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My first outdoor sex

This is a story of when I was younger, and had fun with my friends little s****r. The name used in the story is not hers btw.
Tage was 8 at the time, while I was 16.

Tagens f****y comes over to hang out with my f****y (or f****y is close with each other). As we start to settle in, i see Tagen walk in and she is wearing knee high socks and a thigh high skirt.

Me and Tagen decide to go to the park to go play in the playground. Once we get to the park, we go to some dirt hills that I know nobody goes to. I lead her back and lay down on the ground. I have Tagen stand above me, her skirt opened right over me. I look up and see that she doesn’t have any panties on, and see her smooth bare lips, dripping wet. She slowly starts to bend down, getting her pussy closerr to my face. Once she is down far enough, she sits in my face, and I begin to eat out her little pussy. She starts to softly moan, and starts to move her hips back and forth on my face. I continue eating her out until she squirts into my mouth. I am surprised that she can do it so young.

I sit up against a stump. I have her sit on my lap and she starts to move her hips around, getting me hard. I start to undo my pants and get my hard boner out of my pants. I flings up and hits her pussy, making her jump again. I let her ride on my crotch until she gets up, and slowly goes onto my cock. I moan softly as she rides my cock, feeling her tight pussy around my cock. We start to fuck each other for a good 20 minutes, making Tagen cum 3 times during.

I start to get ready to cum. I pull out of her pussy, and stick it into her ass. I start to fuck her tight asshole, getting ready to cum. After a few more thrusts I empty all of my cum into her asshole. After a minute of cumming, I slowly pull out making sure not to have cum fall out. I have Tagen clench her asshole, and sit on my face, her asshole in my mouth. She releases, and all of my cum fills my mouth, almost spilling out the side. I get up and have Tagen sit against the stump. Tagen leans her head back and opens her mouth. I pour my cum into her mouth, seeing her drink it as it goes into her mouth.

After she swallows my cum, I take off all of my clothes, and get on the ground on all four. Tagen gets behind me and starts to tongue fuck my asshole. I start to get hard again as she continues to lick my ass. She continues to lick my ass and I notice that I am dropping precum. I put my finger underneath and take a taste of the sweet precum. Tagen then lucks her finger and starts to rub my asshole, teasing it.

After a minute, she starts to slowly insert her finger. I let out a soft moan as she does, and starts to insert another finger. Once she gets for fingers in, she starts to move her fingers in and out of my ass. After a few minutes, she does on her hand and slowly starts pushing into my ass. I let our a moan, louder than the last one. After a few more pushes,her hand finally fits into my asshole. She let’s her hand sit there for a minute letting my ass get used to it. After a minute, I pull out some lube I brought from the house, and hand it to her. She starts to lube up her arm and slowly starts to insert her arm. After a few minutes go by of doing this, she finally reached to her elbow.

She lubed up more of her arm, and starts to fist my ass, slowly starting to gain speed. She continues this for a few minutes, until my ass is nice and loose. She starts to put me of her arm in until she reaches half way up bicep. I feel my stomach and can feel get poking her hand down. At this point, there is a nice pill of precum sitting below my hard cock. Tagen held on fisting my ass until I am to sore to move around. After we are done, Tagen sits in my cock,making me moan. She puts my cock into her ass,and starts to ride me until I cum. As she lifts her ass off, cum puts out of her ass and all over my cock. She turns around and starts to lick it all off, sucking my cock, making sure all of the cum is gone. After e are cleaned up, we start to head back to the house. Nobody will know what we did in the park.

Hoped you enjoyed. Like if you want more.

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