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My Blind Uncle lll

I knew this was it , (Kiki) Hey hun im going to trow on some music. My uncle looked a little puzzled but didnt ask just said hurry baby this feels so good. she then put on some zeplin and as she was on her way back came over and started sucking me and put her ass juiced fingers in my mouth for a taste (Uncle) Hurry baby (Kiki) Coming, grabs my cock and led me over and got right back to sucking my uncle i got under her and started eating puss and ass, my uncle didnt have a clue after getting her all lubed i position myself behind her and shoved my cock in her while shes sill doing a job on my uncles nob she then grabbed my dick pulled it out i wasnt sure why so i go right back for the puss but she wouldnt let me and bent a little lower then i got it she wants me to fuck her ass while she sucks my uncle whos blind ass dosnt even know what a good slut she was so i slowly shove my 8 inch cock in it was so tight i came in secs my cum oozing out the sides (Uncle) Howd you like my wifes ass son.WHAT the end

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:34 pm

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