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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 6

Sorry for not posting for a while had some issues with getting the stores published, sorry if you have to go to part 4 to recap


Today the storm was due and we were in for quite a good one, I woke up that morning really early, about 4am the wind had slowed down but the snow was falling, it was settling and getting quite thick already, it was getting cold so I went and put the heating on and got back into bed, I fell asl**p quite quickly and woke up around 8am the snow had got considerably thicker and higher up the house.

Somehow I was worried about today, after last night I’m not sure how to go about talking to my mom, she still wanted to be nudists while we were alone, but it was so damn cold! I got up to make a cup of coffee, I went to the bathroom first I went out in just my underwear, mom was in the bathroom and it was locked, she came out and she was nude! I could not believe it, it was so cold.

“Hey, why are you not keeping up with the nudist thing?”
“Its so cold mom!”
“Its not too bad if you get a warm drink”

I thought she is crazy! I was sat at the table drinking my drink and mom sat next to me saying we needed a chat, dread ran through my whole body, I thought that last night was a step to far and wanted me to leave after the storm! but it was not that bad..

“Son, we need to talk”
“Ok mom”

“What happened last night was a step too far, I don’t know why but I just felt possessed and it can’t happen”
“Ok mom”
“I don’t mind if you have a boner and want to masturbate but try not to be as close when you do”

Later that day mom was on the phone, I knew who it was

“Don’t come back the storm has really hit hard here so you wont be able to make it back to the house”

I thought this gave us a few more days being nude together I was really enjoying this time I was having with mom

The storm got to its worst in the evening, the wind caught up, thunder and lightning the lot, then I got a shock

“Will you stay in my bed tonight son, this weather is awful”
“Only if you are sure mom”

We both decided to go to bed and sl**p the worst of the storm off

“Do you mind if I sl**p naked, I normally do”
“Yeah that’s fine”
“You can too”
“You sure mom?”
“yeah that’s fine”

Mom had fallen asl**p quite quickly, we were not far from each other I could feel the warmth coming from her body I felt my penis tingle, I thought to myself don’t get hard now, not now!

My dick started to grow I did not know what to do, the heating had turned off and I was slightly warm, my dick was fully erect, I know my mom has seen it and seen me cum but being in bed naked is a different thing all together.

I could not control my dick, it was twitching me and my mom were both laying on her sides but she was looking at me

The bed cover was just on her boobs, I looked under the cover and my dick was so close to her and then she turned over and looked the other way

Her ass was close, I was feeling so horny, then it happened, my mom moved back a little, my hard dick was resting on her leg, i gasped, i froze i did not know what to do, she did not move.

mom then moved again, my dick was resting between her ass cheeks, it felt so warm, i was fighting the urge to not cum right there right now, i wanted to thrust into my mom but i was scared it would wake her up, i moved away from her and layed there thinking if i should masturbate or not, i did

i got up and started to masturbate it was so quick and i cummed on the floor and the bed, i cleared up from the floor but it has dried on the bed by the time i got to it, i got back into bed and mom woke up…

“You okay?”
“Yeah mom”
“You look out of breath”
“Yeah just had to do something”

She laughed and said “Ohhh i get you”

i was laying there and she said, ” I can’t get back to sl**p are you okay if i masturbate now?”
“While I’m here?”
“Yeah you have seen me do it before”
“Okay mom”

Mom layed there started to masturbate, i got hard just listening to her moans, she said “Your hard again go on you may masturbate”

I jumped at the chance and started wanking right there

Nothing was said for a few minutes i just watched mom masturbating and masturbating hard myself, this was great, in bed with mom masturbating, i needed to cum, i was so close.

“Mom i need to cum”
“Just go for it son, cum now”

That was it, my balls emptied, and it landed on me, my leg, and my moms leg

She stopped and i froze, i wondered what she was going to say, then she orgasmed it was the best thing i had seen, her legs were shaking, and the noise of her wet pussy was amazing

she cleaned up and wished me goodnight and to see me in the morning.

I layed there in complete shock and joy, tomorrow should be interesting especially the morning…


If any of you are here from the original parts thank you for waiting for part 6 i have had a few issues with publishing and been generally very busy, i will try and post another one as soon as i can

Thank you.

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