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My Cousin Jenn – Part 2

My Cousin Jenn – Part 2 (See part 1 of this story here..)

The next morning we awoke and didn’t say much as we got dressed and ready for the final day of the f****y reunion in this sl**py little Texas town. It was going to be another hot day in shorts and we would be checking out the next morning and heading home. We arrived at the gathering and had a good time, but in the back of my mind I wondered if she was going to at any moment come tell me that she regretted what happened last night or simply that she would be sl**ping elsewhere. Or even worse, tell my mother that I took advantage of her last night. I was quite uncertain.

I enjoyed watching her playing ring toss with the relatives. She had a great body. After a big Texas barbeque that evening, everyone was gathering their things and saying final goodbyes and giving hugs. Jenn and I drove back to the motel talking about the weird stuff we learned about our relatives and f****y history. Her mom called her to say they wanted to check out and head out at 6 o’clock in the morning and I also had a long drive home and wanted to get an early start.

I closed the motel room door and she turned to me and said, “look about last night… I really enjoyed what we did, but please don’t think I am some kind of a slut.” No, please don’t worry. I loved it too. The feeling was great. I think we were just helping each other relax and feel better. She laughed and said good she was worried there would be all these morning after regrets and worries. We again agreed to keep this is our super secret. We hugged and then kissed. Mmmm. I still remember how soft her lips felt. She then suggested we shower together

We undressed each other and giggled like teenagers. In the shower I got to wash her 25 year old gorgeous body. I played with her soapy wet titties and she let me wash her feet and legs and her perfect ass. She said it looks like you have an ass fetish or something. I laughed and said I think I do. And she turned and let me kiss hers. Then Ii stood and she soaped me up with the wash rag and stroked my cock. She got on her knees and sucked it for a minute too. Then she turned off the water and we dried each other off.

We sat naked on the king sized bed and I combed her hair while we talked about our sexual experiences, fantasies, and turn ons. It was a comfortable and casual conversation. I had never done anything like this with a woman before and the same was true for her. Then we smoked a joint she had and she asked me what would I do if I could do anything I wanted with her. I blushed and was speechless. I honestly didn’t see that question coming. She said come on.. Tell me. I know you have that butt fetish thing. I nodded yes. She said is that what you want? My ass? I nodded yes again. She said ok. Then she crawled onto the bed face down and took a pillow under her chest and said “take it” and laughed… and then said but be gentle please.

I could not believe it. Right in front of me was a naked gorgeous woman with this incredible sexy ass saying do what you want. I bent forward and started kissing the backs of her knees. Then I moved upward planting slow soft wet kissed on the back of each of her thighs. As I moved upward, I spread her knees apart and see her pussy lips glistening. I licked her butthole deliberately and with great intensity. Pushing my tongue inside her.. Making her moan in pleasure. Gently inserting my middle finger into her wet pussy and finding her g spot as I continued rimming her. Suddenly she began to pant and say oh fuck..oh fuck.. Yes. and then she came. Her fingers dug into the sheets as she squealed and pushed her ass back against my tongue. My cock was so hard it was throbbing as it rubbed against the edge of the mattress. I moved onto the bed. Stroking my cock and rubbing the head of it against her anus. I wanted to cum there so bad. She reached back and spread her cheeks apart and said do it. Fuck me there. With a load of spit on the head of my cock i slowly and gently guided it into her tight virgin hole. Our bodies moved back and forth and i swear her ass was milking my cock. Soon my breathing became intense and my cock hardened and i began to spurt streams of my hot cum deep inside her. We collapsed and slowly my erection faded until I slipped out. She said OMG that felt so fucking good. I asked her to stay there while I watched my creampie drip from her hole. I used my finger tips to gently massage her anus and smear my cum all over it… then I licked her there and she moaned and called me a pervert. We laughed and then went to bed feeling very content and naughty.

So the next morning we were packed and left briskly with a hug in front of her folks. It has been many years since then and our secret has been kept tight. She later married and now has k**s and we have never talked about that reunion weekend, but it is one I will surely never forget.

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