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My b*o in law’s fiance

It was over a year ago when I first met my b*****r in laws fiance. My wife and I were invited on a double date and go to this pretty upscale steakhouse in the city. My b*****r in law has been dating this girl for over a month and he’s introducing her to the f****y slowly.

We got there first and frankly I was not looking forward to meeting her. My b*****r in law usually dates girls that are boring, quiet, super shy type. When he opened the door, I am not going to lie I nearly was caught with my mouth open practically drooling over this girl.

She wore this black dress that showed off her figures. Her tits are not the biggest but they were supple, her ass was pretty tight but has meat on it, but her face was just a natural beauty.

Her lips were luscious, her eyes were beautiful, and she just has that Gina Carano look to her. No make up but just natural beauty!

When we sat down, I just wanted to know more about her. I tried to be casual about it so that my wife would not suspect anything. Besides the fact that she is gorgeous, she was also a huge sports fan. Not like the girly type where they know some players, she could break down a play any plays in football. She was the perfect girl for me atleast.

This is odd since my b*****r in law is not into sports like that but would watch with me occasionally. Apparently they were set up by their friends and just clicked.

Our relationship was pretty cordial and grew more as a buddy type. She joined my fantasy football league and would watch football with us from time to time.

One of the things I enjoy when hanging out with her and my b*****r in law is when we go on vacations or hit the beach. She always wore these boyshorts that would show off her cute tight ass and would sometimes slide up. I would often have to look away and think of things to stop my self from getting an erection.

As time went on we began to get more comfortable with each other. She would pinch my ass cheeks if she was walking behind me, I would retaliate by poking her ass. One day while watching an MMA fight, my b*****r in law was at work and my wife had gone up to sl**p, we got into a little bit of a situation.

It all started when I was on my way back from the bathroom and she snuck up behind me to put me on a sl**per. I quickly grabbed her and tossed her on the couch. As she tried getting up, I quickly mounted her and pinned her hand under my legs so she could not move.

Realizing my dick and balls was sitting on her tits as she layed there helplessly. She tried to shake me off to no avail. The only thing it did was juggle her tits.

Before I knew it I was getting a boner. She smiled and headbutted my growing cock. She looked at me and ask is that for me as she smirked. I got up and told her dont be a dumbass we are just friends and I am a guy I get random boners from time to time. She then asked me what do you not think I am attractive?

She smiled and smacked me on my head. I am teasing you!

As she got up to get a drink I gave her a quick smack in her ass. She then turned around and jumped on top of me. At first she was just trying to pin me down like I did to her and ofcourse I let her. She sat on my chest while she pokes my face to annoy me. Since I am a lot stronger than she is, I pushed her off and grabbed her from behind to put her on a sl**ping hold. Little did I know my boner was back up again and this time it is grinding on her ass. She pulled her arm back and grabbed my cock. She then whispered let me go or your mini you gets it. I quickly got off of her and let her go. She then smiled and laughed at how vulnerable we are.

Before she continues to torment me longer I grabbed both her boobs and told her if she doesnt let go am twisting these babies. As I slid my hand more to her nipples.

She then looked at me and said all this grabbing and wrestling is making her horny. I asked her what she has in mind. She smacked me and said nothing. She reminded me that I am married and she is engaged. I told her I am horny too so what can we do?

She then asked me to take my pants and boxers off and lie down. Se took her pants off and the rest of her clothes except for her panty. She then climbed on top of me and started grinding my dick. She started out pretty sensual and her pant was getting wetter and wetter from the front. Not knowing if I will get this opportunity again I started to get a little friskier and as I started sucking on her nipples. Before long she was moaning for more. As she strides back and forth her panty got caught on her side and my dick was rubbing on her wet pussy.

I did not want to go in until she gives me the ok so I kept rubbing her clit with my head. Within seconds my dick was getting caught in her pussy. She then whispered in my ear just fuck me but promise me you fuck me good!

Without hesitation, I slid in and just fucking her hard and fast. I told her to get up and switch position. I got on top of her and and just pulled all the way out and slammed my dick all the way in fast and hard. Then I I just started fucking her harder and harder until she started screaming she was going to cum. This made me even fuck her harder and faster. My cock was creaming with her pussy juice and within minutes she was cumming an so was I. I emptied my cock all the way inside as I was shooting my load over and over and over again.

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