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My adopted 19 year old sibling

It all started out what I thought was innocent FB chatting, which slowly lead to her asking some basic sexual questions , which led to her asking some personal sexual questions, which made my 40 year old cock hard as a rock. After answering her questions, I then asked her what was her number one fantasy. She told me her being over powered and submissive to a teacher.

So I did some writing over the next few days and sent her an erotica story of a 40 year old college professor and a student, of course the student description and character was Breanna and the professor was described as me.

She read it and it took a while for her to respond, but when she did respond she sent me a picture of her in under wear with her hand in them and said she had read the story and immediately soaked her panties and had masterbated three times.

I sarcastically said I would love to taste the wet fingers she had. I guess she thought, I would not respond like that, that I would be more adult like. Nope, not me. I told her I wanted to strip her naked and tie each limb of her’s to a corner post of her bed.

So about three weeks later I visited, I thought she may have forgotten OR changed her mind, NOPE. I go in and as I am hugging our mother she stands behind her with a finger in her mouth with the most seductive look on her face. When I hug her she drops her arms to my waist and pulls my crotch into her him, now she is being a tease.

After dinner she goes and showers, I tell my f****y I am going to change for bed and will be back. Really I am going to spy on her, the room I sl**p in when I visit has a Jack and Jill bathroom, I hope to slip a look. When I enter the room I close the door, moving my bag close to the bathroom door. I notice the door is cracked, I open it and notice the door to the shower area is ooen, she has music on and I peek around the corner to see only the clear shower curtain, she had the cloth one folded up. I watch as water cascades through her hair and down her face, neck and 34C breast, over her tight 4 pack and the little pouch, then down her, wait shaved pussy.

OK, I am a freak, but let me explain, the summer prior to this we all were in FL and one night we went to the pool and my adopted s****r came down with a nice bikini on, but her bush was hanging out all over the sides in the front. What I saw in the shower, WAS “”NOT”” what I thought I would see.

After rinsing her hair she turned and faced the shower wall, bent forward slightly, spread her ass and let the water run down her upper back and down her ass. I panicked and left. I grabbed my phone and messaged her that if she grabbed my hips or gave me a shower show again her pussy and ass would regret it.

I returned to the livingroom and sat almost in front of the fire place, she returned 10 minutes later and smiled as she walked past and sat with her back against the fireplace. Everyone was watching TV, step-dad, mom, my 21 year old b*****r and my 19 year old s****r. After 20 minutes my step-dad said he was going to sl**p and my mom said she needed to finish washing dishes. When the TV is on my adopted b*****r is oblivious to life, a plane could crash in the street and he would not budge.

A minute or so after the parents left, I feel a foot touching my ass cheeks, I ignore it, she then slides her left foot up my crack and raises her big toe. I grab her foot and whisper she should be careful! Of course this 19 year old slut, freak and tease smiles and says what are you going to do. I ignore her and return to the show, trying to play hard to get. Really I am torn, I want to fuck her just every hole and pull her hair, slap her ass, but this is my baby s****r, adopted or not I have been her biggest b*****r for 14 years.

My phone goes off, it is a message from her, an image I click it and when it downloads it is a view from the floor looking up at her spread lips and cheeks as she squatted over the ph9ne, I am guessing after getting out of the shower. I now have to roll over on my belly and she slides both of her legs out straight which go under my chest. She ask what I want to do with that. I don’t skip a beat I reply with wait until mom and dad go to bed.

I stay on my stomach but turn and face the TV, rubbing her feet and lower legs, when our mom is done with dishes she returns and sit until the news is over, she says she is going to bed. Comments that Breanna is luck getting a foot massage. We all exchange good nights and she leaves, our b*****r lays down on the couch with his head our direction, he could not see anything with the arm of the couch in the way.

I give it a few minutes to ensure mom or dad do not return and I grab her knee and pull her leg hard, half way laying her down. She is up on her elbows, laying on her back, I slide a hand up her sl**ping flannel pants to discover a bald, warm pair of lips, my hand retreats. I never thought miss modest would be commando in the livingroom, she smiles and ask if I am affraid, grinning. Without skipping a moment, I pull my hand all the way out and lick then suck my finger. I smile back and say I was testing the merchandise. She now moves towards the couch, lays on the floor, belly down and ask for a backassage.

Over her clothes I begin to rub, I am sitting up, cock hard as a rock, my knees are up to help hide this. I ask her to put her arms to her side palms up. I slide close to her and place my hard cock in her palm. As I rub her back, shoulders with one hand, other is closer to her waist line. It is a cover, the shoulder hand in case someone comes in the livingroom. As I massage her back I move under her flannel pants and rub her hips and lower back, everytime I come down I go a little lower. I still am not sure why she is fucking with my head, the one on my shoulders. As I get down the the start of her crack she moans lightly and says that feels good, she also squeezes my cock lightly. Fuck the massage, I slide down her crack and shockingly she rolls her legs outward opening her tight little ass. I get close to her little rose bud and skip over it, my wife hates me to touch her ass hole, but I love to rub, lick and eat them. As I go for her pussy she clears her throat and softly says don’t skip that part. I hesitate and go back up towards her young warm ass, I can feel the heat on my fingers as I hover back over, she softly says yes there as if giving me massage instruction, yes the other hand is not doing shit at this point.

I lay my middle finger on her warm soft skin and I can feel the ridges which form her innocent rosebud. She replies with and upward push back against my finger. She lifts her head and looks over her shoulder and grins, winks and lays her head back down. What in the fuck am I doing, in my parents house about to finger fuck my adopted s****r in her ass, he’ll yes I am!

I put a little pressure and she relaxes and her ass loosens up and swallows my middle finger, past the first knuckle, I am shocked the once or twice in 13 years of marriage to my wife I have gotten to lick or finger her ass, it was tighter than Fort Knox. I was amazed, she again pushed back. I slipped my while hand out of her oants, I had to smell and taste this. Fresh as a spring morning and tasty. I wet two fingers of course ever orifice that could be wet on me was. I made a fist to protect the wet fingers and slide it back in her pants.

As we returned to her ass, I took the middle and ring finger and pushed against her ass, she again did the relaxing thing and, slip, they were in, yet her walls closed around them, relatively tight. I moved them up and down, never all the way out and palm deep. She every so often softly gripped my cock and squeezed and rubbed a little. I was about to explode in my Wal-Mart Minion pants. I pulled my fingers out, licked and sucked them, got up, walked behind the couch, bent over, tapped my b*****r’s shoulder and told him good night. I smiled at her and went to my room, locking the bedroom door and pulling the bathroom door all the way open, turned off the light and climbed on top of the covers.

I hear my phone go off, it is a message from Breanna, it reads, chicken? I replied, nope I almost blew a nut, your ass is amazing. She replied, don’t touch it I will be there in a minute. I am thinking sure, I hear someone coming down the hallway, the person enters her room, no lights are turned on, just the little nightlight is all the light in the two bedrooms and the bathroom. I hear her door close then some quiet noises, I am trying to figure out what she is doing by the noises.

I hear her barefeet in the bathroom, then the floor squeaks in my room, right in front of the bed is a squeaky spot. My mouth begins to water, my cock has not softened at all, I feel pressure on the bed, she finds my legs and crawls up me, straddling me. As our faces meet she leans to one side and whispers she wants me in my ear. Obviously I want you from the bulge poking your stomach, but are you sure? I ask! She lays her body on me and licks my ear lobe and says yes, long and softly.

I go to grab her ass and she is wear what feels like silky short, very loose and short legs, nothing else, no top panties socks. This little lady has been reading or watching something, alot of aomething. She whispers in my ear she wants me to be the first to fuck her pussy she wants to.

She was m*****ed as a little c***d, hence how my mom and step-dad adopted her and her s****r and b*****r. I am guessing the same reason her ass is way looser than I thought one should be on a 19 year old.

I whisper back, first? Yep, she says, since I was little I have only had my fingers and my choice of items in my holes. My cock pulsed so hard I SWEAR it lifted her hips off me. I kissed her neck, rubber her ass and felt down for her lips. She was soaking wet, like five loads of cum dripping from her ass and pussy wet. I have had a hand full or two of female sexual partners and NONE of them have ever felt this wet.

She whispered her pussy gets soaked, but will be tight, I let out a deep breath and slide a finger in, what the fuck, her pussy is tight, I am not bullshitten’ here, it could hardly take my index finger and I do NOT have hotdog fingers.

She moans and bites down on my neck, I grab her hair and pull her head up, saying, hey I will be home in a few days, no marks. She moans, I slip my thumb in her ass while my index continues to loosen her sweet young pussy up. She lifts off my chest and slides up my body, placing a titty in my mouth. I lick and lightly suck it, reaching over with my other hand I rub and lightly pinch her other titty. She is bucking and squirming everywhere.

I slip my head back and pull her titty out of my mouth and using my fingers in her ass and pussy and my other hand on her shoulder I pull her back down. I lean to one side and say what in the fuck is your deal, she replies what, I say you are a freak. She replies back that she has wanted a few guys when she was in high school, but she was quiet and read alot and hardly anyone noticed her. I said to her give me a kiss, she turned away and I asked what was up. She said she has never kissed anyone that way and she was not going to suck on my dick either. I asked, all while still fingering her ass and pussy, if I tried to slip my cock in her pussy would I break her hemen. She replied she lost that years ago when she was around 4 and a large finger ed man finger ed her with two fingers.

I instructed her to go to her knees, yet stay laying on my chest, as she did I took my average 6 inch cock and rubbed against her lips, thumb still in her ass I tried to slip my cock, soaked with Precum and meeting her soaked pussy. It started to slip in then, bam, stopped. I whispered that she was Goin to have to relax, I would not hurt her. After a few minutes of negotiating with her young bald pussy I was half way in her pussy, I told her to relax, when she did, her pussy gripped my cock inside her like an eagle fishing in a lake. I made the loudest noise either of us had up to this point. She placed her hands over my mouth and said shhh.

I asked her what the fuck that was, she said what, I said what did you do to your pussy, she giggled and said she did nothing. Breanna your pussy just gripped my cock so hard I could use it to open a soda bottle. She said I always squeeze my insides when I rub my clit and finger my ass. I explained to her that, that tight of a grip was a skill that not many had, a gift if she would. As I talked her into relaxing and getting balls deep in her while she was on top, I continued, this time with two fingers in her ass, talking in her ear, asking how her ass got so loose, she explained she has stuck alot of things in it, she had been fucked in her ass since around 4 until middle of her fifth year and CJ, our 21 year old b*****r and her used to fuck around when she was 12 or so and he was 14.

I was like, you what, she said he was m*****ed as a young boy as well, their biological mom used to let men fuck then and play with them for d**gs. I was shocked, but he never wanted your pussy, she said yes, I would not let him, we were uses to the anal and I enjoyed it. I whispered enjoyed it? I can’t get your s****r in-law to try it. She giggled, oh you are going to get it, after you cum in my pussy. I told her it was not good for her to let me cum in her. She asked me, you are fixed correct, yep for almost as long as you have been alive. She said you will fill my pussy up, I have read and talked with my girlfriends, I want my first pussy fucking to be by you and I want your cum dripping out of my used pussy.

I almost blew a load right there, but if was funny, tighter, wetter pussy than anyone I have ever had and while it felt amazing I was no where near cumming. I spend 5 minutes inside my wife and boom, exploded. I must have fucked her pussy and finger ed her ass for 30 to 45 minutes, her riding or me thrust up inside her. Sometimes she would squeeze her insides and while it felt amazing, I was nowhere near cumming.

She whispered she had read about how good and long older men could last. I laughed and told her if it was here s****r in-law we would both be asl**p by now. She laughed back and slapped my chest, I said no seriously, with your tightness I figured I would have already exploded and filled you with cum. She said let’s do this together, I will ride like you showed me and you thrust up. I stared a medium paced thrust and she rode around up ther, I slapped her ass a little and pinched her nipples. She bent over at one point and asked me to slap her ass some more, she liked it. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back, until she was up right. I slapped her ass cheek and pushed her back down and asked her if her slutty self liked that and she moaned, Y E S.

I asked he if she orgasms as she was getting wet again, she said yes like three times. Of course I did not say a word, but my ego grew as wide as the room. I now could feel a load cumming, I grabbed her and held her tight, slipped two fingers back in her ass and pushed down hard and then loosened up and then pushed down again. She asked me if I was cumming, as my body stiffened and I filled her young innocent pussy with cum. While 1% of my brain was asking me what the fuck I was doing, the other 99.9% was celebrating. She collapsed on top of me and as my cock started to shrink she giggled and said it felt funny slipping out like that. We talked a few minutes and she was like a k** on Christmas morning, then she said she felt something on her lips, she reached over behind her and whispered, ooh there is something clumpy on her lips. I whisper back yes that is my cum, she replied with, I thought it was runny stuff. I explained some people’s is very liquid like and some people’s is thicker.

She asked me what to do with it and I told her to lick it, she said no way that is gross, and stuck her finger in my mouth. I closed my lips and sucked it off, she was shocked, I said little s****r, I have got more than that which will blow your mind.

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