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My Bi Lusting, as my Husband fucks her.

I should make it clear from the onset that this story is from my mind, it’s how I think and imagine, and as a woman, I draw parallels from friends and my own experiences, but this is pure fiction, it’s how I wish it were, it’s a woman’s idea of sex, which is usually different from male writings, it’s from the receiving end.

Please enjoy my sex, and kind remarks at the end, I am a woman and you are a man, we both are here for the same reason, so lets use the available space to form an online relationship, that starts with a kind comment after my story. 🙂 Love Emma

My Horny Pregnant neighbour has a need of my Husband.

I can remember the day Debbie moved into the house next to ours. Bright, bubbly, and vivacious. She turned heads, much to the jealousy and chagrin of the married women in our neighbourhood.

Me, well lets just say, I’m a bi-sexual woman, so I was more forgiving, Debbie meant more to me, she did not suspect my inner intentions, as I hid them well from everyone, what a blessing in disguise when I found out, my husband had made an impression on the young girl next door, it was something I encouraged over the years, as I bound my time, at twenty, Debbie still had a lot to offer a woman in her late thirties, only she did not know it.

My husband was a keen gardener, a person to be admired, and someone I teased. Our relationship was an open book, and when a heavily pregnant Debbie was all hormonal over him, I lost no time in encouraging him to be sympathetic to her feelings, ‘If she wants a bit on the side, go for it darling, remember there’s thirty years between you both, try reducing it to eight inches’, he laughed, before replying, ‘Always wanted to hump a pregnant woman’.

I was out in my garden at sunrise, as Debbie was standing watching her lawn sprinkler system in the morning sunrise. What captivated me was the sun behind her showed of her nude form under her smock, her huge stomach curving into her crotch, I wanted my husband to see her, and called him out, and together we looked as she showed her natural beauty, ‘She want’s you darling, she really does’, I reminded him and encouraged him, urging him to go to her, as her husband was away on his business.

We have never done the swingers bit, but we do watch porn, dabble in chat rooms and I have shown a bit online, so asking my husband to hump our pretty neighbour was not a problem for us to call it a problem, as I have offered my husband a free shag for his friends if he wanted watch us.

Armed with that early morning visual, of her nude silhouette, he agreed to go across and strike up a conversation, telling her I had gone to my s****rs house and may stay overnight, that way, if anything was going to happen, before she dropped her baby, it would happen now, and I was prepared to record it on video, for my own blackmailing needs.

I felt like I did the day I pulled out my panties elastic, to let an old guy see what I looked like between my legs for £10, a mixed up k** with her first bush of pubic hair, and a desire to let men know I had some.

The sun was still outlining her awesome naked silhouette, her heavy breasts were lactating on the thin cotton, the wet material forming larger circles than her areola surrounding her erect rubbery nipples, so visible, now her dress was wet with warm sweet human milk.

My husband’s mouth was dry as he licked his lips, his erection making as much an impact on her eyes, as her nipples were on him.

Being a woman myself I knew what it was like to have an urge to want to have sex with a man. Your body is two steps ahead of your mind, erectile tissue tells him your up for it, your vagina is pumped up, swollen and wet, running down your inner thigh, in a small rivulet of sweet honey like nectar.

Men dress either right or left, its where their erections lie, bulging their intent, I dress right, that’s where my pussy discharges my lubrication, even now as my husband and my neighbour confront each other, my fingers feel the warm and the coolness between my legs, the heat of my body don there, drawing my digits deep into me, as I kneel in my garden, peering through my hedge, masturbating myself like a c***d.

He says something to her, she laughs and does a small pirouette, the lawn sprinkler showering her with fresh droplets, in a flash, her dress moulds to her body, and she stands, open-legged, and challenging.

There can be no mistaking her intentions, he glances momentarily across to where he thinks I’m watching, I can only imagine the power he must have felt knowing I was there, wanting this, urging him forward into her body, those next few steps. My fingers hold my clitoris between them, as they work in a scissor like manner, opening and closing rapidly, over the oiled sheen, I know I’m close, as my mind screams, ‘Fuck her, fuck the bitch’, I gasp as the first hurdle is breached and the second one trips, I gulp as my fingers plough deep inside, thrusts to simulate the cock now confronting our neighbour, I’m cumming, I’m cumming as I collapse forward, humping my fingers, and when I regain composure, I could hear hear before my eyes refocus.

She is naked, bending forward her ass high in the air, with my husband behind her, humping like a dog on a bitch, each thrust into her open hole, throws her heavy breast forward up to her chin, and rivulets of lactating milk, spray the surrounding air from her nipples, ‘Give it me’, was all she could moan, twenty something, being shagged by a fifty something, old gratifying an appreciative young.

She looked so beautiful, reminding me of me, how I ached and longed to look like that again, throwing it around amongst the bucks really to plough and furrow your fertile cunt, but with age, comes a different need, men through time have fucked young girls to restore their libido, for me it’s to drink from the honey pot, of young oestrogen, feeling the heartbeat on the tip of my tongue, and the sweetness of her produce run down my throat.

I frame her face and pan her naked lusting, as she heaves and synchronises with my husbands frequency, her screams and my husbands crowning moments, captured in HD digital format.

I rise and call out, they both look across, her face is frozen, my husband is still fucking her, she knows, she understands, there is no anger, she smiles and starts again, only this time she stares at me, and reaches up with her hand, as the unmistakable slapping of my husbands thrusting into her bum, sends her loose flesh into waves through her torso, out fingers interlock and her groans become louder, at last she comes, and I welcome her into our sex life, I now have everything I ever wanted.

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