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It was a hot summer’s day so me and my mom decided to drive down to the sea side on the way there i noticed my mother in her 34D tight bikini top and miniskirt as i drove over a speed bump her breasts bounced and i was getting exited i started to bulge through my three quarter trousers so i pulled over on a empty near by road and said we’d broke down i quickly got out and popped the hud and tried to hide my bulging cock but then my mom got out my heart almost stoped luckily she turned and walked over to the trunk i sighed in relief and got my cock down i went to see what my mother was doing and to my suprise she was there squating behind the car pissing her bikini bottoms around her knee’s and her skirt around her waist she looked at me i looked at her she tried to hide her sweet pink pussy but i already seen her i quickly walked back to the front of the car my cock almost ripping through my trousers no way was i getting that back down after seeing my own mothers pussy then out of no where she walked over to me and without saying a single word she ripped her top off exposing her amazing 34D breasts and puffy pink wide spread areolas surrounding her aroused nipples droped to her knee’s pulled my trousers down grabed my cock and placed it in her warm wet mouth and started sucking me off within two minutes i came deep in my mothers mouth and watched her swallow all my cum then she stud up pulled her skirt up and her bikini bottoms down sat down grabed my head and moved it down between her wide spread legs and i started to lick my mother’s pussy she moaned in pleasure witch made my cock hard again after about four to five minutes she was screaming and shaking in pleasure then squirted cum all over my face i loved every minute of it then i stud up and my mother grabed my hand and walked over to the trunk bent over with her skirt over her ass and bottoms around her knee’s i rammed my cock deep in her pussy grabed her amazing left tit with one hand and grabed her ass with my other hand and started thrusting as my balls slaped against her clit she said fuck me fuck your mother oh yes im cumming yes yes yes the she pulled away turned around droped back on her knee’s and put her tits over my cock and thrusted very fast untill i came all over her face and tits then she sucked every last drop of my cock and got my cum from her face and tits and ate it all the she went in the trunk got a towel and cleaned her self up as i pulled my trousers up and put the hud down got back in the car then my mother got in the car kissed me and said lets go home so we did and we spend the rest of the day in bed and for the next few weeks we got closer toghter after three months we was in love and we decided to sell the house and move away and spend our lives as a couple

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 9:39 pm

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