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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 13: Katie negotiates for

Katie negotiates for the missing file

Sweat poured off of Katie’s forehead as she felt the burning sensation in her stomach. She increased her breathing and fought through the pain as she kept her fingers firmly wrapped around the back of her head with her elbows facing forward. The beautiful wife continued counting; bringing her knees up to her chest as her upper body moved forward to meet them. After she reached 100 she stopped and stared at the ceiling of her bedroom and let her stomach muscles relax. Crunches were one of her favorite exercises and it showed from her firm body.

Mrs. Jackson glanced over at the clock sitting on her night stand and spied her dildo lying next to it. The wine glass from the previous evening lay on its side. She had been so horny and after a few glasses of wine she ended up in her bedroom frantically sliding her toy in and out of her aching pussy. She couldn’t wait for her husband to come home and life could return to normal. She hoped that with Fred returning home that Phil would stop pounding on her door, constantly calling her phone, and leaving notes about having her call him. She had been avoiding her well hung neighbor since the day he fucked her ass hoping the whole situation would somehow rectify itself.

Katie took a deep breath and exhaled as she positioned her body to start another round of exercises. Her eyes glanced back at her toy on her nightstand as she remained in the ready position. She came so hard last night and the thought of doing it again excited her. It was still two days until her husband came home and she was so horny. The house was quiet and she could have her way with herself. Mrs. Jackson swallowed hard as she felt her pussy tingling and getting wetter by the minute. Her eyes stayed focused on the dildo as the thought of her oiling it up and sliding it deep into her. The hot wife shuddered and felt her clit becoming aroused. She took a deep breath and tried to control herself. It had been a few weeks since her husband gave her taste of his cum and the thought of her him spraying his cum onto her face and into her mouth made her pussy even wetter.

She began her exercises counting down until she could get herself off but only made it half way through her set when the phone rang. Katie thought for sure it was Phil calling for the hundredth time but she glanced at the caller ID she saw it was the hospital.

The married woman quickly composed herself. “Hello, this is Katie,” she politely answered hoping it was news about her job interview.

“Hi Katie,” the hot wife recognized the voice as Sarah, a ther****t that works in the mental health unit with Sheila, and wave of disappointment came across her. “Have you seen Phil Dorman’s file? Sheila thought you must have filed it but we can’t find it.”

“Oh?” the wife replied as she looked out her bedroom window towards Dorman’s house.

Sarah continued, “He called and demanded we transfer him to another doctor so we need to find it and get it to the other office.”

Katie’s stomach dropped, “Uhmmm,” stalling and trying to find an excuse as she knew exactly where it was at, “I saw it there earlier. I must have filed it the last time he was in,” obviously lying to her.

“I checked the filing cabinets and it’s not where it should have been. Could you please retrace your steps and track it down when you come in tomorrow. He has a meeting later this week and I wanted to review it before he comes in to discuss his transfer.”

Mrs. Jackson swallowed hard, “Sure Sarah, I’ll take care of it tomorrow morning.” She hung up the phone and closed her eyes as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Misplacing a simple file wouldn’t look bad to the board but if Phil would continued to complain, which she knew he would and told them where he found it; it would be the end of her career before it began.

The married wife had wanted to avoid any contact with the disgusting neighbor but knew she didn’t have a choice. She buried her head in her hands. Mrs. Jackson knew everything could come crashing down with a call from Phil. She stood up and looked towards the old man’s house. She knew what he would demand if he she went over to get the file. At first she was nauseated at the thought of the old bastard touching her again but at the same time she felt the butterflies in her stomach at the thought of him licking her clit and asshole; bringing her to multiple orgasms. Her ass still stung from the fucking he gave her but yet she had been horny ever since.

Katie glanced back at his house through her bedroom window contemplating what she should do. Mrs. Jackson rationalized that nobody would notice or they would just assume the file was lost or misplaced. She knew what Phil was doing when he told Sarah about the file; he was trying to coax her out of the house. The married woman thought that maybe she could lie about the whole situation to the hospital staff and accuse Phil of stealing it if he were to come forward. She looked down at the phone and thought of calling her husband. Regret filled her mind of what she had done by letting her neighbor fuck her mouth and ass. What would Fred say? How angry would he be if her loving husband found out what she had done to get the file back? Would he leave her? The married woman felt as though she was going to cry.

Mrs. Jackson didn’t want to confront her neighbor and decided to go for a jog to clear her head. As she walked outside, anxiety and rage took over at the thought of what could happen to her work and her relationship with her husband. Instead Katie raced across her yard and towards Dorman’s backdoor and began pounding on it. Suddenly the shirtless old man opened up and without any pleasantries Katie demanded, “Give me the file Phil!”

“Freckles! Nice to see you again!” looking at her body covered by her black sports bra, shorts, small ankle socks and tennis shoes, “Looks like you dressed up for me!”

Mrs. Jackson looked down at her gym clothes as her face began to turn red from embarrassment, “Just give me the file Phil!” The wife’s hair flowed past her shoulders and blew in the wind. Phil couldn’t help but stare in lust at the hard bodied wife.

“What? Did Sarah call you?” beginning to mock his sexy neighbor, “When I told her I wanted a new ther****t; I suggested you and do you know what Sarah told me?”

The wife knew what he had discovered, “You asshole!”

“She said you were just a secretary!” pointing his chubby finger at her and laughing.

“Give me the file Phil!” Katie yelled.

Dorman immediately stopped laughing, “I guess you shouldn’t try to avoid me then! I know you’ve seen me on your doorstep. I wouldn’t need to make up some transfer shit with Sarah knowing she would have to look for my file. Why don’t you come in and we can,” smiling down at the horny wife, “negotiate.”

Katie stepped into the doorway and was startled to see an older gentleman wearing a suit sitting in the living room. He looked in his late 60’s and was a skinny frail old man. “I’m sorry I didn’t know you had company I’ll come back later Phil,” trying to push past him to exit the house.

Phil blocked her path and pointed towards the man, “No Freckles, don’t go. This is Norman Williams, my attorney. He knows everything that’s been going on.”

Norman stared at the sexy wife in the room. “Hello Mrs. Jackson,” getting up and extending his hand, “Phil’s told me so much about you.” Katie reached out and shook his hand hoping he didn’t know everything about what had transpired. He was tall with silver hair and dark rimmed thick glasses that make his blue eyes appear much bigger.

Mrs. Jackson was embarrassed about her tirade on the back steps and hoped he hadn’t heard what happened, “I really should be going.” The wife turned to walk out but the big bellied neighbor stood in her way.

Phil interrupted, “But Norman and I were just discussing my lawsuit against the hospital.”

Norman folded his arms across his chest, “You really shouldn’t have done what you did Mrs. Jackson. HIPAA laws are very strict and with you posing as a ther****t when you are actually only a secretary doesn’t bode well for them.”

Katie didn’t want to be lectured about her misgivings as anger took control. She turned and screamed at Norman, “Did Phil tell you what he did to me?!? He got his nut off for the first time in 5 years,” turning back towards Phil, “Now give me the file!!”

Norman gave a faint smile. Phil had told him exactly what happened and never in his dreams did he expect the neighbor to look as beautiful as Katie. He immediately was jealous of his friend when she walked into the house knowing what he had done to her. “Mr. Dorman told me what happened and sex between two consenting adults is none of my concern. Removing hospital property and showing it to a non employee is a very serious allegation; as well as a non licensed medical employee posing as a licensed ther****t.”

“You’re right,” Phil moved closer to the scantily covered wife, “I deposited my cum deep in your ass didn’t I? You sure didn’t seem to mind at the time and I think you actually liked it!” Katie didn’t move but continued to stare down at Phil as he continued, “But what would the staff at the hospital say if they knew a secretary was trying to be a ther****t?”

“Calm yourself Phil,” Norman placed his hand on the fat old man’s chest so he wouldn’t move closer.

Katie stared into Phil’s dark brown eyes and knew she shouldn’t try and lie. Katie stepped back and looked at the older men, “Sheila asked me to help her out, I just thought I would talk to you real quick and it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’m sorry. Please Phil…”

Turning towards his lawyer, “and then she stole my file to show the neighborhood because I couldn’t get my nut off!”

Katie tried to step between them as she looked down at Phil, “It wasn’t like that, I thought Fred could help. Sheila told me..”

“Who is this Sheila?” interrupted Norman looking over at Phil.

“She’s the big tittied manager of the unit. I guess we could include her in the suit as well.”

“The manger orchestrated this? If Mrs. Jackson would be a witness for us this probably would never make it to court and the hospital would settle out of court with a huge settlement.”

“What? Phil don’t get her involved!” screamed Katie. “Just give me the fucking file!”

“Damn Freckles!” obviously growing upset with the hot wife’s attitude, “You ladies think you can just screw with people’s lives and walk away?”

“What? It’s not like that Phil!” she pleaded.

“You snobby rich bitches think you can do whatever you want to people? Well paybacks a bitch isn’t it? You need to learn some respect”

“Damnit Phil! Give me the file!” yelled Katie

Moving closer and yelling even louder, “You need to learn some respect!”

Katie stepped back into the corner intimidated by her boisterous neighbor, “Please Mr. Dorman, Can I have the file?”

In a soothing voice, “That’s better!” his back turned to the hot wife, “Your precious file is upstairs in my office.”

“Phil,” Katie pleaded as he ignored her, “Mr. Dorman,” trying to show respect, “I’ll just wait here, please just get the file so I can put it back.”

Phil turned and growled, “And I’ll wait for you upstairs, if you want it come and get it otherwise I’ll give it to Sarah.”

Mrs. Jackson watched the fat old man turn and walk away.

Katie looked at Norman as he stared at her half naked body, “Phil is right Mrs. Jackson, I think this could get you in a bunch of trouble. But I suggest you leave Mr. Dorman alone and we can pursue this matter in court. I’m sure you know your way out.” Norman walked by the wife and upstairs to Phil’s office.

After a few seconds Katie let out a sigh and began to turn towards the door. Mrs. Jackson had no idea that Phil was so serious about his allegation that he would bring his lawyer into the equation. The hot wife turned and reluctantly followed both men upstairs. She walked by a bedroom and saw the men in what was obviously a second bedroom. She hesitated for a moment thinking she should just turn and walk away and go home but her the thought of her consequences weighed heavily on her.

Katie slowly walked in and noticed full length mirrors on two of the walls. The room was small with a desk cluttered with computers and electronic equipment. A sofa sits against one wall. Binoculars lay beside the window that faced her house. A tripod is set up by the window and upon looking out it is right across from her bedroom. She was sure that he probably got a good show last night if he was watching.

Katie spied Phil’s file sitting on the desk, “Mr. Dorman, please can I have the file?” pointing at the hospital property.

Phil turned in his chair and faced her, his large belly hung down along with his man boobs. His baggy shorts stood out as she could tell his cock was already growing in anticipation.

Norman sat down on the sofa as Phil looked over at him, “I told you she looked like that Kate girl from Lost, don’t you agree?”

The lawyer sighed, “Yes Phil but I think we should continue with our paperwork,” looking over at Katie, “but she can’t have the file otherwise you will have nothing.”

“Please Phil,” Katie begged, “It was an honest mistake. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m so so sorry.”

Phil sat down and contemplated her apology his hand resting on his chin as he stared at Norman, “You’re sorry huh?”

“Yes Phil, I’m so sorry,” Katie looked down at Phil trying to be as sincere as possible.

Dorman had finally coaxed his neighbor into his house one more time and his cock was throbbing in his shorts. Norman rustled through papers in his briefcase as Phil continued to look at both of them. He suddenly blurted out, almost nonchalantly, “Suck my lawyers cock and I’ll think about giving you the file.”

Norman sprang up from the couch as he and Katie both yelled, “What?!?”

Mr. Williams was fumbling over himself, “Phil I don’t think this is a good idea. This would not be appropriate.”

“Oh hell Norman, you said last week that you would do anything to get a blowjob?”

“Well, hmmm” looking over at the married wife obviously embarrassed, “I don’t remember saying that. I can’t allow this to occur.” Norman turned and began to place papers into his briefcase.

“Norman!” standing up and yelling, “you about came in your pants when I told you how I fucked her. You said you would do anything to have a beautiful woman suck your cock. Remember?”

Norman turned pale and looked over at Katie. Her mouth still hung open in disbelief at Phil’s demand. The old lawyer looked quickly back at Phil, “We were just talking. I don’t want you to make her do something like this!” Norman looked over at Mrs. Jackson, “She obviously doesn’t want to do this and we could get in trouble.”

“I’m trying to help you my friend. Don’t you find Mrs. Jackson pretty?”

“She is very attractive but..” as he scrambled to put his papers back into his briefcase.

Phil stared directly into Katie’s eyes, “Do it!”

Dorman looked back over at Norman, “Sit down and enjoy it buddy. This one’s on me!”

Katie looked over at Norman and back to her neighbor, “Please Phil, don’t do this! Please just give me the file.”

“You do what I say and you will get your precious file and you can continue to work at the hospital. It’s that easy.” Dorman explained.

Norman blurted out, “This is a lot of money we’re talking about Phil, as your lawyer I’m instructing you to reconsider!”

Phil looked over at his friend, “Freckles has a decision to make. Her fate lies squarely in her hands,” looking back towards the scared hot wife.

Katie shook her head and begged, “Please don’t do this. Can’t you just be a decent human being?” Mrs. Jackson quickly regretted coming over to the house. She knew he would have tried to push his cock into her again but she thought she could prevail.

“I’m horny freckles,” pointing to his tripod and other spying equipment, “and I obviously like to watch!”

“I’m not fucking doing this!” Katie yelled as she turned and walked out of the room.

“Good luck Freckles!” yelled Dorman as he bellowed with laughter.

Katie walked down the hall but stopped and sighed as she overheard Norman scolding Phil for making such a proposition. As she walked towards the stairs she heard Norman explain that the hospital wouldn’t dare fight the lawsuit as it would bring public humiliation. She paused in the hallway and heard Norman reveal that the hospital would file charges against her to remove any liability. The married neighbor remembered what she read about the penalties for violating the law. Her cell phone began to ring as she looked at the caller ID and saw it was Fred. She didn’t want to spend time in jail away from her f****y. Katie closed her eyes as she closed her phone. She knew she couldn’t answer the phone right now and allowed it to go to voice mail. Mrs. Jackson gripped her phone tightly knowing what she needed to do to protect herself and her f****y.

Mrs. Jackson took a deep breath and walked back into the room as both men looked up at her. Katie voice quivered, “Will you really stop what you are doing if I do this?” Her knees shook at the thought of giving in to his demands. The married woman was scared but knew she had no other alternatives.

Phil smirked, “Of course Freckles.”

“Phillip I think we should discuss this before things go any further,” his lawyer cautioned.

Katie doesn’t await a response as Norman’s eyes widen as she dropped to her knees in front of him while he sat on the sofa. The wife scooted herself between his legs.

The elderly man looks down at her and stuttered, “Miss you don’t have to do this….”

“Oh quit being a pussy Norman and enjoy it! I know you can’t wait to feel her lips around your cock!” Phil quipped.

Norman fidgeted on the couch and looked down at her, “I don’t think you should do this.” His words don’t reflect his actions. The frail lawyer makes no movement to stop the lovely wife the kneeled before him. He felt his bl**d pressure going up at the thought of what she was about to do.

“She doesn’t have a choice Norman!” laughed Phil, “Ask him Kate. Ask him if you can do what you do best.”

Katie looked back at Phil, “Stop it!”

“Do it Freckles if you want to save your job!” yelled Dorman

Norman cleared his voice, “Leave her alone Phillip!”

The married mother looked back at Phil as he waived her file in the air with a silly smile on his face. The three of them stared at each other. Mrs. Jackson dropped her head and slowly looked up into Norman’s blue eyes, “Can I suck your cock?” as she reached out and started to undo his belt.

Norman’s bottom lip began to tremble as the sexy wife looked into his eyes, “Oh my….,” was all he could muster. He looked over at his friend as he moved to the corner of the room so he would have a clear view. Norman looked back down at the sexy wife as she unzipped his suit pants. She reached in and grasped his cock.

It felt small and flaccid and was surrounded by thick pubic hair. Katie tugged his pants down as Norman lifted his hips from the sofa. A pleasant cologne smell escaped as she tossed the clothes to the floor. Katie stared into Norman’s crystal blue eyes as she wrapped her fingers around his dick and began to coax it to life. It seemed like only yesterday that she had given her first blowjob to her husband and now she was about ready to suck her fourth cock. Slowly Norman’s penis began to expand as Katie lowered her mouth and devoured the head of his cock into her mouth as Norman’s body tensed up. The frail lawyer exhaled deeply at the feeling of Katie’s warm wet mouth.

Norman’s wife had died about 10 years ago and he had dated a few women but none of which were as sexy as the wife that kneeled before him. He had done work for Phil in the past for free so he assumed this was his way of repaying the debt. Although he was a good lawyer with a high sense of morals, he was human and had desires. His heart fluttered when he saw the wife walk into Phil’s house. He immediately was jealous that his friend was able to do what he did to this lady. The old lawyer immediately felt like getting up and walking away but was memorized by the sexy wife.

Mrs. Jackson was slowly taking more of his cock into her mouth as she ran her tongue under his shaft. Norman muttered under his breath as Katie pulled off his cock and flicked her tongue around the tip as Norman’s cock twitched in the air. It was much smaller than her husband’s dick and was probably smaller than the average penis.

The married wife couldn’t believe what she was doing. Regret filled her mind as she deep throated Norman’s cock with ease. She grasped the shaft and slowly stroked it while holding his puffy mushroom head between her lips. Katie already wanted it to end. She felt humiliated while sucking the old man’s small penis with her disgusting neighbor watching and breathing heavily.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah!” Phil mumbled; enjoying what he orchestrated as he stood in the corner.

Norman’s eyes remained tightly shut as he enjoyed Katie’s skilled mouth. The old lawyer body jerked as Katie’s pace increased. He put his hand on the back of her head and directed her motions forcing her mouth deeper around his dick. The slurping sounds echoed in the small room.

“That’s it Norman! Make her suck you good!” Phil yelled out.

Katie kept her eyes shut and concentrated on getting the old man off as she felt Norman’s fingers buried deep into her hair. The old lawyer loved the feeling of his cock sliding down the wife’s throat. Mrs. Jackson thought of her husband and imagined that Norman was him.

“Damn Phil!” Norman blurted out. Startled, Katie opened her eyes and saw Phil had removed his shorts and stroked his huge cock while watching her mouth wrapped around Norman’s cock. Phil’s cock looked even bigger than before as he stood in front of the window. Norman looked down at Katie and back towards Phil and couldn’t believe the hot wife was able to take the massive cock into her ass.

The wife saw a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. She was on her knees in front of a stranger with his cock in her mouth while her neighbor stroked his massive cock within a few feet of her. The image stung her as she quickly closed her eyes not wanting to be the person that she saw. She slowly opened them and stared back into the mirror. Her pussy began to flutter at the sight of herself.

Katie continued to bob her wet mouth on Norman’s small dick when she felt her sports bra get pushed up revealing her perfect breasts. She glanced down and saw Phil groping her breasts while still stroking Norman’s muscle. Her nipples were already hard as he manipulated them. Phil began pulling her nipples as she continued sucking the cock in front of her. Phil’s pudgy fingers grasped her small mounds of flesh, pawing at them and groping her.

Mrs. Jackson was surprised at her reactions as she continued to hold Norman’s cock deep in her mouth while running her tongue under his shaft. His cock felt good in her mouth as it wasn’t hard to place in the back of her throat and didn’t gag her. She had hoped it would push him over the edge but she slowly pulled off his cock and took it into her hands and quickly stroked it. Mrs. Jackson looked up at Norman as his face twitched at her actions. He looked down at her and gave a sweet smile, “My god you are so beautiful,” as he softly rubbed her cheek with his fingers.

Norman was exactly the opposite of Phil’s grumpy demeanor. He was sweet and caring. Katie took her other hand and began to rub his testicles as she leaned down and began to give them small kisses while her fingers twisted on the head of his cock.

Phil’s hands had worked down to her shorts and tugged them down to her thigh. Katie knew better to fight what he was doing as she felt him spread her cheeks of her ass, “You are a naughty little slut Freckles,” as he leaned down and she felt the swipe of Phil’s tongue from behind across her pussy. The wife suddenly felt flushed as her clit came out to greet Dorman’s expert tongue. She put Norman’s cock back into her mouth while Phil worked his tongue across the folds of her pussy lips. Mrs. Jackson was soon pushing herself back towards the fat neighbor hoping he would work himself higher to her ass.

Katie fought to keep her eyes tightly closed and allow the men to quickly get off but she opened her eyes and looked towards the mirror. She saw her lips wrapped tightly around Norman’s cock with his hand resting on her head while Phil was kneeling behind her with his nose pressed against her ass while his mouth sucked on her clit. Her shorts were pulled down to her knees and her bra was pushed up exposing her breasts. She closed her eyes but couldn’t help but watch herself giving head while Phil ate her pussy. Her stomach began to flutter as she watched herself in the mirror.

Her cell phone rang again but she ignored it and continued to pump Norman’s cock into her wet mouth. Phil slowly started easing his finger into her already wet slit. Katie didn’t fight and just allowed him to touch her while she danced her tongue around Norman’s small spongy head. Phil’s finger slowly was pressed all the way into her vagina as he began to wiggle it around.

“Damn your pussy is wet Freckles,” she heard Phil from behind her as he shoved his finger in and out of her.

Her cell phone goes off again as she felt Norman’s cock slightly deflate. Norman pulled Katie’s mouth from his cock, “Can you turn your ringer off?”

The married wife reached over and grabbed her cell phone and saw it was Fred that called her again. It’s been the third call within the past few minutes. Thoughts raced through her mind that something could be wrong. Mrs. Jackson cleared her voice, “I need to take this. It might be important,” looking back at Phil.

Phil pulled his finger from her wet slit and sat up, “Fine!” he grumbled, “Be quick!”

Mrs. Jackson took a deep breath trying to compose herself, “Hi honey.”

Phil grinned wickedly as he knew immediately it was Fred.

“Uh-huh,” she answered into the phone while on her knees in front of Norman with arms resting in his lap. Phil was behind her slowly stroking his massive hard on staring at her perfect ass. Katie reached down and tried to pull her shorts up but Phil quickly stopped her.

Dorman gave a devilish grin as he went back to manipulating Katie’s perfect breasts with his flabby hands.

“Uhmmm… I went for a jog. What’s wrong?” She looked up at Norman and then back at Phil. Katie couldn’t believe she was in this position while on the phone with her husband.

Norman reached out and grabbed Katie’s free hand and placed it on his cock and directed her to stroke him. Norman looked back at Phil and gave a nervous smile.

Dorman leaned back down and immediately started to flick his tongue across Katie’s perfect ass. Katie looked back and knew she couldn’t say anything while on the phone with her husband. She had butterflies earlier thinking about Phil’s tongue darting around her body. Her pussy quivered with every lash of his tongue. The hot wife tried to control her breathing as she worked Norman’s cock with her hand.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the phone conversation with her husband while Phil’s thick tongue manipulated her ass.

“I know I miss you too,” she said into the phone as she stroked Norman’s cock quickly with her free hand fighting the feelings that Phil was doing to her. The old neighbor continued to lick and suck her ass while frantically stroking his huge cock.

“I can’t do this right now,” Katie’s hand began to tremble as the old neighbor continued to lick and suck her ass. Norman took control of his own cock and began to rub it across her face leaving traces of his precum which was slowly dripping from the tip of his head.

Katie listed to what Fred was telling her when she felt Phil slowly easing his finger in and out of her wet pussy with very long and slow strokes while having his tongue dance around her.

Phil began to laugh to himself as he looked up at Norman in disbelief as they heard Fred trying to convince Katie to have phone sex with him. The old neighbor watched as his friend rubbed his cock over Katie’s face as Phil removed his fingers from the sopping wet pussy. He got on his knees behind the beautiful married wife and began to rub his cock between her ass cheeks.

“Call back tonight and I promise I’ll do it then,” trying desperately to get off the phone with her husband while on all fours between the two men. Mrs. Jackson felt the fat old neighbor pressing his enormous cockhead into her pussy.

Mrs. Jackson gasped and frantically turned to object while on the phone but Phil leaned forward and whispered, “Keep talking to your husband Freckles!”

Katie took a deep breath knowing she couldn’t yell as she felt Phil pushing the head of his cock into her tight wet opening. Nobody besides her husband had fucked her ass and now she was giving up her pussy to the old neighbor. She pulled the phone away from her mouth as she fought the pain of his massive head splitting her apart. Phil’s hard cock began to slide into the perfect body of the wife. Katie’s mouth opened as her body tensed from his massive size but no words escaped. The pain quickly went away as pleasure took control. Norman continued to rub his cock against Katie’s sweet lips while trying to converse with her husband.

Mrs. Jackson placed her hand on her forehead trying to concentrate while Norman playfully pressed his cock tip on her lips, “Honey I have to go somebody is at the door.”

Both men grinned as they heard Fred trying to keep his wife on the phone but she quickly ended with, “I love you honey..” as she hung up the phone and tossed it to the side.

“Ughhhhhhh” Katie exclaimed as Phil continued to slide his cock into her tight pussy, “fuuuuuck!” the hot wife gasped.

“Just relax Freckles,” as Phil continued to push his cock into the married neighbor’s tight pussy. Mrs. Jackson was about to object again when Norman pulled her mouth down around his hard dick. She couldn’t help herself and looked into the mirror while Norman’s cock was in her mouth as Phil was slowly driving his cock into her from behind. She was fascinated by the sight of both old men enjoying her body.

Katie had used two dildos with one implanted deep in her vagina while she sucked the other to tease Fred. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would actually have two real dicks drilling her mouth and pussy. Regret kept filling her mind but when she would see her reflection; she would feel her body coming closer to orgasm.

Norman grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth quickly down around his dick. He began to face fuck her while Norman kept driving his large cock into her. Mrs. Jackson tried her hardest to fight the sensations but she was getting so close to losing control. Phil sensed the wife’s excitement level was building as he slowly worked his cock as he pressed his thumb against Katie’s asshole. She began to grind back on him wanting to feel more of what Phil was doing to her when the tip entered into her rectum.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Katie gasped as Norman’s cock slipped from her mouth. He quickly grabbed her face and directed his cock back into her wet mouth. Dorman pressed his thumb deeper into her ass with his cock stuffed deep in her when the wave of her orgasm took control, “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” escape her lips as she frantically stroked Norman’s cock pushing herself back towards the old man. “I’m cumming” she whispered, “I’m cumming!” repeating over and over growing louder with each syllable.

Phil looked up at his friend, “You want to fuck her ass Norman?” Wave after wave of orgasms continued with the sound of his words. Never in her mind would she have done something like this but her body was completely betraying her. Katie’s mouth craved Norman’s cock and she devoured it into her mouth as her tongue swirled around his shaft. As soon as her lips clamped dick and pushed to the back of her mouth she felt a burst of air from the tip of his cock.

At the same time, Norman bucked his hips and rammed his cock deeper into Katie’s mouth. He grabbed the top of her head and pulled it down into his groin. The lawyer gave a slight cry and without warning he began to cum in the married wife’s mouth, his cock thrusting over her velvety tongue and squirting his hot creamy load into her mouth and down her throat.

Catching her by surprise Katie had no choice but to swallow. She gulped rapidly as his huge load of cum filled her mouth, all of his pent up sexual energy shooting from his penis. She tried to pull her head free as her mouth was being filled by the sticky, hot liquid, but he held her strong, bucking his cock up between her lips and practically fucking her face as he unloaded.

His hands grabbed her head and he shoved her hungrily sucking mouth down hard onto his jerking cock. Norman’s cum filled balls spurted another three or four large loads of their precious fluid in her mouth, Katie continued sucking as every drop emptied down her throat.

Norman’s creamy torrent of cum continued to blow into the prick-sucking wife’s mouth, splattering on the roof of her mouth, and then shooting past her tonsils down her throat. His sperm tasted different than she expected, certainly not awful as she imagined it to be. She found it to be chunky, very thick tasting sperm, much different that Fred’s. It tasted completely different but a good different. She caught herself enjoying the taste of his load as her body quivered with orgasm after orgasm. His load was not as expected from a set of small testicles as it continued to stream. A tidal wave of cream blasted again and again out of the old lawyer’s dick, making his prick pulse wildly between her lips as it vented its load of boiling semen.

It was an incredibly big load; bigger than any Katie had nursed from Fred’s balls. His cum-blast spurted into her mouth, nearly choking her as it spewed down her throat. She sucked his squirting cock harder than ever. The sequence was followed by spurt after spurt of rich, milky, salty-tasting spunk. Mrs. Jackson kept sucking wanting more and more from Norman.

Again and again, his jism streamed up from his balls, inundating her mouth and throat with his rich cum. The sounds of the wife’s wild prick-sucking grew even louder as she swallowed his cum. She tried to swallow it all, but some slipped from her lips. Norman couldn’t control himself and pushed her head back and grabbed a hold of his dick and continued to stroke it. He let loose two final streams of cum that landed on the sexy wife’s face. She looked up at him as two large globs of cum dripped down her cheeks.

Norman directed his prick back into Katie’s mouth as her own orgasm subsided which was muffled by his dick. Her lips again tightly encircling his cock-shaft. He continued moving her head back and forth as she nibbled on his cock-head, sucking clean every last drop of his life-giving sperm that she could until he was completely drained. He left his cock inside of her mouth as it quickly deflated. Norman gave a huge sigh of relief as if a burden had been lifted, “I didn’t mean to cum on your face like that,” he said meekly.

“Ohhhhh, shit!” Phil moaned happily as he watched the wife swallow his friend’s load and some trickle down her face. He grinned down at Katie as she finally let Norman’s cock slide out of her mouth as he continued to slowly work his mammoth cock into her pussy with his thumb buried in her ass. The wife finally lifted her mouth off his dick and coughed and sputtered for air. She spat out what little of Norman’s load was still in her mouth, most of it she had been f***ed to swallow. Mrs. Jackson had sperm running down the corners and down her cheeks.

“You’re a good cock-sucker, aren’t you?” Phil laughed, “You must have loved the taste of his cum judging by the way you sucked it out of him!”

Norman just stared down at Katie in amazement. Nobody in his life had given him a blowjob like that. It was better than he had ever imagined. He bent down to kiss the married wife but she backed away from him. They just stared at each other while Phil continued to slowly slide his cock into Katie’s pussy from behind as she grasped Norman’s thighs and Phil pushed deeper into her.

Dorman had over half of his 11-inch throbbing cock in her pussy. He held it inside of her without moving loving the tight feeling of her wet hole as he removed his thumb and grabbed both hips and bean pulling her back onto his aching dick.

“Tell me to fuck you,” Phil ordered slowly starting to hump her from behind.

“whaaaa,” gasping from the feeling of his mammoth cock inside of her, “What?” looking back at the fat man

“Tell me to fuck you,” Phil demanded and more intense.

“No!” as she tried to wiggle away from his grasp as Norman looked down at the wife still admiring what had just happened.

“I know you want it you little slut! Now, tell me to fuck you!” giving her ass a slap with his hand while holding her slender hips with his other.

Knowing there was no turning back, “Fuck me” Katie said with very little feeling while looking up at Norman.

Fred pressed his cock further into her Katie’s tight twat, “Tell me like you mean it,” Phil said more firmly this time. Grasping her hips harder with each hand and pulling her loins back towards him.

“Fuck me!” Katie said again with more sincerity

“Does my cock feel good to you?” Phil teased, using slow short strokes to make her squirm and writhe in front of him as his mammoth dick splits her tight pussy.

Feeling him push deeper still, “Unhhhh, yeah,” Katie whimpered.

“Want more?” Dorman asked grinning.

“Stop it,” Katie cried as she closed her eyes; it was bad enough the old man was fucking her but did he have to talk to her?

Phil moaned loudly as he started moving back and forth drilling his cock deeper into her, “I’m going to dump a gallon of cum into your tight cunt!” Phil sneered holding the head of his cock inside the folds of her pussy.

Katie eyes opened wide and turned her head towards him, “Don’t cum in me Phil!” said cried as the old man continued to move his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

“Ready for it all, freckles?” Phil said grinding his cock slowly into her tight pussy.

“Arghhh! ughhhhh!” cried Katie as she reached back and pressed her perfectly painted fingernails against his fat belly trying to keep his strokes at bay.

Dorman’s hands gripped Katie’s hips tightly; his pelvis began long strokes in and out in and out in and out. Watching the beautiful wife’s face in front of him as she made painful expressions. Slowly he removed his cock as he made a noisy sloppy sound when it came out, “I’m going to need some lube on that pussy. It’s too tight!”

Katie rolled onto her back and slid off her shorts leaving on her shoes and socks. Her sports bra was pushed up on her chest as her breasts remained exposed. She looked up at Norman who watched as Phil squirted lube onto his cock. The lawyer slowly was working his cock in his hands hoping to get it back up so he could also fuck the sexy wife.

“Are you ready Freckles?” as Phil crawled between her legs.

“Yes,” she whispered. The hot wife was so horny and wanted to be filled by the neighbor’s long dick. There was no longer regret. She wanted to be fucked with the massive cock.

“Yes for what?” as Phil poured some of the lubrication across her pussy and worked it with her fingers.

Katie looked over into the mirror as their eyes met, “for you to fuck me”

“Good,” hissed Phil Dorman, “you’re learning!” as he put the head of his cock back into her tight hot hole. He felt Katie’s body tense up as he started pushing it in further. Katie watched in the mirror as she bit her bottom lip as the pain of his mammoth cock continue to penetrate her deeper and deeper.

“DAMN your pussy is TIGHT!” Phil screamed.

He slammed his cock into her in one belly stuffing plunge. His fat pelvis hurt as his loins mashed against hers. He was still unable to penetrate her fully with still a quarter of his cock still remaining to penetrate her tight cunt.

“OHHHHHHHHH!!” Katie screamed! Stuffed with so much cock she thought it would come out of her throat. Her pretty freckled face was contorted. The throbbing was un-like anything she ever felt. She felt every inch of his cock and it wasn’t even all the way in. Her Long legs kicked skyward. Her arms wrapped around the fat man’s back.

“Fuuuuuckkkkkk,” the hot wife moaned, “you’re so fucking big,” Katie blurted out.

“Bigger than that your husband, isn’t it? ” as Phil continued to drive his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Katie didn’t respond but kept her eyes tightly shut as she felt his massive prick splitting her apart. His cock was so huge and was nothing like she had ever felt.

Almost whispering, “Isn’t it? Bigger than your husbands, Freckles?”

“Ohhhhhhh yeah! Fuck yeah!!” Katie screamed. Mrs. Jackson couldn’t believe she had just said that, almost wanting to take it back.

“So fucking tight!” Phil groaned.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk” Katie groaned out like a slut, straining up against him, digging her sharp nails into his flabby butt as she ground her almost hairless groin against him.

“Fuck me!” she moaned pulling him further into her aching pussy.

Dorman grinned, “You sound like a slut Freckles, are you a slut? Are you a married little slut?” increasing the pace of his humping.

“Ohhhh Yeaahhhh, Fuck me, Fuck me like a slut,” Katie couldn’t believe what she said as she looked over at the mirror and watched the huge man on top of her; fucking her; driving his huge cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Norman kneeled down on the floor next to her freckled face pressing his flaccid cock against her lips.

Mrs. Jackson turned her head as her tongue shot out licking Norman’s cock while Phil continued ramming his cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. The pleasure was overwhelming. She actually felt like a slut and knew it was wrong but her body was out of control. She wanted Norman’s cock hard. Her body had completely lost control as she was bucking at Phil’s huge cock and sucking Norman’s penis wanting a second load of his sperm.

Easing his throbbing dick back down the juice-filled channel of her cunt, he slowly began to work it in and out of the sopping slit; she pulled Norman’s cock into her mouth. Frantically sucking it, trying to bring it back to life. She wanted his cock hard again. She needed two hard cocks again.

Phil felt her velvet-soft thighs rubbing against his hips as he worked them back and forth between her long legs.

“Come on Norman get hard again so we can both fuck this neighborhood slut!” Phil encouraged his friend.

His ass jerked back and forth between her long sexy legs, her hands lifted off his ass and wrapped themselves around his waist. Her legs were bent at the knees as she dug her feet into the floor and thrust herself up at him on every down stroke. She was taking his big cock deeper and deeper wanting to feel every inch of him.

Soft moaning escaped from her mouth as she panted and grunted. Dorman could feel her whole body tensing, gathering itself for another round of bliss. Their sweaty bodies were lewdly slapping together, sliding against one another as Phil cock wetly slurped in and out her hot, juicy pussy. Sensing the closeness of her finish, Phil began to drive his cock in and out of her pussy harder and faster. As he did, the coarse noises of their fucking grew louder, filling the room with the vulgar sounds of fucking.

Katie continued to suck as hard as she could on Norman’s cock still trying to get him hard. She allowed it to slip out and looked at Phil as he fucked her, holding her legs up. Mrs. Jackson looked into Norman’s eyes, “Come on, “she panted, “get hard for me,” and immediately sucked him back into her hot mouth.

Phil began fucking her harder than ever. She responded to his surge by meeting him with a fevered retaliation of her own. Her hands were all over him, clutching at him, coaxing, urging, and spurring him on as the muscles in her body slowly tightened. He could feel her sweaty thighs squeezing against his slippery hips as he pounded his enormous cock in and out of the tight, clutching hole between her splayed legs.

Suddenly, her back arched and Katie let out a loud, gasping groan as she thrust herself up at him as hard as she could. “Fucckkkkkkkk!” She gasped out, kicking her long legs up into the air and locking her ankles up around his shoulders as her arms flew out, her hands clutching at the floor. Norman’s cock fell out of her mouth. He sat back and watched in awe as his friend began pounding the freckled wife knowing that his cock was not up for the challenge.

Fighting to hold back the tidal wave of boiling semen inside his balls, Phil stared down into her twisted face. Her beautiful, lips were open, letting the soft groans escape out between them. As she did, her face was grimaced into an unrecognizable mask of agony and ecstasy while the throes of her orgasm washed over her.

She was drowning in the waves of incandescent pleasure washing over her, their clutching undertow pulling her down under them. Shaking and straining up against him, she dropped her heels back down onto the floor and thrust herself up at him even harder, forcing him deeper and deeper into the mire of her imploding cunt.

Phil was pounding Mrs. Jackson’s tight ass into the floor. Sweat dripped off his forehead and uncontrollable drool escaped his mouth as he banged his hot married neighbor, watching her eyes disappear in the back of her skull. Her squealing was now limited to breathless grunts as he pulled out and slammed forward over and over.

“Oh God, Oh God! Oh God, fuck me!” Katie whimpered. Her voice grew louder, “Fuck me! Harder! Harder!”

Phil once again slammed his cock to the hilt. His heavy balls tightened, mashed against her crevice of her ass. Their loins smeared together. Katie looked up at him as his fat cock stuffed her belly. His cock was pulsating inside her, the angry veins adoring his cock punishing the sensitive walls of her pussy.

Suddenly his eyes grew narrow, his old heart pounding against his chest; damn, this was the best fuck ever. Way better than fucking her ass. They both knew it was coming, his heavy balls tightened, the head of his cock buried deeper than anything she ever felt.

Sensing his pending orgasm, “Don’t cum in me, okay?” Mrs. Jackson moaned to Phil.

“It feels so fucking gooooood, your pussy is so fucking tight,” the old neighbor continued to slam into her.

Katie pleaded, “Please don’t cum in me!”

“FUCK! Your husband must have a small little dick,” pushing his dick further into the sexy woman, “Damn! I can barely squeeze my cock into you!”

“Please Phil don’t cum in me,” Katie begged but still loved the feeling of being completely filled with her neighbors long dick.

Phil worked quicker, “FUCK! i want to cum in your tight cunt!”

“NO!” screamed Katie as she felt another wave of orgasmic bliss approaching.

“Beg me for it!” he demanded

Katie’s voice quivered, fighting her impending orgasm, “Cum for me, Phil. Give me your cum! Spray it on me!” The horny wife whispered, “Cum on my tits, my ass, or my face! I don’t care….give it to me!” She begged over and over for his load.

Phil shafted Katie as deep as he could and tried to push it all the way in. His cock was deep inside her as his huge ball sack slapping against her moist pussy.

“Tell me again,” he demanded

Mrs. Jackson purred, “Do it..cum..cum for me!”

Phil reached down and puts his arms under Katie’s thighs and f***es her long legs over his shoulders forcing her pelvis up off the floor. Katie reached up and placed her hands against his belly trying to control his thrusts. Dorman slowly used all of weight on her and f***ed his cock deeper into her stretched out pussy.

Katie’s body tensed as it felt the deep penetration it was receiving. Phil was hitting her cervix a little harder each time. Her body was rocking back and forth with the f***e of his thrusts. She felt him drive hard in her but this time he kept pushing forward she could feel him pushing against her cervix. She gasped and grabbed his arms just above the elbow, her body tensed. Phil grinned at the sight of the wife beneath him; she closed her eyes as the waves of pure lustful pleasure began to wash over her.
“Oh fuck!!! Oh Fuck!!” Katie cried, “I’m cumming! Ohhhhh shittt!” as her groin humped up towards Phil’s massive cock that was buried deep in her. As Mrs. Jackson grinded up toward her neighbor, his large cockhead would bang harder against the entrance to her womb.

Phil was forcing his cock in and out of her quickly. He could take no more and he exploded within her, forcing his erect cock into her cunt as deep as it would go, using all his body weight to get that extra millimeter inside her as his cock climaxed. She felt his cock expand and start firing his cum straight into her canal. The exquisite feeling of his cock deep inside of her body sent into her a shuddering climax! “Ohhhh fuckkkkkkkk!” Katie screamed, “Not in me!” as she felt his cock spewing cum.

Katie pushed Dorman with all her might as Phil pulled out his cock with her legs still over his shoulders forcing his body up; his cock his only a few inches from her face. Phil grabbed a hold of it feeling Katie own juices around it and began stroking it. The jet’s of sperm shot out striking Katie across her lips, “Ohhhhhhhh!” she moaned in approval as another stream struck her chin and splattered against her cheek. Phil continued to jerk his cock as another stream shot into Katie’s open eye, “ARRGHHH! Fuck!” she screamed. Katie’s body tensed and she lost her balance as she moved her hand to her face.

As the horny wife was trying to wipe the cum from her eye, Phil reinserted his cock into her pussy. Dorman slid his cock deep into the wife and deposited more jets of hot semen into her vagina. Mrs. Jackson became lost in the feeling of the painful sting of semen deposited into her eye all the while feeling Phil’s mammoth cock throbbing and shooting cum into her. Another orgasm took control as she rocked her body against Phil taking his cock as deep as it could go. Moaning loudly, “Oh fuck! Ohhhh fuck!! You’re so fucking big!” Katie grabbed him around the waist pulling him deeper into her as she grinded her pussy against his cock.

Phil’s own climax began to subside. He had counted the number of spurts he had dumped in her cunt and face but had lost count at 10 something and it became irrelevant. Phil had released millions of his tiny tadpoles into Katie’s love canal before lowering her legs to fall to the floor.

He rolled off of Katie and reached up and grabbed the file from the desk and slid it across the floor to the sex craved wife, “There ya go Freckles.” pausing to catch his breath, “A deal is a deal.”

Katie finished wiping the cum from her eye as she still felt both men’s sperm dripping down her cheeks. Ashamed of what just happened she couldn’t believe she allowed this to the point where she just had fucked and sucked two men. Katie felt Phil’s semen dripping out of her pussy.

In a daze, she got on her feet, repositioned her breasts in her top. She picked up her shorts and pulled them back on. Phil and Norman only watched, not saying a word, as the sexy wife got dressed.

“What do you say?” Dorman asked as she headed for the door to leave.

“Fuck you!” Katie answered, infuriated him but more with herself.

“That’s close enough!” He laughed. “You are very welcome!”

Mrs. Jackson paused by the door, “We are done here right? No more calls?”

Phil looked down at his flaccid cock and over at Norman, “A deal’s a deal I guess but,” as he grabbed a cigarette from his desk, “if you ever need a good fucking you know where to find me!”

The old neighbor is breathing heavily and is flushed. He looked over at Norman, “I haven’t had a workout like that in years! Hell, if you could have gotten hard we could have fucked her at the same time!”

The wife gave Phil a disgusting look as she bent over and picked up the file from the floor. She quickly thumbed through it and made sure all the necessary paperwork was included. Satisfied she glanced quickly at both men and turned and walked out the door.

Katie walked downstairs and out the backdoor where she arrived. She ran home and went straight into the bathroom where she looked into the mirror. Beads of cum in her hair, eyebrows, and dried semen on her cheeks. She was appalled at what she had just done, never in her life would she have thought of being with two men at the same time much less both driving her to incredible orgasms.

She felt Phil’s cum leaking out of her pussy and grabbed a tissue quickly cleaning herself. She looked down at her pussy; it was so red and swollen. Her body shivered from the orgasms she just received at the hands of her well hung neighbor.

The hot wife turned on the bath wanting to get the sperm that was deposited in her out as quickly as possible. She had become lost in the moment and Phil had came deep in her as she counted in her head what point she was in her cycle. She and Fred had stopped using birth control when she developed her penchant for cum on her face and mouth.

Katie sat on the edge of the tub as she thought about how quickly she told Phil she was a slut. Was she? She could have allowed him to tell her work but she chose to get fucked. To be fucked by the biggest and most perfect dick she had ever seen all the while swallowing a stranger’s delicious load of sperm. Katie sat on the edge and prayed her husband would never find out what she had just done.

Katie’s husband returns from the inlaws but she’s still worried about Phil’s seed that was planted deep inside her.
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