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My First Erotic Massage

As a career woman, I have a very stressful and demanding job. It doesn’t leave a lot of time and energy for a life outside work. So I get a massage and a professional stretch every Friday. As I walk into the Spa, I notice a muscular, well-defined man man with rugged good looks and bright blue eyes standing by the counter. I look him up and down admiringly while his eyes are averted. My breath catches as I view him from behind while he walks towards the back of the spa. He glides down the hallway, his ass looks so great in his tight black jeans.

As I check-in for my MST massage/stretch appointment, the receptionist notifies me that my ther****t is from France and new to the salon. I silently hope that he’s as good as my last one. I walk into the massage room and begin to undress down to my black lace panties. I lay down on the massage table face down and pull the d**** over me. I hear the door open and see a pair of masculine boots thru the head rest. “Hi, I’m Logan, I’ll be massaging and stretching you today. Any areas you want me to concentrate on?” he inquires.

“My hips and lower back are really tense. “Please spent the majority of the time there and then the rest on stretching the ligaments around my joints.” After pumping oil into his hands from the dispenser at his hips, he rubs his hands together to warm up the scented oil. He starts massaging my back with both hands rubbing my back up and down slowly and deeply. The touch of his masculine hands kneading the knots in my body feels so good. After a long week, I really need human touch. He gently raises my arms above my head and continues to massage my back and arms. As he’s massaging up my arms, he gently grazes the side of my breast and continues caressing down my back. My nipples tingle in excitement at the accidental touch.

He starts moving down towards my feet to focus on my hips as requested. After adding more oil, he uses his large, masculine hands to circle my hips above my panty waistline. His thumbs grind on my hips in a circular motion, his palms wrap around my waist with each stroke. I sigh in relief and pleasure as he works his magic. I can feel the stress evaporating from my body as he massages my lush body. He pushes lower and lower, his fingers glancing under my waistband every few strokes. I arch my hips up in invitation with every pass. I love attention to my ass and hold my breath to see how he reacts. He slowly starts to remove my lace panties without asking permission. He slides them down my legs and tosses them onto the nearby chair. Without saying a word, he continues to massage my hips slowly moving towards my bottom. He moves to stand below me and massages my ass cheeks up and away from my center in steady circles. With each pull of my cheeks, I can feel my rosebud peaking out into sight. My pussy starts to feel warm as it fills with juices. I grind my hips unnoticeably into the heated table to try to sate my lust before he notices my inappropriate behavior.

I’m disappointed as he moves away from my hips and begins massaging down my legs. For a moment, I thought one of my favorite fantasies was going to come true. After seeing erotic massage scenarios online, my imagination runs away from me. I’m embarrassed that I might have been inappropriate with him and that I’ll be banned from coming to my favorite spa. I realize that I don’t even know what this man looks like. All I can see thru the hole in the headrest are his masculine boots. He works his way down my legs to my feet and focuses on releasing pressure points. I’m beginning to relax into his ministrations and feel my body loosening up and my mind start to wander. As he finishes with each foot, he gently moves my leg further out from the other leg and sets it back on the table. When he’s done massaging my feet, my legs are farther apart than when he started. I can feel my pussy lips open and exposed.

He begins to massage his way back up my legs towards my ass. I hear the sound of him working the pump and feel warm, scented oil drip down the center of my ass and into my pussy. “I’m sorry ma’am. My hands slipped.” he apologizes sincerely. Oh, it’s warm, and it feels good. I almost wish he did it on purpose. “Here, let me clean it up before it makes a bigger mess.” He rubs the excess oil into my hips and spreads it down my legs to dissipate the excess. “Lift your hips and spread your legs so I can get the rest of it.” he says matter-of-factly. I comply before thinking it through. After I raise my hips, he spreads my cheeks and rubs the massage oil into my rosebud, circling it sensuously. I moan in pleasure, pressing my mouth into the table to suppress the sound. The music plays a melody in the background with a steady beat. I concentrate on it to avoid thinking about how good it feels. I don’t think he’s aware of how he’s affecting me. My pussy juices are flowing as he continues to massage the oil into my ass. “Ok, I think I got all of it on this side, flip over and Ill massage your front.” he comments.

It’s a good thing I’m not a man, because I’d have a raging hard-on from all of his caresses. I slowly turn over onto my back and lay back down. I’m very aware of being naked and aroused in his presence. I look up to see who my masseuse is and take in a quick breath in shock. I flush with embarrassment when I realize that it’s the handsome man I saw out by the reception desk. He doesn’t seem to notice my blush and continues his massage. He moves behind my head and begins to massage my neck and shoulders. I close my eyes and enjoy his touch. I am drifting off to sl**p when he raises my hands behind my head and begins to massage my under arms in order to loosen my shoulder muscles. Afterwards he begins to massage around the outside of my breasts in wide circles. He’s so nonchalant about it that I don’t give it a second thought. I assume that’s how they massage in France and don’t want to be thought a prude. Besides, it feels great. I smile, close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of his hands kneading and massaging my milky white breasts in his warm masculine hands. As I open my eyes, I look up and realize his crotch is right above my head. I doubt he realizes how close his cock is to my face. As he leans over my torso to massage my rib cage, his hips press forward and his cock bumps my lips briefly by accident. I’m surprised to realize he has a major hard-on. I’m relieved to realize he wasn’t as immune to my charms as I thought. He continues to massage my rib cage with his cock periodically pushing against my warm, moist lips.

Just as I was about to open my mouth and lick his clothed bulge, he shifts his hips back and asks. “Ready to begin stretching now?” I nod my head and he goes to the foot of the table and picks up my right leg. He begins rotating my legs in a circle to stretch out my hip sockets. Each time he rotates my leg from my center, my pussy is exposed for just a moment. He doesn’t seem to notice. If I hadn’t felt his erection, I would have assumed he was either gay, or not interested. He bends my knee and presses my leg toward my torso, leaning his body onto my shin to provide leverage in the stretch. “Push back on my leg and then relax your leg.” he requests. I comply with his request and he pushes his torso harder onto my leg leaning his whole body onto mine. I begin to feel something hard pressing onto my pussy. I look up into Logan’s eyes and see passion igniting as he bounces his hips as he presses his hard cock into me.

He steps back and sets my right leg down. He lifts up my left leg and repeats the whole procedure again. When he’s done, he replaces my legs on the table as far apart as they will go. “It looks like I missed some excess massage oil. Let me clean that up for you.” he whispers. I smile and nod with a twinkle in my eyes. He leans forward and spreads my lips apart, rubbing the oil into them. I sigh with lust and bend my knees and spread apart my legs further. He’s been torturing me with his touch for almost 30 minutes and I am ready for him. He gently circles my clit with his thumb while pressing two fingers inside me in sync with the music’s beat. My heart is beating furiously in my chest and my breath comes in pants as he thrusts his fingers deep inside me. I can see his cock bulging in his pants as he massages my cunt. He pushes my hips forward and gently starts circling my ass with his thumb while using his other hand to fingerfuck my pussy. I arch my back in pleasure on bear down on his fingers while he alternates fingering my ass and pussy deeper and deeper. I love being penetrated in both holes. It feels so good to have his hands plunge in and out of me. As my breathing becomes erratic and my hips buck with my pending orgasm, he quickens his pace until I arch my back, bear down on his fingers and scream out in pleasure. He leans over me quickly and French kisses me to capture my scream of passion before anyone outside the massage chamber hears me. I continue to buck my hips while the orgasm rips thru me in waves, French kissing him with abandon.

My pussy is throbbing and wet, and I’m so relaxed I feel boneless. He kneels before me, pushes my knees back and plunges his tongue into my wet cunt. I wrap my hands around his head and grind my pussy onto his hungry mouth. He licks my pussy, sucking on the clit and licking up my cum with relish. I moan with pleasure as he pushes his tongue inside me penetrating me like a cock. He sucks on my internal lips drawing them into his mouth and swirling his tongue around devilishly. He pushes my legs back further and begins licking my ass and pussy alternately. He pushes his tongue into my rosebud repeatedly until I begin to rock with pleasure. I grab his head and grind my ass on his face and rock back and forth. His handsome face smiles up at me while he licks me clean. He thrusts 3 fingers into my pussy and continues to lick my ass. I begin to shudder with pleasure as a second orgasm tears thru me. I can feel cum squirt out of me onto his lips as I vibrate with pleasure. He licks his lips in enjoyment and wipes his face off on his hand. I hear a loud ding as the timer marks the end of our hour together. I sigh in disappointment. I know they are very strict about starting and ending their appointments. He stands up and leans over to kiss me passionately. I love the taste of my juices on his lips. “Thanks for a wonderful massage. I love your technique. I must say the French sure know how to relax a girl. I can’t wait to see what happens next time!” I remark as I start to head out the door. “You might want to get dressed first ma’am” he says with a mischievous smile as he walks out and closes the door behind him.

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