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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 3

I’m sorry for the wait of the third part I know you all have been waiting I have just been very busy lately here goes


it was the morning after a saw mom cum all over the dildo she was using, I walked downstairs to get some breakfast and mom was sat at the table on the phone to dad, they were talking about how his time was over where he was working, he seemed like he was enjoying it.

when mom came off the phone she was saying how dad will be back tomorrow so we better enjoy the last day of being nude as he will be back in the early hours of the morning, I said to her “of course we will”

we had finished breakfast and had cleaned up the kitchen, it was not a very nice day outside it had been raining all night, it was the first day we had rain since dad was away we were both sat watching some television both of us unsure what to do.

“I’m just going for a shower mom there is nothing else to do today”
“Okay son, see you soon” she said

I was in the bathroom with the shower water running I decided to shave my pubes I was there for a good 20 minutes making sure all was good, it was looking much bigger when erect, so I wanked whilst in the shower and it was the best feeling having it all shaved, after I had cummed I started to go soft and then I got out the shower and dried myself off and walked out, I saw my mom sitting in the lounge and I just started to get hard again so I went into my bedroom and cummed again.

I sat down in the lounge and mom said “that looks much better now its all shaved son”
“Mom! don’t say that”
“Well it does, I think today as its our last day we should enjoy it if you get an erection don’t run off into your room just leave it and walk around with it be proud”
I sat there in shock
“Okay but really you don’t mind?” I asked
“No not at all son”

I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and I got my mom one too, ice cold water was what was needed after that, I gave my mom the drink, I sat down on the couch watching television and then mom went for a shower, after about 10 minutes the water started to run, after about 20 minutes mom came out the shower, I was in the kitchen at the time and she came out and she had shaved too! I don’t know how but I managed to stay soft, she came into the kitchen and got a drink and sat down to watch television.

“I wish these weekends would happen more often son, its been great”
“Yeah it has been really good actually mom”
“The weather has cleared up shall we go for a swim?”
“Yeah! lets go!”

I followed mom out to the pool and jumped straight in “God its cold!” mom said
I thought to myself how nice it felt after just shaving and it felt good to swim
when we were swimming I could see moms nipples were hard from swimming, I was semi hard and I got out the pool, mom said “god you look bigger now”
“Mom really?”
“yeah son I’m proud”

I walked into the house now fully hard, I was wanking in the kitchen whilst watching mom swim in the pool, the kitchen side was covering me pumping my cock so mom had no idea I cummed so fast, when mom got out the pool I cleared up quickly, I had gone soft by the time she came in the kitchen.

“Lets go and watch a film son”
“okay but you pick”

we sit down and the film started, about ten minutes in mum turned off the lights, the only light was from the television, nothing happened during the film but after the film just before dinner she was in the kitchen and she was rubbing her pussy whilst standing at the kitchen side, I got rock hard but walked away, and cummed in my room

To Be Continued…..

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:22 pm

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