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My girlfriend likes to be spanked

I met Donna at my workplace; she works in the same building. She’s 5’8″, 26 years old and lean. Her body is firm. She has shoulder length strawberry blond hair and I feel like I’m in over my head. We had the typical dating situation and on thte 4th date we fucked in her apartment.
We were going out about 6 weeks and the sex was getting great. She was up for just about anything I wanted. I got a blow job every night and I could fuck her doggy style, you name it
One night I gave her a little pat on the butt and she simled. I didn’;t know if she liked it for real or being playful.l had her on all fours after that and I grabbed her tits hard. She groaned and pushed back in pleasure. I started slapping her nice titties and she pushed back even more. Soon she was explopding before me and she collapsed on the bed
I slid up and fucked her titties; laying a load all over her face. She panted and then caught her breath
I decided to take her out of town. I told her to dress for a night out on the town
After dinner Dona and I got in a cab and I gave the driver the address
As we entered the strip club Dona pulled on me
“Where are we going?”
“You’re going to like this” I told her
She cautiously came along as we entered th joint. I told the cashier Donna wanted to participae in the amateur contest. Donna just stared at me
“I think you can win this” I told her
She gave me a quizzical look as one of the regualr strip[pers took her to the back
I got a seat close to the action and watched as women of every age took their turn disrobing and dancing in front of strangers
When it was Dona’s turn she dazzled
Donna cam out in a short nightie and son had it off. She danced liike a pro; I wonder if she took pole dancing
Her tits are firm and she jiggled them. The crowd was going nuts; men and women
She slid her panties off and gave everyone a shot of her sweet kitty. The announcer told her she had to put her panties back on.
After her dance it took her a good 5 minutes to pick up all the money on the floor. She won hands ddown
We fucked like rabbits all night
I was worried bout how she would react to the stripp[ing proposal but I was richly rewarded. I also spanked her for showing off everything to other people. This made her hotter
I decided to see if I could push her a bit further. About two weeks later I took her to a reunion with my college fraternity.
I invited several of my buddies to our hotel room to watch the game
I had Dona dress in tight shorts and a sheer top. She served us munchies as we chhered on the team
Donna came over to pick up some disheres and I gave her a little pat on her butt in fron of the group. She squeeled. I pulled her donw towards my lap an dslid her shorts down a bit. She pretenended to be offennded and got away from me
I met her in the kitshen and told her to servie the next round of driks topless. She resisted a bit but I could tell it was a fake
I went back to my seat and she came in without her tope and gave alll the guys their drinks. They just smiled as this gorgeous hottie served them
Donna came by my seat and i motioned for her to lean over. I whispered in her ear
“Why don’t you blow me?”
She thought I was bluffing and started to slide my shorts down and she got on her knees. I let her continue
Donna blew me as I watched the game and smilwd at my buddies. I came quickly, exploding in her mouth
Donna got back up and I slid off her shorts
“Take care of the rest”
She proceeded to blow all of my friends as we watched the game. Dona never got dressed again
After everyone left I spanked her again and fucked her all night
I’m reading every type of story I can to get some new ideas
I don’t see myself marrying this gal but I sure intend to have some fun!

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