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My First Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy Part 1

This is a true story about My first Bi-sexual encounter many years ago, id had fumblings with girls, heavy kissing sessions, playing with their boobs etc but id never had My cock touched by another person and I was desperate to get some experience.

One Saturday afternoon me and my mates went swimmng and spent a few hours with the girls in the pool messing around and seeing if they fancied some fun afterwards, but as per usual we were left high and dry.

My mates had had enough so said they were getting changed, but I said I’d do another couple lengths and I’d meet them in the cafe above the pool.

After id finished my swim I went to shower then change and was standing in the shower enjoying the hot water pouring over my face and body when i heard a voice and the guy next to me, around 35, 6ft quite muscular and handsome if you were that way enclined, ask me ” any luck” I said ” excuse me” I replied, he repeated “any luck, you know with the girls you were hitting on in the pool” i replied a short embarrassed answer “no! not really, and he laughed.

I couldn`t help noticing he Was lathering himself up quite a lot and as he was talking to me was spending quite a lot of time on his crotch area which obviously made my eyes wander into that area, it was only a quick glance but it was enough to be noticed by him and what I saw made me feel awkward, and a bit er! aroused, and very very envious, the bulge in his trunks told me he was either very blessed or that he’d made himself hard while lathering.

The quick glance at his crotch area made sure when I looked up at his face that he gave me a smile, this and what I saw made me feel a lot more uneasy and I blushed and quickly grabbed my towel still half soaped up and headed for the changing room.

I was all over the place, my emotions were running wild, I also noticed that my penis had become erect and this bothered me as I knew what he was doing as wrong, my father had warned me about pervs loitering around places like this or the usual taking things off of strangers etc.

I`d never ever even thought of sex with a guy even though one of my mates was a bit to forward with horseplay and im sure he had a hard on one time when we were play fighting and he got me on the ground, it was digging into my belly when he had me pinned down.

I left the showers and i made my way quickly to a cubicle at the back of the changing rooms and tried to calm myself down, i dried myself and was still naked just finishing drying off before getting dressed, when the guy from the shower popped his head around the cubicle with his towel around his waist but still displaying his very manly muscular, hairy chest he said ” sorry young man, i didn’t mean to upset or embarrass you earlier in the shower ” I flustered a ” o.k no worries” hoping he would go, he then said ” can I buy you a hot chocolate in the cafe when your done to apologise”, “no thank you I replied, id just like to get dressed and meet my friends, they’re waiting for me in the cafe”thinking this would discourage him but i thought i`d been rude so it was only being polite to say “but thanks for the offer”.

He said “fair enough” and i saw he had his holdall he looked at the bench next to me asked “may i” i sort of shrugged and nodded a yes, and he entered the cubicle and moved to the opposite side to me and put his holdall on the bench and started to dry himself, I was nearly dry so I thought I could make a quick escape, but something kept me from rushing.

I think he timed it so that he would catch me naked, and again confusion set in as the thought of him lathering up his cock entered my head and again I ended up getting another hard on, mine was by no means as big as his but I was proud of my young growing 6″ incher, but I really didn’t want a hard on at this moment, to send out the wrong signals, he obviously was over friendly and i was worried, if he wanted to do something to me he could and i wouldn`t be able to escape, he was too strong and muscular, but somehow i didn`t feel threatened as the atmosphere was friendly, and he didn`t look the type to attack anyone.

He started chatting again about the girls, how pretty they were and he wished he was my age again, I just agreed saying “yes” and didn`t really make conversation, and to be fair he didn’t stare at my naked body as I put my boxer shorts on, i felt disappointed in a confused way, he even had his back to me, which made me think did i misread him and maybe he was just doing what he does and being friendly .

Then suddenly as I looked at his back he dropped his towel and was stood with his naked ass looking at me, all firm and muscular and I couldn’t help but stare, but he still didn’t turn round and at that moment was i hoping he would …i dont know? did I want him to so I could see his cock ??? Oh! God at that moment in time I think i did, his body was fantastic and I could only hope to look like that at his age, he obviously worked out.

Again emotionally I didn’t know where I was, and his timing was impeccable because as I pulled my boxer shorts to my waist and carefully tucked my youthful erection into them he turned around and started drying his cock and balls and now I know why he had his back to me he must have been playing with himself because he was rock hard his cock must have been a good 9″ and quite thick.

WOW!… I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, and he knew that i couldn`t help but look because as I looked up he smiled but this time it was a lusting smile he asked ” do you like what you see” I wanted to scream “No” and get dressed and run out of the changing rooms, but I didn’t I said exactly the opposite “yes I do,” and with that he took his cock in his hand and started stroking it slowly back and forth, pulling his foreskin back completely to his cock base then forward and over his cockhead after a minute of me watching him play with himself i was mesmerised by his cockhead it was all shiny with pre-cum so I knew from my own experience that he was excited and not going to take long to cum.

Then i started Thinking about it, I chose a cubicle that was out of the way, did I hope for him to find me for something to happen, my young body and mind was so confused, my mind said “no of course not” but my cock said “of course you did”! …

He then asked me if i could help him and pull down my boxers down so he could see my cock, I was a bit worried about where this was going, so I said “o.k, but no more than that”, he was ok about that and said” ill stay over here ” no touching but if you want to you can wank with me, no pressure” he added laughing “it looks like its fighting to get out of your pants anyway and were ok aren’t we ” i nodded and smiled back, he wasn’t pushy so I slowly pulled my boxers down, and exposed my 6″ cock to him, he let out a little moan as I dropped my shorts and he als sexily licked his lips.

I stood there with my cock exposed it pointing at the ceiling like a rocket about to take off, and even without touching myself my cock was bursting and i thought i may cum, watching him wank himself i felt a bit silly just standing there so i slowly took myself in hand and started copying what he was doing, slowly back and forth, this made the guy very horny and he said he was very near cumming, I asked him to slow down so I could cum with him, “oh! yes ” he said in a very sexy way, and he slowed down,, I wanked fast to catch up to his state of horniness, this experience had made me so horny that i needed to cum real bad, this was my first sexual experience and if this was what learning about my sexuality was about male or female BRING IT ON!.

I wanked faster and faster flogging my cock furiously my hand must have been a blur, then I felt my cum build up in my balls to one almighty orgasm, I said to him “NOW”! and he joined me, he threw his black towel on the floor and motioned me towards it, I was still out of touching distance but only about two feet away so felt safe, we then looked at each other and smiled as we both brought ourselves to orgasm we then watched each other shoot our loads all over the towel turning it from black to streaky pearly white, I came about 5 thick wads and the guy came at least 4, being young a part of one of my shots hit his thigh, when we finished we were both panting heavily he said ” thank you, i hope you enjoyed it ” i replied smiling”very much”.

He then after wiping his cock and hand on the towel put his hand out to shake (our first physical contact) and said his name was dave, I was a bit apprehensive about giving my name but did anyway, “hi i’m Alan” and tried to shake his hand as manly as I could.

He then turned to me and said “look i hope i wasn`t to pushy but i honestly thought you were interested in me, look if you fancy another go or something else ill be here again same time next week, I asked “something else”? he smiled and said “THINK ABOUT IT!”

This time he had a massive beaming smile on his face, we`ll i mean anything you want to try, that maybe you can’t get a girl to do, maybe I could help you out ” then he winked at me and then did something i really didnt expect he reach to his thigh and scooped the now watering cum that hit his thigh and scooped it up and placed it on his tongue tasted it and swallowed…

I told him “i don`t know how i feel,that maybe it was a one off,” he cut in “hey! Look i understand, you want girl action but if you change your mind i`ll be here, like i said no pressure, don`t feel bad, your not gay we`ve not touched each other,and the girl action will happen your a good looking young man, i blushed at this remark, we then dressed said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, funnily i felt thoroughly relaxed and not bad about it, he was a nice guy, o.k a bit older but he did help me out with my first real sexual experience which i thank him for.

When i got home i went up to my room for some quiet reflection time to see how i felt about the whole experience and i felt o.k, it was not what i expected to be my first taste of sex but for the next few days couldn`t think about anything else and mastabated many times imagining what the “Something else” would have been like.


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