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My Girlfriend’s Cousin

My Gf and I always go out to see her Aunt Uncle And male cousin when we can afford the trip up north.

My Gf’s aunt is a hot 40 yr old mom of a just turned 18 year old boy.
We will call her Linda and him Victor for this story(this is true by the way)
Laura’s Husband works all the time and when he is not he gets d***k.
One day I go out with Laura to get lunch for everybody,Her and I hop in her car and go about our way,while talking to her I ask her what she does for fun,
She said pretty much nothing as her Husband is always working.
I got the sense that we were talking about more than just hobbies so after we stopped for a few minutes I reached over cupped her 36 c titty and kiss her on her lips.
She let out a sharp yelp that I smothered with my tounge,I worked my hand down and undid her pants.I rubbed her soft shaven pussy for a couple of minutes then she f***ed me back into my seat,Pulled my cock out with had precum oozing down it by now,she took my whole cock into her mouth at once,I almost came right there.
She sucked me till I got really hard then she told me to fuck her,so I did right there in the car till I blew my load deep inside her.We went back and had lunch with everyone,staring at each other the whole time we ate.

Later that night I could not sl**p so I went upstairs to get online.I was looking at porn on here xhamster, when I heard a noise behind me I spun around to see Victor standing there,I didn’t know what to say so I just said “Care to join me?”
He sat down next to me and we watched a mmf threesome.
I noticed his cock getting harder when the parts with the guys sucking each other were on.I thought fuck it Im going to try to touch him,I reached down and started stoking his cock and he did the same to me.After a few minutes he pulled his shirt off and pulled my cock out,He started sucking on me,it felt so great with his young tight mouth.
He sucked me till I came in his mouth and on his chin,We switched and I sucked him till he came,his cum tasted so sweet,afterward he told me I was his first sexual experience with a guy.

I could not believe I got head from a mom and a son in the same day,totally awesome!

I can’t wait to go back to visit again.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:02 pm

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