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My curious Neighbor

When i was younger in my teen years i found out about the great feeling of masterbating, but after i so long i started to get bored of using playboys to get off so i would spy at my neighbors doing it. Now my neighbor was attractive, not big boobs or big ass, but attractive non the less. She was about 38 at the time i would think about her when i masterbated.

She once saw me outside of her window as she was changing and all she did was close the blinds but never said anything. We were close to one another and after a while she started walking around the house in skimpy clothes, as sort of a tease. When i figured out what she was doing i started making sex jokes and she laughed.

One day she asked me to come over and help her hang some potted plants and i did without a question as i always helped her since she was so beautiful. She soon walked downstairs in only a bra and panties and said she would be right down after she changed. Walking up the stairs i staired at her ass swinging back and forth. She knew what she was doing.

She then came down naked and asked me to come up and help her pick out clothes. My cock was so hard and i couldnt believe what was happening. Her boobs werent to my perfection that i have seen in the centerfolds of playboy but now i fully understood what was happening to me, i was about to have sex for the first time.

She went to the bathroom put on make up and then we started kissing, she put lipstick all of my body. She loved me being their since her husband was never home. I put my cock into her pussy after she sucked it for a while and it was nice. A little saggy but she had 3 k**s, so i couldnt help but cum so soon, and she loved my warm cum in her pussy.

We have had a few moments since then but non sex, but she said she loved my long cock in her pussy but i will update this when something else happens.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:01 pm

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