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My day off:

I have a rather odd work schedule and once a month I have a Friday off from work all to myself while the k**s are at school and the husband is at work. Sometimes I just stay at home and relax, sometimes I go shopping, but this most recently I went to get my nails done and then decided on a whim to go get a small tattoo touched up at a local parlor by an artist who had done work for me before on my back.

I shoot the tattoo artist a message and ask if he has any open spots and tell him what I am wanting. He said he happened to have a cancellation and that I could stop in at any time and he would take care of me.

I got to the shop and I was the only person there except for him that early on a Friday morning. He greeted me in the lobby and e****ted me back to his work area. I sat on the table and showed him the small tattoo on my foot that I wanted to have recolored. He told me it would be no problem and started getting his tools ready for the job. He asked me to lie down on my side, facing him, so that the area he was working on was up and facing him. I was wearing a long casual dress, with a very loose and low cut top, which would probably not have been what I would have worn had this actually been in my plans for the day. At any rate, I lay down as he mixed ink and prepared to go to work.

I lay there with my eyes closed trying to relax as I heard the machine begin t buzz. He began the process but soon I heard the machine cut off and him ask if I were ok. Without opening my eyes, I said, “yeah, I’m fine.” He said, “yeah” and kind of laughed. Curiously I opened my eyes and asked what was funny and he replied, “nothing, nothing at all, but you may want to check your top.” I looked down and the top of this dress was gaped open exposing my deep cleavage, about half of my black lace bra and a tiny sneak peak of partial nipple. I somewhat tried to fix myself and apologized, saying I had closed my eyes and drifted off with the buzz of the machine. He said that is was perfectly fine and that he didn’t mind at all (which what man would have) and began his work again.

As he finished up and was applying ointment to his work he asked me how my back piece was doing and asked if needed any touching up as well since I was there and he had time. I told him I thought it was all fine but that if he wanted to take a look he was more than welcome because his professional eye may notice something I have not.

As I stood up he told me to just pull the back of my shirt up and turn around so he could see the back piece. I told him I would have to pull my whole dress up because it was all one piece and that I could just come back some other time if needed. He said he didn’t have a problem with it of I didn’t and since we were the only ones there I really didn’t feel uncomfortable with it.

I turned my back to him and pulled my dress up above my ass. I was wearing a black lace thong, matching the bra he had already seen as well. I told him that was as high as I could get it that he would have to pull it up the rest of the way to expose the tattoo. As I felt his hands grab the material of my dress on each side I leaned forward onto the table, bracing myself on my forearms, my ass poked out against his crotch as he leaned in to hold my dress up as he talked about my tattoo. I told him it was too bad he didn’t give massages because he hands felt good as he scanned over my tattoos. He said, “oh you like that?” and then actually moved his hands to my hips just above my thing and rubbed me with much more effort.

That was about all it took. My pussy was soaking wet, I could feel the creamy wetness build in my panties. I pushed my ass into him, feeling his hard cock through his jeans. His hands move more onto my ass, he rubs and kneads my ass as I gave out a slight moan that I just couldn’t seem to hold in.

He asked if I was ok and I said, “yes, I’m fine. I want you to fuck me.” He said, “excuse me?” I said, “you heard me, fuck me.” With one hand remaining on my ass as if to hold me in place, his other hand frantically tugged at his zipper. He pulled out his cock and began stroking it as I remained standing at the table face down. His hands reached in and moved my thong to the side. He said, “Jesus Christ you are wet.” And gently rubbed two fingers across my wet pussy.

He begins to rub his cock head on my wet pussy lips, then enters me slowly, entering me all the way to the hilt. I feel his balls against my pussy. He moves inside me with slow, deliberate strokes. He massages my ass as he thrusts deep inside my wet pussy. I feel his balls slap against me, as he picks up speed.

He’s fucking me hard and fast now, plunging deep inside me, my hips arching back to meet him stroke for stroke. The sounds of me groaning deeply and his cock sliding in and out of my soaked pussy filled the air.
I tell him to fuck me harder, which he does. I begin to cum and my orgasm wells from deep within my recesses, rushes over me like a wave that crashes all around me. My pussy clenched his cock tightly as I cum and groaned with pleasure from the sweetness of release. He f***efully plunged his cock inside me once more and his own orgasm rose. His hands gripped my hips and pulled me tight to him and I also pressed myself hard against him. I felt his hot seed hurtle inside me as he released an a****listic growl of pleasure. Stream after stream of his cum flowed into me from his hard twitching cock.

For a moment we were still, unmoving, then he exits my body, his cock sliding out without effort and his cum trickling down my inner thigh from my freshly fucked pussy. I re-position my thong to help seal hold the leaking cum within my pussy. As I did so I felt some of his thick white batter on my fingers which I carefully moved to my hungry mouth. I tasted his seed, the warm soft texture in my mouth, his specific taste in the back of my throat sending my taste buds into euphoria. I pull my dress back down and tell him thanks and that he did a great job…..and that I liked the tattoo as well. I asked what I owed him and of course he said nothing. With that, not much more was said and onward I went to finish my day with a pussy full of cum.

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