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My wife, Nicci, is a larger woman, probably a size 20 with long dark hair. Nicci has large breasts, but the thing I like most about her body is that she doesn’t shave or trim her body hair. I’m really hairy myself and have always been attracted to hairy people, when we initially got together I was pleased when she offered to not trim or shave. Hence, she has beautiful black hair under her arms, both of the nipples on her huge tits have black hairs around them and she has a full, dark hairy bush between her legs with her pubes running all the way underneath, around her asshole and up to the top of her ass crack. I find her incredibly sexy.

Anyway, Nicci was sunbathing nude on the deck by the pool when I was on my way out the front door to meet a client when in walked Kelly, Nicci’s best friend. Kelly is gorgeous, a natural blonde who is slightly larger than my wife, but just as hairy. Her blonde cunt hairs grow especially long. Kelly has been my wife’s fuck buddy since well before I came along, they went to school together & started their pissy fun very early on in life. Kelly joined in our sex life many times in the past, often she’ll just call in & fuck Nicci while I’m at work. I gave Kelly a kiss as I left, she promised me that she’d still be here when I returned & that she’d save me some ‘leftovers’.

I met with my client for almost two hours with nothing on my mind except what Nicci & Kelly would be doing at that moment. Hurrying home after my meeting, my imagination ran wild thinking about what the two hairy honeys would be up to. Sitting in my car, I took my shoes, pants & shirt off & drove home in my briefs. I love being naked, but while I didn’t wish to drive around nude I did the next best thing. Occasionally I’d run my fingers through my pubes or across my hairy chest, aroused by my hairy body.

Arriving home I parked in the driveway & walked around the back of our house. Kelly & Nicci were sitting on the deck chairs by the pool, both naked. I was still in my briefs, but by this time my 7” cut cock was hard as a rock, pre cum oozing out of it. Walking up to them, both were smiling at me, Kelly offered me a drink from her wine glass. Putting the glass to my lips I smelt the distinct odour of urine. They’d obviously been up to their usual fun of pissing on each other & drinking each other’s piss. I drank the glass dry, swallowing whoever’s piss it was. Nicci asked me if that satisfied my thirst & as it hadn’t, I held the glass under Nicci’s hairy cunt lips & she filled the glass with piss again for me. Putting the glass of piss down onto the table, I stepped out of my briefs, my cock standing up proudly in the sun.

I sat down on the lounge that Kelly was lying on, my back to her & facing my wife. Kelly leaned up & started kissing my hairy back, running her tongue across my hairy body. I leant over & buried my face into Nicci’s black bush, thus pointing my ass up into the air. Kelly was quickly into position, her face between my hairy ass cheeks, driving her tongue into my hairy anus. I started eating out my wife, running my tongue through the dark cunt hairs that surrounded her snatch. At the same time Kelly was holding my ass cheeks apart, licking my shithole, and occasionally sticking her tongue in & out of my hairy hole & tasting my ass juice. This went on for a few minutes, I was pretty much in heaven. Then Nicci suggested that I might like to bring out Big Bob.

Big Bob was a present from my wife a few years ago. He was a 10” dildo that was very thick. Nicci bought him for me as I love having something up my ass, these days I have a few guys I call on to fuck me but Big Bob retains a special place in our sex life. I climbed off Kelly’s face & went inside the house to get the dildo & some ass grease. Upon returning Kelly was lying down next to my wife, both of them tenderly kissing each other. I walked up to the table & finished off drinking the glass of my wife’s piss & put the dildo & ass grease on the table. Kelly climbed off Nicci & motioned for me to get down on all fours. My ass pointed backwards, Kelly started rimming me again while Nicci greased up the dildo. Next thing I know, I feel the head of the dildo pressing against my shithole. Nicci gently inserts Big Bob up my hairy ass, I easily take the full 10” & it feels fucken awesome.

My wife starts fucking me with the dildo, driving it in & out. Kelly comes around in front of me & also gets down on all fours, pointing her hairy ass crack into my face. I lean into her ass, my face now right between her hairy ass crack. My tongue is in her cunt lapping at her juices that have soaked her hairs & my nose is right in her asshole, the musky scent of her shithole providing me with smells of delight. The dildo is easily sliding in & out of my asshole & I’m now eating out Kelly’s hairy ass when she tells me she needs a piss, so I lean down & place my mouth over the opening to her cunt just as she starts pissing. Nicci stops fucking me & comes around & both of us are drinking the piss as it exits Kelly’s hairy cunt.

Once Kelly finishes pissing Nicci pulls Big Bob from my ass & I lay Kelly down on her back, her legs up on my hairy shoulders. I hold my cock & guide it into her hairy anus as she groans in a mixture of pain & pleasure. Nicci lowers her hairy, black haired cunt down onto Kelly’s mouth & we’re all fucking in unison. I can see Nicci moving her hips so she drags her ass & cunt across Kelly’s face, Kelly licking Nicci’s bush that runs between her ass & cunt. I can feel the cum rising from my balls as my cock is pushing in Kelly’s ass, the sight of it going in & out of Kelly’s hairy asshole is awesome. Nicci is still sitting on Kelly’s face when she starts pissing, the urine runs all over Kelly’s face, down into her blonde arm pit hair & across her big tits. I leant forward & sucked on Kelly’s hairy nipples, tasting my wife’s piss.

This only went on for another minute or so when I told the girls I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of Kelly’s hairy ass for the last time & took it in my fist, both girls knelt in front of me & with a few pumps of my cock I started cumming. Ropes of warm semen landed on Nicci’s face first, then Kelly’s face took some. I kept sharing my load across both girls who were eagerly lapping up my cum. As I finished both girls turned to each other & started licking my cum from their faces. I stood there in the sunlight, my cock slowly going soft. Crouching down I kissed both girls, tasting the remnants of my cum on their face. Feeling ready to piss, I stood up & both girls knew what was next. Holding my limp hairy cock in my hand I started urinating, directing my piss over both of them, what they couldn’t drink ran down over their hairy tits into their bush. I hadn’t pissed since early that day so I had plenty to go ’round, by the time I’d finished both of my hairy honeys were drenched in my piss. Our little afternoon session finished with the 3 of us lying together on the lounge in the sun, all coated in our bodily fluids, happy but exhausted.

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