blow as he felt a huge f***e leave his cock, and Beth swallowing it fully, and not spilling a drop Beth sat back looking at Tim’s spent weapon, unable to speak Beth asked if it was nice, Tim nodded his head as Beth sat on the sofa, her nipples as hard as rock she asked if Tim knew how to eat pussy, with a thumbs up she smiled and told him his meal was ready and laughed.
As Tin knelt down he got the waft of her heavenly scent, it was like nectar, he lowered his head and gently run his tongue up the full length of her pussy, making her moan softly, pulling her pussy lips apart he gently flicked her clit making her jolt, before slipping his tongue fully in and started to lap up all her juices, Beth moaned saying it felt so good, little did she know Tim was tasting something he had never tasted in Sally, mature pussy juices that tasted like sugar. Slipping 2 fingers deep into her Tim finger fucked her as well as licking her clit, driving Beth totally insane with pleasure, she could feel her juices flowing down the crack of her ass, as she started to moan and said she was close to Cumming.

Beth arched her back as Tim’s tongue made her orgasm, his mouth and chin caked in her juices he sat up and kissed her with passion, Tim slammed 3 fingers deep into her gaping cunt and finger fucked her like a steam train, Beth was unable to control herself, gripping tight her body shook like it was being electrocuted as the most intense orgasm ripped through her body, squirting like a fountain everything in the way got sprayed and soaked, Beth couldn’t stop as Tim carried on he was massaging her G spot like no man had ever done it before, not even her toy made her cum like this.
All of a sudden Beth collapsed lifeless on the sofa, totally naked Tim looked at how she lay, he sucked her nipples making sure they were nice and hard, before going to grab his camera, returning he took a few snaps so he could wank over them later, Beth smiled at what he was doing and what he had done, no man had ever pleased her like her step son had. That evening Tim showed her the photos and noticed his hard cock, taking it out she rubbed it until he blew his load over her photo of her totally naked, sucking him dry they carried on fucking whenever they had the opportunity , and most mornings helped him with his morning wood………………………

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