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My 1st trip to the Gloryhole (True)

Ok, well lets get started, my husband and I have been exploring different sexual adventures as you can tell from my previous posts. I have been really busy and for the last few months we have kind of had “normal sex”. Not that the normal stuff is bad but we had gotten away from being crazy adventurous. I think having a k** that is growing up and insane careers can do that. Well last night we took a sudden leap forward. I was supposed to be going to dinner with my f****y and my husband was working late. My daughter decided that she wanted a sl**p over at Grandma’s house so I said ok. My husband came home from work and I was already laying in bed watching tv. He jumped through the shower, expecting sex, and came and got into the bed. I told him that our daughter was at a sl**p over and it was just us in the house. He didn’t seem to get the hint that I wanted to have some crazy dirty sex. So I just rolled on top of him and got it started.

As we were fooling around and teasing each other, I asked the age old question…. “what do you want to do?” He hates that question, it puts him on the spot. However, last night was different…. He looked at me and said, “I want to take you to the Gloryhole and watch you suck and fuck. I giggled and said, “ok, but I’m going to need some alcohol”. My husband jumped up grabbed his clothes and started getting dressed. He said, “we can stop at the gas station and grab some condoms and some beer for you”. My mind started racing, what do I do, I was being sexual and teasing but at the same time, I really wanted to please him and try something crazy. So, I got up, went put on some jeans and a really thin tank top. One that pulls and stretches across my 34DDD tits so my nipple rings show. We left the house and got into his car, I was incredibly nervous and I could tell so was he. We have been talking about this for over 3 years now and have tried it once.(it didn’t go well, we went to one that was totally used by nothing but Gay men and they were not interested in me at all, it killed my confidence). Since then however my husband had done some research online and found that there was one less than ten minutes from our house that frequently had other couples go to.

We stopped at the gas station to buy condoms and beer, my husband came back to the car with a large beer. (the gas station did not have any condoms) He looked up at the car and there I was at a busy gas station with people around with my tank top pulled as far down as possible just barely covering my nipples. My husband turned bright red and ordered me in the car. He explained that we were still very close to our house and he didn’t want a neighbor to find out our kinky side.

We pulled into the Porn theater, it has huge fence that goes around the whole thing… I chugged the beer in the parking lot for a little bit of liquid courage and we headed inside. As we walked inside we went to the front counter, my husband asked for a box of condoms and to pay admission into the back rooms. This place has a few sex toys but mainly is just about the glory hole booths and sex theaters with couches. The front desk clerk, skinny and very polite, told my husband that he was out of boxes of condoms and only had the jar with singles. So my husband reluctantly said just give me 4. (I found out later that my husband wanted more but didn’t want to embarrass me) We payed our admission and went through the turnstiles.

As we made our way back, we obviously looked completely lost and new because we walked into a room full of guys playing with their dicks and tried to find a room. A very nice man walked up to us and said every room is a gloryhole except for the one in the very back and it is larger and has viewing glass that people can watch from outside the booth. I think he was shocked when we walked into a booth, he hesitated and said no that one ohhhh and made a dash to the door beside the booth. He let out a damn when another patron, a small asian man, walked into the room. We went inside the booth and I took off my shirt, pulled out my husbands dick and started giving him a blow job. I could see the man in the next booth looking through the hole. He was very hesitant. So my husband handed me a condom and I handed it through the hole and within seconds a small penis poked through. I almost let out a little laugh because it looked like a boyfriend I had in highschool that obviously bought some magnums and didn’t need them… But sadly this was a standard condom. I started to suck on him for a few minutes, I could tell that he was getting close and he pulled out of the hole and asked if he could suck on my nipples. I said yes, so I put my pierced nipples on the hole and he suck his mouth on them and started sucking. A few seconds later he got up took off the condom full of cum and pushed it through the hole and said thank you… He walked out of the room and then came in this incredibly handsome young guy maybe 21.

I was surprised he would even be in there but I said hi, and within seconds this normal sized cock came slamming through the hole. For some reason, I didn’t even think about it and stuck out my tongue and with my tongue ring started flicking the head before I slammed the hole thing down my throat. My husband grabbed me and said, “babe, there is no condom” I couldn’t believe I had gotten into the moment that fast and wasn’t thinking. I pulled out a condom and started sucking. I pushed his dick back through the hole and asked him if he wanted to fuck me… He said yes but he wanted to come over. I told him that it was my first time and I wasn’t comfortable with having him over but I would fuck him through the wall if he wanted. Without hesitation he slid his cock back through the wall. I pulled my pants off and put two fingers in my pussy and pulled up, just stretching it out for easy entry. I pushed back and fucked him until he pulled his cock back through the wall. I looked in and he pulled the condom off and pushed his dick back through the wall just to cum on my side. I smiled and said thank you, and gave his dick a little kiss on the side.

He opened the door and walked out, two guys tried to push their way in at one time and the bigger guy shoved the smaller one out and locked the door. I started laughing and told my husband what happened. He made a silly comment about being worth fighting for. The man pushed his dick through the wall and it was long and skinny and had a big mushroom head. I wasn’t a huge fan so I reached out and spit on it and gave him a hand job. I could here him after he walked out saying all I got was a hand job. I opened the door with his cum on my tits and said your welcome…

The line of guys started laughing and I shut the door. My husband just looked at me shocked, I am a sexual person but usually not this vocal. I don’t know what it was, I felt so empowered. I got back down on my knees and a large black cock poked through the hole. I took his fat cock and started sucking it. I have sucked a couple of black guys in my life but never had sex with one. I was thinking about fucking this one but I guess I was doing a good job because he didn’t last long. Once again, being caught up in the moment I started to suck it with no condom. My husband, must have been in the moment too because neither one of us realized until we heard a knock on the wall and I pulled away to allow him to cum on my tits and there was nothing there. I still am not really thrilled with my self for this. But I just shrugged and my husband handed me a condom to get ready for the next guy.

The next guy was a heavy set middle aged white guy. He stuck his dick through the hole and he was not hard. I tried to jack him off for a while but he was not getting any better so I pushed him back through the wall and said, “I’m sorry but you can get back in line, come back if you get hard”. He was very polite and left the room, sending in another man. This guy was fit, in his 30’s and actually very good looking. I reached my arm through the wall and started rubbing his cock through his pants before he could get undressed. He unzipped and pulled out a very nice 6 inch cock that was nice and thick. I pulled it through the hole and slid the condom over it. I immediately stood up turned around and backed up onto his dick. He did not last long and maybe 60 seconds later he pulled out dropped the condom on the floor and left the room.

I had many guys not last long last night, I thought about it and really it was a good thing. I got to play with more people than I would have if someone took 20 minutes. All in all I fucked 3 guys, sucked 5 with condoms, 1 guy without, jacked off 2 guys and let 4 guys cum on my tits. It was a good night. We ran out of condoms and I didn’t want to risk it so we got dressed and left the room. When we started to walk out, I realized that there was a line of 7 more guys standing out side the other door some waiting patiently and some already getting their dick ready. I said, “I’m sorry guys we ran out of condoms, but those are some nice dicks.” Immediately a couple guys said we will supply the condoms, I laughed and said we are done for the night but don’t worry, I promise this will happen again.

We left, told the guys standing in the front of the building that we had a good time, they said thank you and we left to go back home. When we got back home, my husband and I had some incredible sex. We woke up this morning and both of us thought it had to be a dream because it was so daring and crazy. But the good news is my husband got it all on video. The bad news is my face is in all of it and I won’t be able to post much. I am posting a few pictures though.

One last thing, my husband and I are into pumping, do you think it would be a fun thing to do at the theater infront of a few guys? My husband thinks it is only a few people out there that like it and I’m not so sure guys would like to watch or be a part of our pumping sessions. What do you think? Also, I think we are going into the rooms with the couches next time. Maybe step up our public sex shows…. Anyone know of any good programs that will block out my face in these videos? Don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on it but do enjoy showing it off.

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