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my gloryhole encounter…as requested

So I had remarried when I was 27 to a hot little chick and the sex was great, but many times I found myself daydreaming about cock and reminiscing about Charlie and the other cocks I had sucked. I was faithful to my wife for most of my marriage, but one time after a visit to an adult bookstore with all those gorgeous cocks starting me in the face I picked up a gay magazine and it had personal ads in the back. This was before the internet so I rented a p o box and started writing to several guys, sharing our experiences back and forth and would always wind up jerking off as I read and then wrote a reply. One guy lived nearby and we planned to meet, but I chickened out at the last minute, my nerves got the better of me and I didnt want to cheat on my wife.

So I took a new job about 30 miles from home, working from noon til 9 pm or later with overtime. Some of the guys from work would go out after work on Friday night to the local watering hole near work and I would join them. Typical guy stuff. I usually stayed til about midnight and since I knew the wife would be asl**p when I got home I would stop by the adult bookstore on the way home, go into a booth, play a hot video, usually a shemale video and jerk off onto the floor. So this one night I stopped as usual and they had the same old videos over and over and I was getting bored. There happened to be another adult bookstore just across the highway and I decided to see what they had to offer. I drove over there and went in, found a booth, dropped some change in and was scanning the vids, most of them were gay men, none of my favorites, which were shemales. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed the hole in the wall. I wasnt naive, I knew what it was there for. As I’m watching this video of 2 guys in the gym sucking each other off, I could tell someone entered the booth next to me by the change of light. I wanted to see a live cock, wanted to see some guy jerking off. So I waited a minute and then I squatted down from my seat and moved as far back against the other wall as I could, so as not to be seen and peeked thru the hole. I could hardly see anything, so I moved just a little closer to the hole, still trying not to be seen. It was so dark, but I could just barely see that he had his pants undone and was yanking on a hard and fat 6 incher. I’ve always loved the sight of a hard cock whether in a magazine or up close and personal and love seeing guys jerking off too. I felt my cock swell up as I watched this stranger jerk his. I started to undo my jeans and wanted to jerk off right there as I squatted down and watch him jerk his hard dick.Then my stranger turned towards the hole and took a step closer. The next thing I knew his cock began to peek thru the hole and was actually in my space. “OMG, I thought. I havent done anything with another guy in years, what should I do”? I reached out to touch his cock. ohh it felt so good to have a cock in my hand again, so hard, the skin so soft and velvety just like I remembered. I stroked it a little bit and he shook it. I knew what he wanted and I didn’t disappoint. My knees were shaking as I leaned in closer and licked the head. This made him moan and I then opened my mouth and let it slide down his rock hard shaft all the way to his balls. My own cock was as hard as its ever been and I started jerking off as I bobbed up and down on this anonymous cock. He didnt last real long and he shot into my waiting mouth. And it was just as it always had been, just flowing out of his dick in one continuous stream. I swallowed it all. I watched as he zipped up and left, and I sat back down to jerk off.

Not 30 seconds passed before that booth next to me got a new customer, and after another 30 seconds I did the same thing, trying not to be seen, wanting to watch him jerk off. Apparently I wasn’t hiding very well as this guy stuck his cock thru the hole also. He was about 7 inches and a little thinner and I immediately put my lips around it, bobbed up and down for a good 5 minutes and he also came in my mouth. Again, I sat down to finally jerk off and make myself cum when lo and behold the next booth became occupied again. I did the same routine, looking while trying not to be seen. This cock was soft and within seconds was sticking thru the hole as well. This was the first time I was ever faced with a limp dick, which I dont find attractive at all, but wondered what it would feel like in my mouth. Yes I leaned in and took it, trying my best to work it up and down. It began to get a little firmer, but never hard and he wound up cumming in my mouth with it still being limp. I was getting ready to go, thinking I would just go home and wake up the wife and pound her pussy real good. I zipped up and waited for the video I was watching to end before opening the door. I was proud of my accomplishments, sucking off 3 different cocks and their varying sizes.

Just as the video was scrolling its credits, I had a new neighbor. I really didnt want to suck another as I knew it was getting late, so I just sat there, I didnt try to get a peek or anything, and the next thing I knew, this cock started to appear thru the hole. Im beginning to wonder, “what is there, a sign out there pointing to my booth saying, “cocksucker here” or something”. My video had stopped and I figured the management would not take too kindly to people in the booths without putting money in the machine. It was too dark to make out the outline or anything of this new cock and I kind of wanted to suck it too, but I also wanted to go home and bang the wife. “what the hell, I thought, I need to at least see it and maybe just jerk him off”. I dropped some more change in the machine, and when the video came on it gave me enough light to see this cock sticking thru the gloryhole into my booth. Once I got a good look at it, I saw that it was a black guy, his cock wasnt real thick, but OMG was it long. It was at least 9 inches, I had never seen a cock that big, and never seen a black cock other than magazines and videos. I just had to touch it, to feel it in my hand. I wrapped my hand around it and pulled til his balls were pressed up against the wall. I was mesmerized by the size and beauty of this hot cock. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to suck a black guy or not, not prejudiced or anything, just not sure of the tabooness of it. I was perfectly content just stroking this big cock, but then he kept shaking it. I assumed this was the sign meaning “I want it sucked”. I didnt know the protocol, this was my first time at a glory hole. “ok, I thought to myself, its so gorgeous I just have to see what its like”. I got on my knees on the hard floor and wound up kneeling in some dried cum, apparently from one of the other guys I had just sucked. I put my lips to it and started to take it in my mouth and he pushed it further. I gagged. I had never had a cock this big in my life. I wrapped my hand around the base and blew him up and down. I was loving how this huge cock felt in my mouth. I blew and I blew for what seemed an eternity. My own cock was dripping precum onto my leg and I started jerking off as I sucked. He must’ve fucked my mouth for a good 15 to 20 minutes before I felt him tense up and finally I tasted his salty cum. It wasnt a very big load, but it was oh so thick and creamy. I could take no more and I jerked feverishly as he pulled his cock back out from the hole, and I shot a huge load right there on the floor.

I cleaned up and pulled my pants up and wiped my face on my sleeve, but I could still smell the odor of cock on my mouth. I exited to head home and when I got in my car I looked at the clock, it was almost 3am. “Oh God, I had been in there for 3 hours”!!

I felt guilty on my drive home, contemplating whether this was considered cheating on my wife or not. In the ensuing days, the more I thought about what I had done, the hornier I would get. Long story short, I was back at the gloryhole the following week and then again every chance I got. And yes, I did suck more black guys.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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