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My Awakening – What Happened Next

If anyone has read “My Awakening”, this is what may have happened later. It didn’t but I still wanted to have more of my mother

Nothing happened between my mother and I until my b*****r had left home for university. I had continued to touch her tits whenever I could but these opportunities became few and far between. There was always someone else in the house which made it difficult, and I had started dating girls my own age. However, an opportunity arose as my father had heart problems and was admitted to hospital. My b*****r had come back from Uni to visit him but then returned a couple of days later. As my s****r was on an educational cruise for 2 weeks, I was left at home alone with my mother. She couldn’t drive and so relied on me to take her to the hospital for visits. This became a routine and she thanked me quite often for taking her.
As we were alone at night, I did try to touch her but didn’t try too hard out of respect for my father’s condition. Then, as we were driving home after a visit, she again thanked me for driving her and put her hand on my thigh. “Rob”, she started. “Yes mom.” “It really is good of you to keep on driving me. I’m sure that you don’t want to be with your old mother every night.” “It’s ok, mom. It’s not only for you but dad as well.” “Well”, she carried on. “Your father has been in hospital over a week now and won’t be released until all the tests have been done, and that will be another week at least. If ever you have something else to do I can always catch the bus.” “Don’t be stupid”, I insisted. “As I said this is for you and dad”. “Thank you, Rob, I really do appreciate it so anything I can do for you just say”, she said and squeezed my thigh with her hand.

After we got home that evening, we sat together for a while and I put my arm around her, in a non-sexual comforting way. There wasn’t a lot on the television so I decided to go upstairs to my bedroom. I got undressed and thought about turning in for the night when the door opened and in walked my mother who had taken all her clothes off and was silhouetted by the landing light. My jaw dropped as she entered the bedroom and asked “I did say anything I could do for you, just say. Is there anything?” I couldn’t say anything as I was still in shock as mom continued. “I’ve missed your dad so much. And I’ve missed the attention he gives me. I’ve thought about this for a couple of days and I need someone to sl**p with me and satisfy my sexual needs.” “Mom, what can I say”, I stuttered and grabbed her hand to pull her towards me. I lifted myself up and pulled her head towards me and kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth and our tongues entwined. A hand reached for her tits and cupped one as we continued our kissing. I then pulled her on to the bed and laid her down beside me, continuing our long deep kissing. My hand moved down to her stomach and on to her hairy mound. As I parted her pussy lips, I felt her hand on my now rock hard shaft, kneading it with her fingers and rubbing my oozing precum around my knob. I eased her pussy lips apart and gently put a finger into her wet cunt, then withdrawing and using the juice to lubricate her clit as I rubbed it between a finger and thumb. She moaned as I did this and raised her legs slightly and parted them to allow me better access.

I had never expected this to happen but wasn’t going to question her motives. I bent my head to suck her nipples which were now erect, made more so by her puckered areolae. My mouth went from one nipple to the other, sucking on them to take them deeper into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the base and the tip, all while my fingers explored her cunt and clit. She broke off my attentions and moved down the bed, allowing her tongue to lick on my precum covered knob. Mom then ran her tongue down the length of my cock and licked my aching balls, taking each one into her mouth, before making her way up to my knob again. Her position was such that her rear was now by my head and I eased her round so I could get her legs either side of my torso, giving me a wonderful view of her hairy pussy, and glistening cunt. She moved her arse so that I could lick her cunt, working my tongue in and out of her, and licking her clit in up and down and side to side movements. I felt her mouth engulf my cock, and then I felt the tip hit the back of her throat. She was gagging slightly each time as she expertly wanked my cock with her mouth. I increased the pace of my tongue on her clit and I could her muffled moans coming from her cock filled mouth. I could feel my orgasm building but didn’t want to release my grip on her clit. My cock pulsed and I shot streams of spunk into my mother’s mouth, which in turn pushed her over the edge. She pushed her cunt against my mouth, making me gasp for air, and her hips started bucking as she came, releasing her cum into my mouth. She still had her mouth around my cock as our orgasms subsided, and as she released her grip and moved away I could see no evidence of cum on my shaft. She had swallowed the lot.

She was the first to speak. “Oh, thank you, thank you” she uttered. ”I really did need that as my emotions were in turmoil”, and again kissed me on the lips, her mouth still tasting of my spunk. “Mom, I don’t know what to say. I never thought we’d be intimate again, but you’ve made me so happy. I love you and dad, but I’ve never stopped fancying you since I got my first erection. My girlfriends always seem so immature.” “I love you too Rob, but I still love your dad; this is really a thank you for what you’ve done for both of us this past week or so. I’ll let you sl**p in my bed while your father’s in hospital and your s****r’s away but don’t expect sex all the time.” “Ok, mom, I understand,” I replied and kissed her forehead in thanks. Mom then got up, grabbed my hand, and led me into her bedroom where we slept cuddled up together.

Mom had a part time job and got up in the morning before me. I awoke with a cup of tea on the bedside table. “Hello sl**py”, mom said. “I hope you slept ok.” “Sure mom”, I replied. “Well, you need to get up for school, and I need to get to work.” We were soon ready to leave the house, and although we had the use of the car, our habit was to walk together to town where I continued to school and mom caught a bus to work”. After school I again drove the car to the hospital so we could visit dad. I was bit embarrassed that time knowing that mom and I had slept together and had oral sex. This was different to the previous time but dad’s condition probably made me feel a bit guilty. After visiting hour came to an end, we made our way home and had something to eat. We watched television, and then mom said she was going to bed and pulled me from my seat to accompany her. She told me as we got into bed that it was just cuddles that night as she was tired, so I respected her wishes and we fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

The next day was Saturday so no school or work and mom again woke before me, and again a cup of tea was waiting for me when I woke up. Mom was sitting up next to me, drinking a mug of tea, and wished me good morning. I sl**pily answered her and sat up to drink my tea. We talked about the day ahead and what had to be done, by which time we’d both finished our tea. Mom then took me a bit by surprise by moving her body down the bed to lie down and put my limp cock into her mouth. She sucked on it and almost immediately it was rock hard. She then pulled me down the bed to lie flat and then straddled me, easing my cock into her cunt. “I always have a fuck Saturday mornings and as your father isn’t here….” She slowly gyrated on my cock as she took my full length into her vagina. I could feel the end of her love tunnel with my knob end, and she was teasing me as she licked her lips with her tongue. I started to thrust as she gyrated and I could see mom now start to bite her lip. She started to bounce up and down on me in time to my thrusting and was now tweaking her hard nipples with her fingers. I reached out and grabbed her hips, moving her up and down more forcibly on my rigid cock. “Fuck me harder”, she screamed. “Fill me with your spunk. Let me feel it hit my cervix”. One of her hands moved down do rub her clitty as her head was thrown back as we both moved towards orgasms. “Oh god, oh god”, she cried, “Arggghhhh”, as she tensed and bucked, her orgasm heightened by her fingers on her clit. Her cunt muscles tightened as I felt the flow of her juices dribbling out with each thrust and then I exploded. My body went rigid as I carried thrusting into her, rope after rope entering my mother’s womb. After her orgasm subsided she collapsed on top of me, exhausted from her exertions, and there she stayed until my limp cock slipped out of her spunk filled cunt. My pubes were soaked by our mixed juices, which ran down over my balls and on to the bed sheet. “Mom, that was fantastic. Thank you so much” I uttered as I got my breath back. “Thank YOU”, she replied as she got off me and kissed me on the cheek. “You and your father have very different cocks but they both are so satisfying”, she continued. Don’t you have a football match this morning”, she enquired, something which had completely slipped my memory. I made my apologies as I leapt out of bed, got dressed, collected my kit and headed off to school to play for the school team. I arrived just in time and was greeted by “My, you look shagged out!”, to which I replied, “Sure am”. My mate smiled as if to say “oh yeah”, and I smiled to myself “If only you knew the truth.”

I got home at lunchtime and the afternoon and early evening were spent visiting dad. He seemed a lot better but was still looking to be in for another week. I went out with friends at night, arriving back home just as mom was going to bed. “Are you coming up”, she asked, to which I replied, ”in five minutes”. Mom was already in bed as I made my way into the bedroom and already half asl**p. I undressed and got in beside her, cuddling up against her body. We both fell asl**p and I woke up early with my customary erection. I nuzzled up to mom who had her back to me and thought about the time we fucked like that before. I reached around her and cupped her breast in my hand. My cock was in her crack, leaking precum between her cheeks. I rubbed my cock up and down her crack, lubricated by my juices. I then pushed my cock against her and my knob rested against what I thought must be her cunt entrance, but it seemed difficult to get my cock in. Mom gave a moan, still half asl**p so I gave another shove and my knob entered, and then slowly I thrust in and out, easing my way further in. Mom awoke fully and screamed, “Rob, what are you doing fucking my arse?” I was completely taken aback as I was sure it was her pussy but it did explain the difficult entry. “Mmmmoooommm”, I stuttered not knowing what to say, my body frozen but with my cock still embedded in her arse. I then tried to cool things and said, “I’m sorry, but I thought I was in your cunt.” “Didn’t it feel different”, she replied. “Well, yes mom, but it feels so good”, and very gently pushed against her, nudging my cock fractionally further in. I moved my hand which had been cupping her tit down to her clit and rubbed her softly. She moaned as I did so and pushed her arse against me, sending my cock deeper into her. I began moving my cock slowly to and fro while continuing to play with her clit. “Oh Rob” she moaned, and moved my hand to her tit again so she could frig herself. With my other hand, I reached down under my cock and felt for her cunt, moving a couple of fingers inside. She squirmed as I did so, her cunt juices flowing down over my fingers. I moved another finger inside and started thrusting harder as I fucked her anus. The feeling was indescribable as I pounded into her and pushed my fingers deeper into her cunt. My fingers on her breast were tweaking and pulling on her nipple and I could feel my orgasm building. Mom’s moans were becoming louder and indistinct as we were both driven to ecstasy. My balls hardened and my cock twitched as my orgasm started send jets of spunk into the depths of my mom’s rectum. My fingers continued to fuck mom’s cunt and I felt them being squeezed by her muscles and her anus put a vice like grip on my cock. Her orgasm must have been stupendous as she bucked and writhed like an untamed bronco. Her spasms were slow to subside and I withdrew my cum covered fingers from her cunt and eased my cock from her anus. Neither of us spoke or moved as the realisation of what had happened sank in. “Mom”, I finally asked. “Are you ok? I’m sorry but I couldn’t really stop myself and you didn’t try to.” Mom turned to face me and smiled. “Don’t worry. I would have stopped you if it was painful or unpleasant. I have to admit it was a bit of shock to wake up like that, but I was sort of day dreaming at the time of someone taking me from behind and fucking my arse. And it was really nice. Your father’s cock is too fat for anal sex, and we have tried. I was unsure at first, but the sensations going through my body made it all worthwhile, especially after I got used to it”. She then kissed me on the lips and we pulled each other closer. We stayed like that for what seemed like an age until mom gave out a very unladylike cum splattered fart. “Oh”, she exclaimed. “I think I’d better get cleaned up”.

We had sex a few more times while dad was in hospital, but never anal again. Then it was time for dad to be released, and my s****r arrived home from her cruise. I never had sex with my mother after that, but still fondly remember the times I had with mom in her marital bed.

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