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My Blind Uncle ll

Since my uncles accident, She walks around wearing a bath robe and nothing else most of the time its not even tied. She says my uncle hasnt touched her since he lost his sight. Last week i was sitting around with blue balls from all my aunts pussy and ass shots and told them i was going out . I went up took a shower when i came down they must of thought i was gone my aunt kiki was blowing my uncle. my uncle was facing toward me, and kiki had removed her robe, ass up in the air thou id seen her naked many times id never seen her anus or pussy. just some bush and ass ,(Uncle) OH YES BABY !! i then slowly removed my clothes and sterted wackin it (Uncle) Wait kiki you here something?? my heart sank to my stomach. (Kiki) NO NO then turned her head and smiled at me the sexiest kinkiest thing id seen and starts sucking his cock like nothing happened. then she stars fingering her ass, so this is hot my aunt sucking my blind uncle who dosnt have a clue im wacking it as i watch this he thinks im gone. to be continued

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:34 pm

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