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last week i went round to see my girlfriend but see was out wiv her mum but her little s****r was in and said i could come in a wait so i did she a pretty girl of 16yrs im 27yrs she hav a great body as she is a dancer.

We were sittin watching tv when she said to me can i give u a blowjob coz her boyfriend have ask her to give him one but she dint no how so i said i dont mine but im not sure if u will get it in your mouth as i have a big dick she said u cant be that big so i got my cock out witch is already hard its 10inchs long and 4and a half thick she was lookin at it sayin wow thats big she said he boyfriend an half the size so i said u dont have to suck it if u dont want to.

She said she would only if i would lick her out at the same time so i was up for that a nice virgin pussy to eat we locked the door and left the key in so no one could open it.

I striped her off and my self i layed on the floor and told her to get on top of me so we was in the 69 position she started to suck my cock and i licked her teen pussy out she could only just get my cock in her mouth but she was still good at suckin cock i sliped a finger in her wet pussy she seemed to like it as i fingered and licked her out after 5 or 10 minutes she stop and said she wanted to have full on sex with me.

Now i was not suer about this as she was a virgin and i have a big dick so i said i would but its going to hurt you at first she was ok with this so i asked if she had any comdoms because i dint have any with me she said no but she dint mind if i dint so i said i would pull out befor i cum so i layed her on the floor and licked her out again to get her nice and wet befor u put my rock hard cock in her as i pushed my head in her pussy she sceamed i started off slow working her in til i could fuck her hard and fast she was loveing it as i filled her teen pussy with my cum we still fuck to this day shes no 20 im 31.

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