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My Ex and her Other S*ster

My Ex and her Other S*ster

Please read my story My Ex and her S*ster for a Background of who’s who…….

Marie is Kat’s middle s*ster. She’s 30, married with 3 k**s. She is also the biggest slut I have ever met. I don’t mean that in a nasty way but she has slept with at least 100 different guys in her short life maybe 200. She’s around 5”5 short mousey blonde hair decent size tits and size 10. She like her s****r Emma lives in Scotland and comes down to visit Kat every few months and always has a good time. She normally sl**ps with different guys on Friday Saturday and Sunday so you can see how easy she has notched up 100 blokes in the sack. I never really fancied Marie mainly due to her shagging so many guys but I did always fancy a go at her.


Marie was down for a bank holiday weekend. They are always the messiest as its just non stop drinking and banging for the s****rs. It was around 9pm on the Monday night id been working all weekend and had not been home long when I got a txt from Marie.


I txt her back and said okay no problem and she txt back where she was and where she was going etc…. I jumped in the car and drove into town and picked her up. She put the Sat Nav on her phone and off we went. She was very d*unk as they had been out since about 11 that morning as soon as the pubs opened. Marie was telling me about the guy she was meeting and how they met last night and she shagged him and wanted a repeat performance. All the talk of sex and Marie in her tight low cut top was getting me turned on and she noticed the tent beginning to develop in my jeans. She reached over and began to stroke me while still talking away in her thick d***ken Scottish accent. She then unfastened her seatbelt and undid my belt and opened my jeans and let my hard dick spring free. Don’t tell Kat about this will you she asked as she wrapped her fingers round my shaft and wanked me up and down. I was trying to listen to the Sat Nav but it was getting more difficult as Marie began to wank me faster and faster. I was just thinking she’s going to make me cum all over my car and jeans when she bobbed her down and took me in her mouth. She sucked down my length as I tried to keep the car on the road. It felt great as she sucked and slurped on my dick I could feel the cum rushing to the head of my dick and I pulled the car over. Marie carried on sucking my dick like her life depended on it. It felt so good having my ex’s s*ster sucking my cock and I reached down and rubbed her tits as the mouth and tongue worked all over my now throbbing dick. She wanked me faster and just sucked the head as I let out a moan and began to cum into her mouth. I emptied a huge load id been saving for kat down her throat as she swallowed it all down before sitting back up and wiping her mouth with a cheeky smile. “Mmmm that was good sexy” she smiled “next time I come down I might have that inside me” she winked. I fastened my jeans and took a deep breath before setting off again and we soon arrived at her destination. She thanked me again with a kiss and jumped out the car and staggering slightly disapeared into the night. I phoned Kat and asked her where she was and arranged to meet her soon in town. She sounded really pissed up on the phone so I knew I was in for a good finish to my night


I met Kat in the Stone Roses where we usually met up and I was right she was wasted. Her eyes were glazed over but to her credit she still had a beer in her hand when I found her around midnight.
We danced and drank a bit longer but she was hammered and her mate who was driving wanted to go home so we piled into the back of her shitty little corsa and headed for home. We were soon at mine and were soon upstairs kissing and peeling each others clothes off. Kat pulled down my jeans and boxers and sank to her knees taking me in her mouth. She gave an amazing blowjob and was soon taking me down her throat as she wanked me and then played with my balls. she used her tongue in a swirling motion on my head sucking down hard making my balls ache. I pulled her up to to feet removing the rest of her clothes. She then lay down in the bed and I began sucking her nipples while ran my fingers down to her wet pussy and began to rub her clit. She moaned and threw her head back as I worked 2 fingers into her pussy. Rubbing hard and finger fucking her faster and faster she groaned she was going to cum and I could feel her wetness increase on my hand. I moved on top of her and slid my dick inside her. It felt so good every time I entered her and this was no different. I began to push in and out of her while kissing her neck and running my tongue over her big tits and hard nips. She wrapped her legs round me forcing me to fuck her harder and deeper. With her legs wrapped round my back her arse was lifted off the bed so I reached down underneath her and using the wetness still in my fingers began to tease her arse. I slowly slipped a finger inside while still fucking her. She opened her eyes and whispered in my ear “do you want to bum me?? do you want to fuck my arse???” she panted, WOW I thought “yes I really do babe” I smiled back. I pulled out and went to the bathroom to get the baby oil. Id only fucked Kat in the arse once before in the shower years ago when we first got together and she complained it hurt and I was too big so had never tried again. Now thanks to an 3 day bender and lots of Jadgerbombs it was going to happen again. I flipped her over onto all fours and she stuck her sexy pert arse into the air. I opened the oil and poured it onto her butt working it into her arsehole with one then two fingers opening her up nicely. I put some on my dick making it nice and wet before pressing the tip into her tightest hole. Fuck it was tight. Slowly I pushed down and inch by inch my cock disapeared into her arse. It was an amazing feeling. She reached underneath us and began to play with herself as I just held my dick In her letting her get used to it before I began fucking. I pulled back then thrust inside her again starting to pick up to a nice rythem fucking her tight little bum all the while she played with her clit making herself cum again. I held her hips and began to pump into her faster her big 34dd’s slapping together as a fucked her harder and deeper my balls really aching but I dint want it to end. Soon I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled out my throbbing dick and exploded all over her arse and back. I wanked every last drop I could out into Kat’s naked body while she just colasped underneath me. She got up and stumbled into the bathroom to get cleaned up and I crashed out in bed. Another great night with 2 s****rs only a few hours apart……..

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