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my 1st dirty (female) teacher part 2

Thank you all for the positive feedback on the first one! I though I may as well post the second for you all to see!

After I had finished school me and the teacher ,miss. S I will call her , had been texting all through it. We exchanged some dirty pics and videos. I sent a videos of me Cumming on pics she sent me, she loved those! She sent me super hot strip teases and joi videos which had me going through a lot of tissue! However, I really wanted to meet again.
Our high school prom was coming up so I saw no better opportunity! I got myself a nice tailored suit and headed to the prom without a date!
The prom was typical loads of hot girls in nice dresses and horny looking boys with cocks already hard. However, my cock was only hard for one women. I walked into the main dining area where we had our meal and dance floor and there she was. She was absolutely stunning! Her black hair pulled to one side. She had perfect make up with those red lips. She had a silk red dress that showed her curves and it was backless which turned me on. Also, she had a little slit up the leg where her smooth bronze leg stuck out with a sexy black stiletto on her feet.
She was in a large group of other teaches when we greeted. I had to hide my erect cock with my hands discretely. However, she knew what I was hiding and she winked at me as she said “oh I’m glad you came!” A harmless statement to the other teachers. Don’t get me wrong there were other hot teachers too. But she just grabbed me. Literally, during the meal all my mates were talking about was how hot she was and the rest of the girls. We were staring at each other all the way through. Until finally she got up and signaled me to follow as she went through into the empty room next to ours. I got up and followed squeezing past hot dancing girls thinking I was trying to grind on them as they danced.
I entered the room she went in. The door shut behind me and locked and before I had chance to turn around she was up against me, her red lips on mine tasting as sweet as ever. This time I was taking charge. I picked her up and slammed her on the desk. Our tongues intwined in a passionate kiss I began to take off my shirt and trousers as she took off her sexy dress. She gracefully took it off like a swan going across the water. Her legs and curves perfect against the silk as it slipped down her legs to the floor.
My cock was hard and ready like a python ready to strike it’s prey. I then went back on top of her, her back on the table. I flipped her over and shoved my cock in taking her by suprise. Going into her pussy was what I imagined going to heaven was like. The warm wet clouds that sourounded my big cock felt amazing. I moaned and so did she. I straight away began fucking hard like a man possessed, I grabbed her hair and pulled it as my hips thrust against hers. The famous slapping noise going so fast as my cock glided in and out. She was moaning and then her moans turned to pleasurable screams. I grabbed the back of her neck as I whispered in her ear. “You’re my little teacher wore now! I’m going to Fuck you hard and make you scream baby!” This made her moan more. She bit her pretty red lip with her top teeth as her eyes closed. Her moans almost as loud as the music next door now. I started to slap her ass hard making her yelp every time! Her ass was red raw and the pleasure in her bl**d started to rise to the surface as I put my hand round her throat to teasingly strangle her. She loved this. As suddenly she began to shake and scwerm as I really started fucking as fast and as hard as I could. She screamed louder than ever before! “Oh Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Please don’t stop! Don’t stop!ohhhh gooooddd yessssssss! ” She started to shake as put her hands on my ass as I fucked her! Her orgasm spreading in her body like a tsunami or an earthquake. The waves of orgasm then just reached its climax! As she let out a series off massive screams and squirted all over the room floor.
I kept fucking as soon the orgasm spread with in my like I fire in the heart. My heart started to pump as my eyes rolled back. I began to pull out but she said “no! In ME! In me!” She pushed my hips into hers as I released a huge load inside her pussy. I moaned almost as Lound as her I’m sure the people next door heard but I didn’t care! As I watched the load dribble out of her like the niagra falls of cum! We started to get ready again but what we didn’t notice was a certain someone had heard us and was looking through the door!…

Thank you for getting this far! Hope you enjoyed I certainly did! Give feedback and add me and message me anything! There will be a follow up story so if you want that message me and don’t forget you can request a story for me to do! About a celeb someone person anything!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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