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My Dad the Soldier

It was November 6th and I just got home from take my mother to the airport. She was flying out to Florida on business, she travels a lot all over the country so in turn I spend most of my time with my dad. I really look up to him and respect him. He is a very down to earth man so I hang out with him more like he is my best friend. I just turned nineteen a couple mounths ago, but unfortunately never had a really good relationship with other guys since we are moving all time. You see, my dad is in the Marine Corps so we are always getting stationed somewhere else. I don’t really mind to much to much, I’m used to it now and I’m leaving for college here soon too. That’s the background in a nut shell there, so I’ll get back to the present evening when my life changed and dicovered something amazing that has been in front of me my whole life.

I was at home by myself most of that evening, my dad was at the Marine Corps birthday ball that he attends to every year the beginning of November. I knew He wouldn’t be home until later that night so I went ahead and went into the kitchen and got some of his vodka and Kahlua and treated myself to a white russian, I always see him making one so I figured I’d try it out, though I didn’t know how much to mix and as I found out soon that it was pretty strong. I turned on some music in the living room and danced around to loosen up a bit, feeling light headed I sat down for a second wondering when my dad was coming home. It was a quarter to eleven, so I knew I still had some time. I made my way up stairs and wandered into my dad’s room thinking of him in his uniform that he wore tonight, He is a very good looking man that any woman would be proud to be with. he was around six feet, lean and in pretty good shape for being in his mid fourties and had that touch of gray style to his look.
Over the last year or so I’ve grown an affection for my dad in a way. It all started when I ran in on him and my mom one night while they were having sex. It was very erotic watching my dad giving it to my mom as she was utterly out of control with pleasure. Him mounted on top of her holding on to her to literally make sure she didn’t go flying off their bed.

I was sitting on his bed lost in this thought for a few moments while I was subconsciously toching myself. I opened my eye’s as I stood up and noticed it was wet where I had sat down. My God, Could I really be turned on at the thought of my dad sexually? What would it be like? I wonder how he would feel inside me? His big strong body wrapped around me? I was pondering these thoughts that started to run though my head louder than being in the front row of a concert, I felt so aroused and cought my self moaning to my self. I reached down and I was dripping wet, my shorts were soaked. I gasped and ran back to my room and took my panties off, but instead of reaching for another pair I just stood there in my room half naked and stared into the mirror on my closet door. I reached up and clenched my C sized breasts, then with my left hand I reached up and let my hair fall down past my shoulders and slowly moved my right hang down towards my still soaked pussy, I stumbled back onto my bed and ran my fingers through my clit letting out moan after moan. I slowly turned over on my knee’s and pressed my face into my pillow, with my eyes closed I pictured my dad behind me thrusting himself into me. I rubbed my hand continuously over my pussy, taking in the moment of the fact the I wanted my dad though unsure of how I could fulfill this fantasy.
I remember a couple times in the past when I cought him looking at me when I was taking a shower though I didn’t say anything, once I also found a pair of my panties in his nightstand drawer one night. Maybe I could make this a reality after all I thought as I kept pleasuring myself…

A sound from outside my window cought my attention, I quickly looked up at the sound of a car pulling up. “Shit!” I squeaked. My dad was home. I lept off my bed and grabbed a pair of booty shorts, put them on and went to my window and saw my dad standing outside saying his farewells to his other Marines that were dropping him off, I cought my self smiling as I watched him in his Dress Blue’s walking up the driveway, he looked so handsome in his uniform.
I heard the front door open as I walked down stairs.

“Hey sweetie, are you home” He spoke out as he walked in. I turned the corner to greet him.

“Hi daddy” I said with a smile, as I gave him a big hug. He has been drinking, I could smell the liquor on his coat. I reached up and kissed him on the cheek and let go.

“How was your Ball daddy”?

“It was a great time, always is usually” he replied.

“but I need a shower off, it gets hot in this outfit. Did you have any plans tonight sweetheart?”

“Nope I think I’m staying in tonight. I’ll let you shower, maybe we can watch a movie when your done?” trying to ease him slowly.

“Ok we might can do that, it is late though.”
“Alright well take your shower, I’ll pick something out ok?”

He agreed as he went to his room. I heard the shower turn on a few minutes later. I went up to his room as I heard the water from the shower hitting his body. I looked down at his bed, his uniform was layed out across it. I felt that sensation coming on again as I picked up his coat. I swung it around me and put my arms through the sleeves. It was heavy with all his medals and ribons still attached to it. The smell of his sweat and cologne was coming off strong on it. I put my arms around myself and walked to my room and stood thier and stared once again into the mirror on my closet. I was so horny as I brushed my hands across his ribon stack and down his rank insignia.

“I dont think thats tailored to fit you sweetie”
I shot around to my dad standing in my the doorway.

“Uh…” I didn’t know what to say. He was stading there with just his towel around his waist, his body shiny and glistening from the hall light and water still dripping from his chest hair. A quick look down to see a buldge outlined in his towel. I didn’t know what to do, I cought myself just staring at him speechless.

“Well baby, put it back in my room and go pick a movie, I’ll be down shortly, sound good?” he said with a big grin on his face.

“O, Oo, ok sorry daddy, I just thought you look really handsome in it, I wanted to see what it was like wearing it.” I finally said.
He laughed a little as he replied “well it’s dirty, I’ve been sweating in it all night.”

“It’s fine to me dad, I actually like the smell.” I looked at him as he raised an eyebrow but smiled back at me. I went downstairs and shuffled through the movies and finally picked one out and put it on. I went back to my room for a minute to grab a blanket then walked back out and headed down the hall. I walked past my dad’s room and didn’t see him in there. I stopped and looked through the doorway, the bathroom light was on but the door was not shut all the way. I slowly walked up to the bathroom door and peeked through the cracked door to see if he was in there. My eye’s shot wide open, I had bite my lip to stop myself from letting out a sound. I saw my dad leaning agaist the tub, he was stripped down with both hands massaging his cock. His eyes were closed as he slowly moved up and down his shaft. I could barely stand up, my knees began shaking with excitment and I moved in closer to get a better angle of my daddy. As I took a step closer I stepped on to my blanket and I fell into the door. With a solid thud I hit the ground just inside the bathroom. I quickly got to my feet pretending I didn’t see anything I Peeked up to see my dad scrambling for a towel.

“Jesus, what the… what, I told you I’d be down in a minute! What are you doing sweetie?” He exclaimed looking very embarassed.

“Im sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to! I Was looking for you, I didn’t mean to stare, I mean walk in on you.” I replied stumbling over my words.

“It’s fine baby, I feel really embarassed though, Just uh… Go downstairs I’ll be down in a minute, did you pick out a movie?” He was bright red standing there looking helpless, I quickly nodded and went down stairs and sat down on the couch. “Shit did I ruin it? God I hope he isn’t mad” I thought to myself as I wondered was the best experience or the most aukward experience ever.

I looked up to my dad coming down the stairs, he was in some gym shorts and a plain T. He went into the kitchen and made a White Russian and started drinking it down fast to hopefully take the edge off. He walked into the living room and sat down on the other end of the couch as he looked over at me.

“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t mean to freak out like that, you just startled me. I’m not mad at you, I could never be. That was just kind of aukward for you to see me doing that.” he said to me sounding very honest.

“Daddy, it’s fine dont be embarassed. Isn’t that what guys do?” I questioned to him.

“Well yes, but you understand that your my daughter. I dont want you to think less of me for seeing that.”

“It’s ok daddy, really. I was just curious thats all.” I explained.

“Well how long were you standing there for sweetie?” He asked.

“um, well…” I curled my lip under my teeth and spoke softly, “Like two or three minutes.”
My dad looked at me with a confused expression. “Minutes? That’s a while to be curious for you think?” I took another breath and looked back at him, “Well yeah I didn’t mean to spy on you. Don’t get mad daddy, but I well…” I took a breath and thought for a second, “kind of liked it.” I finally opened to him.
He sat forward scratching his head, thinking of something to say to that.
“Damn I went to far.” I mumbled under my breath. I pulled my feet up on the couch and put my arms around my knees then put my head down. Just that moment I felt his hand come around my shoulder. I looked up at him smiling at me, and he kissed me on the forehead.

“look sweatheart don’t feel bad. I’m glad you liked what you saw, It’s just nature to be, well turned on by things even though you dont understand why and I’m your father always and will always be here for you ok sweetheart I love you.”

” I love you too daddy.” I replied, “I know I’m your daughter but I was still sort of curious though.” I said treading lightly.

I leaned over and put my head on his chest as he held me tight and loving. As I rested my head under his arm I noticed my dads shorts by his cock moved a little bit. My dad quickly insisted to try and cross his legs. I grinned a little as I looked back up at him. “I love you daddy.” he quickly responded right back “I love you to baby girl.” I moved and put my hand on his leg as he put his hand on top of mine, as I adjusted my hand I saw his shorts jump again and tented out and there was no hiding it this time. I just watched it for a second contemplating my “what if’s” my dad took his hand off mine and grasped his shorts as he unfolded his legs. he moved his hands up then dipped them into his shorts. “Alright come here sweetie, I guess since you saw me. If your still curious If you’d like, would you like to feel?” I wore a big smile and with no hesitation I put my hand under his shirt and felt his solid abs with his hair around his belly then slowly slid down his shorts until my fingers wrapped around pusating cock. I started to breath with ecstacy, I gasped as my fingers couldn’t wrap around his cock all the way. It was so big and warm as I rubbed up and down slowly. I could feel every vein in daddies shaft buldging out beating against my palm. I thought to my self, this is it. no turning back. Daddy leaned over to my ear and whispered “Mom won’t find out about this ok baby?” I simply looked at him in his eye’s and smiled as my lips locked with his.

My legs were shaking again, my hand still grasping his huge cock he moved his hands under my shirt and slipped it off of me, I had no bra on and I saw his eyes widen when he saw my breasts. “How do these look daddy?” I asked him.
“Wow baby, you are all grown up. You look stunning” He said as he cupped them in his hands. I stood up and jumped on his lap then grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head stopping as I held the shirt just over his eyes as I pressed his head into my chest. He moved his face back and forth as I held his hands behind his head. I let go of his hands as I moved to kiss him again, I felt his tounge move behind my teeth. He moved his hands down my back and firmly grabbed my ass and gave it a little slap “Ahhh!” I finally let out. He chuckled while he continued sucking my tounge.
I moved to his neck then down his chest and came to his shorts band around his waist. I slipped my fingers inside his waist and slowly pulled them down exposing his still throbbing cock. My whole body overwhelmed now as I opened my mouth and daddies warm cock slid right into my mounth. I heard him moaning as he had his hands on my head slowly guiding me up and down. With his cock nice and wet I slid my tounge down his shaft and lapped up his balls while my hand took my mouths place on his slippery shaft. He spread his legs more as I moved under his dripping sack and moved my tounge back and forth along his anus. “Ooh sweetie, Aaah yeah.” He let out grunting, I could tell he felt so good. I moved back up to his cock and looked up at his eyes as he stared down at my lips moving all around his cock. He grasped my arms and pulled me up with his hands moving to my shorts and slid his hands down my long legs taking my now wet panties with his hands.

We were now both naked, I was standing infront of his masculine tonned body as he sat on the edge of the couch. He reached around to clench my ass again and moved me towards him, I sat my knees on the couch on either side of him. I knew what was about to happen. He held on to me as he felt my body shaking. “I’ll go slow ok sweetheart, tell me if it hurts at all ok?” he softly said. “ok daddy.” He grabbed his cock and moved his head along my super wet pussy. I felt some pressure, and the room went white. I wrapped my self around daddy as I felt his manhood slide so deep into me. He slowly lifted me up and I went back down. “OH God!! Ahhhh, Daddy!” I couldn’t control my words. He was going harder and harder, I was in the clouds somewhere between reality and dream. I focused back in on daddy who maintained control perfectly. I suddenly felt a sensation come on. “Oh daddy I think I’m CU….!! OH DADDYY OHHHHHH!!!!” I shuddered on top of him, lost control of my body as I shreiked. I felt my pussy spraying it’s juice on top of my daddy as he intensley rubbed my clit. I held on to him like I was falling, moaning uncontrollably and he put his arm around me while he was sucking my breasts. I slowly came to my senses and looked at daddy who was soaking wet. He Layed me down on the carpeted floor and pulled himself down with me. “Keep Going daddy, that was unbelievable!” He smiled as he mounted on top of me and put his pussy wet cock back in to my throbbing slit.
I had my hands around his neck as he breathed really hard letting out occasional moans on my throat. He was really hot and his sweating head was dripping on my shoulders. It felt so erotic with his body on top pressed agaist mine with his chest soaked from me, sliding up and down like a slip n’ slide. He started going faster. I was moaning non stop again “Ooooh daddy harder, fuck your little girl OoooOooh daddy, your cock is so big.” He proceeded to lay me on the couch while he got on his feet and crouched down and and planted himself inside me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He looked so amazing standing over me sliding his meat in and out of me. I heard him start breathing harder as he leaned into me grabbing my neck. “Daddy is going to cum baby girl.” he said under his hard breathing. “Give it to me daddy, keep going!” he thrusted a few more times into me. His whole body flexed up rock hard, and I put my hands on his tensed up biceps. He let out a roar like a king Lion and he thrusted as deep he could go. I could feel his cum spurting into me one load after another so warm and filling and as he slowly worked his cock in me his cum came spilling out of my wet pussy and ran down my ass and down the couch. As he pulled out I cupped my hand and scooped up his huge load out of me and grabbed his cock and lathered his cum all over it as I slid his cock into my mouth. Tasting his cum all over his engorged penis was so hot as I let some drip out of my mouth and run down his shaft to his balls where it dripped off. He let out a deep breath and smiled down at me. “Well Sweetie, I’m gonna have to go take another shower now.” I agreed exhausted. “That was incredible daddy, I love you so much.” I gave him a big hug and went to my room and layed down thinking back on every moment of the this experience. Wondering if this would be the first of more to come….
The End

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