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my aunts wedding (true story)

It was a Saturday morning my Aunts big day, I arrived at her house early looking dashing im my black tux. She was getting her make-up done while i was chatting with a few f****y members and friends. After a while i went to greet my aunt, congratulate her on her big day. She then introduced me to her bridesmaids and that’s when i saw her, she was wearing a pink saree exposing her toned stomach, long black hair, big plum lips. “This is Hani” my aunt said to me “hi” I said to her nervously, “hi how are you? you look handsome” Hani replied. smiled and said “thanks you too” she said “aww”. At that point in time I didn’t think I had a chance with her, i was 17 at the time and she was 25.

At the wedding i kept staring at her, I tried not too but she was too beautiful, I would purposely stand behind her to get a view of her lovely ass. I then built up the courage and had a chat with her, it was nothing special just about life and stuff and that’s when i realized i had absolutely no shot at all. I then started to notice her staring at me but didn’t think anything off it so I just carried on having a good time.

After the wedding we all went back to my aunts house to celebrate, I was chatting in the kitchen and Hani walked in. She was getting cups and dropped them, she bent over to pick one up and I couldn’t stop staring at her ass, then she turned to pick another up and exposed her lovely cleavage. I couldn’t take the teasing anymore but i knew i didn’t have a shot, so i went up to the bathroom to have a quick wank.

I pulled my pants down sat on the toilet and watched some porn to get me hard. All of a sudden the door had opened i had forgot to lock it, it was Hani. She looked at me in shock then stared at my errect cock, i gasped and before i could say get out she had closed to door and locked it. I tried to cover my boner she asked “what are you doing” and locked me up and down, i was speechless i tried to mumble out some word but before I could she said “its ok you don’t need to explain”. She came towards me and moved my hands “wow that’s pretty big for a little boy”, “thanks” i mumbled out. She then sat on my lap and griped my cock and started to jerk me, “maybe I can help you with this” she lent forwards and started to kiss me. I clutched her big ass and stuck my tongue down her throat, she let go of my cock and sat on it, she grabbed my face and started to kiss me passionately while grinding on my cock. After a few minutes she got up and got on her knees, she grabbed my cock and started to slowly jerk it while licking the tip. She kissed the tip with her lush lips and began to slowly suck it. Her big lips were slobbering all over my cock and balls, I could feel my shaft touching the back of her throat it was mesmerizing, I had never felt more pleasure in my life. After about 10 minutes I told her “I need to cum” she slowly started jerking and said “put all that hot cum im my mouth”. she open her mouth and started to jerk faster, she put her mouth over my cock. My cock exploded and a big load of cum was swimming in the back of her throat, she played with the cum in her mouth and cleaned the cum of my cock, she swallowed it and sat im my lap. She took my phone and wrote her number into it, “that was amazing” I said im pure joy, she smiled at me “I liked it too, make sure this is our little secret”. I was over the moon “I will” I replied she got up to leave the bathroom “make sure you give me a call later maybe we could have some more fun” she said whilst leaving the bathroom. I sat in joy comprehending what had just happened, who would have thought me a 17 year old would have got sucked of by my aunts hot friend, it was a true dream come true. I cleaned up and went downstairs to mingle, and spent the rest of the night as if nothing happened.

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